Griffen & Tannehill – Large Separation?

Most NFL experts have agreed that there is a large difference between the second overall pick of the 2012 NFL draft, Robert Griffin III, and the 8th pick of the draft, Miami Dolphins selection Ryan Tannehill.  The Dolphins GM doesn’t agree.  In a recent interview with Sport’s Illustrated’s Peter King, Jeff Ireland was quoted with the following statement,

“I didn’t see a huge separation between Griffin and Ryan at the time,” Dolphins GM Jeff Ireland told Peter King last week. “I just didn’t see it.”

I know many of you will attack this statement with negative Ireland comments.  But what if he really feels this way.  If after watching both QB’s, you felt there was similar value, wouldn’t you stay put and draft the second guy? Who knows for sure, but if he really believed in Tannehill, wouldn’t that be the better choice?

You don’t have to remind me that I will eat crow after this statement if I’m proved wrong, but Victory would taste SO sweet if Tannehill succeeds as the long lost QB of the Dolphins after all the speculation and “analysts” labeled him as a possible bust.

Many players in this league have proved that analysts can’t predict the will of a winner on game day.  I hope our new rookie falls into that category.

236 Responses to “Griffen & Tannehill – Large Separation?”

  1. Jeff Schanz (@JS_in_LA) Says:

    JS’s handy dandy guide to how to tell a bad QB from a good ‘un.

    1. Feet. Is he jitterbugging around, or just keeping ready and mobile. Are his feet following his head and shoulders, or are they driving his body themselves? If your head is right, your feet follow. Watch Marino, Brady – two dudes who move very little, but when they do, it’s meaningful, and they never take their eyes off the field. Manning moves a lot, but his feet follow where his shoulders go, not vice versa.

    2. Head. Where is he looking? RIghties tend to look right (Henne). if the play is a 3 step and throw, he’ll look at his target. Dismiss those. If he has to set up, and find the hot receiver, watch. Is he cranking his head around to see new things, or is he comfortably scanning the whole field? If it looks like a hardship to scan around, then he’s already behind what the D is doing. By the time you see it, it’s time to throw it. Where SHOULD the hot guy be, where SHOULD the secondary guy be? ..etc. Brady throws when he’s sure he was right in his prediciton, not when he notices something new necessarily. You’ll notice dominant right focus QBs when they snap their head back to center or left like they are suddenly lost -Oops my receiver isn’t open, now what?

    3. You’ll notice QB confidence rise when he starts playing faster, faster to huddle, faster to line, impatient with coach’s play calling delays. This is a sign of a QB who knows he has the D where he wants them (tired, reeling, confused, frustrated) and he wants to attack. Good QBs attack, like sharks wih blood in the water. QBs who are puppets, who aren’t commanding will just wander about calmly doing their job, and wait for coaches to get upset or tense about delays. Not always a black/white factor, but it does factor.

    4. Talks to his players. Don’t wait for coach yakkety yack.. ask the dudes yourself. How’s he gaurding you? Tendencies? Showed blitz but isn’t coming? Favors what side? ..Then be the mentor and pastor. It’s ok, you’ll catch the next TD; You got this, you do it in practice all the time .. etc. Good QBs talk to O-linemen, and WRs. Age isn’t a factor. Huddle and sidelines, stay as a group.

    5. Telegraph throws? Lock in with head (Culpepper)? Look, see throw, …OR… look, assume (look away) – plan to throw – look back and if it looks like the picture in your head, -THROW! Favre was awesome at this.

    There’s lots more, but these are a few thoughts to use when next you watch our QB. Or anyone elses’.

  2. oscarcanosa Says:

    In the Evening, is quieter, That’s what some of us here like.

  3. oscarcanosa Says:

    Quick feet doesn’t mean scrambling at all. You set up and then you evade, always in Rythm.

  4. ALOCO Says:

    TO BE
    NOT TO BE…….




  5. oscarcanosa Says:

    Sure Moore and Garrard will catch up to Tannehill knowledge- wise and soon. Still, we mantain Tannehill will start our Season.

