Ross Realizing Football is Different

In an interview with CBS4 in Miami on Monday, Stephen Ross admitted that even though he must believe in what he does, the criticism has taken its toll on him as an owner.  Ross commented, “You’ve got to believe in yourself . . . anything in life.  However, the criticism does sting .”

Ross went on to talk about how finding success in the NFL has proven to be way different from his previous businesses where he has made millions of dollars.  “I’m a developer,” Ross said. “So I’m looking at property and I have to have a vision.  In football, it’s a lot harder to do.”

I have mixed feelings on Ross’s statements.  I’m happy that he cares, but I feel like he has been way too involved.  I don’t want an owner that sticks his nose in too much of the football operations.  In some ways, I like to see them just write the checks and let the football minds take over.  The trick is getting good football minds in place to make good football decisions.  I believe this has started to happen this year.  The jury is still out on Ireland, I know this, but many of his decisions have seemed to be sound decisions in developing a football team. Philbin also seems to be a good football mind, but we’ll have to judge that when September rolls around.

My point is that I’m not a big fan of the spectacle Ross has tried to make the Dolphins by involving celebrities and such, but I do like these recent comments of his for one reason, it does show that he cares enough to actually WANT his team to win!  Living near the city of Cleveland, believe the fact that I KNOW there are owners out there that could care less.

Random Update:     Stephen Ross said Monday at an NFL meeting in Atlanta that he expects Moore, the team MVP in 2011, to start the season at quarterback.

“I don’t think they’re going to rush (Tannehill) into anything,” Ross told “He’s going to have to win the starting job. I think Matt Moore will probably be the starter, and I wish him the best.”

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223 Responses to “Ross Realizing Football is Different”

  1. professor lou Says:

    I just want to clear something up. I am not using stats to show the potential of a player. The stats are facts from a previous year when the player started. They don’t show the player’s potential, they show his performance.
    Some posters here believe that Tannehill has more upside than Moore or that Miami has a better chance of winning when Tannehill gets the opportunity to start than with Moore being the starter.
    What is that based on? Opinion. Speculation. Look at Moore’s stats. Take a long hard look at them and tell me where the problem is.
    Is there room for improvement? Sure. However, getting rid of Moore just to get rid of Moore doesn’t make sense.
    Someone explain to me what Tannehill’s potential is. Some believe Tannehill has more potential than Moore. What is that based on? There’s nothing to go on. You can’t base his potential on his 19 college starts.
    Yes, the team drafted Tannehill at #8. The question posed is, “why would they draft a quarterback that high if Moore was the answer.” That’s a valid question and I look at it this way.
    The team didn’t perform well last year finishing 6-10. When a team finishes that bad what position does the team look to try and upgrade first? Quarterback. Was it Moore’s fault the team played so poorly. No. Did the team win the games they did because of the way Moore played. Sure did. Because, despite all of the problems the team had on the offensive line with pass protection, how much pressure he was under on a consistent basis and how much he was knocked around in games he still led them to a 6-3 record in the last nine games.
    But, why is it that some like to dismiss the first 3 games he played instead of saying he was 6-6 as a starter? Well, maybe because of the fact that he wasn’t signed until July, didn’t join the team until August and was inserted in the lineup in October as the starting quarterback and didn’t fully understand the offense and didn’t know the players.
    Being familiar with the players on the team, especially the receivers, cannot be understated. Knowing the playbook cannot be understated. Being sacked 13 times in 3 games isn’t exactly going to help either.
    People can diss Moore all they want and continue to be in denial about the way he played last year but, if you get NFL rewind and watch the games, watch the way he played, you’re going to come away with a different perspective.
    Why do I write the things I do about Moore? Because I know how well he played in 2011 and, to me, he is the starting quarterback until someone takes it away from him. If Garrard or Tannehill beat him out and become the starter than they prove to be the better player. But, until that happens, I am going to stand behind the starting quarterback of the Miami Dolphins and that guy is Moore.

  2. kris Says:

    Prof. Lou….

    Saying Moore is the starting QB for the Miami Dolphins is like saying…..a chauffeur dressed in UNIFORM is the owner of the Bentley you just walked past on Rodeo Drive…..

    Moore or Garrard for that matter are just keeping the seat warm until the #8 pick in the draft is ready to play…..

    for both of our sakes…lets hope its day one…….If this draft turns out to be weak…and it turns out that the ONLY solid pick Ireland gave us in 5 years were TWO OL drafted in the 1st RD……we are in trouble….

    You guys do realize that UNTIL Tenne has @ least 2 years of playing time under his belt…..Ireland will use that QB pick to justify his job to Ross…..

    So the sooner Tenne plays…..the sooner we will ALL know if he can play….and the sooner we will find out if we have a talented GM…or anther chauffeur masquerading as the real deal….

  3. kris Says:

    Side note to the UPDATE…..

    I am 1 BILLION % behind Ross….but I am tired of him opening his mouth about personnel…..or about what he THINKS Philbin or Ireland might do….he should really just STFU…he has to realize that every time he speaks to the press on football matters…and says ANYTHING as close to definitive as…

    “I don’t think they’re going to rush (Tannehill) into anything,” Ross told “He’s going to have to win the starting job. I think Matt Moore will probably be the starter, and I wish him the best.”

