Grading Ryan Tannehill

NFL Network has given the 1st round QB draft choice of the Miami Dolphins, Ryan Tannehill a grade of 87.


Here is their description of what this grade means:

“An impact player with the ability/intangibles to become a Pro Bowl player. Expect to start immediately except in a unique situation (i.e. behind a veteran starter).”


I thought you may be interested in how they feel about our pick if you hadn’t seen that already.  How do you feel about this description of our new rookie QB?  Love it? Hate it?  Agree?  Disagree?  Anything to add to it?  What description would you write at this point in time?

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16 Responses to “Grading Ryan Tannehill”

  1. JS_in_LA Says:

    Whats the points code for “acorn”? :
    “Possibly great, but more than likely 4-5 years of drawn out waiting until finally he’s cut with a shrug, and the fans curse his name.”

    I don’t consider Tanehill an acorn, but he is a project.
    I still say he starts sometime this year. Truly hope so. Martin will keep his uni clean.

  2. Jon Says:

    Hopefully he can do some positive things with a clean uni then.

  3. JS_in_LA Says:

    I can think of one positive thing right now: Start as a wideout while he waits. 😉 Better there than holding a clip board. He’d be the best receiver on roster. Not kidding.

  4. BigPete Says:

    We picked our QB first and our RT second. That has to be a good omen.

  5. Jimmy Jam Says:

    As much as I think Ireland is a boob and this pick is an acorn, I am actually hopeful. I really hope this guy is magic. They absolutely HAVE to do something to get him a #1 WR. I get that TE is used a lot in this offense and that we might be okay at that position (not Finkey type okay, but okay) but when our best deep threat is a white dude who’s feet get tangled up beneath him and runs a 4.5, I don’t think they can make it work. Unless they teach Gates to actually run good routes and get him some stickum. Gates really didn’t show that blazing speed last year either. Dink and dunk gets it done but only when you’ve got someone who can keep a secondary honest.

    Yup, need a stud WR.

  6. Jimmy Jam Says:

    Finkey = Finley

  7. ozkar_ Says:

    After We drafted Ryan Tannehill most of Us Dolphans considered it a reach.
    But after Cleveland took Weeden in the first rd. and the Skins took another qb.After given up such a ransom for RG3, it appears that drafting a qb with the 8th overall pick was a JS_in_LA well calculated move.On ALL categories.
    Tannehill already knowns 75% of the playbook.
    Sooner than later We’ll know how soon he’ll start.Cause if Tannehill can’t beat out Matt Moore and David Garrard with this much knowledge of coach Sherman’s WCO then We will rightfully be concerned.

  8. professor lou Says:

    As just about everyone who visits this blog and my own I was absolutely dead set against Miami taking this kid at #8 in the first round. I posted over and over what I saw as weaknesses in his game and his ability to get the job done, especially in the 2nd half of games.
    But, and it’s a big but, I have to say that Ireland did a great job with the draft this year including the Tannehill pick. Yes, I said it.
    The Tannehill pick was essential and it was a must. No matter how much I didn’t like the fact that he was going to be drafted by MY team he’s now a member of MY team. Ireland got the quarterback in the first round and he took a guy that everyone thought to be the 3rd best quarterback in this year’s draft. He got the guy the team needed and now it’s up to the coaches to make it happen and that’s the one thing I left out of all of my analysis of all the things I saw that Tannehill did wrong.
    This team has a whole new staff of coaches that aren’t from the same mold as the previous coaching staff. The offense is going to be completely different and, hell, he can’t be any worse than Henne.
    But, seriously, I’m going to get on board the Tannehill train and I’m hoping he turns out to be the answer for this team at the quarterback position.

  9. ozkar_ Says:

    If Tannehill already knows 75% of Sherman’s offense then We’ll soon know if he is the real deal.It shouldn’t take all season to beat out Garrard or Moore!

  10. oscar canosa Says:

    I’m no QB guru, but we past and future Med students are all brilliant, Sorry, Jon, but I am in a joking Mood today. I wonder why?

  11. oscar canosa Says:

    Well, the Professor’s kind of Fan is the one that we need around here.

  12. oscar canosa Says:

    What’s wrong, Jon, you getting leaned on?

  13. Jon Says:

    not sure what you mean by leaned on?

  14. Jon Says:

    NEW POST UP: and from our 1st guest writer

  15. oscar canosa Says:


  16. Jon Says:

    Don’t worry Oscar, I’ve just been neglecting my “blogging duties” the past few days due to announcing our child coming. One the posts stay regular again they will keep coming.

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