Path to the Draft

If nothing else happens for the Dolphins this remaining off-season until the draft begins, what would you like the Dolphins draft to look like?  What would be the worst case scenario for Miami with the draft picks they have?

More importantly…… the end of the draft in April, what would their draft have to look like to make you at least have a smile on your face by the end of it with at least a glimmer of hope?   QB in the first round? receiver?  Best player available at all positions?  Trading down is not the way to go in my humble opinion. We need legit players, not just a lot of players.

What is your “ideal” draft day for the Miami Dolphins?  

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41 Responses to “Path to the Draft”

  1. B33RCA53 Says:

    I used to post as beerphin… Anyways thanks for a normal forum. Trolls are getting more n more embarrassing.

    My ideal draft depends on a trade down for QB. I think Brandon Weeden is going to be the best QB in the draft. But 8 is too high based on talent available. Although I’m starting to think if we pass on him he may be gone mid first rd. His age IMO isn’t as big a concern becuz he was a professional baseball player. I watched almost every game of his at OSU. He would IMO beat out Moore and Garrard immediately. Instant upgrade.

    Without a trade down my first choice would be to go after a defensive playmaker. The d line we have already I believe is strong and will be better with Wake returning to DE. I see Luke Kuechly MLB being a can’t miss linebacker that will eventually end up being a captain on D.

  2. Dolfan Rick Says:

    Ohio (Ron),

    I’m somewhat new and not terribly consistant on Mando’s blog. But i’m a longtime Dolfan who loves to talk football when i get the time.

    I like your idea of a new blog without all trolls and imposters, kids, whatever they are.

    I hope you’ll have me. As far as the draft, I think the idea is to come out if with a starter or two and 4 or 5 contributors.

    One or 2 ringers would be awesome.

  3. oscar canosa Says:

    Ireland is an unconventional Draft evaluator(which under no circumstances means bad), so the only pick I expect will be a highlighted Player will be our #8; the rest, who knows.

  4. Phins78 Says:

    If nothing happens between now and then, (and the only things I see happening are possibly a signing of Clark, Atogwe, or a second tier WR) I would love to and think we almost have to draft a WR at #8. Hoping Blackmon falls but I’m really dreaming on that one. We need the next best and I will be satisfied with our receivers going into the season.

    Any other season I would say we need more but the WOC will run well with an addition and our guys who all have great hands now. No more Marshall drops and drama! After that I don’t know why no one is mentioning Weeden. He could come in and immediately push Garrard and Moore. We would have three qbs competing for the first time since the Strock days! I know he will be 29 but that still gives us 6 or 7 years (assuming he wins out at some point in his first two) to keep finding another qb.. I’m just not sold on any of these other QBs after Luck/Griffin. But if Tannehill is picked #8 we will know Sherm thinks highly of his future and they go wr in the second. Past Floyd and Blackmon I know nothing of the wr class so I’ll leave that alone:) TE in 3rd. OG in 4th, and then best player available at need positions.

    Problem is we don’t have a pass rush threat opposite Wake and that’s not good for our defense. Hopefully Odrick steps up and stays healthy.

  5. Jon Says:

    I agree with the idea of drafting a WR in the first round. I’m just not sure Ireland has it in him to do that. He seems built not to draft one, but hopefully he does!

    Sounds like a few of ou guys like Weeden. I’ll be honest I don’t know much about him, I may have to do some homework and check out some of his stuff. No matter who it is I think a young QB should be drafted this year.

  6. B33RCA53 Says:

    Weeden has the best arm in the draft. He has a gun n he is extremely accurate on short routes too. He may not be as mobile but he isn’t unaware of the rush either he was sacked under ten times while griffin was sacked over 25 times. He also beat Tannehill, luck, n griffin. He is a gamer w only one loss in 2ot. The day after the school tragedy w the plane crash. In my opinion he’d be the number 1 pick overall if he was 23

  7. Jon Says:

    Brady and Manning have proved you don’t need to be ‘mobile” to succeed…….you such need to be aware and side step enough to get out of the way of the rush to by yourself another second or 2 to get the pass off

  8. oscar canosa Says:

    This Draft is deep in WRs, 78. I would love Blackmon in our WCO, but there are others similarly talented that might be had later in the Draft(Kendall Wright, Hill, Streeter, others).

  9. Jon Says:

    Yea Oscar, I guess WR’s are kind of hard to read in the draft. I would at least like them to address the issue and get one in the top 3 rounds.

  10. B33RCA53 Says:

    Mohamed Sanu and Tommy Streeter are my picks at WR

  11. Jon Says:

    Where are they rated B33?

