Sunday Spotlight: Charles Clay

In recent years the Tight End position has become a major weapon for some teams in the NFL.  With guys like Rob Gronkowski (Patriots) and Jimmy Graham (Saints) lighting up defenses for big numbers in the passing game.  These guys are a great momentum changer for the offense and can catch defenses off guard.  If utilized correctly they can be almost impossible for defenses to fully stop.

Does Miami have guys already on the roster that could be used as a dynamic TE in Philbin’s new offense?  Anthony Fasano has proved to be mediocre at best, but I still think there is some potential there.  I have a bigger interest in what Charles Clay can do in his second year as a pro though.  He showed some signs of being able to catch passes last year and in my opinion I think he could really break out into a dynamic receiving TE for this team.

With Brandon Marshall being traded, Miami does not have an “Alpha Receiver” on their current roster.  Most external conversation has labeled this as a bad thing for Miami.  I think it could be a good thing.  With nobody demanding the QB give him the ball on every down, the QB can feel free to get the ball to anybody that is open, and collectively they can attack defenses.

I hate punting with a passion.  Simply moving the chains can build momentum and tire the defense over the course of a game.  TE’s are great chain movers, and I hope Clay and maybe even Fasano can develop into great receivers that the other teams have to plan for.  If my hope is fulfilled, Miami would be adding weapons without having to use the draft or free agency this year, just simply utilizing the current roster.

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337 Responses to “Sunday Spotlight: Charles Clay”

  1. JS in LA Says:

    Penn State still thinks that most teams run. In their conference might be true. So I would guess that Odrick’s pass rushing skills were a litle lacking. But this really is a guess.
    I simply haven’t seen him enough. Undersized DT, or slow DE? Kinda my guess.
    Anyway, as I said, Philbin may see something Sparano didn’t.
    If he does, then maybe DE is taken off the table.

  2. oscar canosa Says:

    Well, I suck at picking QB’s, JS. You have the floor.

  3. JS in LA Says:

    Sounds like a team then oscar. Shall we install a hotline to the war room?

    “Who the heck is this? JS who? Oscar who? How did you get this number? Is your momma a ho?”


  4. darryldunphy Says:

    JS…What I remeber most from draft day 2010..Besides the fact we traded out of the 12 spot and missed out on the guy I wanted…Was Mayocks breakdown of Odrick..I knew absolutley nothing about him..Nobody on the blog had mentioned him as a possibility to that point..anyway. Mayock showed clips of him playing defensive end, DT, and he went on and on about how Odrick could fit in as a5 technique, and play the 3…Anyway. I wanted to see what we had and did some digging myself..I watched the Penn State LSU footage from the Outback Bowl…Odrick was definitley lined up At DE for most of the game, but what suprised me was he did his best work inside the tackles..Had a sack, caused a ruccous..Batted down a pass. Looked good.

    I’m with you..I think he is better suited for DT..We will see.

  5. JS in LA Says:

    Goodness gracious, YG. Why do you need to stress everyone out, especially yourself?
    Get some rest.

  6. BigPete Says:

    An odd thing about our D-line last year was having to take Soliai -our franchise player- off the field on passing downs. Not sure this happens with Wilfork at NE.

  7. oscar canosa Says:

    Odrick is a beast, JS. Fits best next to Soliai in the 4-3 with Starks at RDE.

  8. Yesterday's Gone Says:


    Oscar’s first troll session you gave him a kiss and said dont di anymore. Which invited Odinseye to come throw an unprovoked jab at me.

    Same as at the Herald, some of these posters elbow you in the ball, and when you retaliate they yell foul. Ive never started anything with anyone in these blogs. But I am guilty of retaliating at times.

    Anyone that really knows me from these4 blogs knows I never initiate anything. But once something gets started in these blogs, Ive noticed there’s still carry over from those same bloggers 5years later.

    Seems they never remember start5ing up with you. But they can always remember you retaliated against them. Ive found some of the most immature fucks Ive ever in my life met right in these blogs.

