Struck Out?

Can anybody in the media get it right?  I am so sick of reading that the Dolphins “Struck Out” when going after Matt Flynn just because they didn’t sign him!  If Philbin wanted Matt the Dolphins clearly could have gotten him.  Flynn admitted early on he was interested in playing for Philbin.  The media just thinks it’s cute to mix in Flynn along with Dolphin’s “failures” at going after QB’s.  You can make that argument with Manning, but not with Flynn.  Whether you like this Front Office or not, I’m glad they didn’t grab him just to make people think they got their guy.

If the new coach (who also coached him in Green Bay) doesn’t want him, then I have no problem sticking with Moore until the QB Philbin wants comes along.

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86 Responses to “Struck Out?”

  1. JS in LA Says:

    I’m willing to trade down just fine, but lord can’t we do better than a guard, even with two 1st round picks? That still doesn’t stop M. Williams from smearing our QB .. DeCastro doesn’t play RT. If you have two positions RG and RT to get a guy, and one choice, you really would go guard over tackle? I don’t think many GMs would.

  2. JS in LA Says:

    Ahh, I think the previous posters have the idea that we may be running a 3-4 at times. Not sure how it may go, but I’m assuming a base 4-3 that hybrids into a 3-4 on occasion would still look like 1 MLB, and the rest OLBs. Usually the 4th LB can pass rush or drop into coverage on a RB or slot receiver. That’s usually a job for another OLB.
    Not gospel, but I’d imagine we have one genuine middle linebacker on the field, and 2-3 OLB types, depending on coverage/down.

  3. oscar canosa Says:

    Philbin has said there are some “hidden gems” in the Team. Hmm..

  4. oscar canosa Says:

    I don’t like Reiff but, yeah, take a shot at the guy that played to the left of DeCastro. Not at #8, though.

  5. JS in LA Says:

    I’m REALLY hoping our hidden gems include Murtha or Jerry. Since we didn’t sign anyone, they are the defacto starters. Although I thought we signed someone earlier in there somewhere. Have to look at roster again.

    I can see Clay, and/or Gates in that group. Neither seems ready for primetime though. Projects. Either can suddenly click though – happens.
    D. Thomas isn’t very hidden. Maybe a gem, but needs to improve and run like his size suggests.

    Other than that … not seeing any.

    Or Philbin is doing what ever coach does and tries to offer hope (manufactured or real) for starving fans of bad/mediocre teams.
    I’d do the same thing.

    Especially when I hadn’t seen them play at all … 😉

  6. paulpps Says:

    Lets See:

    Hmm…….. If we dont fix the oline with quality players in the draft. Then Im all for trading down and selecting a defensive player every single rd.

    Because if we dont fix the oline its going to be a very long year for our players on the defensive side of the ball. Theyre going to get lots and lots of playiing time. LOL

  7. Yesterday's Gone Says:

    Oh yeah, if we take Tannehill 1st rd, he may end up having to start before year’s end. Matt Moore and David Garrard will probably both be on injured reserve by game 11. LOL

  8. oscar canosa Says:


  9. Samdolphin Says:

    Crusher good choices? Our new head coach at the owners meeting stated the Oline had to improve as a priority. We don’t know what Philbin’s hand picked OC Sherman thinks about QB
    Tannehill and we won’t know until the # 8 pick on the first day. Until then we are trying to out guess Sherman ,Philbin and Ireland.
    What we should be guessing is what will they do if Tannehill is not available at #8. I have my senerio’s and Crusher has just stated another good choice. My choices were to take Coupls

  10. ALOCO Says:


  11. Samdolphin Says:

    I didn’t get to finish my last post so I would like to take Coupls or C Peter Konz Wisc or OT Riley Reiff in the #8 pick and trade up in the second round to take OG Kevin Zeitler Wisc. In the 3rd and 4th rounds take best available WR and TE. In the 5th round take the next best WR or OLB. The 6th round take QB Chandler Harnish NIU

  12. Samdolphin Says:

    QB Chandler Harnish Northern ILL\ and BPA 7th.

  13. Samdolphin Says:

    Alcoa I am glad you have the faith in HC Philbin.

  14. iamozkar Says:

    Let’s face it fellow Dolphans.Dan Dierdorf started this bias towards Our Fins.Could anyone please tell me what Our teams did to his teams to be prejudiced towards Us?
    We’re heading in the right direction.Let’s maintain Our lane.
    If We had wanted Matt Flynn OF COURSE ,We would have had him.
    Much to the chagrin of mass media,Let’s not move up to acquire a Tannehill or Weeden just cause the Media thinks We aren’t patient to wait for the right One.Buck the trends.We’re better than that.
    Love Ozzie Guillen.
    P.S. Only the strong survive!

  15. paulpps Says:

    STRUCK OUT?……………………………..

    Helluva nice way to put it when it has been an ongoing event since JJ decided fishing in the Keys and getting his face powdered before sitting behind a football Sunday national media desk. I would say its more like a “black cat still dancing on a hot tin roof syndrom”. That still hasnt clearly resolved itself for the past 15yrs.

