Calm before the Storm

Well folks,

I’m not going to lie, there just isn’t a lot going on worthwhile in the football world as of today.  All thoughts are waiting on the draft, and then preseason, and ultimately back to action in about 5 months.

So today, instead of regurgitating the same old stuff on a page for you that other blogs are doing, I will open up the forum to you fine fans and see what’s on your mind.

Looking forward to the draft?  Are you just hunkering down and waiting until preseason?  Are you still steaming with hatred toward the Front Office?  Are you waiting to see results of the draft / season.

I for one am excited to see what kind of hope we get from the draft this year.  But really, I can’t wait to see the new offensive system on the field!!!  It will be exciting to see an offense with a purpose that is setup with timing and stays on schedule!

Feel free to extend the convos to what is on your mind in Dolphin world today!

PS: I have read your support of my blog on here and on the other blogs, and I appreciate your support very much!  If i am able to keep viewers I will keep this going until the real fun begins with the draft and season.  This has been fun and we are still hanging around in the most boring times of the NFL, before the real fun begins.  Keep it coming!    🙂

40 Responses to “Calm before the Storm”

  1. Jeff Schanz (@JS_in_LA) Says:

    Armando is alking about us needing to trade up in the draft to get Tannehill. Since Cleveland is the probable culprit to take him at #4, tat requires us to trade up to #3.
    So here we are, refusing to pony up enough to grab a star caliber prospect in RG3 at #2, but we’re willing to pony up (my guess close to the same amount) in order to grab a project like Tannehill at #3?

    How embarrassing and stupid are the FO if this is really their plan?
    I’ve been lenient so far, haven’t bad mouthed Ireland, or coaches, etc….
    but IF they do this, I have no more excuses.
    STUPID, just plain stupid!
    No.. not because they pick Tannehill. If he’s Philbin’s guy, then fine, fingers crossed he’s right.
    It’s because the hypocrites won’t do what the need to do, then panic, then try to convince the media it’s necessary, and when it fails… well they tried.
    NO they didn’t try. They panicked.
    IF, IF IF they do what Mando says.
    Makes me sick to think of it.
    God I hope he’s wrong.
    AND if they do this, Tannehill will have to whoop RG3’s tail in all aspects for us to feel justified. They aren’t leaving themselves room for eror. With RG3, we’d have been very lenient.

  2. Jon Says:

    I agree JS,

    Just wait until the 8th pick, if he’s there fine, if not look at your next choice

  3. DC Dolfan Says:

    Me, I’m waiting for the Draft. And waiting to see how Philbin reshapes the team. Frankly, we know nothing about how good/bad the team will be right now. Too many moving parts. We’ll know more during minicamp. But the true test will be Week 1 when we see the product on the field.

    As far as level of hope vs. anger, I’m more on the hopeful side. I was angry last month. It culminated with the Peyton decision, and then I realized we were in for a rebuild and it wouldn’t be a quick fix. So I’ve resolved myself to that. I just want it done right once and for all. Therefore I need to give Philbin room to work. And that’s what I’m doing.

  4. Jon Says:

    Angry is no way to live anyway right DC 🙂 If we don’t have hope we have nothing!

    Might sound Cliche, but that’s how I feel.

  5. Jeff Schanz (@JS_in_LA) Says:

    DC DOlfan,
    Tha is exactly how I feel. But how do we shape a team when we trade our picks away for a guy that everyone agrees is a reach for the top of the first round, but we may be willing to sacrifice our draft to get him anyway? Argggh!
    If Tanny is there at #8, fine, whatever. If not, you mean to tell me Weeden isn’t in the same ballpark as Tannehill, and you wouldn’t get more value keeping your picks, taking Weeden in the 2nd, and loading your team with a stud at #8, and the remaining draft picks?
    How does this even compute?

    EVEN IF you freak out and take Weeden at #8, you still have all the rest of yoru picks to load your team up with weapons for him.
    Unless you’re geting RG3, why are we willing to sacrifice our picks for a project, and then have nothing left to help him with?
    No sense.
    Hope Mando is wrong.

  6. Jeff Schanz (@JS_in_LA) Says:

    For the record, I think I’ve been very open to the FO’s moves, and their startegy or perhaps lake thereof in FA. The draft can fix a lot of issues.
    So allow me the temproary insanity if the FO does the one possible thing that would destroy that remaining possible hope.
    I’ll be a good boy if they don’t trade up.

  7. DC Dolfan Says:

    It’s hard, but being angry shortens your life, so help yourself and smile for a change.

