Trading Back

Can the Dolphins really afford to trade back?  I understand the thought process.  Trade back to pick up more draft picks to fill more holes.  I just don’t feel it is the best option for Miami for this year’s draft.  In order for the Front Office to trade back they would have to feel as if there isn’t anybody available that is worthy of the 8th pick, or that there isn’t anybody available for a position they would like to fill.  I just don’t see that happening.

Let’s say they decide Tannehill isn’t good enough for the 8th overall pick, wouldn’t Floyd be the best option to fill the gaping hole at the receiver position?  Or if Floyd gets drafted high, wouldn’t it be a huge help for Miami to get Quinton Coples to help Cameron Wake with rushing the QB and making our defense more of a force to recon with?  Some of you have even been pushing for offensive lineman to be drafted in the first round.  While I don’t agree with this for the first round, it is indeed a need especially on the right side of the line.

The point is that the team needs quality players, not a just a quantity of players, and I don’t think this is the year to get cute with trading back to get more picks.  If you don’t like the QB options, pick the best player available.  Get some difference makers on this team!

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233 Responses to “Trading Back”

  1. Jon Says:

    I respect your opinion JS, you’ve never claimed to know it all and have always said you could be wrong.

    You are much more knowledgeable about the draft and college prospects than I am though. Sometimes my own site is a nice learning experience for me too. 🙂

  2. oscar canosa Says:

    If you are a Gator, JS, then you must remember how Dont’a Hightower manhandled Mike Pouncey. What do you think about him for one of our picks?

  3. JS in LA Says:

    With ya. Hightower is a beast.
    My only reservation is that he’s a MLB. I think Dansby is pretty good, given better surrounding talent. if we get Hightower, we need to trade Dansby.
    Not crazy, but not my first choice.

  4. oscar canosa Says:

    With you, JS.

  5. B33RCA53 Says:

    Luke Kuechly will be the next Patrick Willis. People compare his instincts and leadership to Zach Thomas. Kuechly at 8 or a trade up for Trent Richardson or trade back for Weeden at the end of the 1st rd for a 2nd rd pick

  6. JS in LA Says:

    I understand why folks dig Richardson, he’ll likely be another Ray Rice.
    However, RB is actually a rare position we are set at. Bush is the optimum type player to run the WCO, and D. Thomas is supposed to be our bruiser, ala Richardson. Richardson would do OK, but is better suited for standard O. 4 prime-time RBs would be nutty.

    Kuechly I dig, and yeah he smells of Zach Thomas. Again, if we get him then we need to dump Dansby, and get a pick this year. Hightower or Kuechly are upgrades at MLB, but it’s not worth much if they’re surrounded by scrubs.
    And Yes, Misi is a scrub until proven otherwise. Right now, he wouldn’t start for anyone else but us.
    I’d rather have a solid pro in Dansby at MLB and surround him with a beast or two on the outside. More bang for our buck.

  7. oscar canosa Says:

    The more I read, the more I become convinced that with the #8 selection Miami will select Quinton Coples. What you say, JS?

  8. B33RCA53 Says:

    problem with Dansby and Bush is that they are over paid and in the last year of their contracts. Bush would be the perfect compliment to Richardson and can be used in motion and the slot. Richardson is a sure fire elite improvement at RB he has it all. Superior speed and strength that is so rare that you won’t see another RB as good for another decade in my opinion. He has hall of fame potential. Dansby is getting paid almost 6 mil a year more than Burnett and they have identical production. Dansby is great no doubt but Kuechly will be a captain on Defense for years. In a 4-3 defense he is better suited outside anyways. His best year was ROLB for Arizona when they went to the superbowl. Check out Trent Richardson’s workouts he is the strongest RB I’ve seen. And when healthy he claims he runs a 4.3 40 coming off injury he ran a 4.4 flat.

  9. oscar canosa Says:

    Why don’t we do a poll here just for our #1 selection? Mine is as above and the way things are going it looks like I’m not going to change it.

  10. JS in LA Says:

    I like Coples, Oscar.
    Truth is, I like a LOT of dudes from picks 1-20. His motor is questioned, but history shows us he supremely talented guys are bored with their competiton and dog it on many occasions in college. But the pros… well, if they’re truly players then talent of the pro teammates will drive them to compete at their top level.
    It really happens both ways all the time.
    Heard numerous pro-bowlers, and some HOFers have this moniker when they came in. Randy Moss a good example. And plenty of busts that couldn’t get their mind focused after collecting their paycheck.
    Always a risk, but probably worth it.
    Coples is the ONE D player that has the highest upside. No one disputes the talent. Just no one knows his mind.
    I’d feel better if someone like JT were around to show the kid how a HOFer handles his biz… but alas.

  11. JS in LA Says:

    Man, I can’t shut up… 😉 apologies folks.

    If I’m Philbin, I’m drolling over a guy like Coples, and I’d assume my awesome coaching powers would keep the kid straight. Don’t think coaches aren’t cocky enough to think their abilities to motivate players are supreme. It’s the stuff you can’t coach/motivate is what they worry about.
    Yeah, I can see Coples as an 8 pick easily.

