It all comes down to wins and losses (sort of)


I know an NFL season is a roller coaster ride that has many ups and downs and has a large amount of
side stories that affect each team.  But when it is all said and done, the team is judged by the outcome of the 16 games they played on the field.

Let’s jump into some hypothetical’s here today.  When this upcoming season is finished, which of the following scenario’s / outcomes for the Miami Dolphins 2012 season would you be most happy with?  (Feel Free to insert your own scenario if you have a different one that these)

  1. Dolphins go 7-9 on the season, but their drafted young QB is starting to show some promise as well as some other key young players picked up in the draft.  The defense finished off the year a top 5 defense
  2. Dolphins go 11-5 and sneak into the playoffs.  They still have no idea where they stand with a young up and coming QB, but Matt Moore is still looking pretty good.  Defense finished in the top 10
  3. Dolphins had another embarrassing season, finishing 1-15.  The defense dropped to 25th in the league and the offense struggled to get anything done.  The QB position is in complete chaos, but we end up with the 1st overall pick in the 2013 draft.

Which of these scenario’s would you like our season to end with?  Do you have a different scenario you’d like to see play out?


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34 Responses to “It all comes down to wins and losses (sort of)”

  1. Dolfan Rick Says:

    Well I like scenario 2 because I’m running out of patience. At times I totally lose interest in the playoffs when our team is not there.

    I mean the Giants and the Pats in the Super Bowl. I couldn’t figure out who to root for. They couldn’t both

    Scenario #1 is probably more realistic (i hope) but since I’m dreaming I’m going tweak option 2 and say we drafted our future QB and he’s learning the offense well and performed well when called upon.

    For that scenario to happen though alot of “ifs” have to be answered.
    Like can Murtha be the answer at RT? Can Jerry be the answer at RG? Can we hit the jackpot on a passrusher in the draft? Can Clemons and Jones get the job done at safety?

    For some reason I would prefer the QB to be Garrard. Nothing against Moore, We’ve just never had much of mobile QB and Garrard is better suited for the WCO.

    Another great topic to get us thinking Jon. Nice job!!

  2. iamozkar Says:

    I like the first scenario.However, I think that Our team finishes @ 5-11 or 6-10. And that the defense is ranked between 15 and 20.The notion of Tannehill or Weeden showing signs of promise is very comforting.50% of the AFC East and 75% of the conference is playoff potential.Our youth and inexperience will probably show throughout the season.Please be patient with Our transition.

  3. oscar canosa Says:

    Those are scenarios that might happen, Jon .You just have to pick the most probable one. Your last option is unrealistic as we are a much better Team overall than we were in 2007. Your 1st option seems to me to also a bit unrealistic as we are going thru a complete change in Coaching staff and therefore System So, yes, 7-9, 8-8.

  4. thavafin Says:

    I think scenario #2 is pretty much spot on. I kind of sniff a 2007 all over again with our strength of schedule but also you never really know with the parody of the NFL who is going to emerge. And with the new schemes we will be running and our division rivals not being use to seeing that from us, I think a winning season with a wild card birth is very likely. Though I suppose I am a bit biased 🙂 I think both the O and D will rank middle of the pack but you will see more that 15-17 points a game on the board. We should have a rookie QB on the roster we identify as potential future material, and either Moore or Garrard will emerge as the solid gap for that until the rookie is ready to go. Unless Moore or Garrard suffer an injury or implode.

  5. Jeff Schanz (@JS_in_LA) Says:

    #1 and #3 are possible. #1 likely.
    #2 won’t happen. And if it does, it would be because numerous teams had QB injuries.
    So to answer your question, #1. If #2 were possible, we wouldn’t be chasing QBs in the draft.
    IF .. we start losing bigtime .. then maybe this year we can finally suck properly, and get #1 pick. But what I really want to see is the shining light at the end of the tunnel. Not a year of lucky overachieving that can’/won’t be duplicated regularly season after season.
    If we go 11-5, it’s because our rookie stepped up and wowed the league. And THAT would be my Favorite idea.

