The Draft – Live Blog

Well Folks, this is it.  All the hours of discussions and debates will be put to rest.  The 2012 NFL draft has begun.  Who will the Dolphins get this year?

Feel free to camp out here for the weekend and chat about the Results!

Dolphins Picks

Round 1, Pick 8    (8)  –  QB Ryan Tannehill

Round 2, Pick 10  (42)

Round 3, Pick 9 (72)

Round 3, Pick 10 (73)  (From Panthers through Bears)

Round 4, Pick 8  (103)

Round 5, Pick 10 (145)

Round 6, Pick 26  (196) (From Saints)

Round 7, Pick 8  (215)

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262 Responses to “The Draft – Live Blog”

  1. kris Says:


  2. JS_in_LA Says:

    Any of my 6 wide-outs im happy with. only my top 3 slots are happy for me. Jones can be a wideout too. and mcnutt can be a slot. adams and hilton are fast enough for wide-out, but height isnt the best.

    we need 2 of these guys.

  3. oscar canosa Says:

    We will probably trade up today… draft an offensive Linemen.

  4. JS_in_LA Says:

    didnt realize upshaw is still avail. might go him in 2nd, and double up on WRs in the 3rd.
    im setting myself up for misery arent i?

    we’ll trade up for an OL.
    yay. Buffalo will officially be better than us.

  5. Texas_Dolfan Says:

    I hope not Oscar, there are plenty available.

  6. JS_in_LA Says:

    repeat post……………..

    JS’ big receiver board:

    Wide-outs _________________

    1. Randle/Hill (tie)
    2. Quick
    3. McNutt
    4. Toon
    5. Criner

    Slots ______________________

    1. Adams
    2. Hilton
    3. M.Jones
    4. Maze
    5. Broyles *acl concern
    6. Givens

    **pass on:******
    1. Jeffery
    2. Sanu
    3. Streeter

  7. oscar canosa Says:

    You know what? YG was absolutely right in his insistence for a solid OL. How he knew about the trouble our offense is in now regarding NE and the Jets, I’ll probably never know. I have some new garnered respect for him.

  8. JS_in_LA Says:

    enjoy your time on YGs happy lineman island, oscar.

    me, ill be drinking at the “Fins screwed the pooch again” pub and eatery.

  9. JS_in_LA Says:

    If we fix the line completely in the next 2 rounds, we’ll all be ecstatic to watch Moor-rard with a clean jersey toss incomplete passes to pathetic WRs who can’t get open. Yay.
    And then we’ll watch Brady/Sanchez-bow/Fitzpatrick – also with clean jersies – destroy our secondary, and score 45 a game. Double yay.
    Sign me up for the satellite package now!

  10. Jon Says:

    I threw a new post up for Rounds 2 & 3 guys, FYI

  11. BigPete Says:


    speaking of good OLs there’s nothing worse than watching Brady, flat-footed, standing around pondering over where he’ll throw the ball.

  12. oscar canosa Says:

    We, yeah, you get drunk, Js. We’ll pick you up from the Floor.

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