A chance to compete?

Do the Miami Dolphins have a chance to at least compete in the 2012-2013 season?  That question is probably pre-mature, but there have been many pre-mature predictions that Miami will do NOTHING this coming season.  Dolphins had a nice run at the end of last season, putting up points and not looking too bad.  Many analysts were saying they were a rising team looking better.  So what happened?   Losing Brandon Marshall was a huge hit to the team, but other than that everyone is still here, and our schedule ‘should’ be an easier one this year. So the argument of “We beat a bunch of nobody’s” doesn’t cut it for me.  We are supposedly playing a lot of nobody’s this year.  If we draft a wide receiver and the team rally’s around and plays hard for the new coach Philbin, who knows what could happen?  That’s why they play the game.

Can the Miami Dolphins compete this year?

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39 Responses to “A chance to compete?”

  1. Kris Says:

    The FINS will compete….no two ways about it…we will be in the WC chase to the end….maybe competing for the AFC EAST CROWN is the defence shows up early and often….

    Matt Moore has shown that he can beat average teams….and we should have alot of those on our schedule this year….Matt Moor MUST show that he can beat abover average tams…..THIS year…if he does that…BAM…fat contract from the FINS…or another team wanting a QB….everything is aligned for a FINS playoff run…

  2. Jon Says:

    Kris I agree Moore can compete with average teams especially. You weren’t always so high on Moore before were you? I can’t remember.

    Anyway, I know I’ve been pegged as being to optimistic about our team, probably rightfully so. I’m biased, what can I say. But having hope in my team I find is a better way to live than complaining about it daily. 🙂

    If the defense stays as strong as the end of last year and the O finds a way to put points on the board, I don’t think it’ll be as bad as many bloggers are saying……….

  3. Kris Says:


    I think you may have me confused with DC…..he has a strong dis-like for Moore….to put it mildly…..

    I think Moore is a decent QB…who tends to turn the ball over @ crucial times….and that is the mark of a QB who most likely will NEVER get above average….he played scare in the dallas game (imo)…..and he never really looked comfortable against the better teams….but that is his problem…and he has to over come that in his own head….

    I think he should go in the season as the UNCHALLENGED starter….don’t draft some QB in rd 1…..Give Matt the Ball…and say its YOUR TEAM….its a contract year for him….if he can’t figure it out with this much on the line…then he probably never will……

  4. Jon Says:

    I didn’t realize DC didn’t like Moore that much?

    We’ll see how Moore responds to an entire off-season of the team trying and failing to replace him. Good point with the contract year, hopefully that gives him some extra motivation to try hard on this “rebuilding” team. Personally I’m ok with them drafting a young QB to start learning, I don’t think that would affect Moore’s play too much.

  5. Kris Says:

    I’m by no means a talent scout….but I just don’t see the a franchise QB in any of the QBs comming out….and if your not gonna ge a franchise QB…then whats the point…..

  6. Jon Says:

    Point Taken……..but as you said, I would have no idea if any of the young guys could have chance to be Franchise QB.

    Some would say taking the chance is worth it. I’m not sure where I stand. It seems continuing to get young guys would at least give us a chance to find a guy for the future. But if it fails it is a wasted draft pick (again).

    This business seems like such a crap shoot sometimes!!!

  7. Kris Says:

    I don’t think it is a much a crap shoot as most think…..

    The Ravens get it right more times than not….they are the best team BY FAR to not have won a SB in the past 5 years…..

    The Pack have been competing year in and year out because of solid drafting…..

    Maybe Mike Singletary coudn’t coach…but clearly the GM had been stocking the 49ers with loads of talent….

    I even give Ireland credit for what he did with the Cowboys…another team stocked to the brim with Talent…they just seem to lack focus….perhaps to MUCH ALPHA talent….

    I think we ar on the way……and the WORST thing that can happen next season….is the firing of Jeff Ireland….because it will be like taking 2 steps back….AGAIN….we have to keep him…regardless of the fan base opinions of him…..

    He is basically taking the wrap for Armando’s buddy…Parcells….thats why Armando won’t write about the mess Parcells left us in….

  8. Jon Says:

    yea wasn’t Pat White Parcells idea? That wasn’t a very good pick

  9. Kris Says:

    Not getting much support from the others…huh?

