That’s why they play the game

The PR for the Miami DolphImageins has gone from bad to worse as we have gone deeper into the off-season.  I know many of you blame the Dolphins Front Office  (Ross and Ireland) for making stupid decisions that have led to the media hounding over us and writing multiple articles embarrassing our proud franchise.  Some of this might be true, but I would suggest that it isn’t that cut and dry.  The media are like vultures starving for stories that will get ratings.  When they sense even the smallest amount of turmoil in a team they attack and search for any tiny little story they can blow out of proportion, and NFL fans fall for it and just eat it up.

As Dolphin fans can we at least wait to judge until the games are played? The draft hasn’t even happened yet.  Do we really need to lynch these guys right now?  I know they’ve had multiple years to try to get this right, and I’m not saying we should blindly give them a pass. If they move backwards again this year I’m sure some changes will be made.  But I do think the stench around the Miami Dolphins as a team has been mostly fabricated by the media and blown out of proportion.  Many teams are trying to regroup and rebuild, and that’s exactly what Miami is doing.  I for one am choosing to hold out judgement on these guys for this year until the draft and the season plays out.

Your opinions?  Should we fall in line with the mainstream media and give up on the Phins, or let this thing play out?

Also, as another side convo………Should the Dolphins sign Jake Long to another long term deal to make sure we keep a solid line?  Or let him go for money purposes creating another hole?  I know he had injuries, so it will be a risky decision either way.

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23 Responses to “That’s why they play the game”

  1. thavafin Says:

    Good thoughts Jon. I completely agree that the media clings to any string it can and runs with a story, especailly for football this time of year. The Phins were the #1 landing spot for Manning until he said otherwise and no one had peep to say about the Phins FO and PR. Now that FA is not “news worthy” any longer the media fills the holes. And fans “protesting” just fuels the fire. Fans kill these guys because they pursued and didn’t get Harbaugh, Fisher or Manning. But no one is willing to wait and see what their results will be. Of course Harbaugh was a muffed punt away from the SB but how many times have we seen one and done wonders? Sporano took a 1-15 team to 11-5 with an AFC East title. And we all know how that party ended. I will wait for the results over a period of time. Fisher/Manning? Who knows. I do know Fisher just lost his DC and will not be filling the DC role this year so that translates into more work for other staff who will have to take time away from other duties. So I will have hope for the 2012 Phins and there is only one thing that will be a cure all for all the disgruntled fans and negative media hype…WINS, they are like WD-40 and Duct Tape, they fix anything.

  2. Jon Says:

    Agreed Thavafin,

    And we also have no idea how Harbaugh would have done in Miami. Look at the talent that SF team had already for him.

  3. Dolfan Rick Says:

    As far as thr media I think it’s become a trend to have a negative slant and the Miami media seems to be a the top of the list. Of course the Dolphin’s hve gave them plenty of fodder.

    If you read Mando’s article on the Philbin breakfast this morning you’ll notice he adds his negative comment after every phrase.

    I think he means well, he kinda sorta reminds me of us. I mean its a little dificult not to be a little gunshy of what the Dolphin’s brass say after the last 10 seasons.

    The media are supposed to be professionals though and just report facts.

    As for Jake Long. His original contract was signed when LT’s had become the fantasy position of the period. Everyone had to have a marquee LT. Actually I think the trend started around 2006 with Jonathan Ogden.

    I think Jake’s health this season will be the key. If he has another Pro Bowl year I don’t see Ireland giving him another huge contract.
    Maybe he can work more magic like he did with Solia.

    Ireland should actually get more credit for the Solia deal. He got alot of bad press for franchising and overpaying him last year but apparently Solia appreciated the jesture, and signed a more managable contract to stay this season.

  4. Jon Says:

    Yea my thoughts were directed more towards the other mainstream media outlets……..not Armando

  5. thavafin Says:

    Dolfan Rick
    I agree with your statements about JL health issues and his future in Miami. And I think rightfully so Ireland wants to see which way he is trending this season before making a move. I also think a marquee LT was a must until the NFL started on the protect the QB at all cost campaign. So it is not as neccessary to have an absolute stud LT to protect your QB since the NFL pretty much takes care of half of it now for all teams. I still love me some JL and if he is healthy I hope we can retain him. $$$ permitting.

  6. Jeff Schanz (@JS_in_LA) Says:

    I say chill out until the draft.