  12. B33RCA53 Says:

    Sanu is going to be 2nd rd pick while Streeter will go 3rd rd. End of 2nd possibly. Sanu is from Rutgers and Streeter UM both juniors with tremendous potential. Schiano called Sanu the best football player he’s ever coached. My guess is he will end up being a #1 WR. He plays every down and he has superb hands. Also his running ability n agility show he’d be a perfect fit in WCO. Streeter is a freak at 6’5 running a 4.40 40 yrd dash. He is raw but imo he will be a steal. Ability to stretch the field.

  13. Jon Says:

    Thanks! I’ll be keeping my eye on them in April! I think Blackmon will go to someone else.

  14. B33RCA53 Says:

    yea I think he’s gone before 8 otherwise he’d be the guy I ‘d get also. He is going to be elite IMO

  15. B33RCA53 Says:

    I watched almost every Oklahoms state game this year and I have never seen a WR in college dominate the way he does…

  16. oscar canosa Says:

    Things are getting bad here in Miami with this non-sensical fire Ireland stuff. Ross must not give in to the pressure.

  17. oscar canosa Says:

    If they target a QB that they feel is franchise material, then they should go for him at #8 or asap. QB position in these times is prime.

  18. Kris Says:


    Like I said to Mark ( on the other blog)…..I don’t think we need to draft a QB this year….i’m not even sure its in the plan….not going ALL IN on Flynn…leads me to believe they won’t be ALL IN…on Tanehill…I think OC and HC want a fresh start with somebdy who isn’t tied to their past….

    In any case……put me down for NO QB in this years draft……

  19. Jon Says:

    Sorry Kris, since you used a new e-mail address I had to ok it again..

    Anyway, No QB at all Kris? Not even in the 3rd or 4th round? Do you think that would be a waste?

    I’m out for awhile guys…… back later!

  20. Kris Says:


    why doesn’t it save my info below…

  21. Kris Says:


    Not even in the 3rd or 4th rd……

    I think we need to build a team……an aggressive team that has the capability of winning 11 plus games a year (like the Ravens…without the OVER emphasis on D)…..then we can wait for our 1st rd QB to fall to us….like Rodgers…brees….Flacco…and back in the day…MARINO…..

  22. Kris Says:

    MOORE to the point…make Moore the MAN…..

  23. Kris Says:

    Best Player Available……

    but…please no OL…if Reif is he BPA…then go 2nd BPA….we need a solid LB to play with Dansby…a game on starter…..

  24. Jon Says:


    I think Moore is the right choice for starter this year, unless something major happens.

    Also agree with the NO O-Line1st round!!!!!!

  25. Dolfan Rick Says:

    I would the think the first couple of rounds will be DE and WR. Don’t think they’ll go QB unless theres someone they like in the 3rd.

    What do you guys think of DE Whitney Mercilus from Illinois. I’m all about collegians who were productive and he led the NCAA in sacks.

  26. oscar canosa Says:

    Active, athletic, strong. Very similar to Dont’a Hightower from AL. You pick’em, bottom fo the 1st.

  27. Jeff Schanz (@JS_in_LA) Says:

    Simple. Pick best playmaker available in the first (by playmaker, I mean player who scores or creates turnovers from the other team).

    In the 2nd, pick either Cousins or Weeden.

    In the 3rd -4th and 5th playmakers.
    This is a VERY deep draft for receivers and offensive open field playmakers. Take advantage of that.

  28. Jon Says:

    Thanks Jeff,

    I like the best player available option in the first round too! We don’t really have room to reach for someone, we just need to keep building up the talent at all positions frankly.

    Kris was saying not to draft any QB’s in any of the rounds though, what are your thoughts on that? I think it might be worth getting the young talent in there.

  29. Jeff Schanz (@JS_in_LA) Says:

    To answer Kris,
    What exactly is he expecting to get later? NExt year’s draft? Next year’s FA?
    Next year’s draft cosnists of Barkley (he’ll be #1, so we won’t get that).
    …L. Jones? = overrated in my book. His stock dropped by this year’s end, which is why he opted for another year. Reminds me of Henne.
    …Geno Smith? Interesting athlete. Is he an NFL QB? Right now I’d say project, but he could have a break out year.

    Sketchy crop IMO.
    so FA’s? Who out there is being let go? And is that who we want?
    I say NO. Cosuins and Weeden are darned fine QBs, and only look more average by the two top freaks in this years draft. Time is now. Draft a QB, or hope we suck so bad we get Barkley next year. We failed at sucking well enough this year, so… not rosy picture.

  30. oscar canosa Says:

    If they don’t like any QB at #8 then they MUST draft a QB further down. Agree with Jeff, this is a good QB class, at least better than last year was.

