Expect Tannehill to Start This Season

Crazy.  The coaches shouldn’t start him.  He’ll be a mental wreck.  He’ll get hurt.  Scarred for life.

Ok, time to move past these thoughts, and perhaps it’s against the accepted grain, but read on and it just may make sense.

Starting with his relationship with the coaches.  Well, first off he’s Sherman’s man.  Nothing gets you on the field faster than being the guy the coach is most comfortable, trusted and most dependant upon for future success.  Don’t think this is accurate?  Henne was Sparano’s guy.  You couldn’t get him off the field regardless of how Henne played in games or practice.

Same idea more detailed:  When there’s a route to describe, or a pattern to exemplify, who  do you think will get called over to be the example boy?   Tannehill has the ability to showcase both the receiver route and the QB pass.  Need an example of a “Dino”?… Ryan please show BJ how it’s done…So he’ll be called upon a lot to be the example of Sherman’s plays.  He’ll end up being the defacto coach’s assistant.  And in the end, who would you, the coach, trust to be on that field running your plays than the guy who’s had already several years to absorb it?

But here’s the biggest reasons of all.  Protecting a QB’s ego is tantamount to trying to save a nymphomaniac’s virtue.   No football player anywhere wants to be handled with kid gloves.  And if given a choice to play or sit, no healthy football player will EVER choose to sit.  Tannehill WANTS to start.  He’ll willingly accept every interception, goof, sack, and incompletion to be on that NFL field.  It is inherent in their DNA to believe they will eventually succeed given the chance.  Is it in his best interest to wait?  Perhaps, but not in their own ego.  Tannehill will compete to start, ask to be on the field, do his best to convince the coaches he’s ready, and they will want nothing more than to see him on the field.  It all adds up to playing time, sooner rather than later.

So what’s the hurdle?  Moore and Garrard.  If Tannehill can show enough skill in practice (which is like a workout routine – he’ll master), look better than Moore and Garrard, and can put up some decent showings in pre-season, then look for him to take the reigns somewhere mid-season.  Maybe Philbin even gets a few Tebow style packages in games once in a while, Tanny shows some flashes, fans get excited, he stays in for a series, then two… viola!  Bob’s your uncle.  Bye Week sounds about right if I’m a coach looking for my best window.

Absorbing as much film on defenses as possible, and implementing his newfound (hopefully) knowledge on how to recognize and react to defenses is the key.  That learning curve is the biggest for everyone.  Henne couldn’t get it right in 4 years.  It took Manning 2, Aikman 2, Elway 2 etc. to figure out NFL defenses enough to be successful enough to win.  But all those guys started year one, took their lumps, lost many games, tossed plenty of picks, and lived through it just fine.  So will Luck.  And Griffin 3.  So will Tannehill.

If he can’t handle the hits to his ego, then he’s in the wrong business.  And at least we’ll find out sooner than 5 years.

He’ll play.  This season.  Just watch.

Written by:  JS_in_LA   (Jeff S.)


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73 Responses to “Expect Tannehill to Start This Season”

  1. Jeff Schanz (@JS_in_LA) Says:

    oscar (@1:07),
    what logic is it that you refer to?

    It’s always possible that Tanny could pull a Dalton. But I’m really asuming he won’t. I’m just looking forward to anything that is a new beginning, positive path, starting something. Even if we lose big, but see flashes, that to me is better than plugging away with mediocre talent.

  2. Jeff Schanz (@JS_in_LA) Says:

    Everyone who knows me knows I was adamantly opposed to Tannehill as our QB pick.
    It’s only been a couple of days, and nothing to be definiive about will happen for a long while. But as far as first impressions go, interviews, handling the pressure, media, other rookies, and so forth, he’s done exactly what he’s needed to do so far.
    Long way to go.
    Has it changed my opinion hat we should’ve draft Cousins or Weeden? Nope. Not yet.
    But he’s knocked some of the plaster off my wall, so keep it up rook. Looking forward to seeing you compete on Sundays.

  3. The Crusher Says:

    Hey Jeff,
    Nice article. I think the only way he starts from day 1 is if he starts and plays well in the 3rd preseason game when he will see as close to a real NFL game as it gets.If he does great there, than who knows. Like you, I also think if he is not named the starter, he should get some reps in live games to get him ready for midseason. If this QB fairy tale follows forms, longtime fans will remember 1983 when #13 played in 11 games (nine of which he started) and went 7-2. The Dolphin Nation waits with hope.

  4. oscarcanosa Says:

    If A=B and B=C then A=C. Yes? No?

