Ireland has done his Job


After looking over our post-draft roster, I’m realizing that the Dolphins are full of up and coming young talent.  Love him or hate him, the depth chart below tells me Ireland has done his job, now it is the new coaching staff’s turn to use these guys correctly in battle.  I give Ireland credit for avoiding huge mistakes in paying too much in free agency for washed up guys hoping they will translate to success.

I like what he has done here!  A group of young receivers that Philbin and Sherman can build up from scratch.  New young Tight Ends that have the ability to turn into something special.  The Tight ends will be who probably move the chains in this offensive scheme (My personal prediction).  And solidifying that offensive line to give us the ability to run our offensive and give our QB time to make quality decisions.

There has been a lot of negativity going around Dolphin nation in recent years, understandable so.  But I don’t think I’m the only one that looks at this roster and not only sees potential, but I see the probability of major improvements over previous years!




WR: Brian Hartline; Clyde Gates; Marlon Moore, B.J. Cunningham

WR: Davone Bess; Julius Pruitt
LT: Jake Long; Will Barker
LG: Richie Incognito; Nate Garner; Ray Feinga
C: Mike Pouncey; Ryan Cook
RG: John Jerry; Artis Hicks
RT: Jonathan Martin; Lydon Murtha
TE: Anthony Fasano; Charles Clay; Michael Egnew; Jeron Mastrud; Will Yeatman; Les Brown
QB: Matt Moore; David Garrard; Ryan Tannehill; Pat Devlin
RB: Reggie Bush; Daniel Thomas; Steve Slaton; Lamar Miller; Richard Medlin; Marcus Thigpen
FB: Jerome Messam
WR: Roberto Wallace; Legedu Naanee; Chris Hogan; Rishard Matthews



DE: Cameron Wake; Jamaal Westerman; Jason Trusnik
DT: Randy Starks; Tony McDaniel; Kheeston Randall
DT: Paul Soliai; Ryan Baker; Isaako Aaitui
DE: Jared Odrick; Olivier Vernon; Jonathan Freeny
SLB: Kevin Burnett
MLB: Karlos Dansby; Austin Spitler
WLB: Koa Misi; Gary Guyton; Josh Kaddu*
CB: Vontae Davis; Nolan Carroll; Jonathan Wade
CB: Richard Marshall; Vincent Agnew
FS: Chris Clemons; Jimmy Wilson; Tyrone Culver
SS: Reshad Jones; Tyrell Johnson; Anderson Russell
CB: Sean Smith; Marcus Brown; Quinten Lawrence

44 Responses to “Ireland has done his Job”

  1. JS_in_LA Says:

    messam is a tailback. Clay is our fullback, but many WCO doesn’t tend to utilize FBs so, basically nix the position.

    Assuming Gates has learned anything he’ll have to be a starter. Naanee is the only other guy that seems to have the chops to line up opposite of Hartline, but I wouldn’t be at all upset if we went Gates, Naanee, Bess as our 1st O.
    Cunningham will fit in well on 3rd downs, and may eventually start, but i still see him as a much more productive player on loaded sides where he can cut underneath the coverage. Or even do bubble screens on tough short yardage. if he learns how to cut better and separate better, than he can overcome his speed and be a legitimate outside threat.
    Marlon Moore had some flashes, so maybe he can step up too.

    My big issue is is you look at all the positions besides O-line and RB, we are COUNTING on potential to be realized from questionable current status. That bothers me. Some of those potentials may be reached, several may not. Sort of a roll of the dice roster.
    NO I don’t think Ireland did his job well. I even gave him a big vote of confidence before the draft saying how he’s the #2 best drafter we had in recent history. And I think he blew his opportunites.

    But my opinion means squat until the season proves what these fellows can actually do. So fingers crossed.

  2. JS_in_LA Says:

    in answer of your last post, you can call me gloom and doom, but it doesn’t make it true.
    And whatever you smoked or drank after your Tannehill tirades got you sniffing flowers and sunshine suddenly on the Dolphins new roster. Honestly. Everything is roses? After the one-man demolition you atempted to be on keeping Tannehill out of our draft .. you’re his new best fan?
    Well, you feel how you feel, so no one needs to tell another man how to be.
    I’ve stayed consistant to my beliefs, and if Ireland had just zigged when he zagged once or twice, maybe I’d be praising this draft too. There’s some good tools to play with, regardless how they got here.