  10. Clue Says:

    Jon this blog is great

  11. Jon Says:

    Had quite a few the other day. Not today so far. 🙂 Thanks for the convo though……I figure these things take time, it’s only been a couple days.

    I’ve had 500 views in 2 days, so that’s fun, just not everyone has jumped in the conversation.

  12. Jon Says:

    What do you like about it Clue? I will keep trying to make it fun for followers.

    And Don’t forget you can sign up to get an e-mail on the right of the page. That way you can stay in Armando’s blog and just come here when a new convo starts.

  13. Kris Says:

    Your right…patience is the key…..maybe one day this thing will run itself like Armando’s…..keep plugging away man….you got my support

  14. Jon Says:

    Thank you sir

  15. Clue Says:

    I like the format, I like the fact your able to upload a picture, its nice and simple yet elegant

  16. Samdolphin Says:

    I am Samdolphin and have followed the team since inception and still try to make constructive comments. Concerning loosing the WR Brandon Marshall. He was inconsistent to say the least for the money he was being paid. The main reason I was glad he was traded was the way he openly critical of the QB right to his face and on the TV camera. The sidelines is not the place to vent your displeasure with any team mate especially the hand that is feeding you. BM only cared about BM and I for one am glad he is gone. I was ashamed of the Dolphins for letting go on. The coaches should have stepped in and talked to BM, plus they should have laid heavy fines on him for exibiting conduct detrimental to the team.

  17. Dolfan Rick Says:

    I believe we showed we had the talent to compete at the middle to the end of the season last year.

    All it took was Sparano finally changing his stubborn attitude and lightening up a bit.

    I depends on the coaching this year though. We’ll they have a sense of urgency? Will the players buy in to what their selling?

    I hope those answers are yes. Winning changes everything.

  18. Jon Says:

    Thanks for your reply Sam,

    The more time has gone on since the trade, the more I agree with you. If Marshall continues down his path, we may end up saying we are happy we at least got something for him instead of being forced to cut a problem player.

    It would be nice to be known as a good “team” with several different contributors. Hopefully we are starting down that road now…..

  19. Phins78 Says:

    So the question is, do they have a chance to be competitive? IMO hell yeah they do! We are returning a stout defense with the addition so far of an upgrade at nickleback or possibly free safety. If Marshall can move to free safety and improve that position, like some are speculating, (and I am hoping!) then I think Jimmy Wilson will be an excellent Nickle guy. And our new d coordinator has come with ringing endorsements. He got a squad that had very little talent to play way above their heads. I’m hoping he can do the same here and get our guys to play top 3 defensive ball. And the new style offense perfectly suits players like Bess, Bush, Gates and Clay. Get us another quick hands guy at WR and shore up the right side of the o-line and there is no doubt in my mind we will be fighting for a wild card. The Jets, puhleeeaassseee. They just created their worst nightmare in signing Sparano and Tebow and I have no faith in Fitzpatrick. I think the qb we saw toward the end of the year is who he really is. There is no contract motivation anymore.

  20. Phins78 Says:

    Fitzpatrick on the Bills meaning I think we can position ourselves in the 2 slot and maybe beat one of the old guard for one of the final two playoff spots. This is the year all of our drafted players from two and three years ago need to step up or get shipped out. Davis, Smith, Odrick, Misi, and others (Gates,Clay,Thomas,Wilson,and Pouncey have another season of grooming coming up) need to take the next step. That is what young players are supposed to do. Those other guys are so worried about free agents as if we are an established veteran team looking for the final piece. We obviously are not, we are a young team who only started rebuilding in recent years. Armando seems to be missing that in his story. A rebuild imo would mean dumping tons of guys the way Tuna did when he got here. We have lost no one of note from the d side of the ball and are retooling the offense to fit the WOC. We CAN be competitive. Obviously things need to go our way for once in order to see this but we do have a pretty easy schedule next season. Here’s to hoping Philbin is the right man for the job and not just another Cameron.

  21. Phins78 Says:

    Didn’t mean 2 slot. HAHAHA meant 2nd in the division.