  6. Jeff Schanz (@JS_in_LA) Says:

    Fans, we need to have some perspective, and realize how teams really do get to superbowls. They have a solid framework, with a plan/crew in place that regularly perform well enough, and as expected, to guarantee every season that that team has a real shot at going the distance. When we had Marino, this was how we felt. Every season we thought we might get over that hump. It was reasonable, and wasn’t a pipe-dream.
    Saying we go to the playoffs with the team we have (Moore at QB), we’re talking overachieving, luck, and miracles. This how you want to live every season? One season playoffs, next season 2-14?
    It’s possible Philbin implants us with a solid system, and our framework isn’ terrible, just not quite good enough. 49ers made it into the playoffs with the same underachievers from the previous year, but they went as far as fate would let them go. As did Denver. They’ll need to improve. In order to be in the serious contender league with Green Bay, Giants, Patriots, Steelers, Saints, etc. That’s what we’re aiming for. Not just winning a few more games, and sniffing the playoffs as your highest capability.
    That’s the definition of medicority, and I’m done with that.
    We need to think bigger.
    Winning the battle but losing the war is not where we want to be. That’s what we’ve been doing.
    TIme to win the war. Sacrifices are made sometimes to do it (Indy just made a huge one – and they’re doing it right).
    To me nothing else matters. The journey isn’t overnight, and it doesn’t require any instant gratification. It needs a plan, and execution for the long term.
    THAT’s what I want. Philbin was the prime start to that. And a real franchise QB is the next piece. Moore isn’t it, so to me he doesn’t matter. He’s filler. I’m looking at the big picture, and that’s more important to me than any amount of specific wins this season.
    A good season next year is icing, not cake. But if the rookie is engineering it … then it may just be on it’s way to cake.

  7. Jon Says:

    Good stuff guys. Patience is a difficult word, especially for a fan base that has been dealing with mediocrity or worse for so long now.

    But I agree with JS, we need to setup the framework for consistency, but Philbin will need at least a little bit of time to do that.

  8. Phins78 Says:

    Ill be happy if the team shows progress. 8-8 or 9-7 would suit me just fine if we have a young qb on the team who impresses by the end of the season. Even be it from practice reps, if people around the league take notice Ill be happy to know we might have something. Our defense is going to improve imo but the jury will be out on the offense. I love the west coast offense and have since Steve Youngs days. Dont be surprised if Garrard beats Moore in camp. The guy is smart, has played in similar offenses, can throw accurately on the run, has zip on the ball, and is an excellent scrambler. Basically Garrard is perfect for the WCO and I would put money down that Philbin is hoping Garrard is back to form. If so, with our easy schedule and the addition of a WR and G or T in the draft, 11-5 may not be as far fetched as some may think.

  9. Phins78 Says:

    Philbin needs time. Lets hope our knee jerk fanbase doesn’t call for his firing if they dont produce a winning record in his first season.

  10. Jon Says:

    I agree Phins. Look at the team he is starting with. He is basically starting from scratch trying to put a team together. Could it happen in one year? Not likely. Possibly, but not likely.

    Many from the “other blog” would peg us as accepting mediocrity for saying to give the new coach time, but i look at it as more of being realistic as to what it takes to build a real team.

  11. Jeff Schanz (@JS_in_LA) Says:

    Here’s what I want, and it’s reasonable:

    *I want a rookie QB, and want him to start a majority of the season.
    *I want to see at least flashes of the future, and causes for excitement for future seasons.
    *I want to see the infancy of our new brand of winning grow into a solid foundation of success.
    *I want to the guys we expect to take us eventually to our desires playing this season, and regardless of mistakes made, trust them to eventually overcome and prosper.
    *Those players that can’t/won’t play up to expectations, I want to see benched or gone, and set the table with all those that play the game the way we need them to play it – regardless of salary. Patriots do this – so should we.

    What I want is to be excited about every coming season. To think every year that the next year may be even better. And not because we have the chance to change our coach/QB/system/GM. Because it was bad luck, fumble, int, injury, call, etc that kept us out of the superbowl, not because we need a new QB/coach/ offensive line.