  9. JS in LA Says:

    My “observation” really is a guess based upon limited history.
    Real DEs look like DEs, and coaches aren’t stupid enough to screw with that. Odrick sounds like a bruiser, which fits the DT area. But not the typical DT. Miami apparently targetted him at RDE, but seemed to switch him really early. Am I remembering wrong?
    The knock on him in scouting was his injuries.
    Seems the same here.
    Well… once again, a mystery to solve for Philbin.

  10. oscar canosa Says:

    Now that I stated the above, I got myself thinking. Could it be that the pass rusher that Ireland said we need be a LB? Hmm..

  11. JS in LA Says:

    Oscar, I’d love nothing better than a head-hunting, terrorizing SOB at OLB. Pass rush, receiver destroyer. Gives me chills. Yes please.
    So, then WHO? Ingram?
    I like Upshaw, but he’s a trade down if we go by the book.
    the two best LBs I see are both MLBs which puts us in a fix with Dansby.
    I figured Coples was the safest pass rusher, and upgraded an average current player.

  12. darryldunphy Says:

    Pete…Do you think the reason Soliai was a 2 down player was because he lacks pass rush skills, or taking him out in pass packages was just part of the scheme? Perhaps a bit of both? What I cannot grasp is that you see a guy that can dominate the line of scrimmage on run plays..Plays where the lineman actually has the advantage of moving forward, instead of retreating in pass protection..If you could ask a lineman, I would bet 90 percent would perfer run blocking over pass protection…

    Anyway..I understand there is different technique rushing, and being a sponge for soaking up interior lineman in run defense..But as powerful, and dominating as we have seen Soliai capable. I can’t wrap my head around why he would be so poor a t pass rushing he would have to come off the field…Anyone have any opinion on this???

  13. JS in LA Says:

    Truly sorry you’ve lost faith in all of us and this site. It certainly isn’t my intention. I can’t speak for anyone else. I have good conversations with most everyone here, including people you claim are trolls. I find no such people here. Whatever history you have with them is unknown to me. And except for you, no one has gotten personally ugly with me. But I’m sorry for it nonetheless.
    Hopefully you’ll feel differently at a later time.

    Until such time, God bless.

  14. oscar canosa Says:

    True, JS, the best LB’s in the Draft are MLB’s. I’m going to check out some OLB’s with pass rushing skills.

  15. JS in LA Says:

    DD (@ 9:05), no idea, but it confuses me too. Perhaps another good reason the old coaching staff is gone?
    Good question for Philbin if anyone ever gets on one of those live Q&As.

  16. odinseye Says:


    I included one caveat with D-Line statement. “Save for Wakes Bookend”.

    If we land Wakes bookend, say Coples for example, he gets LDE.

    So our Line would look likw this:





    Odrick and McDaniels would be an almost completely interchangeable(DE’s or DT’s) rotation.

    Like I said, I’m a Homer, but I see our D-Line as being a team strength this year. Just get me Coples………or Ingraham…………or Mercilous!

    Just get me SOMEBODY…………dammit! 🙂

  17. darryldunphy Says:

    ..What is rthe deal with DE Mercilus from Illinois?? Is he kind of this drafts JPP?? I don’t know much about him..He certainly will be gone by our turn in round 2?

  18. BigPete Says:

    Odinseye and Oscar; you were right about YG. Is he an alcoholic?

  19. JS in LA Says:

    Fair enough. I like it. Now that I think of it, a more rush oriented line may be JUST the thing. Hmmmm. This looks very nice.
    Teams like Baltimore may chew us up,. .. but that all depends on our LB play. Ahh who cares about them.
    NE will pay.

    Homer? Duh, we all are. Reasonable, hopefully.. but who’s kidding who?

  20. JS in LA Says:

    Time to head home from my “productive” day of work. Man I spend too much time blabbing away on this site.
    Later gents.