  6. ALOCO Says:


  7. oscarcanosa Says:

    What guy., ALoco, it’s We. This is Internet 102, you know. See you at 3 AM, tomorrow.

  8. Jon Says:

    BIM!!!! Believing in Miami! I hope Clyde Gates lives up to his new slogan and gives us new hope to believe in!

  9. ALOCO Says:


  10. ALOCO Says:

    GATES…THE BUST OF 2011….

  11. odinseye Says:


    I went over your points a second time looking to argue.

    I wouldn’t disagree with any of it. NICE post.

  12. odinseye Says:

    Gates a bust?

    C’mon man! Gates or not, 5th round draft picks are generally NOT “Busts”. Especially after only one season.

    5th rounders are “Long Shots” to MAKE the team, let alone the active roster.

    Do you know how many 5th round picks from the ENTIRE draft last year even made their 53 man rosters? Their Practice squads?


    5th rounders are just NOT considered busts, even when they………….bust.

    C’mon ALoco, this ain’t the Herald. We’re a little more SOPHISTICATED than THAT around here 😉

  13. Jeff Schanz (@JS_in_LA) Says:

    Wow, thanks.
    I’d like to say I’m speechless, but apparently I’m posting.. so not speechless.

  14. ALOCO Says:



  15. odinseye Says:


    BIM is Gate’s new slogan?

    If so, where did you hear about it?


    I don’t think I like it. I mean, I like the sentiment of Believeing In Miami, but it just comes off the tongue kind of funny. At least as far as “Catch Phrases” go.


    Gates is definitely not a bust after only playing 1 year under SpOrano. But I think it’s safe to say, when it comes to making up “Catch Phrases”…………….he’s a Dud!

  16. ALOCO Says:


    BIM …………….




  17. ozkar_ Says:

    Matt Moore is a career back-up fellow Dolphans.

    As I’ve commented before,then after and now.MOST,we soon will know, if NOT ALL was due to Our latent offensive talent on Our current roster.

    We have a good offensive line.As a matter of fact,some would agree with me that it even got better throught the draft and attrition.

    Our Rbs are SOLID! Potentially stellar.

    We’ve needed a contempary offensive system and a starting qb.


  18. odinseye Says:


    Everyone has the right to an opinion.

    I was just curious, do you rate Moore as a back up because it’s simply your opinion? Or do you have a bunch of facts and details that leads one to this conclusion?

    Moore has steadily improved(for the most part)since entering the league as an undrafted free agent signee.

    Despite having played in 4 different offenses in 5 years, he’s managed to earn a starting stint twice. Coming off the bench this year he made MAJOR strides in convincing some that he just might have what it takes to be a starter.

    According to many QB ranking systems Moore ranked 14 among those with a minimum amount of starts this season.

    14. Matt Moore, Dolphins: Miami has won four of five after losing its first seven, and part of the turnaround can be attributed to the efficient play of Moore, who has thrown for eight scores in his last five games. More importantly, he has done an excellent job of protecting the ball, throwing only one interception in his last five outings. He also has converted eight of his pass attempts on third-and-long into first downs.

    I can think of more than a few teams that would welcome Moore and the performances he finished out the year with.

    Before the start of this season Moore had a Grand Total of 13 NFL starts. Add in this years starts and he doesn’t have many more than 2nd year QB Cam Newton. Also, there is a consensus among NFL “People” that it often takes from 30 to 35 starts to accurately judge how well a young-er QB will adjust/perform in the NFL.

    My questions to you:

    1. Do you really believe that 25 starts(the majority under Dan Henning(Ahem) is enough to accurately determine that a QB will only be a back up? Don’t forget to consider he was 6-3 in his last 9 on a team with all kinds of holes. The least of which was not the O-line.

    2. Why are you complaining about Moore being a back up anyways? After all, we just spent the 8th overall pick on our heir apparent. We need a decent back up with a very cap friendly contract anyways. Either way, Moore seems a PERFECT fit here in Miami. Especially with the current Tannehill situation.