    Tannehill is a potential star. Sure he may be a titanic bust, but if he’s not, then he adds elements that can win games. The ability to create time and make safeties and LBs hesitate when the run threat is there is exactly what makes Tebow, Vick, RG3 so dangerous. And it gets receivers open.

    Martin is a solid RT, and will be a stalwort. And his addition gives us the best O-line we’ve had in maybe 15 years.

    Egnew has a big upside, and if he pans out can be our Aaron Hernandez.

    Miller is a great guy to have, and as far as I’m concerned we can use the other dudes as trade fodder.

    Cunnigham is a nice piece, but he’ll need other pieces to help him do what he does best.

    so.. there. See not all gloom and doom. I’ve said this stuff before, you just choose to ignore it and focus on my “the other hand” info. Yes, there is “the other hand”, but I’ll not restate it here.

  3. Jon Says:


    Thanks for your input on the different positions. I’m excited about the O-line and curious about the receivers. And I hope Egnew can be our Aaron Hernandez! That would add so much to our offense!

    For what it’s worth I don’t think you’re all gloom and doom. I like realistic viewpoints too to make sure we are countering my homeristic tendencies! 😉

  4. professor lou Says:

    Seau found dead.

  5. professor lou Says:

    Shot at his home.

  6. Jon Says:

    They are currently suspecting it was a suicide Lou

  7. JS_in_LA Says:

    truly sad.
    Makes one wonder about the incident last year too. I’m sure we’ll get enough speculation soon enough.

  8. oscar canosa Says:

    Michael Egnew can jump like a Mother.

  9. darryldunphy Says:

    RIP..JR Seau.

    JS_in_LA…Great poat yesterday. I have to call you out today though. You said most WCO do not take advantage of a fullback. I think this is totaly wrong. Think about the great WCO teams, they all utilized the fullback. Every WCO offense has personel packages that utilize the full back..From a Zebra..Offsett fullback. To a Y package..Split backs lined up off the inside hip of the tackle..This is the same verbage for every WCO team..

    Remember the gruden bit with Luck.(I talked about this same thing with Odin a few weeks ago)..They talked about the famous Y-Z banana? Well the y is the package in that play that tells the RB, and FB where to line up..The Banana obviously the route, and the Z..I don’t know..could be the reciever package.. The first read is always to the full back…Every pro team runs this same play, same verbage(WC team)..There are more formations that use a fullback, I don’t know them all, even a 1/4 of them.. But the FB is a huge huge part of this offense.

  10. Jeff Schanz (@JS_in_LA) Says:

    dd, your point is well taken, as Mr. Walsh the father of the thing used a FB (more as a TE in the backfield, but whatever). However I made two leaps instead of one. Sherman’s standard sets don’t involve many FBs. Mostly one back sets. with 2 TEs, or and extra WR, or 3 TEs (probably H-back style). So whipped right by the facts trying to make my point. Apologies.
    But we still won’t be using a FB much.
    No skin off my nose. I was always a proponent of extra TEs or H backs in non-standard sets. Adds a cool element.

  11. The Crusher Says:

    Hello Dolphin Nation.
    Overall I liked our picks. The big knock on Tannehill was lack of experience. I dont see this as a big roadblock. Others have come into the league and done well with limited playing time. Brady and Sanchez both come to mind.He will be given time to learn behind Moore too. I like the fact that probably 3 guys have a job locked up (Long, Pouncy, and Davis). The competition and the coaching is what will be different this year. Guys like Wallace, Marlon Moore, Wilson, Clay, Odrick and Jerry will all get a legitimate shot to show they belong. They were all splinter collectors under that dog Sparano.I think we all agree we are not close to being Super Bowl contenders, but we have a lot of young clay that can be molded by the right coaches. September can’t get here quick enough.

  12. BigPete Says:

    Seau is the second retired N.F.L player to commit suicide in the past few weeks. Ray Easterling, a safety for the Atlanta Falcons in the 1970s and a plaintiff in a high-profile lawsuit against the N.F.L. over its handling of concussion-related injuries, died last month of a self-inflicted gunshot wound.

    The circumstances of Seau’s death raised comparisons to the former Chicago Bears star Dave Duerson. In February 2011, Duerson shot himself in the chest, saying in a note that he wanted his brain donated to the study of football head injuries.

