The Draft: Rounds 2 & 3

I will be MIA tonight, but feel free to chat about Round 2 and 3 of the draft here tonight!  Will we get the much-needed Receivers we need?  Will they go O-line?  We will find out in a matter of hours!   I will be back later tonight to check out the conversation

Round 1, Pick 8    (8)  –  QB Ryan Tannehill

Round 2, Pick 10  (42) – OT Jonathan Martin

Round 3, Pick 9 (72)

Round 3, Pick 10 (73)  (From Panthers through Bears)

Round 4, Pick 8  (103)

Round 5, Pick 10 (145)

Round 6, Pick 26  (196) (From Saints)

Round 7, Pick 8  (215)

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81 Responses to “The Draft: Rounds 2 & 3”

  1. Texas_Dolfan Says:

    Joe Adams was taken in the 4th and Cunningham was taken in the 6th.

  2. iamozkar Says:

    Thx JS_in_LA.Good read.

  3. phins78 Says:

    Nice write up JS. That was a fun read and the only thing I disagree with is the value points you have Miller rated at. I would have given that value a 5 because we got a top 50 talent in round 4. But to each his own and thanks for taking your time to write such an in depth analysis.

  4. JS_in_LA Says:

    Obviously pete and i have been in disagreement for a while on needs vs value, so not surprising he’s disagreeing with me. To each their own. He’s been optomistic in general, and I was dearly hoping for the draft to give me hope.

    phins78, as i said, miller is a top talent that if we had space for would be great. But assuming he’s bush’s back-up, what does that say for Thomas’ 3rd round pick last year, or the Messam contract we signed this year, or the slayton contract we signed last year. It says Ireland screwed up several times somewhere and has way too many players invested in one single position. Why did we sign away Canada’s top runner to end up on the practice squad? Has he already given up on Thomas too? So why draft a luxury unneeded position when numerous top receivers were still available, and needed badly? If another left tackle, center or top QB were available, would you want to draft them too? Unless Ireland trades several players, this makes no sense. A good player serves no function if he can’t get on the field. I like miller as a player. But he’ll do as well for us as Cousins will for Washington. A shame and a waste in my opinion. Trades of someone will eventually follow.

    texas, correct on adams. Mispoke. he was there when we took miller. and mcnutt was there when we picked cunningham. if we drafted those two instead, we’d have done very well. And they’ll both start immediately. And we suddenly have serious weapons. not bad for late picks. cunninghams ok, but he’s a zone coverage specialist. unless we have a reason to keep both safeties deep (which we lost with marshall) we’ll see a lot of man. We don’t have anyone right now who can create separation on man, so until that happens, we’ll be relying on catch and stop offense: quick passes, flat passes, with mlb and safety reading forward; they’ll allow catches in front and immediately stop the progress. unless someone slips a tackle or two, it’s 3 and out. HOWEVER with wide threats… safety honors the rear deep zone, mlb covers bigger area, and easier to get by, opens the field for short-midrange shots, easier to turn an prepare to beat a tackler, and when you do have wide-threats, they’re probably good enough to separate on man, and the occasional downfield shot may be successful.
    We don’t have one on roster, and didn’t draft one. Hence my disappointment. Contrarily, the Jets drafted my favorite (after we passed) and now we have to guard him. yay.

  5. BigPete Says:


    I realize we did everything but snag a name WR….but on the RBs. Is having five on the roster that unusual? There’s been talk of having Miller return kicks. Bush was the explosive player for us last year; having another bigger one can only be a positive.

  6. BigPete Says:


    Egnew’s scouting report: “average speed. Great running ability”. He’s a great runner, shame his speed is so average?

  7. Jimmy Jam Says:

    Great analysis JS. The only pick I am really happy about is Martin. Tannehill is a reach IMO. Who knows how he will turn out. Too many ?? to be a top ten pick. I was actually surprised we didn’t go pass rusher.

    This draft could turn out to be decent. But a lot depends on acorns turning into oaks. Make no mistake: Tannehill is an acorn

    Jon – I’d really like to see you get some guest writers to keep this blog alive. It’s given us hope, but it’s hard to keep coming back with no new entries. There are a few on here who would be a credit to what you’ve started. Please don’t let this founder…

  8. oscar canosa Says:

    JS, read Ireland’s comments on drafting Miller and you’ll realize that, for him, value is greater than need. Read, Man, read!

