Ross pushing for Tannehill?

On Sunday night PFT published an article stating that Dolphins owner Stephen Ross is pushing for Ryan Tannehill to be picked with the #8 overall pick of the 2012 draft.  The thought behind their article is that Tannehill should be picked by the Dolphins regardless of whether he will develop into a franchise QB.  PFT thinks Miami fans will be satisfied with the fact that Miami will have picked a QB in the 1st round for the 1st time since Dan Marino was drafted in 1983.  Their opinion is that since Miami “whiffed” on Manning and Flynn (which is CRAP, Miami did NOT whiff on Flynn!!!!!)   we will all be pacified and fill the seats at the stadium simply by the thought of a 1st round QB being drafted.  How do you feel about this?


Also, in 4 days if Tannehill is still on the board when Miami is on the clock with pick #8, how will you personally be feeling at that time while the 10 minutes are counting down???




157 Responses to “Ross pushing for Tannehill?”

  1. DC Dolfan Says:

    Everyone talking about trading back Ohio. I hope it’s just a smokescreen, but I think that might be the worst thing we do. Whether it’s Tannehill or someone else, there’s definitely a STAR at the 8th pick. That would be my Ginn moment. Not Tannehill, not Coples, not even Kueckly or Riley. My biggest disappointment tomorrow would be we move back (AGAIN) and get some role player like Odrick, and then God forbid a nobody like Misi. Would not be a good night for the Dolphins if something like that went down.

  2. Jon Says:


    if you get time in my archives earlier this month I wrote an article about why I do not want us to trade back. I was very passionate about it too.

    We need to at the very least pick the best player available for us at #8!!! I feel strongly about that

  3. DC Dolfan Says:

    You and I both. I’ll check the archives (but already wholeheartedly endorse anything you said).

  4. Jon Says:

    Here’s the link DC…….called “Trading Back”

  5. Texas_Dolfan Says:

    I for one like the idea of trading back but I don’t want to go too far down. I’d like to stay under pick 20 if possible.

    There are rumors that some teams may want to move up to get Fletcher Cox or Mark Barron plus who knows who might slip.

    So if we could trade back and still get a play maker and add another pick then I am all for it.

    Of course this all dependent on who may be there at #8. If Blackmon or Claiborne get to #8 I re-think this whole situation.

    I say all this with the feeling Tannehill will be gone before we pick. I think Miami has tried to mask that they are wanting Tannehill but I don’t believe anyone is buying it.

  6. Jon Says:


    There are some really good points to trading back and I understand them, my personal opinion is just grab the higher end talent where it is available this year. That’s my current feelings anyway. 🙂

  7. Jon Says:


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