  21. oscar canosa Says:

    Check out Zach Brown(NC), 4.44, 6-1, 244, 3 sacks, good pass defender. Bruce Irving,WV, 6-3 245. 4.43. Great pass rusher(8.5 sacks this year, more last year) but weak at tackling. From WalterFootball.

  22. odinseye Says:


    Get over yourself man. You sound like you skipped out for a few too many drinks.

    What supposed jab did I take at you my friend?

    I talked **ALOT MORE CIVIL**to you than you did me.

    YOU were the one taking jabs and being condescending to me. Like your crap don’t stink Man. What is it, you need “special treatment” or you don’t play well with others.

    Matter of fact, the ONLY thing I said that you could consider a jab, was your OWN WORDS I turned back around on you. Sheesh YG, if you remember right you asked me if I believed in the Tooth Fairy.


  23. JS in LA Says:

    Irvins, I’m not sold on. Situational player, sounds like.

    Brown, not sure. haven’t looked at the film or review. Will check it out later. Really gotta run.


  24. odinseye Says:


    In regards to Odrick. Maybe you’re getting a little confused over DE’s in a 3-4 and DE’s in the 4-3.

    Odrick played almost exclusively at DE in our 3-4 scheme last year. In the 3-4 DE’s play more like tackles because they have the OLB on their outside shoulders.

    DE’s in the 4-3 play more like a hybrid End/OLB.

    PS: I don’t know if that was a very good explanation. I almost started confusing myself 😉

  25. odinseye Says:


    I think Solia comes off the field in pass downs for two simple reasons.

    First and foremost: Because he simply lacks the speed to get to the QB. Even if he gets by his blocker(s), he doesn’t have the wheels.

    Secondly: The big guy needs breathers from taking on all the double teams.

    I’m no expert, so this is just my best educated guess. Who Knowsw?

  26. BigPete Says:


    what the heck is this new “flex scheme” our DC will implement? We already alternated between 3 and 4 linemen in last year’s scheme.

  27. odinseye Says:

    Big Pete,

    I wish I had some big technical, long winded explanation for you.

    But……………………I don’t-LOL.

    My hope is that it means something like: We’ll give up a short yardage play(runs)here and there, but you’re NOT going to beat us with the chunk yards and quick scores.

    That’s all I got(sheepish smile).

  28. oscar canosa Says:

    I am allergic to flex-anything since Sparano’s “flexible” O line in which he spoiled Smiley, Grove and others.

  29. Jon Says:

    Guys, sorry about YG tonight, I’m working on it. If it gets too bad I’ll just shut the site down.

    I just wanted a nice Dolphins football chat outlet for all of us…..sheesh

  30. Jon Says:


    when you’re focused on football you are a magnificent contributor to discussions……..but if you keep this up I will take action.

    I’m sorry but I can’t let one person ruin this entire site, it’s too much of a good thing sir

  31. thavafin Says:

    Don’t shut er down Jon.

  32. JS_in_LA Says:

    Odin (@9:40),
    I do get the differences, but there’s no harm in reminders. By all accounts Odrick should’ve excelled. Why he didn’t? Don’t know. Injuries didn’t help.
    I have more faith that Odrick can step up than I do Merling. But not enough faith yet.
    Grab a DE like Coples, and see if Odrick and Starks can take up the slack when Solai needs a Snickers.
    Sounds like a fair depth chart.

  33. ALOCO Says:


  34. JS_in_LA Says:

    Please don’t see red just because YG went off his meds.

    He may be feeling better by tomorrow and apologize for …whatever all that was.
    But if not, and if there’s a way to screen him, we’d all love to continue on with your blog.
    Even with YG’s manic menagerie of mudslinging, I had a heckuva lotta interesting conversations with all those he refers to as “trolls”.

    Anyway. Please keep the blog up if you can. We’re all appreciative.

  35. ALOCO Says:


  36. Jon Says:

    Don’t worry fellas I’ll try to keep her going.

    A new post should help

  37. Jon Says:

    New post up guys…………thanks for the 340 comments on this one. We are nearing a milestone

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