    At least the franchise hasnt completely folded yet, proving that black cat must have 9 lives. Its just that from JJ to Sparano and now Philbin. It’s just a miracle that black cat has any claw left at all.

    Damn it, where that Garfield when you need him! Anyone for strong drink and a switch to cheshire cat?

  16. Yesterday's Gone Says:

    Yes, dolfans, the term struckout is a label this franchise has been carefully earning for itself ever JJ decided to choose snorkle and pole over swimming with the fish.

    At one point during last season it lookled our “LUCK” would change. Now going into the new season we’re still left wondering, “will it just be “MOORE” of the same.

  17. Jon Says:

    Our time is coming YG. Keep the faith.

    keep talking to JS on LA, he seems to uplift my spirits for our possibilities at times 🙂

  18. JS_in_LA Says:

    High praise Jon. Undeserved, but thanks anyway.

    I’m reading a whole lot of OL in the first round in these posts. If y’all want that, then so be it. But consider this:

    Every other teams manage to find linemen that can start and play well in other rounds besides the first. Sure there’s the stud LT or whatever that was a first rounder, but the rest is mixed. Yes, we failed miserably to draft many linemen in all rounds. We succeeded with pretty much 3 in 10 years? This doesn’t mean we can’t pick OLs in other rounds, it means we’ve sucked at it.

    On that note, we’ve picked a grand total of 6 deserved starters in the last 47 picks. Starters of ANY kind. So with those odds we might as well fold up the tent after the first round and assume all our other picks will fail.

    Depressed? Here’s the good news. Ireland for all his faults is the 2nd best recruiter in volume of starters behind JJ. Yep. #s don’t lie.
    With Parcells holding his chain, and Sparano yanking it. It just may happen that the Philbin & Ireland combo could actually excel. I don’t trust Ireland, he’s too careful and timid. But Philbin isn’t. Might work.

    Here’s where I’m driving. We’ve got a draft position I don’t want to see again, and hopefully won’t happen for a long time. But we’ve got it now, and good teams would take advantage of it. Guards don’t go top round. Rt’s aren’t pick #8 either. Good people are available later. AND if we decide we really do need to draft one high, we can do it next year with pick #15-20 (hopefully). Studs are available at #8. Guys that star in sports center, and make other coaches gameplan around. Dear lord, don’t waste that opportunity.

    We also have one of the best QB drafts in recent history. Don’t waste that either. We’re not going to sniff Barkley next year. Be smart.

    OK, I’m done. Have a great day folks.

  19. ALOCO Says:

    to lift my spirit ,no thing will do but;;;;;;;;

    flat bread pizza with sliced sirloin…….

    or grilled scallops with chipotle aioli ……….

    or a date with brunette woman in her early 30’s……

  20. darryldunphy Says:

    ..I may have screwed this up because it was a lot of cross referencing. But I looked at the draft from 2006-20011. I looked at each teams draft picks for the first round, and how many used first round picks on offensive lineman during that time..Not suprisingly there were a lot of teams in this time frame that drafted multiple offensive lineman..What was suprising is that only 2 of those teams made Super Bowl appearances, 2 others made Conference Championship games, There were a few random playoff appearances..But the common theme was that teams that used multiple first round picks on lineman picked in the top 15 more often then teams that drafted skill players…

    I don’t know if a 5 year period is a big enough sample to make my point. I just thought it was eye opening..Teams play it safe by going with conventional wisdom that building from within is the way to win…Not in this NFL. Now there are plenty of teams with multiple first round picks on their line..But successful teams do it with a combination of the draft, free agency, and longevity…Teams that keep going to the offensive lineman well in the first round usually pick early in that round for some time…

    What stuck out to me….Teams that drafted Cornerbacks, Passrushers, and Recievers in the first round all had much more success over teams who concentrated on the offensive line…The numbers do not lie..If we draft anothr lineman this year we would be the first team(because of our draft position) to draft 3 offesive lineman within this 5 year period…3 first round picks on the offesnive line??????? REALLY MIAMI. This is like eating vanilla ice cream for desert every night over a passion fruit sorbet…What a boring life.

  21. JS_in_LA Says:

    nice post DD.

    Linemen are important. As are ALL positions. But the simple math doesn’t fit to concentrate high draft picks with linemen. The top guard or right tackle in the league wouldn’t earn nearly close to the contract of any other top playmaker. Top CB makes more, top WR, top DE, top LB, top RB.. all make way more than a top RT or RG. Reason? Worth and demand. Simple. I dont make the rules.

    You can’t get a stud playmaker as easily as a top lineman (*other than LT- they’re different). So teams fawn over DE’s like M.Williams, QB’s like Peyton Manning, and so forth. It’s just value at the position.

    So when you’ve got #8, and a high pick in the second, you chase the harder find – the higher value – higher risk-2-reward. Its simple math and economics.

    I wanted to shore up our line with Winston. Didn’t happen. I wanted the draft picks we’ve already wasted on linemen to work out – they haven’t so far. Philbin might change things though.