    PS: Not “Ranting” on you Ozkar, just curious as to why all the venom for Moore?

  19. Cuban Menace Says:

    “I didn’t see a huge separation between Griffin and Ryan at the time,” Dolphins GM Jeff Ireland told Peter King last week. “I just didn’t see it.”

    LOL At Ireland, It’s as if he really is clueless., Next thing he’ll say is Garrards no difference then Manning.
    LMAO At Ireland.

  20. oscarcanosa Says:

    Sorry, it was C, Am, F and G.

  21. oscarcanosa Says:

    Listen to those Harmonies, how beautiful they sound.

  22. oscarcanosa Says:

    Massachusetts has the reputation for being the most sophisticated State in the Nation. They aren’t. No descendants of bootleggers can be so.

  23. oscarcanosa Says:

    Which foot, Mac?

  24. oscarcanosa Says:

    It will go down to which QB moves the Team best. I hope they can find that out in practice, if not, the exhibition Games will determine.

  25. ALOCO Says:


  26. Texas_Dolfan Says:

    JS – Of course there is one other way to judge a QB.

    When he’s standing on a podium holding up the Lombardi trophy. That’s where I want to see Miami’s QB.


  27. Jon Says:

    So an ex-punter is now suing the NFL for supposed concussions from back when he played? The most protected position that is played. Talk about trying to jump on the bandwagon to get more money………

    This is getting out of hand

  28. ozkar_ Says:

    Howdy odinseye. I’m critical of Matt Moore cause I think that he benefitted from last year’s sitiuation.So therefore those starts and stats are skewed.

    As you mentioned, he lead Our team after it pathetically started 0-7. Nothing to lose there. Moore had little pressure.

    Our offense,if not THE entire team,welcomed the change.
    After the swoon of the second half of the 2010 season. When We had to win critical games and failed.I believe Our team lost faith in chad henne.

    As the lock-out descended some Dolphans, an perhaps certain players as well,forgot chump chad’s ineptness.After the lockout ended,and players hit the field and a couple of winnable games AT HOME were lost We were all reminded that the chad henne era had gone on TOO LONG! His injury was phony. The Easy way out. Very accomadating from his fellow team owner alumnus.

    So the offense finally gets the albatross off it’s neck and Our offensive players feel rejuvenated. Some even showcase their potential. All Matt Moore did was ride the wave. LIKE A TRUE BACK-UP.

  29. Kris Says:


    It really is….the “grown men” have the oppertunity to make Millions of dollars playing a kids game….only a total fool doesn’t understand the risk that can occur with EVERY snap of the ball….

    May Junior Seau rest in peace….but his death will be used to further cripple the game he played for ALL of his adult life….

  30. Kris Says:


    The book on M. Moore hasn’t even been written……

  31. Kris Says:

    Cuban Menance…..

    I woudn’t LOL Irelands words quite so fast…..Baylor isn’t knon as a football elite school…and this year with RG3 didn’t change that….RG3’s BUST potential is THRU the ROOF….and being here right next to DC….I will be close enough to roast a Marshmallow when the skins’ crash and burn…..

  32. ozkar_ Says:

    Do you HONESTLY think that Moore will lead a team to the playoffs as a stater? Or a Super Bowl?
    Come on Kris, that’s laughable.Matt Moore is like those bills back-up qbs.Frank Reich and Johnson.Very productive but NOT elite.

  33. Jon Says:

    Yea Kris,

    and sorry for getting off topic from Dolphins, it was just bothering me so I shared

  34. Kris Says:


    I’m saying “i don’t know”…he has never really been given a chance…..

    Without a doubt he struggled against the better competition…but that was with limited practice…new playbook…new recievers…and one of the dumbest caoches in NFL history guiding the ship…..

    I don’t think Moore has been properly evealuated yet….and it appears he will not be in Miami either….

  35. Jon Says:

    new post up…………………….

  36. oscarcanosa Says:

    Agree with Kris. Matt Moore will not be properly evaluated here.

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