  22. Samdolphin Says:

    Ohio: I like this blog. I think the Dolphins always have a chance to compete although it is more so at times than at other times. The Phins are rebuilding more than I expected this year. The new HC is going to initiate a WCO and BM did not fit the new scheme. I don’t expect for the Phins to draft a #1 receiver this year unless Blackmon falls to them at #8 and I am not sure they would select him if that happens. Philbin has impressed me so far. I jotted down something he said when we first met him that I think is germane to getting a QB. He said, first the QB should know the WCO system and have played in it before. Flynn certainly met that criteria,but wasn’t selected by the Dolphins, probably because of $$$. Ross said if Flynn was who the HC wanted we would have gotten him. Keeping with the first criteria of being familiar with the system that leaves us with Mike Sherman’s Tx A&M QB Tannehill to be the first selection? I have never gotten Irelands’ draft correct except last year for Pouncey.

    The bad thing that happened last two years was the coaches did not let some of the newer players get more PT and learn their jobs better. Some are Marlon Moore, Roberto Wallace; Will Yeatman, Charles Clay, and many others. I guess winning and afraid of their jobs was the driver. I believe in letting everyone play or get the players/coaches that will let them play.

    Back to the subject, I think the Dolphins will be in the game for most of them. They may be better than we hope, but they will always compete.

  23. Phins78 Says:

    Why even talk in the Herald blog? Read the stories and come here to discuss them 🙂 And Jon is doing a great job giving us topics. The only thing anyone would be missing are the childish ignorant posts from the misinformed. There is no objectivity but rather a blind hatred for everything Dolphins from some of those posters. The site has been taken over by a couple of opposing fans or they are just very immature. And I’m following suit because they get me mad and I yell and try to defend for no reason! I get sucked in all of the time. This is where I have to come for my timeouts 🙂 But it would be great if we could get it going here. At least here we have a moderator who cares about quality and civility.

  24. Phins78 Says:

    SamDolphin good post. I too believe that Sparano and staff were so worried about their jobs that they didn’t think about the future of the franchise. I can’t tell you how many times I watched Moore run down the field on special teams and wonder why he can’t at least get one ball per game thrown to him. Other teams use their young receivers and backs, Sparano acted as if they needed 5 years to acclimate.

    I guess that’s what happens when you constantly change the coaching staff. Why would any coach in today’s game care about the future of a franchise that may fire him in 6 months? They’re worried about their jobs, period. That forces them to make decisions based on what is best for them, not for the future of the franchise or fans. Stability in the front office and coaching staff is key. We CAN NOT continue firing everyone the minute we don’t make the playoffs. We as fans need to find a balance in both our patience and expectations.

  25. Dolfan Rick Says:


    Thanks btw for the opportunity to talk football.

    I agree with Phins and Sams last post. We should compete.

    As far as Tannehill. If they think he could be our future QB I would have no problem with using the #8 pick on him.

    I mean if they feel strongly about him and were worried about Cleveland grabbing him, you do what you gotta do to move up and get him.

    I’m not sure if either are the case. It sort of appears that if they select a QB it will be in rd 3 or 4.

  26. Jon Says:

    Thanks guys,

    and yes the trolls have already attempted to get in here, but every “new” comment from a new person stays “pending”……..so all I have to do is hit “trash” and they never appear 🙂 so only I have had to see their hateful comments as to how stupid I am for creating this blog. 🙂 don’t worry, all of yours post automatically go through now, all I have to do is ok it once and you’re good to go forever.

    As far as QB goes……..I want one in round 2…….i can’t say I’d be mad if they took one first, but i don’t think it’d be smart. I think 2, 3 or 4 would be the rounds to grab one in there somewhere.

  27. Phins78 Says:

    “so only I have had to see their hateful comments as to how stupid I am for creating this blog.”

    Hahahaha almost spit my coffee out reading this. That is too funny, I love it. They took the time to tell you how stupid your idea was. Flattering right? If they thought it to be a stupid idea they never would have come here to begin with. Stupid people do stupid things I guess.

    Most likely what happened was they came over, read the rules, read some of the comments and realized they would have to contribute in an intelligent manner. Upon realizing they were incapable of this, they set out writing a hate filled letter to you as they thought to themselves “this will show him”! Unfortunately they didn’t realize the moment you even sniffed an insult their post went right in the trash. As the way it should be. Fantastic!