  31. Jon Says:

    Yea I think a young QB at least gives some hope, as long as the coach likes him, take him in my opinion……2nd round

  32. iamozkar Says:

    Howdy fellow Miami Dolphins. Thx for having me.I am ozkar.My just ozkar username got stolen.
    After all the disappointment Our franchise has suffered this off-season,We should trade Out of 8th spot.Ryan Tannehill,with his few starts at qb should be drafted later in the 1st rd. or early in the second rd. Same goes for Brandon Weeden.His age and wear should be considered when and where he is drafted.HOWEVER,We should obtain either one of them.I don’t mind rebuilding or building cause our franchise still has the stench of spoiled tuna.

  33. iamozkar Says:

    What up fellow Miami Dolphins.Thx for the invitation. I am ozkar.
    Feels good to begin something anew.Goes well with Our franchise’s theme.After all the disappointment this off-season and the jettisoning of overhyped players,We ought to trade out-of the 8th pick.Trading to obtain either Tannehill or Weeden at a better price.Cause neither one of them is worth the 8th pick in the 1st rd.Ryan with his limited starts.And Brandon with all that wear on him due to age and baseball usage aren’t worth that pick.

  34. iamozkar Says:

    Reblogged this on ozkaralz.

  35. oscar canosa Says:

    I love how People make assertions about player’s potentials. Above, Neither Tannehill or Weeden are worth the #8 pick. How the heck do you know that? It will increase your credibility if such statements were preceded or followed by IMO. No?

  36. Craig M Says:

    I have to be honest, I’m very confused about what the team should do at 8. Ideal would be if Blackmon falls to us but I think there’s about a 2% chance of that happening. I hear a lot of BPA, but I don’t even know what that means. Ie. Do you rate everybody equally, regardless of need. Does a guy like Reif not get an edge because we have a need for a RT, whereas a guy like Richardson gets downgraded because really running back isn’t our biggest need. BPA suggests if Richardson falls you pick him. Or maybe it’s Claiborne. I think it would be a mistake to pick one of those guys, if there are 8.

    So I’m confused right now what to do at 8. I like Weeden a lot but I think 8 is too high to pick him. I’ll have to give it more thought.

  37. Jon Says:

    Don’t you think Weeden would fall to the second round? Or maybe not since there are so few QB’s?

  38. Jeff Schanz (@JS_in_LA) Says:

    Walter Football’s updated mock draft:

    1st M. Ingram DE/LB
    2nd B. Weeden QB
    3rd O. Charles TE
    3rd N. Toon WR
    4th B. Mosley OT
    5th J. Wright WR
    Interesting. All is predicated on Clev. being sold on Tannehill at #4. If not Tanny, then Richardson for them.
    Personally, I think Richardson for Clev.
    BUT.. if not …. I like this draft fair enough.

  39. Jeff Schanz (@JS_in_LA) Says:

    If you play your cards right, you get a top QB AND a beast pass-rusher.
    If we go after Tannehill first, then we’re trying to catch up I think.
    But, I do understand the fervor for reaching for Tannehill early. It’s a tough sell to hungry fans to pass on the supposed #3 QB. Even if the #4 may be better.

  40. Jeff Schanz (@JS_in_LA) Says:

    I’m also not opposed to trading down for two firsties.

    BUT …

    Here’s the last time I’ll say this, as I’ve been beaten up for it.
    Draft your future QB. Start Garrard until rookie ready, or start rookie immed. and Garrard back-up. Trade Moore for pick/s. He’ll never be more valuable then right now (quarterback hungry league still needs good back-ups with chance to start), and our ultimate plan is to replace him. So why not get the optimum value RIGHT NOW, and get another starter in another position for him? May snatch a 4th-5th rounder for him, and that will buy a solid WR, or FS, or TE, or OT, etc.

    OK, go ahead throw tomatoes again folks. I can take it.

  41. Samdolphin Says:

    I have never guessed who this FO will take in the draft. The best I have done is Pouncey and Clay last year. I believe we should take a QB this year. If the coaches and gm feel that Tannehill is an elite and franchise QB then trade up and take him. If they think he is the best that is left then wait until #8 and take him at #8. If Tannehill is not available at #8 then get their BPA (matching a need) get best choice QB later in the mid rounds. Weeden is not who I would take in the later draft because he will not be the starter at game one. He has never taken snaps under center and that is a learning technique. You are going to have to teach any new QB the NFL game unless he is so unique his learning is a short turn around. Short term, Weeden may be the best choice and Jeff Ireland may want results this year to save his job, but if you are going to be teaching a new QB for the next 3 years it would be best to pick from the best of the rest if the coaches see that good potential QB in this draft. If not wait until next year? I don’t know that much about Weeden and if he could be ready to start later this year, then get him and buy some time to look for an elite QB in the next few years. Just remember the owner and the fan base will have some heads if we don’t beat 7-9 or 8-8 this year. I still like Matt Moore to be this years starting QB.

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