    We’re the Miami Dolphins, one of the greatest franchises in the league history. We’re not the Seahawks, Chiefs, Browns, Jags. We are expected to be better. It’s time to think like it.

    cue “Rocky” theme music

    ra ra sis boom ba. 😉

  12. thavafin Says:

    I disagree with JS. If we do “overachieve” at make a run in the playoffs with Moore at the helm why would anyone be opposed to that?? That seems crazy to me. You don’t want your team to succeed because they don’t have the person taking snaps that you think should be taking snaps? Do you think SF fans wanted Smith at the helm? But they were a muffed punt away from going to the SB. We should just tank the season to ensure we get a top 3 draft pick next year? Thats absurd. I don’t want anything to do with that “sacrifice”. And to say that Indy is doing it right is a premature opinion. Everyone has their own recipe for success. The start of your recipe calls for a horrible season. Your opposed to a good season because then that may lead to a horrible season. It just doesn’t make any sense to me.

  13. iamozkar Says:

    What are Our current players up to? Are they having mini camps? Studying the playbook? Or vacationing?

  14. Dolfan Rick Says:


    While I would also like to see us draft our QB of the future I would much rather see us draft our QB of the present.

    I think Luck and RG3 fit that mold, I’m not sure about the others.

    At one point last season I though we had Luck in the bag. But alas the Colts continued to out suck us and then Sparano finally decided to cut the players a break at practice and they responded. Thus effectively taking us out of the Luck and RG3 race.

    I don’t however want to draft a QB just for the sake of doing it. If someone we like isn’t there then so be it.

    I also wouldn’t rule out Garrard or Moore having a successful couple of years. Stranger things have happened.

    Rich Gannon had a pretty good late career run with the Raiders as did Brad Johnson with the Bucs.

    There are plenty of ways to skin a cat and the blueprints seem to change pretty regular.

  15. Jeff Schanz (@JS_in_LA) Says:

    thavafin, you misunderstand.
    No one is opposed to having a good season with anyone Qbing.
    But look at our history. 17 QBs since Marino,several coaches, and a scattering of eeked out playoff appearances. Following years falling hard, and things change again, and eeking out a few more wins here and there. It’s a rollercoaster of hand-to-mouth thinking. And it’s why we are where we’re at.
    Do you enjoy changing QBs every year? Coaches every 2-3 years?
    This enjoyable to you? Wondering if we’re going to the playoffs or maybe a top ten draft pick – in the same thought? Competition at quarterback between rejects from other teams? We’re reliving the Fiedler years. Been there, don’t want to go back.
    I can find a bag of money on the sidewalk, and be happy for the moment, but this doesn’t mean I have a successful job. And it doesn’t provide for my future.
    What I’m saying is that even if we do well next season with current crew (mainly QB), it’s not sustainable.
    I’m not interested in hoping for the unsustainable.
    Win the war, not just the battle. Simple.

  16. Jeff Schanz (@JS_in_LA) Says:

    D Rick,
    Sure I get it.
    I’d rather have Luck too, or RG3.
    Not going to happen next year either unless we go 1-15. Want that?

    I find several QB prospects worthy of our hopes, and have said so. Each to their own opinion, there.

    The FO doesn’t expect Garrard to do much except fill a position, otherwise they’d have signed him a year or two earlier when we looked at him again. He would’ve been a regent even then. If he comes alive this year, I’d be floored. He’s never been much more than a solid pro, no great weapons.
    Moore is more of a mystery. Inconsistent, waived, traded. Maybe he doesn’t desrve to be a reject, but… I’m tired of waiting for Cinderella.
    Get our guy, and do it right for a change.

  17. Dolfan Rick Says:


    Just to clarifiy. If we select Tannehill, Weedon, Cousins or whomever, I’ll be fine with that if that’s who we want.

    It looks like Philbin will be involved in the draft and based on all his statements it doesn’t look like he’ll take a player he doesn’t feel strongly about.