  9. JS_in_LA Says:

    sorry oscar, but im not really interested on irelands appraisal of his pick. whats he gonna say, “well i f-ed up last years running back draft, and uselessly signed more RBs this off season”

    and pete..
    dont get me wrong, if we picked miller last year, i would’ve said “good job”. hes a solid talent, and if im looking fresh at everyone in my camp, miller is my back-up now. thomas was the wrong pick last year (could’ve had demarco murray), but starter quality. messam is starter quality. so we now have 4 starter quality RBs (2 possible stars) vying for one position. And we have 2 starter quality WRs (no stars) vying for 3 positions. i did the math, didnt like the math.

    i like miller, but didnt like the usage of the pick. it was a waste, unless we plan to trade RBs for quality somebody-elses.

  10. JS_in_LA Says:

    i watched egnew’s video, and his highlights look great. he’s a possible star, and i said that. but he’s not been primarily a traditional hand-down TE. he’s also had one great season, one average one, average one last. when production doesn’t equal potential, i dock points. ireland tries to out-think the room. he sees work-outs, combine drills, 40 times etc. and his scouts say “ooo aaah”, he trusts his scouts, and they say – “potential”. when teams like the patriots take players with solid resume’s, and potential too. Thats what drives me nuts. anyway, i like egnew, but would’ve been far happier if we simply could’ve found a top receiver or two to give Tanny a fighting chance. Egnew has potential, but may not fit the role we need or produce as good as he looks. potential for bust there.
    We still are developing Clay too, dont forget. Seems odd that the only draft pick from last year that ireland didnt try to replace was Gates. odd, since hes the one that has the longest to go to kick-off the project moniker.

  11. BigPete Says:


    you could look at it this way:
    QB very deep (the deepest in recent memory)
    RB unnecessarily deep, with explosive pass-catching threats
    TE speediest TE roster in ages
    OL much improved (finally)

    Oh……. okay, WR still very much acorn city, but (hopefully) the coaches are ahead of us. No?

  12. BigPete Says:


    apparently Philbin insisted on Egnew at that spot rather than any of the remaining WRs.

  13. JS_in_LA Says:

    no. doubt they are. but, your assessment is right for the positives. i do get the positives – and like those. dont like the gigantic holes left though. worries me.

    seeing what our division rivals did, worries me more.
    A lot of pressure on tannehill. and its an uphill battle with inadequate weapons. hope to see him play this year. not much to watch if he doesn’t.

  14. JS_in_LA Says:

    don’t doubt that philbin ordered it. his avoidance of receivers was almost spiteful. whatever plan he has, im not seeing it yet.

  15. oscar canosa Says:

    Well, Js, if you are not going by Ireland’s appraissement, then who’s. Yours?

  16. oscar canosa Says:

    We can now add Js to that ever growing list of Crow Feeders for the coming Season

  17. BigPete Says:


    All Gates has to do to be a deep threat is outrun defenders down the sideline! Hard to imagine an opposing DC telling his players “never ming Gates streaking down field open as can be….. he’s raw… pay no attention… let him be.”

  18. JS_in_LA Says:

    oscar, of course my assessment is mine. Who holds yours? Ireland?
    and i’ll be ecstatically happy to eat crow. please, lord, i hope for it. If im right then we go 4-12. Id rather be wrong, thanks, and have the acorns blossom into beautiful star players, and look like a real contender. im not believing what i believe to be spitfeul or pessimistic. and its just my opinion. if you dont find creedance in it, then disregard it. there’s plenty of opinions i disregard, though im human enough for some of them to bother me anyway.
    if you’re happy with what you see, then you have your reasons. feel free to state them as i have.
    if you’re happy because irelands tells you great things, id recommend a separate opinion elsewhere.

  19. JS_in_LA Says:

    pete, it doesn’t work that way. straight streak routes are not the standard. most cbs need a move somewehere to fall a step behind. Watch most long routes and you’ll notice a hesitation step, semi-hitch, inside out move, in-n-up, etc. NFL CBs know how to cover straight fly routes. so do safeties. gates still is developing those moves. otherwise the game would’ve been simple for him last year.

  20. JS_in_LA Says:

    Just information. Drafts don’t happen in a void. Here’s what our division rivals did:

    solid CB Hill, and big OT (plus several OLs) to diminish our pass rush
    added mario williams as FA. D got better.

    coples to pass-rush, S. Hill WR to terrorize our sketchy secondary, couple more pass rushers. plus tebow. Both O and D got a lot better. Hill will be a star.

    solid mlb Hightower, bigtime pass-rusher in jones, bunches of DBs and pass rushers later rounds. D got bigtime better.

  21. ALOCO Says:


  22. oscar canosa Says:

    Well, at least you are willing.

  23. JS_in_LA Says:

    Though i wanted someone else second round, martin will be solid for us. Assuming he pans out, we now have the best OL we’ve had since marino started.(he had average center, two stars on the left, and rotating adequate FAs on the right). Ironically, the ground and pound team Sparano always tried for is now available.