    He has either directly or indirectly influenced the Head Coaches decision…..Philbin seems to be his own man….but how many of us (me included) would not feel the pressure to do what the BILLIONAIRE OWNER now wants to see done……If Philbin is wrong…..he has already been 2nd guessed in the press by his Boss…..

    and keep in mind…Philbin doesn’t carry the clout of a Jimmy Johnson who had won a National Title before joing the Cowboys….nor did Philbin have the pleasure of being his boss’s college roommate…..

  4. kris Says:

    Phins 78…..

    Perhaps one day we will get the chance to drink a few and have these discussions in real life….I know you are a REAL person..and like I have said before….REAL people are my favorite kind of posters….cause just like in REAL life….you can disagree…but the spat doesn’t have to last forever……I apologize for the cheerleader remark….clearly you feel some sort of way about it…..

    I just want to get back to the football side of things….


    Thanks for providing this forum for forum were us football junkies have a place to discuss…vent….verbally bash…and even agree (rarely) on things about our FINS…..excellent work my man…..The fact that many of us have a sense of familiarity about each other from Armando’s blog….well that adds an extra touch of personalisim (not a real word)……and it is making for some great off-season chatter….

  5. kris Says:

    WAKE UP!!!!

    I live…eat…and breathe FINS FOOTBALL…..

  6. Jon Says:

    Kris……I’m physically awake but haven’t finished my first coffee yet, so not much brain activity going on for me yet.

    Thank you for the kind words. I’ve enjoyed the conversations as well.

  7. odinseye Says:

    ozkar_ Says:
    May 25, 2012 at 12:12 am

    Hey odin, if Moore is so GREAT then why did the franchise he led to a gaudy 6-3 record draft a QUATERBACK in the first round.
    Why not sorround YOU’RE Miami Dolphin savior with more weapons.Why odiseye’s?

    Gee Ozkar nothing like reinforcing the points I make. You know, like part about making stuff up to argue with yourself about(snicker, snicker).

    In all reality, your post wouldn’t even be coherent HAD I mentioned Great or Savior.

    Ozkar, next time just simply try an comment about something that was actually posted 😉

    I mean your vivid imagination is cool and everything, but it’s really sad seeing you argue with yourself. NOT!

    Bhwaaaaaaaaaaaaaa Haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa Haaaaaaaaaaaaa!!!!

  8. odinseye Says:

    Prof. Lou,

    You do realize that I wasn’t saying you base your opinions of Moore strictly on stats don’t you?

    I was just echoing the sentiments of a blogger(who shall remain nameless-lol)that was putting words in peoples mouth for the sake of arguing with himself(not to mention some really stale cut downs).

    Anywhoo……watchout for the “Strawman”!

  9. odinseye Says:

    Alright, just making sure I got this straight.

    It’s a party at Jon’s house, bring a Prom Queen, wear a shield?

    I just LOVE theme parties!


  10. Jon Says:

    um…….maybe if we make the playoffs

  11. bigpete07 Says:

    It’s obvious how much Matt Moore loves an offense where he’s not being told – by Brandon Marshall or anyone – to throw him the damn ball. “There’s no pressure to get the ball to any one specific guy,” Moore said. “So you can just go back there and wing it.” (the Herald)

  12. ozkar_ Says:

    Odin you’re a consummate schmuck. I find it hysterical how a man such as you still amuses himself after whipping his own ass.

  13. Jon Says:

    Guys in the comments section over at the Herald are talking crap about Marino. Makes me sick. I really hope they are jets fans in a Miami blog

  14. thavafin Says:

    I’ve been reading comments and trying to inject myself in some sort of conversation over at the herald, but the comments are just atrocious, so I find it pointless.

  15. ozkar_ Says:

    So,are We finally realizing that Brandon Marshall was a cancer to Our offense?
    Really, It only took two seasons for the delusionals to come to grips with it?.
    Yet most of Us were crying that he was traded away. Some commented that We should have gotten more from the Bears. I’ve said it again and will say it more times.Good Riddance to that cancerous malcontent. We got over on the Bears.

  16. bigpete07 Says:

  17. odinseye Says:


    You called Moore great and our savior.

    Soooooooooooooo, STFU TaRDO!

  18. bigpete07 Says:

    Miami Dolphins 2012 over/under win total set surprisingly low at 7.5

  19. ozkar_ Says:

    Odins’ one eye,


    Hey Cyclops, you and prof Lou can go cheer for whatever team Moore leeches onto next.

  20. odinseye Says:


    Why are you now saying Moore is not the next Great Savior?

    That’s what you said last night.

    Neither Lou nor I said Moore was Great or the Savior. You did. Are you Flip Flopper Breed by chance?

    Maybe trying to take his place?

  21. odinseye Says:


    Why are you now saying Moore is not the next Great Savior?

    That’s what you said last night.

    Neither Lou nor I said Moore was Great or the Savior. You did. Are you Flip Flopper Breed by chance?

    Maybe trying to take his place?


  22. Jon Says:

    new post up

  23. WB Says:

    This place is great and I want to thank you all for giving me some laughs today! Not sure how I got here and not a fan of your team but totally had fun reading the back and forths! And good luck with whoever starts this season…

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