Bold Move, or Desperate Move?

As many of you already know, NFL Network has quoted former Colts GM Bill Polian saying that the Dolphins should make the Bold move to trade up in the draft with the Minnesota Vikings for their 3rd pick.  This would effectively move Miami ahead of Cleveland at #4 and guarantee them to land the assumed 3rd best QB in the draft, Ryan Tannehill.

But this begs the question:  Would that be a bold move or a desperate move? Most of the experts are not sold on Tannehill, and I know most of you aren’t either.  So why trade away valuable picks or players on such a risk at the #3 spot?  If he lands at #8, great, but don’t get desperate and trade up!  Too many needs on this team, and Matt Moore could prove to be able to play ball this year.  If we were trading up for Luck or RGIII I would feel differently, but trade up to 3 for a project QB?

Maybe Tannehill works out, I don’t know, but let the chips fall and consider the best players available at #8 without giving up other valuable picks.

You can argue with and probably even convince me that trading down could be good for us, but I just don’t see the positive in trading up with the Vikings this year.

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191 Responses to “Bold Move, or Desperate Move?”

  1. JS in LA Says:

    I learned that YG would like Daddy Ireland to buy him a few linemen.
    And I learned that linemen used to be used to win playoff games in ye olden days.
    And I think someone named Smiley Grove kicked his dog, or something.
    I’m fuzzy on the rest. My head hurts.
    Hoped you faired better.

  2. JS in LA Says:

    Welcome Tom.
    I don’t think any of us have left Armando’s blog, we’re just finding it hard to out-shout the noisy trolls. Too much work and fuss for me.
    But I keep checking in to drop my useless opinions on something worthwhile.
    Sorta feels more comfortable here.

  3. oscar canosa Says:

    Reading JS’s last commentary, is true we seem to be set at D-line, IF there are 2 pass rushers there. If not–>Coples. If they feel they do have those rushers–> a big pass rushing LB or QB with our first pick.

  4. JS in LA Says:

    Oscar, I mentioned LDE was set (I might be mistaken on which side). We have nobody on the other side. Gaping hole. JT is gone. Wake may hold out, which leaves us with NO DE’s at all. Pretty sure Wake will play, but we still need another DE badly. Liking Coples more and more.

  5. oscar canosa Says:

    Any poster here might be Armando, except for Jon and I, for we use our real names.

  6. oscar canosa Says:

    YG also uses X aliases, but he’s not humorous.

  7. Yesterday's Gone Says:


    No0w here you come with that troll talk everyone comes from Armando’s blog to avoid. Please save the troll talk for when youre over at Armando’s. This alias bs is nothing but Armando9 troll talk.

    We’re trying to keep it clean. If you wanna muddy the3 waters. Please go to Armando’s to do it. We talk football here, not troll talk , aliases, and little green men on the moon. Thank you.

  8. Yesterday's Gone Says:


    Youre only proving youre one of Armando’s trolls. Coming here to start a troll fight by falsely accusing me of using many aliases at Armandos. If you cant prove something stfu up.

    Youre the first troll to come here try to start a troll fight on the sly.. No one here’s been falsely accusing anyone of anything until you came here with that troll a– bs about aliases. Something your troll a– cant prove.

  9. Yesterday's Gone Says:


    Read Oscar’s post at 8:58 pm. Then you’ll know one of Armando’s trolls slip his way past your security.

  10. oscar canosa Says:

    Ha!, you got riled. Is it because I said you’re not humorous or because I accussed you of using X aliases, YG?

  11. JS in LA Says:

    Pretty sure Oscar is Oscar, YG. Ask him something only he would know…. 😉

    Gotta run gents.

  12. Yesterday's Gone Says:

    Neither Oscar,

    We all just thought we could come come here toll free. Ohio will see your comments soon troll.

  13. BigPete Says:

    re: Mando clandestinely posting here……
    anyone familiar with Armando’s (the Herald’s!) blog would pick up on the poor spelling and worser grammar. Let that marinate. Period.

