Tannehill at pick #8?

ImageTannehill emerged later in the 2011 college football season as a viable third option for NFL teams behind Luck and Griffin according to some draft experts because of his upside.  A foot injury after the season caused Tannehill to miss the Senior Bowl and prevented him from doing any of the agility drills at the Combine, so his Pro Day was a do-or-die performance for him. He answered the questions about his throwing ability by completing 65-of-68 passes and his 4.62 in the 40 put to rest any concerns about his foot. Unlike Luck, Tannehill likely would need to sit at least one year before being able to take over an NFL huddle. 


What would your reaction be if Miami drafted him at #8 as our hopeful QB of the future?


160 Responses to “Tannehill at pick #8?”

  1. Yesterday's Gone Says:

    Sam Dolphin,

    Everyone deserves a new leash on life. Its just that this guy seems to be a HUGE underachiever(2nd rd). Dont we already have a db on our roster who’s bordering on “underachiever”? That guy is Sean Smith.

    Seems a huge underachiever with “legal baggage”, no matter how cheap, creates a huge lopsiddedness in the swing of the risk vs reward pendullum. It leaves a global sized ? mark there.

  2. Yesterday's Gone Says:

    Ohio dolphin will probably see our blog suggestions, then see the blog topic count. Then say to himself, “shut up guys and just keep typing”! LOL

  3. JS in LA Says:

    Unless Tyrell cost us a lot (which he didn’t), why wouldn’t his signing be a really good thing? Competetion at safety, with a supposedly talented guy in a position where we need someone to step up?

    Why the heck not?

    So he was passable but not great with minn. We have that now. With the potential that he might actually pan out to his expectations … sounds like a good chance to take for a year.

    Does this mean we don’t draft a safety? Doubt it. Does it mean we have at least one more real option back there. Yep.

    Sounds good to me. Don’t understand the negative thoughts.

  4. Jon Says:


    Just now read through all your comments and suggestions. Sorry for the delayed response, I have been enjoying my day off with my wife.

    Anyway, LOVE the idea of the suggestion box. I’m not sure if My code has the ability to do that, but I will be playing with our options tonight. I don’t think we’ll need it during draft time and especially during the season, but it would be great to have during the off season. I can’t really just let people start writing their own articles without giving everyone admin rights, and then this place would turn into the herald in less than an hour, I hope you guys understand. But some sort of suggestion box sounds like a great idea!

    Lastly, Thanks for your support and feedback, it means a lot to me. After catching quite a bit of criticism over at the Herald I was thinking of shutting this thing down.

  5. JS in LA Says:

    BTw, there’s another blogger trying to pull off this bit too. His is a much more negative version – for disgruntled, exiting fans.
    I won’t link you over, just thought it interesting.

    Nobody i’ve seen here, btw. And not a regular that I’m awae of on Armando’s blog.

  6. Samdolphin Says:

    I quit posting a year ago when Armando was trying to get Ireland fired and a bunch of negative Dolphin articles. I said I thought that Armando should go somewhere else and write for a team he liked. I also said I hoped he got barred form entering the Dolphin’s Training Facilities.

  7. Jon Says:

    New Post up

  8. oscar canosa Says:

    Acccording to Johnson, himself says, “I am good at covering athletic TE’s”.

  9. Rob in OC Says:

    Ahem… Um, just NO!

    Tannehill is simply too big of a project to tab @#8. Maybe later in the draft but no way at #8.

    The stateline above looks decent but the most glaring problem was left off. The guy throws picks. I don’t blame him as he HAS NOT been a QB his whole college career…only 2 years of it. That is an Empire State building sized red flag.

    As Parcell’s recently quipped…paraphrasing “Pat White was one heck of a college football player (4 years complete with winning all his Bowl Games) and we let that take us off our parameters of what we should have been looking for…a drop back passer”.

    I have heard a number of times that more mistakes are made in the draft using a players “Potential” and “Projecting” him into the NFL than for any other reason.

    Simply put, Tannehill has some nice physical tools and looks the part…at #8 I want a QB that has been through more battles, beat out the competition and has a larger volume of solid play I can hang my hat on.


  10. Charles Says:

    First let me start by saying I am just a dumb redneck dolphan so when whoever reads this and says that “this guy is an idiot”I already told you so. No to quarterback in first round you are supposed to take a starter with the 8th pick not a prospect. Yes to offensive line defensive end or linebacker heck I would even say yes to immediate impact tight end wide receiver or ya know what I would be willing to bet any dolphins fan would be happy with a impact player at any position just don’t waste a pick on a prospect at #8 those are reserved for third and forth round picks its the fifth thru seventh picks that are for guys that are for the reserve roles or cheaper option guys to be on reserve roles. Let’s build thru the draft correctly and hey we’re all expecting to suck this year anyway so let’s get our quarterback then. I’m actually wanting to see how good ole Moore will do in this west coast offense, now I’m no evaluator of talent I’m just a reader of stats but a accurate quarterback from ten to about twenty five yards is a great mold for the west coast scheme
    Now let’s just hope philbin can get the cowboy out of him and impact him on his decision making process that is all dumb dolphin getting ready to go to Korea because I’m in the army is signing out

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