  28. Phins78 Says:

    Maybe there is really only a handful of us in that Herald blog. There are so many posters who have great things to say and I’m surprised they wouldn’t at least check in here with a shout out. Maybe some of the perceived good posters are actually using aliases when they want to slum it? I mean, I slum it with the best of them over there but always keep the same name. Except of course when I was arguing with Home in the last post, but I made it obvious it was me 🙂

    It will pick up in here as soon as training camp gets rolling. The draft will be fun too for those of us away from Florida. Come on in people! We can make this blog a fun place to be minus the nitwits! Join up! Lets Go!

  29. Jon Says:


    The traffic on here has actually been amazing these first 3 days. I’m on track to have a thousand views in just one week. Not everybody has joined the convo yet, but I think that will pick up as we get closer to the draft and then the season…..imagine how fun this forum could be after a game!

    Just so everyone has this straight………..I will not trash anybody’s comments just because they disagree with me. I WANT people to give there views, even if it is in a stern way. Tell me like it is…….that will make this blog more interesting. Now, when some random name starts off a sentence with “bleep you Ohio, your a bleepin idiot”, then yes I have no room for empty and shallow arguments that don’t contribute………

  30. Kris Says:

    Just checking in before bed time…..good comments Phins78….You remind me a bit of the old me….when I 1st started posting on the Herald…..I never read Troll comment directed @ me..or the blog….that I didn’t respond too….sometimes for hours on end….

    With more experince….and realized wasted hours…..I now ONLY respond to a Troll @ a time of my choosing…and a topic I feel like discussing with them…..I make sure that my argument/postion is STRONG…..and I only post one or two comments to them @ most….

    I end the Conversation ON MY TERMS after the 2nd post….and then be sure to post something FOOTBALL/TOPIC related to just so they know they haven’t ruined my mood…..and that I am still here posting REGARDLESS of how many troll type post they continue to write…..

    This formula has worked well for my recently…and has made my blogging more enkyable…..Not only do I get the last word….but I get the staisfaction of knowning that i out-trolled the troll….

  31. Kris Says:

    for me….

    more enjoyable….

    and whatever typos there are…..my bad….its late…….

    later FIN FANS……

  32. Jon Says:

    Thanks for another solid day guys………..look for another post by tomorrow…..

  33. paulpps Says:

    I dont look for the Dolphins to compete for a playoff spot. But maybe we can compete for a little respectability. I look for the team to lose 9 games or more. I also look for 80% of those losses to be by 7pts or less.

    Thats respectability! This is Yesterday’s Gone. The sytem wouldnt allow me to create tha screen name. So now Im Paulpps. LOL

  34. iamozkar Says:

    Hard to judge how hard Our franchise will play.I do have a bad feeling that We will end up drafting in 2013 in the same position as this year’s. I do like the direction We’re heading.Now if We could only unload fat cats like Karlos Dansby and Kevin Burnett for some wiggle room in the upcoming draft.

  35. iamozkar Says:

    I know what you mean paulpps fiction. Now I am ozkar.I liked just ozkar.

  36. oscar canosa Says:

    We have better Coaches now, but they have a different System for Players to assimilate and some will do it faster than others. Still, a negative in our aspirations to compete for the AFC crown this year. The positive? Our supposedly weak schedule(which I never believed in as Teams change drastically from one year to the next, specially now).As Jon and many Dolphins Fans, I am an optimist and called a 9-7 Season a year ago. I am calling the same thing now, 9-7, but with more confidence.

  37. oscar canosa Says:

    Jon, my experience tells me that you can pick out the Trolls by their very negative assertions. So you got it now.

  38. Jon Says:

    Yea Oscar I never believe in a “weak” schedule either. Too many variables, too many teams changing from year to year.

    This could be a rough year either way, but I can’t help but be optimistic, I just wired that way

  39. Craig M Says:


    I’ll echo Kris’ comments from earlier. Yes, I think they can and will compete this year. To me a lot will depend on health. If Bush, Long, Moore and others can remain healthy I think they have a chance to challenge for a WC. To me this season has the same sort of feel as ’08 did and I’m saying this before I even see what we end up with in the draft. The schedule sets up well for us and nobody is giving us a chance. I think the team will be get energy from new HC Philbin and I’m excited to see what they do in the first three rounds of the draft. I’m expecting bigger things from Thomas and Clay this year and I’m hoping for more development from Odrick. If all falls well and depending on if we improve the WR position, I think we have a chance for a ten win season.

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