  13. darryldunphy Says:

    JS_in_LA…I don’t want to come across as a know it all. I’m trying to learn about the WCO..doing some reading about it..So my knowledge is very limited, if not totaly lost..It is interesting. Especially the running game. Now there are always exceptions to the rules, and I”M sure Philbin, and Sherman will tweak the scheme as they find neccessary. But from what I have learned, or think I know..The rules, and verbage are all basically the same.

    In the running game..the whole scheme is dependant on numbers advantages, sort of like the wildcat. This causes confusion, and hesitation, hopefully slower support from the defensive backs..It also forces defenders to be cautious of taking poor angles..Now I didn’t regurgitate this from a book, just my interpritation..I could be totaly wrong..But I think I’m on the right path.

    The part where the FB comes into play a lot is when the ideal situation occurs, and the down and distance dictates a run..Audibles and motion(out of the backfield) also isolate LB’s Corners..for hopeful mismatches.. Also, against the blitz in these formations where there are FB’s..They are the “hot” read, as well as the tight ends..

    So after some reading some stuff this weekend. My mind is changing a bit about Tannehill. I hated the pick all the way up to the time he was anounced. But knowing what I know today, about all the responsibility the quarterback has in this offense(perhaps the same as any modern offense) just the familiarity with the way this scheme sets up the defense, and how it is designed to attack vs certain fronts, blitzes, and secondary coverages…He(Tanny) has a huge advantage over the guys who have to learn the progressions, the proper audibles, and the hot reads..Will this immedietly translate to success? Will the other guys learn it quick? No guarantees either way.

    sorry for the long post..fired up!!!!

  14. ALOCO Says:

    DD…….. NICE POST @ 8;53 PM………….

  15. oscar canosa Says:

    We should have less trouble this year scoring in the Red Zone.

  16. Texas_Dolfan Says:

    Rookie mini camp starting tomorrow. Someone in Miami go tape the whole thing and post it here. 🙂 Not asking too much am I.

    We will get to see some video of it on the Dolphins site I am sure.

    I am looking forward to hearing how some Rookies do. In particular the ones below.

    All the new WR’s – Fuller intrigues me.
    Les Brown TE – 4.4, 40 and 39 inch vert on a sprained ankle
    Nick Mandich TE –

    The two Miami guys, L. Miller and O. Vernon will be interesting.

  17. ozkar_ Says:

    Wow,this is a tough topic.Has Ireland done his job? Yes,Jeff Ireland has done his job.But NOT good enough! The last two drafts,as We already know,are all on him.Both of them have netted Us some potentially very good players.
    But Ireland hasn’t unearthed a gem, the next iconic Miami Dolphin.I’m much more understanding of Jeff’s situation than most Dolphans.Ireland was handcuffed by Parcels.
    I do give him a passing grade cause he’s been discipline. Under all the recent turmoil.After losing out on Harbaugh,Fisher,Manning Ireland maintained a steady ship.

  18. Jon Says:

    good thoughts ozkar……..thanks for your input

    I agree he needs a few players to start producing. Hopefully we find that gem this year for ALL of us fans sake

  19. oscar canosa Says:


  20. BigPete Says:


  21. Jeff Schanz (@JS_in_LA) Says:

    You’re well on your way to figuring out the WCO. Loads of people, some of them coaches USING it don’t understand what the WCO is. It has many variations and forms, but essentially it creates mismatches with playmakers vs. defenders in order to get the playmakers the ball in space. It then counts on the playmakers to eventually win the battle with the first tackler to create the real extra yardage. Some WCO’s don’ have running QBs, they count on very quick reads and precise timing to get the receivers the ball before the D can adjust. This idea (though debateable WCO) is how the Patriots function. But having a scrambling QB helps to draw the LBs or safety to concern himself with the QB, when a receiver can gain an edge.

    Most WCO’s treat the short pass like a handoff, so you need a governed, precise, and extremely confident QB that does not hesitate.

    Tannehill’s experience with the playbook is the only real props I give him for the WCO. The knocks on him in the draft was his decision making and hesitancy reading defenses. Death for WCO QBs.

    In college you can get away wih many things on simple talent (especially Big 12 Defenses – or lack thereof), but in the NFl it’s 3-n-out, or pick-6. So regardless of his familiarity with the plays, his familiarity with what NFL defenses will do is far more critical.

    They’ve seen WCOs before too, and they get paid $$$ because they’re good at blowing it up. But when and excellent QB and well coached team does it RIGHT, hard to stop.