    Fact: Denver’s O-line couldn’t block their way out of a paper bag until Tebow took over. Suddenly the looked pretty good. Inspiration? Change of way offense runs? No idea, but same personnel played better. Harbaugh and 49ers? Duds to Studs in one season, same dudes. I’m not saying Philbin will do this – but I can hope.

    A change at coach and QB is exactly what i have in mind. My recipe. Just need the rest of the ingredients.

  22. oscar canosa Says:

    i think you People are placing too much stock in Philbin. Like them or not, Ross/Ireland are the foundation of this Team .

  23. Jon Says:

    Ross & Ireland provide the tools, Philbin needs to utilize them correctly……..both important jobs in their own aspect

  24. JS_in_LA Says:

    oscar, I’d agree in principle, however I’ve seen a few things which give me thought that this may be closer to mutual respect, and Philbin calling some of the shots.
    the latest personnel moves have strange effects that Ireland seemed very reluctant to do, and all started after Philbin came to town.
    I’m not any more knowledgeable than any other fan, but it smells like things are different. Since Philbin is the difference – and Sparano seemed to call NO shots at all – I’m assuming it means something.

  25. Yesterday's Gone Says:

    Im not buying into Philbin until I first see very positive results. Why are dolfans such first year hc homers?

    Havent you learned by now every new hc. whether with the dolphins or not, are all off season prophets? There are only two things to believe in and believe in always:

    1. That’s Why they play the games.

    2. You play to win the game

    Anything else yet to be proven is just lip service. Plain and simple.

  26. Yesterday's Gone Says:

    I say to Philbin: “I see your lips moving, but I’ll believe when I see this team moving.” Upwards that is, nothimg more, nothing less.

    Fair enough?

  27. Jon Says:

    Fair enough for me YG……give him a chance though

  28. Yesterday's Gone Says:


    Im not being negative, just realistic. Im not asking him to prove me wrong. Just asking that he proves he’s the right guy. Time for the hc carousel in Miami to end.

    Im no longer interested in new hc’s talking the talk. Just walk the walk is all I ask. Over the past 15yrs Ive learned talking the talk is just what new hc’s do. LOL

  29. ALOCO Says:

    yg/jhom……. please list your dinner tonight ……………

  30. B33RCA53 Says:

    Chandler Harnish in the 7th would be a steal IMO

  31. oscar canosa Says:

    With all you guys. I too have seen subtle indications that Philbin commands respect from Ross/Ireland. Why?. I don’t know, the man is not proven as a HC. And obviously, if Philbin turns out well, Jon, we’ll have to add him to our foundation. We just have to wait and see.

  32. BigPete Says:

    Has Philbin’s arrival changed things?

    Brandon Marshall. The Dolphins were already negotiating with the Bears over the details of the trade at the time of the flying bottle at the bar.
    The Draft. It wasn’t a great surprise that we went with OL and RB in Sparano’s last draft. We’ll soon see what a Philbin era draft looks like.

  33. darryldunphy Says:

    ..I agree with YG on this. I am rooting for and give my support to Philbin..But as far as saying he is different, or will change things here. I’m not ready to say that. We have nothing, no proof that Philbin is capable of turning this franchise around..A lot of folks have used words like smart, or genius, or right guy for the job. Well. Sparano was labled this after year 1. Cameron is fair to say a smart guy. And Saban, like him or hate him is a genius at his proffesion. We can use all the adjectives, speak in hyperbole when we talk about Philbin..but the fact is none of us can say if he is going to be the right guy..

    This isn’t a case of me being a negative nancy here..I can’t say I like Philbin, or have a distaste for him just beacuse he hasn’t done anything yet. I want to judge him for performance on the field. Not what he may say in a press conference..It is akin to judging a player soley on his combine workout without seeing any game footage..

    This season is going to be a struggle IMO. Sure we can be better then I think we will. Better then most think we will in fact. But realistically I think this is a 500 team at best. What I want to see is how Philbin develops this offense. I don’t expect a jugernaught year one..This just doesn’t happen..Are we better in the red zone? Third downs? End of game situations?? These were areas where we have been pathetic the last 3 years..Wins and loses obviously will be the meter..For me, my expectations are different..Improvement is all I expect this year.

  34. Jon Says:

    New Post Up……..

    Sunday Spotlight: Charles Clay

  35. Samdolphin Says:

    You guys will have to admit that the right side of our Oline last year was not something to be proud of. The Dolphins have released both OT Marc Colombo and OG/OT Vernon Carey. The remaining players have not proven they are more than subs, so what happens if they go down in 2012. The two Olinemen from Wisc were responsible for the 250 rushing yards in the collage football last year. You won’t get them beyond round 2 and I was suggesting the Dolphins trade up with one of our 3rd picks to ensure of getting the Wisc OG Kevin Zeitler. The best QB in profootball can’t throw to the best receivers in profootball while lying on his back, Start with gthe

  36. Samdolphin Says:

    Start with the best Oline and see what it does for the QB and the RB, Kevin Zeitler and C Peter Konz

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