Draft Thoughts: Live Blog Update

So with the draft less than 24 hours away (FINALLY),  I’m interested in what stories you will be watching closely to see how they play out.  

What story-lines interest you?  Do you think we are in for any major surprises in the draft this year?


UPDATE:  Live Blog will be going on during Thursday night’s draft.   Look for the Live Chat Post to go up around 7PM or so to get us started for the 1st round.  

I will be busy making a big special announcement to my family Friday night during rounds 2 & 3, so I won’t be able to be live the second night,  But I will still put a new post up Friday evening for  you guys to continue to chat here Friday night.  I will get back on as soon as I can to check out the reactions to who we picked in those rounds.  

Let’s get some play-makers this year!!!!!

170 Responses to “Draft Thoughts: Live Blog Update”

  1. JS_in_LA Says:

    maybe. But weeden ranked higher, maybe they go him.
    maybe they go osweiler. they also have another firster, might go QB there. maybe tanny.

  2. Texas_Dolfan Says:

    My main hope for tonight or tomorrow night is to come away with Tannehill, Cousins or Weeden. So I won’t be hear broken if we don’t get Tannehill.

    BUT, I do like Tannehill. 🙂

  3. Texas_Dolfan Says:

    From John Clayton on twitter.

    Teams looking to move up from the 15th pick on down are New England, Philadelphia, Detroit and San Diego. Barron, Keuchly.

    Will trade with any of those except NE.

  4. Texas_Dolfan Says:

    Probably not Detroit either. Too far down unless they are offering the world.

  5. professor lou Says:

    Exactly, they were up 20-3 and lost 30-29 and Tannehill threw two 2nd half int’s including the one that sealed the loss.
    The week after they blew an 18 pt lead against Arkansas scoring only 3 second hafl pts. Is this starting to sound familiar?
    They blew an 11 pt lead against Missouri. Again, Tannehill was only able to lead his team to 3 pts in the 2nd half.
    Finally, they were beating Kansas State 31-21 with 6:28 left in the game and couldn’t hold on for the win. Tannehill went 3 and out and stalled at midfield in the final two possessions of the game.
    Now, I make fun of him and call him Tannehenne and I know there’s no comparison in athletic ability but his inability to lead his team to 2nd half scores is a big red flag.
    In addition, he threw 10 td’s vs 9 int’s in the 2nd half and overtime. Again, that’s a problem for me. I get a lot of people ragging on me because I don’t like him, but I have my reasons and it’s a lot better than people liking him because he’s the 3rd rated quarterback in the draft.

  6. B33RCA53 Says:

    Cleveland should pick Justin Blackmon 1st then Brandon Weeden with their 2nd 1st…

  7. darryldunphy Says:

    ..Tanny had one good game against a sorry Baylor team..Didn’t Washington put up 52 points on them?? He should have had a good game.. Look, if Tannehill is the pick I will support him. Until then I’m going kicking and screaming against it. We are talking about the 8th pick in the draft..You cannot convince me that there are not better players available that are needs for this team. That Tannehill is absolutley the best player available..I’m not convinced he is the third best quarterback.. To me, and I keep using this reference because it is applicable here..We are the guy(the Phins) who cannot get laid, We are screwing the fat chick to break the slump..Hoping miraculously she will go on a diet, lose the back acne, and one day be hot..

  8. Texas_Dolfan Says:

    I don’t like him because he’s rated #3. In my book he’s the 4th rated QB behind Cousins but not by much. So you can I say I like him because he’s the 4th rated QB in the draft. 😉

  9. B33RCA53 Says:

    Yeremiah Bell to the Jets,,,

  10. B33RCA53 Says:

    1st Luke Kuechly MLB Boston College
    2nd Kevin Zeitler RG Wisconsin
    3rd Derek Wolfe DT Cincinnati
    3rd Brock Osweiler QB Arizona State
    4th Brett Roy DE Nevada
    5th Tommy Streeter WR The University of Miami
    6th Miles Burris OLB San Diego State

  11. B33RCA53 Says:

    7th Tony Dye S UCLA

  12. darryldunphy Says:

    Proffesor Lou…Exactly. I can not get over Tannehills completion percentage in the second half of games..It is less then 60 percent..That is a glaring weakness to me that never is disscused. It is just he has upside, if Sherman likes him, we need to take a guy in round 1 blah blah nonesense..Add his poor TD to INT ratio in the 4th quarter and I think we have all seen this movie before..We can agree sequels usually suck(unless it is the Godfather part II).

    We have so many freekin holes that Ireland can’t even really make a bad choice. Any of them are good picks..Accept for this one. Like I said earlier. I can bash this idea all the way up until we call the name. If he is called, then I will deal with it. Hope my own observations are wrong, and see what happens.

    One more point I want to make…GM Ireland buys himself some time if he does take Tannehill.. What I mean is that how many teams draft a first round quarterback then fire the project manager the next season? Who is to say another GM is going to think Tannehill is the future. Would you limit your search to pro Tanny GM’s only? Ireland would no doubt get to ride out this pick for the next few years?

  13. B33RCA53 Says:

    final mock without trades
    1st Luke Kuechly MLB Boston College
    2nd Kevin Zeitler RG Wisconsin
    3rd Derek Wolfe DT Cincinnati
    3rd Brock Osweiler QB Arizona State
    4th Brett Roy DE Nevada
    5th Miles Burris OLB San Diego State
    6th Jeff Fuller WR Texas A&M
    7th Philip Thomas FS Syracuse

  14. oscar canosa Says:

    Shula was a great one evaluating QB’s. I wonder what he thinks of Tannehill?

  15. Texas_Dolfan Says:

    Cleveland just moved up to 3 and gave up 3 picks to do it.

  16. Jon Says:

    saw that!

  17. Texas_Dolfan Says:

    Didn’t see that coming cause they were at 4. They must have got scared and wanted 1 guy only. And may have got word someone else was going to trade up to 3 and get their guy.

    We may see a whole lot of trades with the new rookie wage scale.

  18. JS_in_LA Says:

    whenever i mock draft for the dolphins, they end up doing the opposite. So i’ll try to mock with his in mind.

    1. Bubba Skidmarks, OG/World of Warcraft master from Online GED Institute
    2. Bubba’s mom
    3. Billy “Boots” Johnson, punter/tether-baller Abraham Lincoln Elementary (4th grade)
    3. Scruff (Bill’s dog), RB, St. Joseph’s Animal Shelter
    4. Old man Dithers, deceased.
    5. A bowl of strawberry ice cream, with sprinkles
    6. * traded for a losing lottery ticket
    7. *missed. Ireland fell asleep.

  19. JS_in_LA Says:

    i told yall that something funky was gonna happen at #3. toooooot tooooot 😉

  20. Jon Says:


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