    The proof in the pudding is when he’s seen all the film he can stand, and when the Defenses do what he expects them to do, and he has the plan against it work correctly —THEN you have something. No idea when that will happen, but that’s the day i look forward to.

  22. Jeff Schanz (@JS_in_LA) Says:

    to be clear darryl, and whoever else cares,
    I am by no stretches an expert of WCO. it’s one of the opffenses I know the least about. But it’s also one of the newest, and most fluid. So don’t take my blabbering for gospel. Sounds like you got some good information from somewhere. A little technical maybe, but solid info.
    Just imagine the FB is less likely to be a blocker for another back. he’s much more often a pass catching option.
    And again, the “rules” fro WCO’s are more fluid, so anything is open for change or debate.

  23. darryldunphy Says:

    JS..good posts. Yeah, I’m by no means an expert on anything football. I just enjoy trying to learn about as mush as I can, as it helps me enjoy the game the more I think I know about it.

  24. Jeff Schanz (@JS_in_LA) Says:

    The more I think about it, the more I’m against my earlier notion of trying to go sign some of these waived/cut WRs from other teams. Unless they’re sweome and the circumstance odd, you won’t be getting top quality, and just delaying the needed truth.

    Truth? Yes.. whether or not any of these acorns and projects and practice squaders can be truly productive. It’ll keep geting pushed around until we do this.
    “yeah, well Gates will be great one day – as soon as he gets experience”. Ok, no time like the present. Moore, Wallace, matthews, pruitt, Football WR routes aren’t rocket science. They can either run the routes or not; catch or not. Least reactive position in the offense, so do your job, hit your marks, and sometimes read where the zone hole is. If a project can’t this stuff by year 2, –ba bye. Recognizing blitzes is simple enough: turn your head. If the QB is panicking, then pick an angle to get him some room to get it to you — heck, that’s street football. These guys have been doing that since they were out of diapers.
    So –put them young-uns on the field. Live or die by them. Then at least you’ll know. We have some players who are good enough, and will get better ….OR—

    We have some posers, and we’ll need that top round pick next year for serious WR talent.

    Seems more worthwhile to know.

  25. Jon Says:

    I agree JS…..especially at the reciever position! Get them out there and see what we have!

    And if by some lucky chance a couple of them work out nicely, then they can come up in the offense together and be here awhile! This is how franchises are built. Start em young

  26. oscar canosa Says:

    Hey, don’t complicate things as this Game like all the others, is not complicated at all. You open a hole then you run thru it. You beat a defender then you catch the pass. It’s ALWAYS more fundamentals and execution than finesse.

  27. oscar canosa Says:

    Now, now, JS, I’ll explaln it to you in a little while.

  28. BigPete Says:

    It’s a shame with Wallace and Moore that (perhaps due to injuries?) they didn’t play at all last year. Of course, with the obligation to throw passes in BM’s direction whenever possible (almost always) they probably wouldn’t have seen too many passes coming their way anyway.

  29. oscar canosa Says:

    The hidden Gems? I doubt it , Big Pete. They just don’t belong with the talent that exists all over the League now.

  30. oscar canosa Says:

    Do you want to know who one of the hidden gems is that Philbin referred to? John Jerry. I saw him often last year cleaning out on the 2nd level.

  31. Samdolphin Says:

    Jon: You used PBP/ Volin for your suggested depth chart and I will tell you what I told him. He left Ryan Lewis a LB from Bethune-Cookman off of the the FB competition. They are going to convert
    him from a LB’er to a FB. I think he will make this team at some position. If we put him on the PS someone will just pick him off.

    We are rushing the system a lot suggesting who the Dolphins will have on the starting lineup or at OTAs. The Rookies only will be in camp tomorrow so let us watch it as Ireland said “play through”. You guys seem to know more than Philbin and Sherman and want to impress everybody on this blog. I don’t mind that you know more than me, I learn a lot I think?

  32. oscar canosa Says:

    Not too excited about Rookie Camp. probably will go thru the motions to learn them, as it should be. I believe we still have Time this Season.

  33. Jon Says:

    Sam…..just grabbed it quick to throw something on digital paper to get you guys thinking

    Great thoughts though

  34. darryldunphy Says:

    ..So I said I have been doing some studying of the WCO..This is interesting, and should shed a little light as to why it isn’t just as easy as go run the right route, read the zone, get open. Check this out.

