Extending Contracts…….Or should they?

The past couple of days the Dolphins front office has talked publicly about trying to extend the contracts of current starting players on the roster that are headed into the last year of their current deals. The list of those players are:


Jake Long

Brian Hartline

Cameron Wake

Reggie Bush

Randy Starks

Anthony Fasano

Brandon Fields

After coming off of his best year ever in the NFL and as a Miami Dolphin, I think they should try hard to keep Bush.  I think he could be a strong asset in Philbin’s offensive scheme.  Jake Long wants money that would make him the highest paid lineman in the NFL.  I really want Miami to keep him so we stay solid at the left tackle position, but the amount of money he wants after an injury riddled season makes it very difficult on Miami.  I say wait and see how he plays this year, and if he is back to his prime, pay the man!  Fields is a great punter and should be signed again.  I know many do not care about the punter, but unfortunately he’s had plenty of chances to prove how good he is, so keep him on the roster.

Some of the others are question marks.  Can Brian Hartline turn into a Jordy Nelson in our offense?  Can Wake step it up again after having a not so great season?  Many fans are down on Fasano, but is there anyone else better out there right now?

Who do you absolutely want them to keep on the team?

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23 Responses to “Extending Contracts…….Or should they?”

  1. Phins78 Says:

    Cameron Wake, Brandon Fields, and Reggie Bush are must extends in my opinion. You have to keep your key contributors. Fields is one of the best, Wake is a beast and would be even better with a threat on the opposite side and who knows what Coyle will get out of him. Nolan was a great schematic guy but he wasn’t known as a coach that could push buttons or get players to play above their abilities. Coyle is known for those two things first. And Bush is going to be invaluable with his versatility out of the back field in the WCO. There are very few backs who can run the screen better than Reggie. Sparano was the coach so it is no wonder we never ran screen plays with him!

    Jake Long, this is REALLLLLYYYY tough. His camp wants more money than Thomas got but Long has been an injury waiting to happen compared to Thomas. And people are starting to wonder if Long will be like Boselli. Awesome talent but injuries early in his career derailed his potential. VERY HARD decision to make. How you tie up that much money in a guy who may be injured for the rest of his career is a decision I wouldn’t want to make. But if it’s me,,,I wouldn’t make him the highest paid o-linemen in the league. I would put my money into impact players such as Reggie and Wake. I would tell Jakes camp I wanted one season where he wasn’t injured, I want to see how the injuries work themselves out this season. Then I place my franchise tag on him next season if he plays all 16 and is top 3 at his position. That way you get the right to match but also get a first rounder if you don’t want to match the offer from another team. Either way let the market determine his worth before you make a decision.

    Brian Hartline, I would extend if the price were right. But he still has to prove he can get open in the red zone and he hasn’t been able to do that as of yet. He’s a great WR between the reds but he has to start producing more in the zones.

    Randy Starks
    Anthony Fasano,,,, If the price is right period. You don’t pay people large contracts because of versatility. Jack of all trades,,,,master of none. That’s how I see the “versatility” thing Sparano always loved so much about linemen.

  2. oscar canosa Says:

    Absolutely. Extend the key ones, the others…? In any case, all Teams are now in the same boat, and if they don’t consider a player key, he might be that for us. The thing is greater parity.

  3. Phins78 Says:

    A poster at the Herald is worried that you’re stealing all of Mando’s hits Jon! I think it’s more likely that lull we always have before the draft. And then we will have another one from May until a couple of weeks before camp in July. Happens every year. But keep the site up if you can because this will be a great place in the fall to talk about the games and other things. We will be able to have objective discussions without the inevitable “THESE GUYS SUCCCKKKKKK” posts along with the Jets trolls.

    But I’m full of hope right now, just like I am every season (dummy, when will I learn to just give up,,,,,NEVER!) that the phins can be that turnaround team. Have dreams about Philbin being hoisted on players shoulders because they make the playoffs and the whole sporting community taking about Philbin as the next great coach in the NFL.

    WCO offense excites and invigorates the fan base and we actually start outnumbering the opponents fans in our own stadium again.

    Of course I’m thinking this way otherwise why would I religiously follow the team? I have and always will love the Dolphins and I will never give up on them. Every season is new and there is always a chance your team can make waves! Can’t wait for camp!

  4. Jon Says:

    with 10 pages worth of over 500 comments I don’t think “the other blog” is struggling for hits.

    At any rate, I really am excited about having this space around draft time, and especially for the season. Hopefully it keeps building as it has been in this first week.

    I’m excited about the new offense too. I just excited the focus is on offense! And no offense to Tony, but I’m glad it is somebody other than an offensive line coach that is focusing on the offense now! 🙂

  5. DC Dolfan Says:

    YES, I’m in the place to be. The V.I.P. blog. My only definites in contract extensions are Wake and Fields. I think everyone else is expendable.

    Long is definitely someone I’d like to keep (Starks too), but not if it hamstrings the CAP space. We can’t keep being a team who’s highest paid players are linemen. That’s a failed strategy IMO.

    I’m definitely in the camp of NEVER overpaying a RB near 30 (too dangerous). They are expendable.

    Fasano/Hartline are trade/cut bait. They can be upgraded rather easily. Unless the price is right of course.

  6. Jon Says:


    I sensed sarcasm in your beginning statement?

    Thanks for your contribution 🙂

  7. Phins78 Says:

    Jon, Have you read the news that the Sun Sentinel is putting up a pay wall? They’re going to charge people to read reporters opinions about football! It’s ridiculous to say the least. Here in NY Newsday tried the same thing and their sales plummeted and they have since done away with it. Newsday is free online again.