  5. Jeff Schanz (@JS_in_LA) Says:

    a2+ b2 = c2 (#2 is supposed to be “squared”)

  6. Jon Says:

    Doing some math today guys? 🙂

  7. Jon Says:

    I’m excited to see Tanny in gameday uniform and running some plays during preseason.

    The future is now

  8. Jeff Schanz (@JS_in_LA) Says:

    technically, the future is tomorrow 😉

    I’m interested to see how they utilize his legs. If they run plays where he has a few sprint-out options, or bootlegs, that could be massive in the ability of our receivers to get open. Yes, it can get Tanny hit too. But if they keep him a pocket passer, he’ll struggle mightily with both defensive schemes and medicocre receivers who can’t separate.
    BUT… if they move him around, and he creates a little time, then, like Tebow in Denver, you create larger holes in the coverages because DBs/LBs have to honor the possibility hat he’ll run. A small hesitation in the d-backfield and a receiver can get open.

    All depends on how they utilize Tannehill, and how well he recognizes the opportunities when the happen.

  9. oscarcanosa Says:

    Now they calling him Tanny. Well…..

  10. bigpete07 Says:


    apparently, throwing while on the move is one of T-hills strengths, and if he played WR he can’t be that slow or fragile. I can visualize RG3 as a receiver but not Luck, so let’s say we have the second most agile QB in the top 10. Huzzah!

  11. Jeff Schanz (@JS_in_LA) Says:

    If you mean me, as well as others here calling him Tanny…. I fess up. It’s shorter, easier, and had a touch of contempt and belittling to it (when it started before the draft). Until he steps up and proves he’s worth the fuss and shows me my opinion was wrong… I’ll be a little snarky to him. But he’s on the right track to prove me wrong, so I’ll keep watching.

    When he finally does slay the demons, what shall we call him?
    What’s a cool moniker or nickname for the winner, Ryan Tannehill?

  12. Jon Says:

    I used Tanny simply out of laziness….. I will admit

  13. oscarcanosa Says:

    I don’t give a fukk what you call him, man. Or whatever his name is . Let him win Games for us, and then, we’ll call him something.. GN.

  14. Jon Says:

    Alright then…….point taken 🙂

  15. ozkar_ Says:

    Howdy Jon. Just a quick ? for you. Why do I get so many emails about the new posts. One would suffice.

  16. Jon Says:

    Sorry Ozkar…….but I’m not sure……..you get multiple emails about the same post?

    Give me some detail and I will try to help you out the best I can

  17. ozkar_ Says:

    oscar canosa you’re SUCH A BITTER OLD FART no wonder you’ve gone to sleep so early.
    There’s no doubt Ryan Tannehill will HAVE TO EARN HIS STRIPES with Us Dolphans. But to commence to belittle him cause he wasn’t sexually appealing to you-all before draft or quarreling cause of his moniker is right down fag-ish.
    I’M F U CK ING HOPING, on my knees he proves you cowardly queers WRONG!
    What gay nickname did you-all have for bum culpepper when We chose his mediocre qbing over Super Bowl MVP Drew Brees?

  18. ozkar_ Says:

    Good evening Jon. Yes I am gettin MANY emails about the same topic. Especially Expect Ryan Tannehill to Start This Season.
    No troubles.Just annoying.Sh it happens.

  19. Jon Says:

    Ozkar……you may have “subscribed” to the that particular comment feed…….you should be able to unsubscribe and the emails should stop

  20. Jon Says:


  21. Jeff Schanz (@JS_in_LA) Says:

    ozcar, i’m definitely guilty of belitling Tannehill. But that was before the draft when I was pissed we were courting him. He’s here, and he’s our QB, so I’m done with that stuff, but I don’t trust him as any kind of savior yet. So I’ll hold onto some of my notions until he knocks the chip off my shoulder 😉

    As for Culpepper. He was not my plan, and I was pissed we passed on Brees. I may have called him Captain Telegraph … when I had a beer or two.

    And yeah, I hope Tannehill prooves me wrong too. If he doesn’t, its’ another 4-5 years down the drain. I’m getting too old for that. So heck yeah I hope he’s awesome.

  22. ozkar_ Says:

    I really apologize for calling most of you-all queers.Got too excited.However I won’t take it back when it comes to oscar canosa,aka Salguero’s P U T A!

  23. ozkar_ Says:

    I f ucking swear there’s an echo at Our blog cause I’m constintently repeating Jeff Schanz(@JS_in_LA) thoughts. And those reflections of opinion are that if Ryan Tannehill doesn’t plan out, We are screwed for many more years. INDEED!

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