    Test #1, and second biggest. Since Philbin passed on big FAs in order to draft his guys, he’s placed a heckuva lotta pressure on himself and Ireland to nail this draft. It’s all good if they nail it, and we get jersey selling stars, and dudes that propel our franchise into the other legions of hopeful teams moving in the right direction.
    but if they miss, and draft losers, or trade-up/reach for flops … it will get ugly fast. One of the biggest reasons I’m against Tannehill being our 1st selection. Biggest bust possibility of the top QB candidates. Not to say he will, but it certainly has all the ingredients.

    Test #2, and the biggest. Winning games. All is forgiven if we trun the ship around and kick butt. And yes, apparently it can be done with taking the same dudes that sucked last year, and making them un-suck the next year. See – Harbaugh; 49ers. Wouldn’t be my best bet, but it’s not impossible.

    So I’ll forego condemning the FO, and coaches until after those two crieria pan out.


  7. Phins78 Says:

    Hey guys I know most of you have probably already read this but I thought it would tie in perfect with Jon’s topic for today. And it’s coming from a man (Fisher) who has no ties to the Dolphins. He could have refused to comment or blasted him with little repercussion seeing how the media have already adopted a “lets hate on the Dolphins” policy. And I can’t even touch the Long dilemma, I’m just glad I’m not Ireland because it’s a VERY tough decision and he will be blasted either way he goes. So here is what Fisher had to say;

    When I stopped Fisher at the NFL owners meetings on Monday afternoon and asked his thoughts on the heat Ireland has been taking of late, Fisher didn’t hold back.

    “I think so much of that is unfair,” Fisher said. “I was very, very impressed with my visits and with Mr. Ross and Jeff. It’d be hard to find somebody that’s more organized and has a plan in place. I just think he’s an excellent evaluator. He’s got a great staff.”

    Including, of course, Ireland’s right-hand man Brian Gaine, who interviewed for the Rams’ GM job after Fisher landed in St. Louis.

    Fisher used the word “passionate” when I asked him for a single-word description of Ross. When I posed the same question to him about Ireland, he chose the word, “professional.”

    “Let me put it from our perspective,” Fisher said. “We have a lot of holes to fill and you can’t fill them all. You have to look at your roster, you have to look at your cap, you have to plan and project.

    “I think oftentimes fans have this tendency to say, ‘Well, let’s go out and get the best player we possibly can.’ Well, guess what, there’s 31 other teams that are actually competing with him, you know? And there’s negotiations involved, and when you don’t get the player you want, you get a strong feeling that maybe that player may have been overpaid or was more valued by somebody else.”

    Fisher, it should be pointed out, is one of the few people outside the Dolphins organization who has seen the Dolphins’ Grand Plan, the same one many fans have come to doubt even exists.
    How quickly can the Dolphins turn things around?

    “Just look at the way they finished up at the end of the year and the way the players played as hard as they did,” Fisher said. “Dolphins fans — and fans all around the country — look at what happened last year, when so many new teams won divisions and [there were] new teams in the playoffs, all those kind of things. It can turn really fast.”

    Especially when you’re able to flip the No. 2 overall pick for a boatload of high draft choices, as Fisher’s Rams did earlier this month, choosing in the process to stick with a perceived young franchise quarterback in Sam Bradford.

    That, probably more than any other factor, is why Fisher now coaches the Rams instead of the Dolphins.

    Sometimes it’s really as simple as that.

  8. Jon Says:


    In response to your enthusiasm for the draft, I have added a “Countdown to the Draft” in the top right of the home page. This way we can see how close it is getting. 🙂

    And yes, winning solves everything immediately. Hoping a new Coach and another draft or 2 can solve that issue

  9. Phins78 Says:

    So I have always been of the mind that last year was Ireland’s first draft with the cuffs off. Their are some who mistakenly believe Parcells wasn’t as involved in picking players as Jeff was. I’m chalking that up to the fact that the Big Fraud is gone and they just have to blame someone with the team. But last years draft and free agency period went really well.

    I pose this question (to those who believe Ireland had more to do with those first three drafts than Parcells). Why did he completely deviate from the draft mold from the previous 3 years? Why did he go after smaller, quicker guys when the three years before that they went after the biggest guys they could find?

    It’s my opinion that Parcells was trying to rebuild the 80’s Giants and Ireland knew it was wrong but obviously had no power to veto. Wilford was Keyshawn,,Henne was Simms,,giant o-line just like the Giants had. Parcells even compared, on more than one occasion , players he picked for the Giants to players he picked for the Phins.