    JS, I HIGHLY doubt Ireland moves up for Tannehill. I just don’t see it. He’s way too conservative for that. And while I think Sherman likes Tannehill, I don’t get the feeling he thinks he’s a “must have.” I think they’d be fine with Weeden if Tannehill gets taken. To be honest, I might rather Weeden (I’ve heard better things about him anyway). And we might even be able to work it so we take someone else first, and get him in the 2nd. But I agree, I’d be STEAMED if we chose not to move up for RG3, but chose to move up for Tannehill. That would be the height of stupidity (on it’s face. If it’s works, then I’ll forgive the team).

  8. Lorenzo Hampton Says:

    We traded Marshall and got 2 good picks.

  9. Blog Fodder Says:

    Jake Locker was selected with last year’s 8th overall pick and spent the season on the bench (yes i know he played in relief).

    Locker was the 2nd QB selected, only Cam Newton was drafted higher. Gabbert, Ponder, Dalton, Kaepernick, and Mallett were all selected after Locker.

    This season Locker is said to be in an open competition with Hasselbeck for the starting job. No one knows if that is true.

    Having the benefit of hindsight, I wonder how many people would say the Titans overpayed for him? Do we even have enough information to say, at this point?

    Locker played in 40 games at UW, as a QB…a running QB. Does this make him more NFL ready than the 19 starts Tannehill had in a WCO derivative?

    Who would you rather have with an 8th over pick? Tannehill or Locker?

  10. ALOCO Says:



  11. Samdolphin Says:

    FYI: Ben Volin PBP updated his Dolphins O and D Depth Chart for 20 days after FA started. I haven’t studied it yet so may we could put our comments here and suggest holes to be filled and what players we would like to see in the draft/FA and UDFAs. It is only a suggestion?

  12. Samdolphin Says:

    Jon: I think what I posted in your post Path to the Draft subject is the logic depending what the Dolphins felt about QB Tannehill. I personally feel the Dolphins should wait for #8 pick and see if he is still there. If he is and they think he can be developed into an elite QB in a few years then take him at #8. If he is not there at #8 they have hedged their bet with Moore/Garrard for this year plus they still can select a young QB later in the draft plus we still don’t what we have got in Pat Devlin.

    I started looking at each of the Dolphins needs Yesterday ( I said I wouldn’t do that again this year, I can’t help myself.) and found some good players I would like for the Dolphins to draft. Maybe we could put them in your blog and collectively put together some good players that might be a suggested moch draft for 2012 draft day?

  13. ALOCO Says:


  14. Jeff Schanz (@JS_in_LA) Says:

    Agree on Weeden, Everyone knows my thoughts on where Tannehil stands in the trifecta of Tanny, Weeden, Cousins as choices. Obviously i’d rather have a first BPA, then pick up Weeden or Cousin in the 2nd.
    And NO I don’t think we can wait until the 3rd round for QB. If teams are going to reach for Tannehill in the first, they sure as heck are going to reach for Weeden or Cousins in the 2nd.
    I don’t consider any 2d rounder a reach. 2nd round is the “If ya like em, ya take em” round.

    Personally, I’m not here to support anyone. I just want to talk football, and here it’s at least free (so far) of trolls, and folks who have to have their daily fill of insulting each or “cool” comedic gibberish. And the clientelle so far seems to be the folks I give a darn about their comments (no “home”, So kudos for Jon for that.
    Truly glad to see the intelligent crowd has found its way in.

  15. ALOCO Says:


  16. Blog Fodder Says:

    I hate to say it, because it sounds like more of the same, but, I think the defense would be instantly upgraded by adding a pass rush specialist as well as some help in the LB corp.

    The defense would also be instantly improved if our offense could keep them on the sideline. To that end, the fins offensive line needs to improve.

    I think they need to address those areas more than they need to upgrade at QB.

  17. Jeff Schanz (@JS_in_LA) Says:

    Blog fodder,
    All 3 are definitely needed. Personally, QB is my top priority. However, since the two fellows I like best are projected 2-4th rounders (depends on crazy teams’ reaches or needs), I feel we can pick the best playmaker available in the 1st round. Since Blackmon will likely be gone, the 2-3 best bets are some DE/LB types. Any of which, if they pan out as advertised, would be a star worth note. So that sounds good to me. Plus we get our QB in the next round, and a bunch of weapons or other help in the following rounds.
    If that’s the way the draft works out, then I’m one happy fan.
    We get a defensive fear-inducing beast, a solid QB (maybe star), and some intriguing weapons (lots available – WR deep draft), fill some holes too, and we’re on our way/
    Fingers crossed.

