Take Michael Floyd at #8?

Floyd is slightly bigger than Justin Blackmon and surprisingly fast for his size, Floyd has made a strong push starting with the combine to supplant Blackmon as the first receiver off the board. He ran a 4.47 in the 40-yard dash at the Combine and was satisfied enough with that time to skip running it again at his Pro Day. The rest of his performance at South Bend, Indiana caused quite a stir among the scouts, coaches and general managers on hand. Floyd’s explosiveness off the line of scrimmage, pinpoint route running and playmaking ability are a perfect fit for today’s pass-first NFL, and he is more of a complete receiver than Blackmon thanks to his solid blocking skills and ability to set the edge in the running game while also being fearless across the middle. His injury history is the only red flag at this point.

So if the Rams take Blackmon and Floyd is available to Miami at #8, should they take him and wait to draft a QB until the 2nd round?   In the poll on this blog many of you voted for best player available (most of the rest voted for QB).  So is he a good option at #8?

We’ll find out in 20 days!!!


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46 Responses to “Take Michael Floyd at #8?”

  1. JS in LA Says:

    Hey, I love the idea of grabbing a quality WR early. And of course folks who know me know I’m not very up on Tannehill anyway.

    That said, most Gms/coaches think they can get a quality WR later rounds, and for the most part, tehy are right. So do we break with tradition here? I’m OK with it, but dubiousconservative Ireland will be.

    This much sems true though. Philbin gets most animated and most interested in conversations about drafting WR’s. I think he’s salivating over this WR rich draft. So if we’re bunking the trend, this year seems the place to do it.
    Floyd seems as good as any. So, I’m down if this is our move.

  2. JS in LA Says:

    Odin posed the idea that Sherman may intentionally avoid Tannehill because of the bad history their previous pairing went through.

    I’ve been saying something similar all along, but obviously we have no idea what Sherman and Philbin really think about Tanny. I’d be curious to see some nuggets on this thought from insiders.

    Seems like I remember Sherman publicly endorsing tannehill. But he would be widely criticized for not doing so, so hard to read much into that.

  3. Jon Says:

    “Dolphin Talk” fans……..

    Check out “The Suggestion Box” at the top right of the main page. It is just second page to the website set aside for topic suggestions. See if this is what you were thinking…………

  4. Yesterday's Gone Says:

    I dont think the wco predicates on having that one franchise wr. Pats dont have it(double TE threat plus Welker, Saints dont have it. The wco from a wr standpoint predicates on “creating mismatches”. Philbin stated it himself. Every wr needs to be able to play every spot.

    Thus #8 could be far too high to select a wr for this type offense. The wco doesnt demand a big time high quality primary reciever. Its all about creating mismatches, confusing defenders, in the qb orgression reads, and element of surprise or multiple passing formations.

    That’s how its done in New Orleans, New England, and Green Bay. None of the star recievers in these offenses were high calibre upper 1st rd draft picks and I dont expect to see that under Philbin in Miami.

  5. Dolfan Rick Says:

    I know i’m gonna sound easy here because I also saId I would be ok Tannehill at 8, but I would actually like Floyd even better.

    I think he’d be ready to strart much sooner. I know Notre Dame hasn’t been an airial offensive juggeraut but Floyd is their all time recieving leader. He had a very productive 4 years.

    On a sadder note, I would ok with him because at least I know who the hell he is.

    When we drafted Odrick I had to look him up…lol.

  6. oscar canosa Says:


  7. Yesterday's Gone Says:


    This is the wco we’re now running. I seriously doubt you’ll ever see a wr drafted upper 1st rd. Take a look at where wr’s in other wco’s were drafted. Then Im sure you’ll begin to understand.

