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Extending Contracts…….Or should they?

March 30, 2012

The past couple of days the Dolphins front office has talked publicly about trying to extend the contracts of current starting players on the roster that are headed into the last year of their current deals. The list of those players are:


Jake Long

Brian Hartline

Cameron Wake

Reggie Bush

Randy Starks

Anthony Fasano

Brandon Fields

After coming off of his best year ever in the NFL and as a Miami Dolphin, I think they should try hard to keep Bush.  I think he could be a strong asset in Philbin’s offensive scheme.  Jake Long wants money that would make him the highest paid lineman in the NFL.  I really want Miami to keep him so we stay solid at the left tackle position, but the amount of money he wants after an injury riddled season makes it very difficult on Miami.  I say wait and see how he plays this year, and if he is back to his prime, pay the man!  Fields is a great punter and should be signed again.  I know many do not care about the punter, but unfortunately he’s had plenty of chances to prove how good he is, so keep him on the roster.

Some of the others are question marks.  Can Brian Hartline turn into a Jordy Nelson in our offense?  Can Wake step it up again after having a not so great season?  Many fans are down on Fasano, but is there anyone else better out there right now?

Who do you absolutely want them to keep on the team?

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Philbin could represent a Culture Change

March 29, 2012

ImageWhen asked recently about the new Miami Dolphins coach, Joe Philbin, Mike McCarthy had the following things to say………

“It’ll be a train ride, it won’t be a roller-coaster ride because Joe’s going to be the same individual everyday,” said McCarthy, who won a Super Bowl with Philbin two years ago. “I think that’s very important as a leader, particularly in sports. I’d say consistency and intelligence are Joe’s two biggest strengths. He has a plan and he knows what he’s looking for.”

      Yes this could be written off as “Coach’s speak”, but I believe and respect McCarthy’s words. I find these to be very legit comments about the Miami Dolphins new head coach, and it could lead to a culture change in Miami as the team changes expectations.
    When Philbin was asked Tuesday if he had a fiery side to his personality he smiled and admitted that there were two things a player could do that might incur his wrath – not give the maximum effort and make the same mistakes over and over. Otherwise he’s pretty even keeled.

So if Philbin doesn’t accept players not giving their maximum effort or making the same mistakes over and over again, with this culture change could some of our answers at needed positions already be on the team?  With this new coach and new philosophy could we already have some players that come out of nowhere and show up to help the team this year along with those who are drafted?

Who do you think they could be.  WR’s?  Gates?   RB’s?  Daniel Thomas?  Defensive players?  All I know is it would sure be nice because we would need 2 NFL drafts to completely fill our needs this year, so if we are going to compete we need some players to step up along with the new talent that is added.



It all comes down to wins and losses (sort of)

March 28, 2012


I know an NFL season is a roller coaster ride that has many ups and downs and has a large amount of
side stories that affect each team.  But when it is all said and done, the team is judged by the outcome of the 16 games they played on the field.

Let’s jump into some hypothetical’s here today.  When this upcoming season is finished, which of the following scenario’s / outcomes for the Miami Dolphins 2012 season would you be most happy with?  (Feel Free to insert your own scenario if you have a different one that these)

  1. Dolphins go 7-9 on the season, but their drafted young QB is starting to show some promise as well as some other key young players picked up in the draft.  The defense finished off the year a top 5 defense
  2. Dolphins go 11-5 and sneak into the playoffs.  They still have no idea where they stand with a young up and coming QB, but Matt Moore is still looking pretty good.  Defense finished in the top 10
  3. Dolphins had another embarrassing season, finishing 1-15.  The defense dropped to 25th in the league and the offense struggled to get anything done.  The QB position is in complete chaos, but we end up with the 1st overall pick in the 2013 draft.

Which of these scenario’s would you like our season to end with?  Do you have a different scenario you’d like to see play out?


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That’s why they play the game

March 27, 2012

The PR for the Miami DolphImageins has gone from bad to worse as we have gone deeper into the off-season.  I know many of you blame the Dolphins Front Office  (Ross and Ireland) for making stupid decisions that have led to the media hounding over us and writing multiple articles embarrassing our proud franchise.  Some of this might be true, but I would suggest that it isn’t that cut and dry.  The media are like vultures starving for stories that will get ratings.  When they sense even the smallest amount of turmoil in a team they attack and search for any tiny little story they can blow out of proportion, and NFL fans fall for it and just eat it up.

As Dolphin fans can we at least wait to judge until the games are played? The draft hasn’t even happened yet.  Do we really need to lynch these guys right now?  I know they’ve had multiple years to try to get this right, and I’m not saying we should blindly give them a pass. If they move backwards again this year I’m sure some changes will be made.  But I do think the stench around the Miami Dolphins as a team has been mostly fabricated by the media and blown out of proportion.  Many teams are trying to regroup and rebuild, and that’s exactly what Miami is doing.  I for one am choosing to hold out judgement on these guys for this year until the draft and the season plays out.

Your opinions?  Should we fall in line with the mainstream media and give up on the Phins, or let this thing play out?

Also, as another side convo………Should the Dolphins sign Jake Long to another long term deal to make sure we keep a solid line?  Or let him go for money purposes creating another hole?  I know he had injuries, so it will be a risky decision either way.

A chance to compete?

March 26, 2012

Do the Miami Dolphins have a chance to at least compete in the 2012-2013 season?  That question is probably pre-mature, but there have been many pre-mature predictions that Miami will do NOTHING this coming season.  Dolphins had a nice run at the end of last season, putting up points and not looking too bad.  Many analysts were saying they were a rising team looking better.  So what happened?   Losing Brandon Marshall was a huge hit to the team, but other than that everyone is still here, and our schedule ‘should’ be an easier one this year. So the argument of “We beat a bunch of nobody’s” doesn’t cut it for me.  We are supposedly playing a lot of nobody’s this year.  If we draft a wide receiver and the team rally’s around and plays hard for the new coach Philbin, who knows what could happen?  That’s why they play the game.

Can the Miami Dolphins compete this year?

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Path to the Draft

March 24, 2012

If nothing else happens for the Dolphins this remaining off-season until the draft begins, what would you like the Dolphins draft to look like?  What would be the worst case scenario for Miami with the draft picks they have?

More importantly…… the end of the draft in April, what would their draft have to look like to make you at least have a smile on your face by the end of it with at least a glimmer of hope?   QB in the first round? receiver?  Best player available at all positions?  Trading down is not the way to go in my humble opinion. We need legit players, not just a lot of players.

What is your “ideal” draft day for the Miami Dolphins?  

New Comments

March 23, 2012

Hey guys,

If you are a first time commenter I have to “allow” your first comment, then you’ll be able to post freely after that……FYI

I will be on frequently to “allow” the newbies!

Do you guys like the way the comments section is setup? If not let me know, I can change it easily.

I think it’s a bit harder to read through compared to the Herald


March 23, 2012

Hello fellow Miami Dolphin fans!  If you’ve talked to me in any Miami Dolphin blogs you would know me by my blog name Ohio Dolfan.  In here I’ll go by my regular name when I respond to posts.  (Jon)

The point of this blog is all out conversation on the Dolphins and the rest of the NFL, and to rid ourselves of the blog trolls!!  Good discussion, disagreements, and even some fighting are expected!  Just not worthless posts that take up space and are annoying that do not add to the conversation.

We’ll see how this goes.  I’d love to hear your feedback.   As this moves forward I can start us off with topics and keep the conversations moving!   

Have fun!

~Ohio Dolfan  (Jon)


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