Sunday Spotlight: Reggie Bush

2011 Season


ATT           YDS           TD
216           1086            6

     With all the talk of the draft, much of the current roster of the Miami Dolphins isn’t being talked about very much.  Some people say they aren’t worthy of the being talked about, but I’m choosing to go a different direction.  I think there are solid players currently on the roster that can step up in 2012 and be difference makers and game changers for the Philbin’s team in 2012.  One of the players on my radar is Reggie Bush.
        To be honest he’s been on my radar since game 4 of last year.  The guy simply busted his butt every game and every play, no matter how bad the Dolphins record became.  His stats alone prove it.  Breaking the 1000 yard mark for the first time in his career, summing a total of 1,086 yards and 6 TD’s for a struggling team.He did all this while Sparano and company continued to just run him up the middle play after play.  While I don’t think this is the best way to use Reggie, I think he proved what he is capable of big numbers even when running as a every down back.  But what are his possibilities with the Philbin’s new offense this year?  My opinion:  The ceiling is even higher!  Imagine quick out passes to Bush in the open field with plenty of room to run! This guy can easily break some ankles in that situation!  I still think they should run him up the middle very now and then to keep the defense honest.  But he could basically be the 4th or 5th receiver any time he is in the game.  That causes issues for a defense trying to figure out who to cover on this well oiled machine of an offense. (hopefully).
          Being such a hard worker I believe he will be a guy Philbin will love to work with and get plays in for.  It will be interesting to see how Philbin uses him.  Could Daniel Thomas steal some carries from Bush? Possibly.  But the change of pace between these 2 backs will keep defenses out of rhythm helping to set up the quick timing routes of the West Coast Offense.
       Reggie Bush is a huge asset to this team moving forward, and he alone is the reason running back is not one of the many positions being talked about as a need for the Miami Dolphins in the 2012 Draft in 18 days.

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109 Responses to “Sunday Spotlight: Reggie Bush”

  1. Yesterday's Gone Says:


    BTW, Booby Massie, the RT I suggested to draft 2nd rd was on the invite list.

  2. Yesterday's Gone Says:

    Bobby Massie

  3. Samdolphin Says:

    Jon: Good thread. The Dolphins already have good RBs Daniel Thomas, Jerome Messam, Steve Slaton, Richard Medlin (4.60-40), Marcus Thigpen (4.58-40), all headed up by Reggie Bush. I think that is why we don’t hear too much about Dolphin’s need for a RB. They may add some UDFAs/FAs after draft and cuts? I don’t know much about the two new RBs except they are fast. Probably slated to replace Gates at KOR and or Bess at PRs. However, if they can run the ball to the outside or catch a pass in the flat behind a screen that would be nice! I think Richard can run the ball up the middle on quick openers? Still it is a good thread and we can only wait and see,exciting.

  4. Quanhova42 Says:

    Bruce @WVU would be a steal in the 4th round…ive seen him ever since he came from Junco and he is a pure pass rusher. It would be the perfect complement to Wake.

  5. Quanhova42 Says:

    I watched Slaton too, people @WVU still talk about how sick he was. 5’10, speed, great vision.

  6. Sammo Says:

    First look here and I like it.especially the dolphin logo on the water. Good job ohio.lots of fin fans up here in my part of northern ohio. I think reggie will has the potential to set miami rb receiving records in this new offense.

  7. Jon Says:

    Thanks for the visit Sammo

  8. Jon Says:

    New Post Up

  9. Quanhova42 Says:

    Yea Ohio good blog man, the herald was getting crazy, but its good to kno i have more fans up north with me. I live in parkersburg, wv and we are few and far in between…. Go Phins!!!!!

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