  8. darryldunphy Says:

    ..This would go against everything we have come to expect out of this regime…Since we are starting over…Heck yes. Floyd would be an exciting choice..And he does make some sense. At some point the team is going to have address reciever..When you have a chance to grab one of the top prospects in the draft..Make it happen. Reciever is a position of need that could trump QB this year. I know it sounds crazy because we all know how important it is to be competant at the position. Taking Floyd is a safer pick IMO..We need weapons on the offensive side. With Floyds size, and route running ability..he is the perfect fit for the WCO…Why wait until round 2-3 for a reciever when we have the ability to pull the trigger in round 1..Floyd makes a lot of sense at this spot.

  9. JS in LA Says:

    A fair point on WR expectations in early rounds, however, if I’m Philbin I’m assuming I’m big enough to ake any rookies in any rounds, and training them MY WAY. Same way many bigtime HCs think. Belichik didn’t care if he had Ochocinco, he either towed his line or didn’t play. Result was he didn’t play. So I’d assume Philbin will simply want guys he thinks will be all-in on his coaching style. 1st or 5th round prob doesn’t matter.

    But, yeah, I’d doubt too that a WR is our first pick.
    But I do think it’ll be our most NUMEROUS picks. More than one will be taken. On that, I’ll wager.

  10. darryldunphy Says:

    YG..Good point. I didn’t think about that…. You are probably right. The WCO is more dependant on the group rather then 1 player.

  11. Jon Says:

    But Floyd wouldn’t have to be an Alpha receiver, couldn’t he be our version of Green Bay’s Greg Jennings?

  12. Dolfan Rick Says:

    YG and Darryl,

    It wouldn’t hurt if the group was good. Just sayin.

  13. darryldunphy Says:

    Dolfan Rick..LOL yup..It would help. YG just brought up a great point.. As much as I would personaly like to see the team go outside it’s comfort zone..I think he is right. I doubt that Floyd will be our pick at 8.

  14. Dolfan Rick Says:

    The fact is none of us reallyknows what they’ll do with the pick.

    All I was really saying was that i would prefer they take Floyd versus those scratch your head picks we’ve been known to do.

    I think he’ll be a productive pro. Tannehill, and Floyd i’m good with. Maybe even Ingram or Colples.

  15. Yesterday's Gone Says:


    The sleeper wr prospect I see in this draft is from our very own U. That wr is Tommy Streeter:

    6’5 215lbs 46 catches 811yds 17.7ypc 8tds

    Streeter is a junior coming out this season and a projected 3rd rd prospect. As you see he’s a huge target(6’5), Nice size(215llbs), Knows where the endzone is(8tds), and can stretch the defense(17.7ypc.

    This guy imo is a 3rd rd steal that in 2-3yrs would be a “Greg Jennings type”. These are his 2011 numbers in his first year of extensive playing action. 2010 he had 1 catch for 42yds(sophmore 42ypc) and as a freshman 5 catches 114yds(22.8ypc).

    Seems perfect for blossoming in a west coast style offense. Again, huge target at 6’5. Hope this doesnt become yet another fish in our own backyard we let get away.

  16. Yesterday's Gone Says:

    Tommy Streeter types coming out of college seem to be the types that blossom in the wco. They may not have enough humbers to billed 1st 2nd rd prospects. But look at the junior year numbers.

    Seems this kid came from nowhere. Had he stayed his senior year we definitely maybe talking mid 1st rd pick for sure. Maybe 70-75 catches, 1100 to 1200yds, with td numbers going from 8 to around 11-15tds. Hope we dont let him get away, especially when he’s projected 3rd right now.

  17. Dolfan Rick Says:


    I thought he was a SR. He wasn’t in the group from Northwestern?

  18. Yesterday's Gone Says:

    Dolfan Rick,

    You must be from Miami. Streeter attended Miami Northwestern High. LOL

    Anyway, got my stats from ESPN. They list him as a “junior” coming out this year. If youre going by high school records. Then maybe he was redshirted his 1st yr at the U. That would account for the junior status.

  19. Yesterday's Gone Says:

    I’ll bet Tommy Streeter can come in as one of our 3rd rd picks this year and make us forget all about Brandon Marshall. Especially red zone td catches.