    Judging by the Marshall trade it doesn’t appear this group is afraid of making an unpopular descision. So hopefully they won’t be drafting to appease anyone.

  18. Phins78 Says:

    Agreed Jon and the other part is, I understand the other guys fears about new coaches because it hasn’t worked out for us so well. But honestly Cameron was obviously in over his head from day one. Sparano had major questions surrounding his coaching ability half way into his second season, hell now we find out that Parcells was up in the booth with Ireland in year one calling out his mistakes before they even happened! Saban was a douche that players hated and the media said so.

    Point being we will know what kind of coach Philbin is pretty quickly. He may not win a lot of games with the current team, who knows. But we will know of his direction and coaching intelligence. We will have a good gauge by mid-season . And hopefully fans will be able to see through wins and losses, and correctly assess what kind of coach we have. He seems like a good guy and really doesn’t deserve the venom that has become a permanent fixture in southern Florida.

  19. Phins78 Says:

    Jeff, it was reported that Ireland was really making a hard push to sign Garrard the past couple of seasons. Garrard and his doctors shut him down last season, he said himself he could have played but didn’t want to make the issue worse and wanted to finish his career strong. I’m just saying, don’t count Garrard out yet. 🙂

  20. Jon Says:

    Yea, I mean……..should we stop trying to get a new good coach because we’ve failed in the past? Should we not draft another young QB because Henne didn’t work out?

    You dust yourself off, get back up, and keep trying until it works

  21. Phins78 Says:

    Oh yeah I’m just going to pat myself on the back a little. Hyde at the Sentinel just wrote an article about Parcells hurting the franchise and all though Ireland has bumbled a few times, it is still Parcells mess he’s trying to clean up. I’ve been saying this for months and finally someone in the media is holding Parcells accountable. I know he’s a HOF coach but fair is fair. Don’t come in to turn a franchise around, hire a coach that you quickly find out is no good but don’t fire him, draft and sign a bunch of gigantic players who can’t run, pass up on Matt Ryan for Chad Henne (really Jake Long but you see what I’m saying) THEN say your not happy with the way things are going, leave early while still taking the money! How in the hell does he get away with that? HE’S AN OLD MAN! What is everyone scared of? hahaha

  22. Phins78 Says:

    “If you build it, they will come”. 🙂 Keep it going Jon, we’ll get em over here soon enough! Love the blog. Posted on my wall at facebook and I’m hoping to get some more people in here soon. Keep up the great work.

  23. Jon Says:

    Thank you for your support. All the traffic that has happened in here today was without me posting the link anywhere this time.

    At this rate it could eventually run itself once I post the topics, then you guys wouldn’t have to see me commenting as much to keep the convos going. I’ll try to slowly ween myself out of the comments section.

    But after only 5 days of existing this site is now up to 1015 views and counting. That amazes me.

    And I almost canceled the whole thing after day 2!

  24. Jeff Schanz (@JS_in_LA) Says:

    I don’t wish to count anyone out. But to be honest, I expect nada, so anything other than that is great.
    In all honestly the upcoming backup-quarterback dual is like watching women’s basketball: It only has significance to those playing. Until the rookie gets his shot, I’ll be bored out of my mind.

    Hopefully either one will mind the ship well enough to not dig the hole too deep for rook.

    And to answer the other question of whether we take a QB regardless of whether Philbin wants him. NO, of course not. I’m not coach, he is, and I trust him to make a good call. But at the same time, how many seasons go by before we get what everybody on Earth knows we need?
    Until then, it’s same ‘ol.

  25. Jeff Schanz (@JS_in_LA) Says:

    Of the top quarterbacks of current day:

    P.Manning, E.Manning, Roethlesberger…
    were top round picks

    Brees was 2nd rd
    Brady late rounds
    Rogers was late 1st

    Dalton was 3rd round
    Romo was undrafted
    Flacco was 5th rated QB behind Henne at #3.

    Multitudes of QBs taken near and/or in front of these guys have flunked out. All rated highly by “experts”
    Don’t judge QBs by their ratings or projections.

