No More Dirt Infield!

It is official.  The Marlins have moved out of SunLife Stadium to move into their new part this week.  I know there is talk of losing revenue, but personally I don’t think that will be an issue.  They can those spots with concerts and other activities.


I am most excited about NO dirt infield during the NFL season in August and September!!  Personally I felt the dirt infield ruined football games.  I know some die-hard old school fans might disagree with me, but it seemed like it hurt the Dolphins just as much as apposing teams when kickers had to kick field goals in the muddy field. Also players would lose traction and it’d become a mess.

Do you like that the Marlins are moving out or would you have rather them stayed in house?

5 Responses to “No More Dirt Infield!”

  1. Keb8880 Says:

    The best part of the Marlins moving out is the ability to move the seats (and the fans) closer to the field. Maybe we will get a home field advantage!

  2. thavafin Says:

    I am very glad there will be no dirt infield. Though I could never figure out why (especially in the 21st century) people couldn’t figure out a way to cover the infield on gameday for a few hours. Anyway, I am glad it will be gone.

  3. iamozkar Says:

    Howdy fellow Dolfans. Sure is quiet lately.We’re probably too tired from commenting on Manning and Fisher pursuits.
    Like most,I’m looking forward to the draft.
    It should have been Our franchise that was evicted from Joe Robbie Stadium.This is the house the Florida Marlins BUILT. Two World Series.One against the Mighty Yankees.Enough said!
    Are We having any off-season works for Our current players? God knows We should be.We started 0-7 REMEMBER.We were the gassed team when We played the patsies on MNF in September on Our own turf.

  4. dolfan34 Says:


    Personally I’m glad to see the dirt infield gone. To me it was an embarassment and an eye sore when we had a prime time game. It always made us seem amatuerish on the biggest stage. Glad it’s a thing of the past and hopefully Ross and others can focus on making this a football stadium again and give us some sort of home field advantage. Other teams do a good job at this but we’ve been lacking in this area for a long time.

  5. Rob in OC Says:

    All I got to say is goooooooooooood riddens!!!!

    That hideous dirt infield, that became a muck in foul conditions was lame. I am a died in the wool old school football fan and that lame infield always reared it’s head at the wrong time.

    From the non advantage (It looked like other teams were actually better prepared for it than we were) to the way it made the uni’s look afterwards…no thanks!

    Football only stadiums are were it’s at and the Fins finally have one.


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