    IF we pick Tannehill in the 1st, we can still find some pretty darn good DE/LBs in the 2-3rd. However, its a deep WR draft, not defensive draft.

  18. Blog Fodder Says:

    Wouldn’t it be great if the QB the fins really want is still available in the 3rd or so. I wonder how much drop-off there is from Tannehill to the rest…I would guess not much. If the fin’s attraction to Tannehill is primarily one of familiarity, I think they should pass. Familiarity doesn’t count for much if you’re going to sit the guy for a year anyway, IMO.

    Meanwhile if you can pick up that rare DE that can crush the pocket, then you take a lot of pressure off the secondary, and take a big step towards getting off the field on 3rd down.

    I wish they would sign Jake Scott and check RG off the list.

  19. Jeff Schanz (@JS_in_LA) Says:

    Blog Fodder,
    I have the impression that Philbin is serious about upgrading his OL, and prob with Draft, since FA didn’t do anything. But I also got the impression that he thinks he can coach up a couple of our half dozen previous draft picks for the spot. So I would expect someone on the roster now to start at RT, and keep the job, but have another youngun breathing down someone else’s neck too.
    And as far as drop-off from Tannehill goes, – in my opinion it’s a drop-up. Tanny is 5th on my QB list. Weeden would do better, as would Cousins. But I’ve said that enough. If we do end up picking Tannehill, fine. Just don’t trade up, or sacrifice anything. We need all our draft picks. He ain’t worth it.
    And with Cousins or Weeden we get added value at #8.
    Seems like a win win to me. But then I’m not GM – daggum it.

  20. Dolfan Rick Says:

    I’m excited about the draft as I always am. Of course I’m also nervous about the draft and for good reason as you all know.

    We might have bombed a draft or 2. You know i was thinking about who our first pick may be while I was listening to sports radio on my way home.

    I was considering who we should take at 8 be it Tannehill, Ingram, Coples, or maybe Decastro or Reiff. Then I got home and saw Mando’s blog. I mean I’m not sold on Tannehill at 8 much less trading up for him.

    Ultimately though, it’s the Dolphins decision. I just hope they make it based on actual homework,film,reports from scouts, and the direction they want to go. Not by what the media says or what they think would pacify some knuckleheads on a

    As far as trading up for Tannehill,l wouldn’t think it would cost as much as the trade for RG3 did. I will also admit that i wasn’t for getting into the RG3 battle with the Redskins. Or at least i thought it was a battle we couldn’t afford to win. Literally.

    I’m also excited to see our new offense. I would just prefer not to put a time table on the finished product. I think we should be playing to win right out of the gate.

  21. Jon Says:


    A deep WR draft but not a deep defensive draft should be music to our ears. We can build off of the defense we have now in my opinion, the offense is what needs some major pieces.

  22. notchj69 Says:

    Why would they not start practice 2 weeks before the rest of the leaguge????, Why Ross?

  23. notchj69 Says:

    Why Ross, Why not start off pratice early???, You Idiot.

  24. Keb8880 Says:

    This is my first time on this blog and I immediately bookmarked for future use. I can’t remember the last time I was able to read almost an entire blog without feeling ill from the shallow, thoughtless comments focused on pure hate. As I am reading, I am thinking to myself, this is where the true Dolphins fans are. Then I got to the final comment. Calling Ross, the owner, an idiot because the team didn’t start practice early. I believe the coaching staff makes that decision and, by the way, if the owner micro managed down to the tiny details of off season practice, then he would be an idiot.

  25. Cuban Menace Says:

    Ohio, Your thoughts on upcoming Season?

  26. Keb8880 Says:

    As far as the QB situation, I agree with most on this blog. Tannehill if he is sitting there at number 8, but do not move up. I don’t agree with the Weeden supporters. I can’t see drafting Weeden in the first or second round and here’s why: Weeden is a year older than Moore. In order for Weeden to be worth an early draft pick, there has to be undeniable evidence that he brings, as a rookie, more talent than Moore, and at least as polished as the veteran who is one year his junior. I don’t see it. I would rather stick with the younger, more experienced Matt Moore and see what he does with the WCO and better coaches.