  20. Dolfan Rick Says:

    Nah not Miami, I live near Tampa. At any rate I agree with you though, I would love to have Streeter.

    He really came on his last 2 seasons.

  21. Dolfan Rick Says:

    Some of these so called experts and their mock drafts kill me.

    I just read one on foxsports that of course had us taking Tannehill at 8. He said we could also take Floyd, but he would be reach at 8.

    Who did he have Carolina taking at 9? You guessed it. Floyd.

    9 was ok i guess…lol.

  22. ALOCO Says:



  23. Yesterday's Gone Says:

    Like I stated in the previous post, like castor oil, I hate having our 1st 2 picks being olinemen(RG/RT). But I want to know the oline’s completely fixed. Not guess or hope it is(patchwork).

    Then this brings us to the two rd rd picks. It would put us in very nice position to take Streeter should no one sees increased value and snaps him up 1st rd. I would also use the 2nd 3rd rd pick to get Kirk Cousins.

    I believe Matt Moore can be sufficient enough this year to use a 1st rd pick at qb next year. Heck, who knows, Cousins may even blossom in a wco. Like Philbin said, improving this sad sack right side of the oline will also enhanced the present qb position.

    Plus if we fix the oline this year it would only elevate the chances of success the 1st rd qb we draft next year(2013) will have throughout his career. Patchwork on the right side aint fixing it guys. Like it or not.

  24. Yesterday's Gone Says:

    Everyone wants quick fixes. But havent past fo’s come and gone that tried the “quick fix” method? Its been 15yrs and quick fixes havent worked yet have they?

    Most of the great olinemen Peyton Manning had in Indy arrived a year or two before drafting Manning. Brady’s star linemen were in place before Brady took over. Guys having a solid overall oline only enhances what your qb is able to do. Mega star qb or not.

    Even a mega star qb becomes somewhat limited behind porous pass blocking. Patchwork isnt a fix.

  25. Yesterday's Gone Says:

    We’ll never be able to properly address present and future issues until past issues are fullyabsolved. Im not talking patchwork. Oline must be a top priority in this draft. We cant think 3rd and 4th rd olinemen will be the fix for this problem. Nor the aging scrubs left in fa.

    Until oline has been correctly addressed. We will continuosly run the risk of getting a young 1st rd qb killed anyway. Its nice to find a gem (3rd-4th rd) when you’re already pretty much set. But this cant be part of your critical must have strategy.

  26. Yesterday's Gone Says:

    Im out. Tired of talking to myself. LOL

  27. Yesterday's Gone Says:


    Its pretty disappointing when I go over to read Armando’s blog today I find you posted up to 20 times. Then come here and find you posted only once.

    It kind of takes the sail out of me wanting to come here and post. Think about it, You’re still posting upto 2000% more on Armando’s blog than you post on your own blog. Yet you’re advertsing on Armando’s blog for bloggers to come here.

    Kind of gives the impression you love Armando’s blog far more than your own. Which begs of the question why create a new blog anyway when you’re still going to spend at least 95% of your time at Armando’s? I dont get it. LOL

  28. Yesterday's Gone Says:

    I guess Im an exblogger here now. I dont want to be on a blog where the creater of that blog seems to find the blog(Armando) he wished to escape from better than his.

    Totally mindboggling. This ship’s sinking already. Im overboard and out. LOL

  29. ALOCO Says:



  30. thavafin Says:

    C’mon YG cut Ohio some slack. He can post wherever he wants. I enjoy this blog myself but I still go to the Herald too. There are still plenty of good convos at the Herald even if you sometimes have to scroll through the madness. If you don’t want to post here for whatever reason thats up to you. But just because Ohio started this blog in his SPARE time doesn’t mean he can’t visit and post wherever he wants. If you seem to have the need to be dedicated to one particualr blog then start your own blog and hold true to it. I will even come blog with you but I won’t just be 100% faithful towards just yours either.
    For the record I also may be the only other Phinfan that does not think you are completely crazy on your OL draft theory, either.

