WR position in the Draft

It has been the opinion of some that since the Dolphins signed Legedu Naanee, and have Bess, Hartline, Gates, and others on the roster, that we now do not need to draft 2 wide receivers in the draft.  Personally I highly disagree with this assessment.  A few, if not ALL of the guys on our roster might not work out, we have no idea.  The West Coast Offense relies heavily on a whole cast of reliable receivers.  Why not fill up with young talent and see who rises to the top?  By now you all know I’d love to see Floyd at #8.  Others of you would rather see us take a couple of later round WR’s because this draft is so deep with them.

Admittedly so there are a lot of WR’s in the later rounds I simply do not know much about.  Here’s where you guys can chime in.


What is your top 5 list of receivers in the draft?   If you can’t give me 5, how about 3?  If you can do more, please do so!  I want to know where the obvious AND hidden talent is at WR position in the 2012 NFL draft.


Milestone Moment:  Today this site has gone over 11,000 all-time individual page views.  To be exact, we have hit 11,125 views in the 26 days of existence.   Not too bad for a nobody from Ohio in the off-season huh?  Keep up the great Dolphins talk fella’s, the most fun part is coming up…..

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221 Responses to “WR position in the Draft”

  1. professor lou Says:


  2. Jon Says:

    Here is my new personal e-mail for this site that you can contact me privately and directly with.


  3. JS_in_LA Says:

    I wish I could find the video. It was an accidental watch right after Gruden’s QB camp aired.
    They lined Weeden up to the side of a clay pidgeon shooter – it would shoot the pidgeons like a crossing route. Couldn’t tell how far away he was … maybe 10-15 yards, from the path.

    They edited it of course, and he did miss a few, but they said once he got dialed in, he was money. String of 4 out of 5, …
    Shattering them. Very cool.

    Would Tannehill, Cousins, Osweiler do that? Maybe.
    But it’s still cool.

    …BTW same show had Kuechly tackling. Had more pure force that Dwight Freeney on impact. Looked cool, but hard to judge when he’s tackling dummies.

  4. JS_in_LA Says:

    I’m with you on Ingram. Whoever drafts him has a Ray Lewis on their hands …except he’s an OLB. Monster.

    I gotta stop wanting these guys … that nearly guarantees we won’t draft them. Hasn’t happened once in a long long time.

    I really shoud start wishing for us drafting a guard, or a punter. Then maybe we stand a real shot at a playmaker.

  5. professor lou Says:

    When it’s Miami’s turn to pick @#8 on Thursday the chant in the room will be “Melvin, Melvin, Melvin.!”

  6. professor lou Says:

    The problem is nobody has a crystal ball so nobody knows what Tannehill will become. Anytime a player is taken in the first round, especially in the top ten, a team is “projecting” what he will be like 2 to 3 years down the road but there has to be something to go on also. There is nothing to go on where Tannehill is concerned other than that specualtion. He hasn’t proven he has the ability to possibly be that player in 2 to 3 years.

    Cousins, on the other hand, despite not having the size, arm strength and athletic ability of a guy like Tannehill has SHOWN he can get the job done. Cousins is the #1 reason for the revival in Michigan State’s football program over the past 2 to 3 years.

    Read more here: http://miamiherald.typepad.com/dolphins_in_depth/2012/04/jeff-ireland-in-his-words-all-of-them/comments/page/6/#comments#storylink=cpy

  7. oscar canosa Says:

    It will be a real bummer for me to watch Luke Kuechly, David DeCastro, etc. go to other Teams. Cain’t have them all(I wish)(like in a Ladie’s Spa).

  8. oscar canosa Says:

    (unless you’re the Instructor)(Sorry, Jon)

  9. JS_in_LA Says:

    So with ya. I honestly feel like trading most every player we have for extra tickets for this shopping spree. 3 picks in every round, and we have a super bowl team.

    I need to come back down to earth.
    I need to get used to the idea of Ireland picking an OL at #8.
    Assuming Ingram goes before we draft we have 3 likely playmakers available. Coples, Kuechly, Floyd, Tannehill.
    *Floyd I supremely doubt goes to us. Just see Philbin as the type that says ‘Wrs are a dime a dozen, and I can succeed with late rounders”.
    **Coples has his doubters, and who knows if Ireland is one of them.
    ***Kuechly seems like a can’t miss, but would we actually draft at #8 a position that isn’t high on our list of immediate need?
    ****Tannehill …I’m not buying the media hype that we’re chasing him. He seemed honest when pressed if any team seems more likely than others, and he said “I have no idea. They’ve all got their poker faces on.” Asked if surely Miami seems likely with coach Sherman, etc. He laughed, and said he really had no idea. They’ve told him nothing at all.

    Ironic, that if he was close to Sherman I would have expected some anecdote of “..yeah me and coach Sherman talked about it, … he’d love to have me but… he told me that…..” Nothing. No Sherman mentions at all. How close are they? My bet is, not very much. Wouldn’t even start the kid until late junior year, and only as second option.

    So….. that leaves OL. DeCastro, Reiff, Martin.
    I guess I really need to get used to it.

  10. BigPete Says:


    can’t really blame us for not telling blabbermouth college players what our intentions are!
    Speaking of OL, the new gossip is that if the Vikings can’t trade back they won’t spend their #3 pick on an LT. Speaking of which, this from Long: “I feel great this is the healthiest I’ve felt in a long time. All healed up, working out 100 percent, ready to go.”

  11. oscar canosa Says:

    Have no personal idea on Tannehill, JS, could be a go or a no go.. GM’s throughout have played it beautifully this Year.