  27. dolfan34 Says:


    I’m not a fan of trading up for Tannehill either but if these guys are convinced that Tannehill is the answer then there’s always the risk that a team trades up with someone like Jacksonville and takes him. It could happen. So if they are convinced this is the guy I’m not opposed to giving SOMETHING up to get him. In no way am I encouraging or thinking it would be ANYTHING like what the ‘Skins gave up for RGIII. I think the two players are very different and the two situations are very different.

  28. kman Says:

    Good stuff guys!!

  29. Samdolphin Says:

    Ben Volin of PBP has recorded that the Dolphins will take DE Kevin
    Coples as their first pick. They did invite him in for a look/workout.
    I feel while Kevin is a beast at times he can rest/slack off and do nothing when he wants to. Philbin said that was one of the two things that would bring out his wrath. The other was when a player kept making the same mistake over and over and over.

    The Mob that left MH blog and went to the SS moved today to the PBP and dominated the blog. Like 14 pages on one post. I hope they don’t come here Jon.

  30. trevor oconnell (@magic2feet) Says:

    Nice sensible comments lads and lassies; keep it up!

  31. oscar canosa Says:

    Great idea, Jon. Me, I’m waiting for the Season.

  32. Blog Fodder Says:

    I think you’re right about Philbin and the OL. I think he’s even said that the shortest path to improved QB play would be improved line play. I doubt there are too many fish fans that would disagree. Last year Mario Williams took away one of our targets (Fasano) because he had to stay in to help Columbo block. The fins will see Mario twice a year now.


    I think the phins would get the most immediate impact, and the least amount of risk, from a guy like Coples.

    I would consider that a solid pick….the best player available at a position of need.

  33. Phins78 Says:

    Not a lot to say and too much work to do! But I do want to say in no way shape or form should the Dolphins trade up to #4 for Tannehill. Force Cleveland to draft him and watch one of the elite players fall to our spot and take him. I think Cleveland is bluffing anyway, Are they seriously going to take a QB when Richardson and Blackmon are just sitting there for them, highly doubtful. If they do take Tannehill, Blackmon could fall to us and then we take Cousins or Weeden. Do not trade up, don’t fall for Clevelands BS. Be back soon people, have fun.

  34. Jeff Schanz (@JS_in_LA) Says:

    Jon – deep WR draft is what I want, but if we go Tannehill first, we’re playing catch up for our defensive needs. Another good reason to go Weeden or Cousins in round 2, and get a D stud in round 1.

    Dolfan34 – I can think of no greater embarassment or stupidity during the draft than trading up for someone who is already a reach in the top of the round; sacrificing picks especially when we have so many other holes to fill. That, and I truly believe that Tannehill is not clearly above Weeden or Cousins at all. So this really bothers me if they do it. But, I also agree with someone else who posted that the FO isn’t in love with Tanny, and unlikley to trade up. Kudos if so.

    B. Fodder – As long as Philbin doesn’t go OL 1st or 2nd round, he can grab an OL wherever he wants. Too much talent wasted to grab fat guy in round 1. We have half dozen young OLs that were drafted and not developed by Sparano. Surely 1 or 2 of those can play?

  35. Jeff Schanz (@JS_in_LA) Says:

    Remember folks: All the experts figured Gabbert was clearly better than Dalton last year at draft time.

    Henne was clearly better than Flacco too.

    Don’t get too wound up on draft ratings of QBs. The only two clear cut choices are Luck and Griffin. After than, we’ll see. I’m willing to bet Weeden and Cousins impess right away, while Tannehill will need lots of patience, development and nurturing (according to MacShay). Think I’ rather have a QB than a baby.

  36. Blog Fodder Says:

    I don’t disagree. Murtha, Jerry, Garner…can’t all be busts.

    One or more has to step up and fill a hole.

    No, not advocating an RT in the 1st, or even 2nd round.

  37. kris Says:


    Good to see your sight is still going strong…..The next few weeks are extremly busy for the next few weeks….but I will stop in as appropriate….

  38. Jon Says:

    Thanks Kris…’ve been a great commenter on both the Herald and here.

    Love to see you around!

    And heads up……some guy signed in with the typepad name of “Ohio Dolfan” and is saying mean things to people. It’s not me. If you click on his name and it doesn’t bring you to this website it isn’t me.

    I just don’t want any of the regulars to think I’m saying mean things about them. You guys are fun to talk football with

  39. kris Says:


    I try and learn writing styles…and word tendencies to the best of my ability…..but I do get fooled on occasion

    Thanks for the heads up….

  40. Jon Says:

    Looks like Armando deleted the comments for the poser, class act from Armando on that one

    New post up in this blog people!!!

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