    But I wanted to point out the fact that all of those guys are all looking for somewhere to go and talk Dolphins. They are already used to following guidelines because Omar has had rules of civility from day one. I was going to plug your site but didn’t want to step on your toes. They’re trying to figure out where to go now so if you want to get some more followers this would be the perfect time to hit up Omars blog at the Sentinel and let them know.

  8. Phins78 Says:

    DC do you really think Fasano can be easily replaced? He is rated in the top 5 in the league for over all play. Doesn’t score the most tds, doesn’t catch the most passes, etc. but those guys only do one thing well. TE is a (I realize my comments about jacks of all trades on the line but I meant interior defense and offense) very important in the WCO and you need someone who can do it all. I just don’t see any clear upgrades in our offense over Fasano (yet I guess) and I think Clay is going to bring that seam threat the Dolphins have been looking for which is finally going to open Fasano up more. I know the guy isn’t a pro bowler but he can be a VERY effective TE if he has a receiving threat on the other side of him. Just my opinion, I like Fasano 🙂

  9. Jon Says:


    Feel free to spread the word wherever you would like! They system catches any spam that might come in, so I’m good to go. I tried to get into the Sun Sentinal today and create a sign in, but it wasn’t working for some reason.

  10. thavafin Says:

    I pretty much fully agree with Phins first post, without regurgitating it all again. I think part of Hatlines issues in the endzone was how he was being utilized. We kept tossing up corner fades to him!! but not to Marshall and I NEVER understood that. Run back shoulder throws at the front corner or drags across the back and Hartline will be golden in the endzone IMO. I don’t think JL should expect to get over what Thomas got. Part due to injuries and part due to I think the market for HIGHLY paid LTs is or will be trending down. Bush looks rejuvenated in Miami and on grass. Wake got all the attention last year and some help on the other side would be huge. And Starks is just a beast on the line. I am curious to see how Fasano does in this system. And at the rate we have been punting Fields is a must.

  11. Samdolphin Says:

    Phins78: I agree with your first two post and your post concerning Fasano. He is a complete TE including down field blocking for RBs. Brian Hartline is a good WR but I would wait until after TC before I pursue an extension contract. This draft is full of good WRs and we should see who we have drafted first. You had 3 good post on this subject.

  12. Samdolphin Says:

    Jon good subject. Lets revisit it again after TC.

  13. Samdolphin Says:

    Brian Hartline has had the most team average yds/catch since he was drafted in 2009 (16.3, 14.1, 15.7). I too think he will flourish in 2012 WCO. I am very interested what Charles Clay, Clyde Gates, Marlon Moore, Roberto Wallace, Chris Hogan, Julius Pruitt, TE Yeatman, RBs Richard Medlin (4.6-40), Marcus Thigpen (4.58-40) and any new WRs we draft or sign in UDFA/FAs. Guess I am like Phin78 and am excited to see what the WCO and 2012 brings to the Dolphins

  14. ALOCO Says:


    GO FINS .

  15. Samdolphin Says:

    I sent this article to Ben Volin today concerning his article on the zone blocking Philbin will use this year.
    Samdolphin Says:
    March 31st, 2012 at 5:33 pm

    Good article Ben. Please, do an article on TE Will Yeatman because he is a bruiser at 6’5″ 268 and ran a 4.58-40. The Dolphins picked him up on the waver wire from the Pats last year to see what TE Passing schemes they had but he was never used in a game by the Dolphins. He did well as a pass receiving TE for both ND and MD and he was a killer in Rugby. I think he could play on the line if they asked him to. Thanks again for the zone blocking info and keep the good writing up.

  16. kris Says:

    Its crazy over there on Armando’s blog…Home has been talking to himself NON-STOP all day…wtf……

  17. kris Says:


    were is the action….

  18. dolfan34 Says:


    I agree. I like Armando but a lot of the nonsense over there has become hard to be around. Your comment about ‘have some pride in your blog’, was well put. Nice to be somewhere we can talk football instead of some of the nonsense we’re faced with over there.

  19. dolfan34 Says:

    For some reason my posts are showing up as
    dolfan34′. Doesn’t matter to me but I just want to guys to know that it is actually me, Craig M, so there’s no confusion. Might more sense if we can change to Craig M, jon. Thanks.

  20. Jon Says:


    I’ll get a new post up by tonight or tomorrow….that will get they guys going again

    Craig M,

    As far as I know you just choose your own name unless you sign I with a blog account of your own, then it might automatically give you your blog name. Let me know if I can help further

  21. ALOCO Says:


  22. Dolfan Rick Says:

    Sorry to come late to the party. I actually went to a party Saturday and its took me all day to get over it. I’m apparently getting to old for that stuff.

    Another good topic though Jon and I pretty much agree with all the comments.

    I think they are all good players who we need to keep on the team if at all possible and Wake and Long don’t price themselves out of the market.

    If Long stays healthy and has a good season I would think the Dolphins would try to keep him. Great LT’s are a prized commodity and athletic lineman fit well in the WCO.

    I think in the end Ireland did a good job with Solia’s contract. We may very well have to franchise Long next year.

    Wake is interesting because he was signed originally as a free agent . From my experience teams have a hard time giving up big money to players that weren’t high draft picks or bigtime prospects.

    I think he’s earned a big contract though. The question is how big??

  23. B33RCA53 Says:

    I think Moore Wallace and Pruitt will have more opportunities this year. I see a lot of untapped potential in that group of WR. I think that is why they were comfortable trading Marshall.

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