Fins 2012 Starting QB – We Have No Idea

It has been fun contemplating, discussing, and sometimes arguing about who will win the starting job for our Miami Dolphins this year.  But let’s be honest, we really have no clue who Philbin will choose.  Garrard gives a ton of experience, but is a huge question mark because of  coming off of injuries and a year off.  Moore had a great run the end of last year and knows the locker room well, but may not be the best fit for this type of offense and some already believe he’s only backup material.  Tannehill knows his NFL playbook more than any rookie in NFL history, but has no experience whatsoever against NFL defenses.

The fact is, any of these 3 guys could overcome their weaknesses and demand the starting job, and any of them could also succumb to their weaknesses paving the way for others to step up.  While it’s fun to argue and counter-point each other, any of us could make a strong argument for any of these 3 players to start against Houston in September.  It’s just way too early to count one of them out of the race.

The best news I’ve heard this off-season is that Philbin would like to have the QB position decided by Game 2 or 3 of the pre-season.   I’ve said it before and I’ll repeat, regardless of who is chosen, a QB controversy with consistent negative spins by the media could be devastating for this rookie Head Coach.

Clear communication to the players needs to happen to keep the locker room together.  That is more important than some people might realize.


UPDATE:    Dolphins sign fifth-round pick Josh Kaddu (linebacker).  They have now signed 4 of their 9 draft picks

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95 Responses to “Fins 2012 Starting QB – We Have No Idea”

  1. bigpete07 Says:


    the jets ‘almost’ made it to a couple of SBs as an old fashioned running team. They asked Schottenheimer to open up the offense to take an extra step forwards and it turned out that Sanchez wasn’t up to the task.

    Now it’s Sparano, wildcat and Tebow!

  2. Jeff Schanz (@JS_in_LA) Says:

    Yeah, Sanchez is turning out to be the Jets’ Henne. They keep going round and round on Maybe’s, and If Only’s, and blame. I still say Tebow is starting before season is over.

    I think Sanchez is more talented than Henne, but limited. He just makes bad reads too often and blows it. When the pressure is on, he can’t handle it.

  3. Jeff Schanz (@JS_in_LA) Says:

    BTW, Jon, I don’t find your subject article very illuminating. We don’t know? Ho hum.
    Need to spice up your articles with some creative un-truths and complete personal agendas and irresponsible guesswork like the rest of the media. You know, say stuff like…

    “I met Joe Philbin in a bar, and while in a drunken stupor, he gave me the secret of who will start at QB. He said after 5 minutes of watching them play, that – and some tea-leaf reading, coin flips, and a call to Madam Claire Voyant at 1-900-psy-chic, he has decided his starter. But he made me promise not to tell you yet. I will reveal it at the very beginning of the season. A hint? He wears a jersey number under 20.”

    Golden stuff, there.

  4. bigpete07 Says:

    JS – the Jets’ Henne?

    Sanchez received a high first round contract and all the endorsement opportunities of NYC. while Henne probably got a contract similar to Pat White’s (with triple the abuse) and not much else!

  5. professor lou Says:

    The sad part about the Jet’s situation is their starting quarterback isn’t as good as our “backup” starting quarterback.

  6. phins78 Says:

    Big Pete I give all of the credit to the Jets defense in getting them to 2 championships. They backed in to the playoffs both years and I don’t feel for a second it was the running game that got them there.

  7. oscar canosa Says:

    Not moving the Team only, but moving the Team “forward”. This, at least I, interpret it as the best QB that fits both our present AND our Future as a Team. Easy to see, isn’t it?

  8. oscar canosa Says:

    Makes sense.

  9. Jeff Schanz (@JS_in_LA) Says:

    You’re tweeking my nose over a Jets QB comment? Dude!

    My analogy was not concerning money, or draft pick status. It was concerning the same kid gloves, excuses, fans taking sides, wait wait wait for the final determination of value, and the always one-more-season-to-see approach he’s getting. Seems like the same grey cloud we went through.

    Writing is on the wall. Sanchez would have to WOW folks in order to be the no-competition starter next year.