    There are 15 base formations. Inside of the “base” there are about 60 plus formations..The plays for each of these formations can range from 3-4 to 14-15..Do the math and that is a big playbook..And this is just the basic stuff. The issue for each reciever is getting lined up properly for each play in each formation. Every formation has different positioning for recievers, running backs, tight ends.. This IMO is the most difficult part for young players to learn. It sort of makes it clear as to why teams that are experienced , or have very capable quarterbacks get deeper into the playbook..Imagine having to learn 80 or so plays, with different verbage for where you need to be, and where you need to go. Who you have to block, and where the motion is? Probably not easy.

    So I think we don’t quite grasp how diificult it is to learn an offense, and then execute it to it’s fullest potential. It is lot more then just the obvious..Block, run fast, make accurate throws, catches..These are all end products of preperation, and knowing the playbook..Really amazing to me.

  35. Samdolphin Says:

    Jon: No problem I understand how much time it must take to get a blog subject together.
    I would like to guess who on the UFA Rookies ( not the draft picks or new players already on the roster) will go through the OTAs.
    My guesses are as follows:

    QBJacory Harris UM
    FB/LB Ryan Lewis B-C
    TE Les Brown NO Collage
    WR Jeff Fuller TX A&M
    WR Derick Moye PSU
    OG\C Terence Brown BYU
    OG Josh Samuda UMass
    OG/C Kyle Bogumil RI
    LB Jacquies Smith Mizz
    LB Derreck Shelby UTAH
    LB/ST Cam Collins Ore St.
    LB Cort Dinnison Wash.
    FS Mich Pellrin Hampton
    FS Albert Evans
    SS Kelcie McCrey Ark St.

  36. Samdolphin Says:

    DD: I watched the Jon Gruden and T-hill tape several times and Armando went through it in his blog. I thought it was difficult just seeing the 3 basics and the options that could be called at the line.
    I think they only covered the basics and the options/formations could be endless. I agree with you they will carry at least one FB on the roster this year and maybe two. Good posting; so keep telling us what you learned from your reading and make us educated on the WCO.

  37. Samdolphin Says:

    I think Ireland did a good job with this draft. We’ll have to wait for some time to really be able to know how good or bad it was. He addressed our needs but maybe not with the players some of us wanted at the positions of need. We certainly did not do as well as some of our AFC foes but, we didn’t have 2 picks in each of the first
    two rounds. I thought all of them had good drafts.

    However, I think we got us a good QB and he couldn’t have gone to
    a better place than the Dolphins for help in the first year. Remember Philbin said at the Owners meeting that it is important
    that the WCO required a QB that was familiar with the system. Well, we got one of the best. Did you see how Jon Gruden beamed as he discuss the WCO systems with T-hill and he immediately got a response on every question he asked him.

    I remember when I was in collage and was leaving to go away to a larger school my dad bought me a car. It was a two door coupe Chevy with four barrel carbs and a Corvett V-8 engine in it. It was a few years old but, I always thought it was the right car for the right guy at the right time of his life. That’s the same way I feel about Tannehill when he got a good team with all the familiar coaches and they are trying to surround him with the right players he will have success. It may take a couple or three years but, it will happen!!!!

  38. oscar canosa Says:

    Very few posts, Jon. Why? Can we talk?

  39. Jon Says:

    you will see a new one either today or tomorrow.

  40. Jeff Schanz (@JS_in_LA) Says:

    Just saw somnething that made me nauseous. While researching something, I came across a poll.
    Besides Dan Marino, and Bob Griese, who’s the 3rd best Miami QB in history?
    *Jay Fiedler?
    *David Woodley?
    *Don Strock?
    *Chad Henne?
    *Earl Morrall?
    *Chad Pennington?

    Argh. Please dear god, let Ryan Tannehill work out, and let this list fade away into oblivion.

    btw, to answer the poll, I would’ve voted Woodley. Talent, NO, but record, yes. Morall was highest percentage, but had fewest starts.

  41. Kris Says:

    Chad Henne

  42. darryldunphy Says:

    Gotta be Earl Morrall if the criteria is whole career, if it is just confined to Dolphin Career.. Would vote Strock..

    How can we omit Dave Dickenson??? Greatest CFL quarterback to dawn a Dolphin practice squad spot.. Couldn’t beatout Sage Rosenfels, or Ray Lucas to play on MNF…the day I became a Phin Fan.

  43. BigPete Says:

    The fun part of these trivia questions is the surprise answer, which could well be Fiedler!

  44. Jon Says:

    New Post up

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