    So hell yeah I’m waiting to see how the season plays out, WE HAVEN’T EVEN DRAFTED YET! Anddd there will be players that are still great players let go because of cap issues around the league. We could find our FS or RG there if they really believe we don’t have them on the team. So yes anything can happen and there is still plenty of time.

  10. Craig M Says:


    Good comments above about Ireland. Thanks for sharing. I hapeen to think he’s a good evaluator too but unfortunately when this team hasn’t won a Super Bowl in 40 years Jeff Ireland gets blames for that….ridiculous! Fans want instat results and that’s not how Championship teams are built. I have complete confidence that Ireland will make this team better and if he doesn’t he’ll be gone. Fans need to have some patience and maybe cut back on their caffeine intake.

  11. Jeff Schanz (@JS_in_LA) Says:

    Thanks, Jon for the draft countdown. Not sure it’s necessary (I won’t forget), but cool nonetheless.

    After the draft I’ll either be ecstatic, confused, shrugging, or pissed.
    Right now … meh.

  12. Phins78 Says:

    Patience is the key. We have to stop this constantly changing coaches,players,assistants. The team needs structure and time. I understand we could not wait on Sparano anymore. 4 years was plenty of time to see that he just wasn’t getting it. Too many flaws and not enough corrections. First time head coaches make mistakes, it’s the good ones that learn from them. Hopefully Philbin will be that type of coach.

    We as a fan base CAN NOT over react if the team doesn’t play well right off the bat. It is not Philbin’s fault the team has been so mediocre. He deserves more than one year to change the culture. Getting rid of Marshall was a good start on that front. But if the Phins don’t have a winning record this season I wouldn’t be surprised to see fans calling for his firing. It’s just getting ridiculous in our gotta have it now society.

  13. oscar canosa Says:

    Personnel wise, this Team is NOT mediiocre.

  14. Jon Says:

    So do you think it is worse or better than mediocre Oscar?

  15. Phins78 Says:

    Oscar I agree that we have some very talented individuals on the team. In saying that I also think the bottom half of the roster drags us down to mediocre. Thus the sub.500 records each season. But maybe you’re right. Maybe the talent is better than we are aware of because the last coaching staff wasn’t good at coaching them up. Time will tell my friend.

  16. Phins78 Says:

    Jon, how do I set up my avatar? I’m sure I’m missing something simple here but I can’t figure it out.

  17. Jon Says:


    I will look into it for you and get back to you………I already had a wordpress account setup from my personal blog, and my Avatar jumped over from that.

    I see JS in LA has one setup too. You might just need to create your own wordpress account if you want to have an avatar. I will investigate

  18. oscar canosa Says:

    Anyone of our D-linemen would be taken in a flash by good Teams. So would Dansby , Burnett and Vontae be. Long is Long, Incognito tough and Pouncey an up and coming very solid starter or Star. Bush, Bess and Hartline I believe are good players. So we have holes but the worst part is we have no bench.

  19. iamozkar Says:

    We are getting ridiculed by the media.As a long time Miami Dolphins fan,I have a good understanding of Our franchise’s woes.
    Wrong assistant head coaches,wrong draft picks and wrong FA acquisitions.But alot of this is still Wayne Huizenga’s fault.He brought Bill Parcels in.Mr.Ross is trying to manage an orginazation that has been plundered by the spoiled Tuna.
    I also don’t find fault about how Our team is dealing with Jake Long.I’m confident that Long will regain is prowess and will be signed to a satisfactory contract.

  20. iamozkar Says:

    And oscar canosa,NO I don’t want Tannehill or Weeden to fail so my ego gets inflated. Both qbs a very green in quaterbacking experience.So from that perspective, IN MY OPINION aren’t worth the 8th pick.
    But you and I have an axe to grind oscar canosa.And just because I don’t agree or see it from a different point of view it doesn’t make me a troll.I have ALWAYS use my real user name. ozkar.

  21. oscar canosa Says:

    When on Earth did I mention Tannehill or Weeden when addressing you, ozkar? An axe to grind? With your comments, you are provoking the notion that you are indeed a troll.

  22. oscar canosa Says:

    As a matter of fact, it appears that Ireland likes NIck Foles(I do too, except for his feet) at least a little bit.

  23. Jon Says:

    New Post up………….spread the word

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