  31. Jon Says:


    Sorry I didn’t mean to upset you last night. Aloco is correct though. I post over there so people have the opportunity to click on this website and join the convo. There are a lot of people coming here, but still a lot that do not know about it. I saw your post last night saying you were “talking to yourself” on here, so I was trying to recruit some people for you, but it seemed last night not many people were over there or over here really.

    I thought you guys would get sick of me posting too many times, and would rather talk to other bloggers, instead of my comments taking over.

    Sorry to upset you so quickly last night, and I do appreciate you being one of my biggest supporters so far. Please try to only attack me on here though and not over at the Herald. I’d like to try to keep the family arguments inside the family. 🙂

    I hope you stay fine sir………….

  32. Jon Says:

    PS: Didn’t I get your “suggestion box” created the same day you requested it YG?

    I do care……..just sayin 🙂

  33. Samdolphin Says:

    YG: I agree with your 12:14 post about looking to FIX the OL. If Tannehill is not there at #8 or if the fo/coaches don’t want him at that spot then, I would be in favor of DE/OLB Quentin Coples at #8 and in rd 2 trading up ahead of Buffalo to take OG Kevin Zeitler #70 WISC 6-4 -315 lbs in round 2.

  34. Samdolphin Says:

    Here is the blog work I was suggesting we do with a Dolphin Mock Draft.
    4. Kevin Zeitler- Wisconsin 6-4 315 lbs. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=phahBI8uxKw http://www.cbssports.com/nfl/draft/players/1695544/kevin-zeitler http://www.sbnation.com/ncaa-football/players/48826/kevin-zeitler http://www.fftoolbox.com/nfl_draft/profile_display.cfm?prospect_id=2989 http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=phahBI8uxKw

  35. Jon Says:

    Sam I appreciate your suggestion, but I’m just not sure I’d have the time this year to put all of that together for us. You’re right though, it would be fun to see which bloggers got it right!

  36. Samdolphin Says:

    Jon: Not to worry. I do it for myself every year and very seldom do I get even one right, but last year I got two right for the first time. I’ll share mine when I get it finished.

  37. darryldunphy Says:

    ..Last year for the draft I suggested that anyone interested give a mock draft and we would re-visit the mocks the day after the draft..I even voluntered to record all of the mocks…The idea gained some steam, but it was nearly impossible to get everyone on the same page..My suggestion was to offer up your mock the day before the draft…No trade scenarios just the order in which we drafted..Some wanted to include trade scenarios which would have been fine except that they were mostly one sided in our favor and not very realistic for the exercise..Anyway..We had it kind of set up, Armando even agreed to play along…Then he went ahead and offered up a Mock draft thread the day before the bloggers mock draft was to be held…Being that it is his forum, I was in no place to object, he can do what he feels in neccesary..I thought it was kind of weak as we had agreed to hold this mock draft before hand..anyway, there was little participation and the idea went south so I didn’t record anyones picks, nor did we discuss who was on the right path…As I remember. many folks did have Pouncey as the first pick…As far as the other choices last year a few folks had Clay, and Gates…I came through with the Jimmy Wilson pick in round 7…But for the most part most were not close…It would have been fun.

  38. kris Says:

    Look for the FINS to Schmooze with Tenehill in the up coming weeks….dinners….work outs……long walks on the beach……

    All in an effort to get the ALMIGHTY trade back with some sucker team…..

    Lets hope it works this time…cause nobody bit with the Mallett ploy…..

  39. oscar canosa Says:

    I don’t have the knowledge to pick all seven rounds. For what is worth, 1- Ryan Tannehill, 2- Dont’a Hightower, 3- Kendall Wright.

  40. Jon Says:

    Thanks Oscar! I don’t think I would have the knowledge to go that deep either. Other bloggers on here have much more college prospect knowledge than I do.