  14. oscar canosa Says:

    True, Big Pete, Armando not nearly equal, to YG.

  15. Jon Says:

    Stay cool guys…..

  16. oscar canosa Says:

    Jon, I apologize. I don’t have nearly the familiarity with you as I have with Armando’s blog. Believe me, I have tried to restrain myself, but there are certain things…..well, you probably know.

  17. Jeff Schanz (@JS_in_LA) Says:

    Just an FYI. Different computer, needed to find link to your blog, couldn’t google, yahoo, or Bing it. May want to get some search engine love.

  18. Jon Says:

    In my stats it has shown some people have found me through bing and google…….but maybe it’s buried deep

    Not sure how to “get some love” from them though? Do you pay for that?

  19. B33RCA53 Says:

    If they move to three they’d either be targeting Kalil or Richardson.

  20. ALOCO Says:


  21. iamozkar Says:

    It would be neither Bold nor Desperate but NEEDLESS.
    Let’s stay in Our lane.
    The Browns AREN’T drafting a qb with their fourth overall pick.Cleveland will take the top db in the draft.The Bucs will take Richardson.Skins RG3,Rams a wider reciever.Ryan Tannehill WILL BE THERE FOR US!

  22. Jon Says:

    agreed Ozkar…..agreed

  23. iamozkar Says:

    Hi Jon,just a quick ? for you.How do I change the settings of the bloq so I don’t have to fip every previous blog to get to the current one?

  24. Jon Says:

    If you save it as the home page….when you go to the home page first it always shows the latest post.

    Then you can just click on comments if you want to say something.

    But you bring up a good point…..I might look into trying to set up links on the side of the page inside of the blog entries themselves……we shall see

  25. iamozkar Says:

    Thx Jon.

  26. thavafin Says:

    No chatter today? Its Friday!

  27. Jon Says:

    Haven’t had time to get a new post up today…………hopefully tomorrow or Sunday

  28. thavafin Says:

    Cool Jon
    I was talking more comments in general. Not implying or rushing that you should put up anything new right now

  29. JS in LA Says:

    Really been thinking about this. As much as I like the idea of Floyd as our first pick, I’m going to turn away from receiver here at #8.

    This draft is chock full of excellent receivers, and starter/stud material can be found all the way through 3rd-4th rounds. We can even pick up 2 awesome guys in a row with our back-to-back picks in the 3rd.
    But there isn’t a multitude of pass rushers/linebackers in later rounds. But there is several studs at #8.
    And since we need in a bad way another DE, and a WR or two…. Seems like the best way to get best bang for your buck is to go DE/OLB in the 1st – still pick up your QB round 2, then load up on receivers round 3, both picks. OR WR at #3A, Safety #3B, or maybe we find YG’s guard at #3B or round 4.

    We’re not hopefully going to be this high in the draft again for a long while, so we need to take adavntage of where we’re at and get our pro-bowl nightmare for other teams.

  30. JS in LA Says:

    WRs probably available round 3.
    Pick any 2 😉

    Marvin Jones, Cal – 6-2, 4.46
    Nick Toon, Wis – 6-2, 4.54
    Marvin McNutt, Iowa – 6-3, 4.54
    Chris Givens, Wake – 5-11, 4.41
    Brian Quick, App. St. – 6-4, 4.55
    Joe Adams, Ark – 5-11, 4.55
    Tommy Streeter, Mia – 6-5, 4.40
    AJ Jenkins, Ill – 6-0, 4.39
    TY Hilton , FIU – 5-10, 4.34

    And there’s more 4.4 guys in the 4th too.

    The big guys I think is what Philbin wants, to run over the middle and dominate. FUnny – that’s what Marshall was, but oh well.
    The speed guys are needed for both stretch the field and YAC.
    Good assortment of both here.