  12. oscar canosa Says:

    Being sure that Jon won’t mind, great interview with Jon Gruden over at the other blog. Read closely between the lines.

  13. B33RCA53 Says:

    Ingram over Coples but I think Dline is set better than any other position

  14. oscar canosa Says:

    With Claiborne falling down and Jacksonville ahead of us, Coples might no be there for us at #8.

  15. JS in LA Says:

    RB has 3 supposed starters for one job. D-line has 2 for at least 3 jobs. One DE position is wide open (Coples). Plus OLB is pathetic, so Ingram fits maybe both.

  16. oscar canosa Says:

    Remember B33, that we are going to use more 4-3 D this year and JT and Langford are not here anymore. I think that Miami is not only looking for a pressure player but for a big D-linemen pass rusher.

  17. Jon Says:


    You are making me think twice…..I’d love to have some consistent pressure on the QB for a change

    Some had way too much time last year, it was painful to watch

  18. Jon Says:

    Oh and I read the Jon Gruden Article to Oscar…..good read

  19. JS in LA Says:

    Oscar, thanks for heads up on Armando article.
    Indded, I love Gruden’s QB takes. HIGHLY iluminating when he does the QB camp specials for ESPN.
    Must watch.
    Too much info to comment on, but … I read this:
    Weeden or Cousins = thumbs up, underrated.
    Tannehill = potential/project

    Kinda what I’ve been sayin folks.
    He complimented all the QBs, so grain of salt with the fluff.
    K. Moore may not get drafted at all despite Grudens kind words.

  20. Jon Says:

    Yea JS,

    Weren’t you giving the thumbs up in here for Weeden or Cousins last week?

    I’ll give you props for that 🙂

  21. JS in LA Says:

    Yessir I’ll be glad to bask in my Gruden parallels. 😉
    Problem is if Gruden is wrong (and he’s been wrong before definitely) that means I’m going down with him.
    Despite the company, sinking ships suck. So he better be right, dangit.

  22. Jon Says:

    You’re welcome to chat with us no matter how many times you are proven wrong in April and beyond my friend 🙂

    Lucky for you! (kidding of course)

    Is it a horrible thing that I want at least A QB by the end of the draft? Even if it’s late rounds? and maybe we get lucky for once…….at least give us a chance of a franchise QB

  23. oscar canosa Says:

    More than the 2 QB’s he likes, JS, Gruden’s comments are pointing me away from Tannehill(unless Ireland thinks differently about him, which I doubt). That’s one reason I’m talking Coples now.

  24. JS in LA Says:

    Interesting Gruden omissions: Keenum, and Foles. He got asked about Foles, and he propped him up – but he propped up ALL the QBs. Osweiler too came across as a potential good project, but a project. He liked Wilson way more than I figured. Wilson will be LATE round pick if at all, despite Gruden’s praise I think. Someone will assume he’s a wildcat, and want their Tebow type.

    I can’t stress enough to watch his QB camp specials. It’s a great look at the QBs minds, and how they handle a nagging/smug coach.
    Last year Gabbert looked like he’d like to slap Gruden: confused and frustrated. Locker came off very well. Newton laughed it all off, but looked very young. Dalton handled it well. Except for Newton (surpising me) it almost played out like the eventual reality.

    They’ll air soon this year. All the top QBs will do it.

  25. oscar canosa Says:

    JS, of the two QB’s Gruden likes which one you think fits a WCO better, Weeden or Cousins? Because that’s probably the direction we are going in 2nd Round.

  26. JS in LA Says:

    Hmmm. Tough call, oscar.
    Weeden has more straight out skill (reminds me of Kurt Warner), but Cousins has more overall pros as leader, engineer, general, and makeshift artist. He reminds me a little of Steve Young without the speed. So either seems very capable.
    I may go Cousins becuase of the staying power. But Weeden’s skills are very tempting. He makes hard throws look easy.

    I’m trying to chicken out of that one I think. But if you put the gun to my head, I may pick Cousins. If they’re both the same age, I’d go Weeden.

  27. kris Says:


    Over 200 comments and still kicking…..and I remember just a few weeks ago we were just talking to each other…Congrats man…I think your site is well on it’s way….

  28. ALOCO Says:

    as long as the good posters are posting in here like you kris,this site will only grow ……

  29. oscar canosa Says:

    Gruden raves about Weeden being a winner. And it’s true. When they played against each other Weeden looked like crap next to Luck, then he won the Game.

  30. oscar canosa Says:

    One thing is certain, many Dolfans are not going to be happy if we select a 29 y/o QB.

  31. JS in LA Says:

    understood Oscar. Hence my tip to Cousins.
    But how many fans would dig a 29yr.old vet pro-bowl Qb in FA? Most.
    So if Weeden has the goods, no one will care within a year or so.

  32. ALOCO Says:

    is weeden real age ,34 years old ,and they just played with his birthday papers and changed his age to 28 years old .

  33. Jon Says:

    Thanks Kris…………I appreciate everybody’s insight to the Dolphins, you guys are what make this a good blog


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