  12. professor lou Says:

    When we’re talking about Coples, what exactly are we talking about? Are we talking about Coples as a prospect compared to other prospects available at #8 or are we talking about Coples as a prospect vs other pass rushers/defensive ends in the draft.
    The knock on Coples is he looks like he took plays off and was “invisible” or was missing during some plays or some games.
    If that is the case then Coples must be one hell of a specimen because, if you look at his production, it dwarfs that of other pass rushing defensive ends in the draft. He has the most sacks, tackles and tfl’s of any of the prospects in that category.
    If we’re talking about vs other prospects available at the #8 spot he still compares favorably to anyone else who is available at that point.
    I have my first preference but I understand the importance of this team getting a top teir pass rusher and I’m not opposed to Coples.

  13. odinseye Says:

    If you read up on Coples, the REAL issue wasn’t about slacking or taking plays off.

    The defensive Coaches wanted to move him inside and he didn’t want to do it. Alledgedly, Coples felt it would hurt his draft status.

    I myself am not buying the slacker story. Peoples argument is that when he signs a Pro Contract he won’t be motivated enough any longer(like some do after they get their big pay day). I’m not buying that argument either.

    Thanks to the new CBA/Rookie Contract Cap, I suspect all Rookies will be playing hard with an eye towards their first veteran deal.

    Ultimately, with the kind of talent Coples posseses, I will be giving the Kid the benefit of the doubt.

  14. Cuban Menace Says:

    Guy’s, how sold are you on TennHenne?, So many leaks on this team that if it was a boat I’d ask “Where are the life-boats?”

  15. JS_in_LA Says:

    Odin and Lou,
    I watched a well prepared film on Coples. It was an entire game edited to show the GOOD Coples, vs. BAD Coples. With the exception of very few times, the plays Coples “gave up” on were either double teamed at DTackle, or at DE and the play went to the opposite side. But Yes, he gave up. He didn’t give up on anything that was near him though – to be clear. Strangely enough – and please don’t flip out or get me wrong — JTaylor did this same stuff. I love JTaylor, but it would drive me crazy how opportunistic he was at times. He wasn’t always willing to risk his health or energy if he thought he was out of the play. And he’s not the only pro to do this.

    Ok, that’s the BAD. The GOOD:
    When Coples got a good angle, he was gone. Blocker was helpless. Wasn’t really close. And when Coples didn’t have a good angle, he usually bulled his way in anyway.
    He didn’t get pushed back when he was protecting his position, and even laterally, he angled forward, -at very least not backward. He was strong enough to hold or push back all his blockers, unless he was double teamed ..and even then he held if he was determined.

    In short, when he was determined, he got where he wanted to go. And he did a good job at holding his position on sweeps etc. Saw several times where he forced the runner in so the LB could make the tackle. Coples gets no official stats/credit, but did his job well.

    To sum up: He’s got star skills, strong, fast, good moves, plays his position well – and if he’s not a head case, will be a pro-bowl DE.

    My take, anyway.

  16. JS_in_LA Says:

    Very few on this blog are Tanny fans.
    But I question if there ever were any leaks at all. I don’t see it, honestly. I think every ounce of this charade is made up from the media trying to piece together Tannehill’s supposed overall value with the fact that his former coach works here.

    ..works here because he was fired, because we didn’t win enough games with Tannehill or anyone else.

    Go figure. None of this adds up to picking Tannehill to me. But the the media? … no idea. But I don’t think there’s leaks for this. Just fantasy being verbally repeated.

  17. professor lou Says:

    Doesn’t matter:

    Armando already reported on his block this will be the pick:

    With the 8th pick in the 2012 NFL Draft the Miami Dolphins select Gilmore Cox.

    Kiper: Nobody saw that coming but, when you think about it, it’s a good pick for Miami. This guy’s got great skill. He can play cornerback or he can play on the defensive line. Nice job by Jeff Ireland recognizing the value in that pick
    Berman: Who the heck is Gimore Cox?

    McShay: (crying in a corner somewhere): I want my mommy.

    Meanwhile, over at the NFL Network:

    Lombardi: I just don’t know anymore. I quit.

    Casserly: It’s all about value. Didn’t I tell you it’s all about value?

    Mayock: I had this one pegged right from the start. It’s a great pick for Miami. The kids got great hips and he’s quicker than fast.

  18. Texas_Dolfan Says:

    JS, I just want to come out of the draft with one of these 3 QB’s (Tannehill, Cousins or Weeden). Osweiler is creepin up there for me because of a few interviews I’ve seen but I am less sold on him than the others.

    And I don’t care where they get them. If they feel 1 of those guys is “the guy” then they just need to make sure they get him.

    If they want to pass on Tannehill I won’t be screaming and throwing things until after the third round.

    As a matter of fact if I am GM for Miami in this draft I wait til the 2nd round and take Cousins.

    As for WR’s in this draft. I have a couple 5 or so late round guys that I just hope somehow get picked by the fins.

    Nick Toon – possible 3rd round
    AJ Jenkins – 3rd round
    Joe Adams – 3rd round
    Devon Wylie – 4th or 5th round
    Danny Coale – 6th or 7th round

  19. professor lou Says:

    Take a look at my man crush:

  20. Texas_Dolfan Says:

    That is the first I’ve seen of this guy. He has a very good highlight reel. In one profile that I read of him they have him as a late round guy and compared him to Cruz from NY. I’d definitely take a chance on the guy.

    4 more days!

  21. Jon Says:

    New Post up!

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