  31. JS in LA Says:

    Personally out of the group I mentioned, it’s hard to decide. Jones and Toon are my coin toss for big man (Jones prob wins from speed, but may be taken late 2nd round). Streeter is a physical freak, very intriguing. Jenkins and Hilton are your take a screen to the house guys. WCO uses a lot of these if I recall. Right now, Bess is the only WR we have that I’d want to throw a screen to.

  32. thavafin Says:

    I think they recognize the depth at the WR position in the draft and that is one reason why Marshall got his moving papers. So much of the draft depends on where guys come off the board and who falls or who doesn’t but I can really start to see an OL coming off the board with the first pick

  33. BigPete Says:

    JS in LA,

    apparently Green Bay’s WRs were found in rounds 2 and 3. We still have Wallace, Moore, and Gates ‘in reserve’.

    McNutt could be a good returner/special teams player. No?

  34. Jon Says:

    So JS is leaning toward defense round 1. If we end up with more pass rush I can handle that.

  35. JS in LA Says:

    Jon, we have 1 pass rusher total right now. Wake. Misi needs to have an epiphony to become a better player, and right now he can’t pass rush anyone, much less play run-linebacker. JT is gone. DE is a defintie need.
    So is WR. 2 prob needed.
    So is safety.
    So is QB.
    TE is ???
    OLB is average at best.
    CB is half covered, unless Smith gets better.
    And RT is bad, RG not much better.

    We need lots.
    But I think a nightmare at DE is a prime spot to start. OC’s gameplan for them. Changes games, causes turnovers, sacks Qbs and makes them throw faster/uncomfortable. Imagine actually making Brady quiver a little. Liking the thought.

    #8 isn’t going to come around again if Philbin is any good. Take advantage while it’s here.

  36. Jon Says:

    Pass rush would have immediate affect on games for sure.

    Your lists of needs just depressed me on this fine Friday afternoon. Not that it was new news to me, just depressing to see written down on virtual paper like that.

  37. JS in LA Says:

    Sorry, Jon. We are 6-10 for a reason.
    We have a few good pieces. Philbin was an excellent start. We’ll get there. Just need to recognize that we’re building and not get too caught up in how to make the playoffs this season.
    But I do like the idea of making Brady nervous, Sanchez sad, and FItzgerald dizzy (from helmet hitting turf). Its worth the watch even if we don’t get a playoff bid.
    Reason to watch, man.

  38. BigPete Says:

    Are we rebuilding (QB project)
    or are we winning right away next season (Pass rusher)?

  39. Jon Says:

    New Post up……..I had to vent a little

  40. JS in LA Says:

    IMO, neither statement is quite accurate.
    We are rebuilding – make no mistake. New coaches, average QBs etc. aren’ the recipe for an immediate playoff run. 49ers/Harbaugh are freaks.
    But a QB project won’t work here. 4-5 years for a QB to be good enough to start is an eternity to Fins fans. We’re starving for something positive somewhere now. A young QB that can take over the reigns and lead almost right away? THAT’S what Im aiming for. Everyone knows who I recommend.
    A stud DE like Coples would impact immediately, but I don’t see stars and playoff victories yet. Takes a while to gel, and mature. But it’s a beautiful start, and like I said before… I’d love to see Brady, Sanchez and FItzgeald rattled a bit. THAT at least is worth the price for a growing-pain season.

  41. The Crusher Says:

    We have a pass rusher but we also had a coach that was better suited to be a cheerleader & was afraid to use players. For example: Jared Odrick had 6 sacks last year in a part time role. in 4 years Kendall Langford had 7.5 How does he start & play more than Odrick? in 2012 I see a D-line featuring Odrick-Starks-McDaniels(or Soliai)-Wake with Dansby or Burnett coming off the edge.We can get some young DE/OLB’s in the draft too but at #8 take Tannehill, he’ll be there and he’ll start in 2013, have a rough year,and when he’s 26 years old in 2014 we are back baby.

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