Live Chat with Armando over at the Herald

For those who are friends from the Herald, just an FYI that Armando is having a live blog chat at 2PM today.

Should be a good convo.

27 Responses to “Live Chat with Armando over at the Herald”

  1. Phins78 Says:

    Yeah it’s going great. One minute in and someone is talking about burping semen. Wouldn’t hang out with someone like that in real life and I’m certainly not going to read all of his psychotic thoughts on the internet. It’s too bad that one idiot can ruin things for everyone. I’m done fighting someone I can not see, it’s a waste of time. I can not figure out why the Herald is the only blog on the internet that allows attacks and vulgarity on a daily basis. It’s obviously dragging their blog down a slippery slope. Oh well, good thing there are tons of sites to visit including this one!

  2. Jon Says:

    Thanks Phins,

    I was just trying to be cool and show that I’m not trying to steal people and I respect other blogs. Even though I like it most when we are chatting here now! 🙂

  3. Phins78 Says:

    I know Jon and I didn’t mean for that to come off in a condescending manner. It was very nice of you to advertise that for Armando in your blog. I had high hopes for a great conversation and had some interesting questions for Armando but it’s not worth it. I’m not contributing to a blog that allows that kind of element to push people around. Being a hockey player who is 6’3″ and 220lbs, I can not tell you how frustrating it is to have some punk playing tough guy with me behind the safety of anonymity. LOL I have to stay away from that blog for my own health!

  4. Jon Says:

    I understand. I’m sure you’ve seen me get into to it with the “tough guys” over there.

    That led to the creation of the blog we are in right now. 🙂

  5. Phins78 Says:

    I don’t notice many of the regulars when I check in over there. DC, Craig M (aka graig), Kris, and a few others who keep the conversations interesting seem to be disappearing. I hope they really did leave and aren’t posing under different names. I couldn’t stand it if anyone let someone bully them out of their posting name on the internet. Gotta go Jon, thanks again for the blog and can’t wait for the draft, you won’t be able to get rid of me that weekend!

  6. thavafin Says:

    Yeah it seems the biggest negative of a live blog or when something signifiant goes down is all the BS you have to end up scrolling through to try to get to anything of substance. I have been known to drop the occassion mumbo jumbo myself too though I suppose.

  7. kris Says:

    In regards to your last blog……

    I’m not sure why the FINS could never figure out how to use this to THEIR ADVANTAGE….draw up some plays specifically for that part of the field….run away from that part of the field….run to it…DO SOMETHING INNOVATIVE……

    I mean seriously….has ANYBODY seen a team slip and fall more on their home field than the Miami Dolphins…..Its rare that Bess or Hartline catch a ball cleanly… seems like more often than not…they are catching a ball and fighting to maintain their balance coming out of a break…..

    and while I didn’t see it happen to Marshall…..It seemed like whenever he would try and make one of those MONSTER cuts up field after the catch (the ones that made him ALL-WORLD in Denver)…..he always slipped trying to make a defender miss…

    Thats what we need to fix IMO….either the player’s footwear….or the condition of our field…..

  8. kris Says:


    Never EVER consider that thought again (being bullied in to another post name)….LOL…..

    I will be busy for the next few weeks…..

    I’m still here….

  9. Jon Says:

    you guys just pushed this blog to 2004 page views in 13 days.

    Nice job!

  10. paulpps Says:

    Hello folks,

    This is Yesterday’s Gone. Testing to see if I did this right. LOL

  11. paulpps Says:

    Ohio, if you keep this blog going Im quitting Armando’s blog for good. Armando is pretty lame. He has agendas and biases. I really dont like people like that.

  12. paulpps Says:

    2004 pages in 13 days, wow! Ohio consider me a permanent here. LOL

  13. thavafin Says:

    Great point Phins they are FOREVER slipping and falling down on a cut. I swear half of Hennes picks was because the receiver fell down on the cut. maybe half is being a little generous 🙂

  14. thavafin Says:

    Sorry, KRIS made those comments.

  15. Jon Says:

    You would think they would have been more used the field playing there all the time.

    Either way, it will be gone now, so hopefully the cuts get better!

    Hey YG……welcome aboard

  16. Yesterday's Gone Says:

    Seeing if my change of screen name works.

  17. oscar canosa Says:

    Something wrong with Armando. Expect the worst.

  18. ALOCO Says:


  19. iamozkar Says:

    Howdy fellow Dolphans.I haven’t posted at Armando’s blog for over a week.I get on online at Dolphins’ blogs to read about Our franchise.That’s it.Just looking for some insight.Looking forward to the growth of Dolphin Talk. So long Salguero,you had me there for 8 months.Now I’ve had enough.Bring on the discussions and opinions of Our Dolphins.By the way with the new Marlin stadium ,Sun life stadium seems like a has-been.As I mentioned before,the Marlins DESERVED IT. They’re the only true champs in Miami.

  20. Jon Says:

    YG……your new name worked…..,you can use it freely now, I only had to approve it once… are good to go, sorry for the delay

  21. paulpps Says:

    Im done with Armando’s blog too. He ignored my questions to him today because I verbally let it be known my disapproval of him. He’s still a kid in a all grown up body.

    Im sure he wont miss me and I surely wont miss him either. LOL

  22. Yesterday's Gone Says:

    Guess I have to login first before I can change to the Yesterday’s Gone screen name.

  23. kris Says:

    You guys do realize that we need to further the discussion with our thoughts and words….

    It kind stinks that we have ZERO to work with which to appraise the work of Philbin…..

    I am giving him the benifit of the doubt for 4 years… firing…no calling for his job….no signs in the stands…and no boycotts….

    and because of that….I HAVE to give Ireland the same lee-way…

    Yes…I understand that he gets a pass for the last 4 years….and i’m OK with that.

    How about u guys….

  24. Jon Says:

    Sorry Kris…….it’s been a crazy week for me, I will get a new post up soon to keep us going.

    To answer your question……..Philbin deserves time. I gaurantee some of the novice “fans” will be upset with him after the first 5 games and will be calling for his head and saying he is the next Cam Cameron. I will be on his side and backing him up. He isn’t starting with much, so he may need at least a couple drafts. I hate thinking that way, but that’s not his fault, this is where the team is at talent wise. And who knows, maybe he surprises and the team progresses faster than we could have wished for. We shall see.

  25. thavafin Says:

    I also agree that Philbin deserves time. I think we all may be surprised actually by what him and his staff may be able to get out of this current group. Or maybe it is just the optimistic dolphin in me.
    I am looking forward to see what they bring to the 2012 season. Go Phins

  26. Jon Says:


  27. ALOCO Says:

    bacala ,this site already attracted the most knowledgebale fans in the world;;;;;;

    phins 78

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