  41. Jon Says:

    New post up

  42. Rob in OC Says:

    I’m totally 100% on board if Philbin wants to make WR Michael Floyd his new Greg Jennings/Jordy Nelson guy.

    I do hear and acknowledge the WC group theory that YG is putting out there for blog consumption. I simply feel that it is all fine and good to scheme until your hearts content, only to look up and see that your WR’s can’t realistically be looked to to beat the opposing DEF’s athletes in match-ups consistently.

    New England has Brady and Welker. Brady is Mr. Pinpoint accuracy and only seems to lose games where he gets pressured. Welker has long since proved he is a hell of a lot better than a return guy gone WR. ANY WR that catches 100+ balls a year in the NFL is very talented. The scheme and Brady’s accuracy greatly contributes but Welker is one of the hardest workers I have seen.

    Streeter is an interesting prospect as is the combine blazer WR S. Hill. Even if they were to target either of these guys I would still advocate getting a seriously well rounded WR in Floyd at #8.

    I believe you will win more games consistently by collecting as many Pro Bowl, All NFL, All Pro type players as you can on the same team. Together with good coaching, proper schemes and personal dedication to the cause the almighty “W’s” start to come with regularity.

  43. Rob in OC Says:

    Forgot to say “Cheers!”

    PS: At #8 there are only a short list of feasible players I would condone choosing. Feasible meaning RGIII, Kahlil and Luck are definitley gone by #8.

    In order they are:

    CB Claiborne (Maybe somehow his very low Wonderlic score scares enough teams but I doubt it.)

    WR Floyd (This drafts version of Vincent Jackson)

    DE Coples (As close as your gonna get to Julius Peppers ability in this draft)

    RB Richardson (I just think he has too much ability not to be considered. Should be one of the best players in this draft)

    OT Reif (The best OT not named Kahlil although #8 seems a bit high for Reif)

    All other prospects I would do only with a trade back scenario:

    Potential trade back (15th or lower) picks:

    OG Cordy Glenn (The next C. Nicks hulking G type and may have the feet for RT)

    ILB Kuechly (Can’t ever have too many Zack Thomas type tackling machines…but Kuechly has more lead in his pencil)

    S Barron or Harrison. (Both guys can tackle and have some range…not sure either is a big play magnet but should get some opportunities)


  44. Jon Says:

    Rob = Much more knowledgable about this years draft prospects than I am. 🙂

  45. Rob in OC Says:

    Hey Jon,

    Happy Easter to ya bro!

    I just want to say that I don’t ever feel like and “expert” on draft picks. I am always open to debate and re-examine my own draft choices as well as others ideas.

    That said, I never understand the guys like Ion (and others) that simply say “I don’t know near as much as all the people that get paid to do it for a living…therefore I won’t venture my own guess AND I will poo poo anyone with a different spin, idea or favorite draft choice than say what Ireland ends up picking”. “I support his choices 100% as he get’s paid and wears the hat”.

    I have loved football since I was a youngster… I trust my own eyes and am not afraid to put my own choice out there. I have been wrong at times (DE Brandon Graham? where is all that promise?lol) right alongside of the supposed experts. I have been right a bunch too. At that spot I liked Pouncey the best. Made the call on WR Dwayne Bowe, DE Mark Anderson, WR Vincent Jackson to name a couple.

    It’s literally an educated guessing game. I am not going to bow out of a fun and somewhat random guessing event just because Ireland gets to ask personal questions up close or gets countless hours more time to throw at it. No, I’m comfortable offering my best shot at whom will be the best choice for our beloved Fins alongside the best in the biz like Ozzie Newsome, GB’s Thompson as well as Ireland to see who guessed right and made the right call!

    In a nutshell, that’s all the fun anyways.

    Cheers and thanks for what looks like a well run blog complete with a killer moderator!!! Thanks, Jon

  46. Jon Says:

    Happy Easter to you too Rob……and thanks for your insight!

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