Philbin could represent a Culture Change

ImageWhen asked recently about the new Miami Dolphins coach, Joe Philbin, Mike McCarthy had the following things to say………

“It’ll be a train ride, it won’t be a roller-coaster ride because Joe’s going to be the same individual everyday,” said McCarthy, who won a Super Bowl with Philbin two years ago. “I think that’s very important as a leader, particularly in sports. I’d say consistency and intelligence are Joe’s two biggest strengths. He has a plan and he knows what he’s looking for.”

      Yes this could be written off as “Coach’s speak”, but I believe and respect McCarthy’s words. I find these to be very legit comments about the Miami Dolphins new head coach, and it could lead to a culture change in Miami as the team changes expectations.
    When Philbin was asked Tuesday if he had a fiery side to his personality he smiled and admitted that there were two things a player could do that might incur his wrath – not give the maximum effort and make the same mistakes over and over. Otherwise he’s pretty even keeled.

So if Philbin doesn’t accept players not giving their maximum effort or making the same mistakes over and over again, with this culture change could some of our answers at needed positions already be on the team?  With this new coach and new philosophy could we already have some players that come out of nowhere and show up to help the team this year along with those who are drafted?

Who do you think they could be.  WR’s?  Gates?   RB’s?  Daniel Thomas?  Defensive players?  All I know is it would sure be nice because we would need 2 NFL drafts to completely fill our needs this year, so if we are going to compete we need some players to step up along with the new talent that is added.



8 Responses to “Philbin could represent a Culture Change”

  1. thavafin Says:

    I think we definately have some of these players on our team. I think that is one thing Ireland/Sporano really hit on when drafting guys. High motor, high desire and team oriented football players. I know I hear a lot of people dog K Misi but I think he is one that fits this mold or culture to a T.

  2. Dolfan Rick Says:

    I have always thought that Sparano was holding some players back. Specifically on offense. I thought John Jerry played well when injuries forced him into the line-up.

    We’ve had several recievers I would have like see get more playing time. Even Ernest Wilford didnt ‘t fail on game day. He never made it on the field for very long.

    Even though it was evident the players respected Sparano. It was also evident that they stepped up their game after he loosened up when the writing was on the wall that he was gone.

    There is a way to get the most out of someone, to expect the most out of someone without cramming it down their throat 3 times a day in full pads. Maybe Philbin has that knack. We’ll see.

  3. iamozkar Says:

    I think coach Philbin’s culture change could unearth much needed wide receivers on Our current roster. I also think that Our stable of running backs will be exciting to watch.I wonder if Rashad Jones will benefit from this culture change?
    Obviously it will all boil down to how well Our starting qb plays,whomever it will.Let’s not overreach for Tannehill.I’m hearing Ryan will only be a good qb but not great.For this reason I hope We get him at a reasonable price.We can’t afford to overpay for him just cause We’re desperate for a franchise qb .We haven’t been smart in the past.Let’s break the cycle.

  4. Samdolphin Says:

    I expressed my comments yesterday when I said the Dolphins hit a “home run” in selecting Joe Philbin as HC the WCO will be exciting.

    I think the players still on our roster that “will” show up in 2012 are:

    QB Matt Moore, WR Brian Hartline, T Lydon Murtha, RB Steve Slayton, RB Daniel Thomas DE Jared Odrick and LB Koa Misi

    The players I ‘hope” will show up are:
    WR Marlon Moore, CB Sean Smith, LB Austin Spitler, S Reshad Jones, WR Roberto Wallace,WR Julius Pruitt, G John Jerry, Will Yeatman and CB Jimmy Wilson. I hope all the rest show up too.

    I don’t know about the new players already on the roster and even some of the players from last year I don’t know much about because of no playing time. If he is on the roster for the game then he should get some PT or get someone else that you can play. I realize that some are on the roster for poaching protection but he won’t learn much sitting on the bench. We haven’t drafted yet and the new coach’s player selection may not agree with my wishes so some that I liked may not show up in 2012. Ask this question again after the preseason games are completed prior to Sept 5. 2012

  5. Jon Says:

    Thanks Sam

    I like your confidence in Matt Moore and Daniel Thomas. I wish more people would give them a chance after only being on the team for one year

  6. Jon Says:

    PS: A new post is up now. Check it out! 🙂

  7. Samdolphin Says:

    I left off HB/WR/TE Charles Clay and WR/KOR Clyde Gates from the first list that will step up in 2012. I think both have a chance to be great in the WCO. I’ll look at the new post.

  8. Samdolphin Says:

    Jon: Both Matt Moore and Dan Thomas came to the games kinda cold turkey last year. What little training camp there was for both and injuries also hampered Dan + Henne was taking most of the QB preseason snaps so neither had a chance to really shine or learn the team plays/players last year. That wont be an excuse in 2012.

    Brian Hartline avg 15.7 yds/catch (1td) and Charles Clay had 14.7 yds/catch (3 tds) last year. Give them both more targets this year. BM demanded most of the passing attempts (targets) and he had 15.0 yds/catch (6 tds).
    Fasano had 14.2 yds/catch (5 tds) and Bess had only 10.8 yds/catch (3tds) bc he got a lot of slot passes across the middle and underneath the LBs. 10 yds/catch is his avg every year and he does punt returns as well. All our receivers will do better this year bc of the WCO and NO Alpha receiver. All our RBs will have a better yds/catch also. I expect them to improve in yds/rush also with a new OL players and a new area blocking scheme.

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