    We can win in the 2-3rd round just as easily as the 1st. Depends on who you really like, and why.

  26. Jeff Schanz (@JS_in_LA) Says:

    Great talk with Philbin. He doesn’t change his tune, and he answers questions like a man who knows what he’s talking about, and what he wants.. And sounds reasonable in the process.–More-With-Joe-Philbin/120a977d-5b01-4d8a-ac0e-3f6d33ec7106

  27. Jeff Schanz (@JS_in_LA) Says:

    Forgive my monopolizing….

    Everyone wants to read into everything Philbin says. I think this is silly since he hasn’t even seen his team on the field yet. But.. there is some merit to Q&A to some degree. That said, I’ll do my best to translate what I read into what he said, and be as nuetral as possible.
    These will NOT be my personal desires or hopes. Just what I think he’s saying between the lines (like it or not).

    1. O line isn’t good enough. He says this is priority #1. Since they signed no serious FA starters here, sounds like some OL in the draft is likely. Question is where? If priority #1 means just that, could mean top rounds, maybe first. He likes some of the youngsters we have, but this is the only area that sounded dire to him.

    2. QBs are adequate but he wants an eventual upgrade. Timeline for doing so seems fuzzy. Praising both QBs is normal fluff, but he seemed to be diffusing this question. No idea how this figures for draft. My guess is they draft someone if Philbin likes them, but he’s not afraid to wait. Gut reaction. I would assume trading up is definitely out.

    3. Receivers semed to be his second most talked abotu point. And he’s been consistent talking abotu no FAs, he wants to draft them. And he wants a big receiver over the middle. As much as he talked receivers, and seemed really INTO talking about them, he sounded like a kid talking about candy. And since they all must come from the draft, and this year’s crop is suppsoed to be deep, I would assume more than one will be drafted this year. Just seems like his thing.

    4. RBs seemed fine. He sort of blew past them, and liked what he had. Some fluff, but mostly seemed satisfied.

    5. TE praise was some fluff, and some mystery. Hard to read his interest. Might come down to how Clay does. Wouldn’t count out drafting one, but had to know how deep his interest in upgrade goes. Just too hard to read.

    6. D line, he would like very much an upgrade to the pass-rush. He continually says this is primary factor in defense. But he didn’t dwell on it, and he didn’t say priority #1.5. I would expect a top round draft pick (1-3) but no idea how deep the interest goes. First round? Definite maybe. But He didn’t seem concerned like he was about the OLine.

    7. Corners got a lot of praise, and encouragement. He hinted to competition, perhpas drafted, but wasn’t dwelled upon. Likes Davis a lot.

    What to make of all this? Who knows. He digs drafted receivers a LOT, and needs an O Line improvement most of all, and wants a big time pass rush. And the QB spot will need an upgrade, but when? Sounds like rounds 1-4 to a tee, except that in WHAT ORDER?

    Anyway, best I can guess, for your amusement.
    Y’all read into what he says yourselves if you like.

  28. oscar canosa Says:

    Corrrrection. Apparently, Irelsnd is in Arizona tomorrow to check out Osweiler and not Foles.

  29. oscar canosa Says:

    Philbin is used to work with several different TE’s so you can expect we will draft one that fits the mold. I would love Coby Fleener but he will be too high for our purposes

  30. Jon Says:


    I don’t think he’d play his hand one way or another on the QB situation with the draft coming up. Even if he knew what he hopes for he would keep quiet for now to not give anything away for the draft.

    Plus, I like that he’s not a loud mouth coach like Rex Ryan.

  31. B33RCA53 Says:

    11-5 n playoffs would be my choice. The giants snuck in the last couple times they won the super bowl.

  32. B33RCA53 Says:

    I think Jerry could win the RT job… If they go O-line early I’d pick RG Kevin Zeitler Wisconsin w/ the #42 overall if he’s still available

  33. oscar canosa Says:

    I believe it’s more if a player buys into a Coach’s system. How do you do that? By winning. Shula was not liked by many players but they trusted and respected him.

  34. oscar canosa Says:

    It is the Culture of Winning.

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