Wake’s Deal Less than Advertised

According to PFT, Cameron Wake’s deal comes in at much less than the 49 million originally reported for the star defensive player.

Here are the specifics on how his deal actually breaks down……….

1.  Signing bonus of $7 million.

2.  Fully-guaranteed base salary of $615,000 in 2012.

3.  Fully-guaranteed base salary of $3.565 million in 2013.

4.  Fully-guaranteed base salary of $5.82 million in 2014.

5.  Base salary of $8.2 million in 2015, $3 million of which is guaranteed for injury only for now.  If Wake if on the roster on the fifth day of the 2015 league year, the $3 million becomes guaranteed for skill and injury.

6.  Base salary of $8.275 million in 2016.

7.  Workout bonuses of $50,000 in 2012, $50,000 in 2013, $65,000 in 2014, $100,000 in 2015, and $125,000 in 2016.

8.  Up to $5 million in escalators for 2014, 2015, and 2016 based on sacks.

The deal goes to $48  only if Wake hits the full amount of every possibility.  And much of it is not guaranteed.

And with cap numbers closing in on $10 million for each of the final two seasons of the five-year deal, there’s also a good chance it will ultimately be a three-year deal with a base value of around $17  million.

I personally say NICE JOB to Ireland on this one!  Great deals with both Solai and Wake without breaking the bank.

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403 Responses to “Wake’s Deal Less than Advertised”

  1. oscar canosa Says:

    They made Wade mad. RIP.

  2. bigpete07 Says:

    Curtains for Meesam?


  3. Jon Says:

    hey bigpete…………..I posted a new article about this 45 minutes ago 🙂

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