    Egnew’s ceiling is Aaron Hernandez, a potential star (hernandez is wasted in NE), or a potential bust. Got the tools and skills, just needs to consistently put it together.

    Tannehill knows the offense, and has a unique comfort level with coach and even receivers. When he learns how to read NFL defenses. and lead, he could be great.

    miller is a luxury, but may provide reason to trade a couple of other RBs for some FAs to fill other needs. Hes a solid back up to Bush, similar style, and could easily replace Bush if bush gets injured. Home-run threat if he has the ball in space.

    Vernon is a project, but could learn quickly. Has the tools to be solid eventually.

    Cuningham is a great 3rd down or red-zone option. He’s excellent at sitting down in zone holes, and stretching the play for a few extra yards. The question is playing time, and D coverage.

    Our biggest needs IMO (positions that lacked a starter of starter quality) were WR, DE, and safety. Those needs were not met. Vernon is a project DE and may be better suited for OLB, but needs experience maturity and coaching.
    Cunningham doesn’t have speed or separation to start wide. And we drafted no safety.
    We did need an RT upgrade, but we got it at the expense of an impact star at another position. Hard swallow.
    We needed upgrades at OLB, QB and TE.
    TE was a fair pick. But again, we had other higher need star possibilites available same round. Fielder’s choice.
    Miller is a fine player, but absolutely not needed. Pure head scratcher.
    QB is the big mystery. Yes Tanny has the tools, skills, athleticism, arm to be great. .. So they said the same things about Heath Shuler:

    Shuler was QB for a very good U Tennessee team early 90’s. Drafted 3rd overall in 94. Had amazing athletic skills, speed, strong arm, smart. Scouts drooled over his potential. RG3-like abilties. The only problem, he had is he didn’t know how to win. He flopped so badly with the NFL he was selling real estate within a few years.

    That said, I don’t know how Tanehill pans out. But I’ll believe it when I see it.

  24. Jon Says:

    Hey Everyone,

    I enjoyed my weekend of celebration.

    Look for a new post tonight! It will be something different and fun too that no other blogs do, so stay tuned!

  25. Texas_Dolfan Says:

    You can also say the same about John Elway, “Had amazing athletic skills, speed, strong arm, smart.” Elway also couldn’t win in college. His records for each year are below.
    1979 5 wins 5 losses and 1 tie
    1980 6 wins 5 losses
    1981 4 wins 7 losses
    1982 5 wins 6 losses

    Elway did start for 4 years in college and did not shake that stigma until he won the Superbowl with his team in Denver.

    I am in no way saying Tannehill is Elway. I am just saying he isn’t Heath Shuler either. I like his talent but I can’t tell anyone 100% how his story ends.

  26. JS_in_LA Says:

    just being fair. All the same accoloades went to shuler, and he beyond stunk. so the moral is this: we’ll see.
    funny comparisons if we stay with Tennessee. Shuler won, but not championship. NFL bust.
    Manning replaces him, wins some, but not championship. NFL mega-star. Tee Martin replaces Manning, wins championship. NFL bust.
    Ya just never know.

  27. Texas_Dolfan Says:

    I think one thing we can agree on though is the WR position may be in trouble. So unless someone steps up from current players to UDFA’s and draftees then whomever the QB may be they are going to need a whole lot of time from the Oline. 🙂

    Our best receiving threats are going to be our backs and TE’s.

  28. Texas_Dolfan Says:

    Our current WR’s

    15 Bess, Davone
    10 Gates, Clyde
    82 Hartline, Brian
    81 Hogan, Chris
    14 Moore, Marlon
    19 Naanee, Legedu
    11 Pruitt, Julius
    18 Wallace, Roberto
    00 Cunningham, B.J.
    00 Matthews, Rishard
    00 Jeff Fuller
    00 Derek Moye

    SInce I have no idea who Chris Hogan is I looked him up and this is as much information as I could find. He is raw as they come.

  29. Texas_Dolfan Says:

    Going through the Fins roster I saw this guy and also didn’t know who it was but here’s an interesting article on another Acorn. TE Les Brown. What I find interesting is that he ran 4.4, 40 on the pro-day he attended on a nasty sprained ankle.

    Here are the articles.

    I am not sure this will amount to anything but if it did he would create those match up issues for the D.

  30. JS_in_LA Says:

    If Gates improved any, he competes with Hartline. Legedu starts, and Bess starts whever slot formations are in. Moore competes for 4th receiver with Cunningham. I expect Cunningham wins that job. Fuller is a wildcard, ill have to watch film on him.
    The rest are special teams and practice squad.

    Yes, its just my opinion, of course. Plus we don’t know how anyone will show up come season beginning.

    Apparently there’s 3 TE sets. Looks like we’ll be needing that more often than usual.

  31. Jon Says:


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