    If ya really want to chat Henne (and I don’t – it was just a quick analogy), I thought he was a scrub when he was drafted. Expected nothing, got what I expected. Couldn’t wait for the team to finally figure it out.

    If anyone here is still pining for Henne, please don’t include me in the discussion. Not interested. Apologies for even bringing it up.

  10. Jeff Schanz (@JS_in_LA) Says:

    Apologies Pete, didn’t mean to jump down your throat.
    It’s just that I thought we properly killed off all the Henne supporters.
    Apparently the gas didn’t penetrate every home. No prob. Fixable.

    If you’ll please submit your address to the Dolphin Security Task Force, someone will come by to “discuss” this with you.

    All hail, Tannemoorrard!

  11. bigpete07 Says:


    it’s true…….no point denying it! I feel that Henne received scorn and abuse out of proportion with his paycheck…….. not a #8 pick but treated as one ( a failed one).

  12. ALOCO Says:

    henne is the most abused player on the dolphin team .the uneducated fans abused him for lack of knowledge …………..

  13. ALOCO Says:

    sanchez first contract was 75 million for 4 years while henne got 26 dollars per season……….

  14. odinseye Says:

    Armando’s radio show is being cancelled.

    Low ratings!

    Armando is the Chad Henne of sports talk radio.

    ArmandoSalguero My understanding is radio station will replace my show with Sid Rosenberg. 17 hours ago · reply · retweet · favorite

    ArmandoSalguero MT @colinwood_ca: Mando. You know I’m a regular listener to the show, and reader of your reporting. Going to miss the show. All the best. 18 hours ago · reply · retweet · favorite

    ArmandoSalguero RT @ArmandoandPerk: Basically, ratings were simply not good enough. Soooo … no more show. ( @armandosalguero

    Is this old news? I’m surprised no one is talking about it.


  15. ALOCO Says:

    armando found a new job already ……… jason taylor’s house ………… cooking hot dogs only and taking care of the back yard…….

  16. kris Says:

    According to Armando’s blog….the plan seems to be for Philbin to win with Sporano/Ireland’s players….it is also evidenced by our free agency period….where we did very little……

    I know some of you guys want to hang your hat on the word REBUILD…..but I don’t think that is the mind set of the FO….We know we can get some stretches of play out of Moore….and lets not forget that Garrard had that season back in 2007 when he only threw 3 INTs….then he got paid and threw 30 INTs in 2 years…and thats why he was out of work last year…..and eventually landed here…

    The PATS may be vulnerable….their has been horrible the last few years…..if Philbin understands that the name of the game is to score points….then we are already light years ahead of DINOsporano…and his parcellian ot dated philosophy…..

    Look for the FINS to finish with 11 wins….and challenge the PATS for the AFC EAST CROWN….if your a betting man…this is the easiest money you will make all season…..

  17. bigpete07 Says:

    Winner of QB Competition announced

  18. phins78 Says:

    JS Sanchez signed a contract extension which is keeping him there 5 more years at just under 60 million dollars with over 20 million guaranteed.

    Tebow is signed for 3 years at 6.6 million not including possible incentives.

    Following the money I wouldn’t think Sanchez would have to wow anyone to win the job, just be better than Tebow. And if you look at Tebows numbers and how he has stunk so far in ota’s it’s hard to reason that he’s going to win the starters role.

    I’m not saying Tebow won’t start at some point but I think it will be because of injury or a stalling offense mid season more than anything else. IMO the Jets aren’t seeing Tebow as an upgrade over Sanchez, just an upgrade at backup for insurance.

    I will be really interested in seeing if Sparano will run the wildcat like they did in Miami. Meaning do they keep pulling Sanchez off the filed at odd times like after he just completed 8 passes in a row and had the team driving, and then he goes and sits for three plays only to come back cold. And will anyone be fooled anymore by the wildcat? Hasn’t been too successful the past two years for anyone.

    I do know Tebow is perfectly suited for it and if anyone could bring it back it will be him. But coming off the bench for a handful of plays is more likely imo. If not the Jets have made a MAJOR mistake in extending Sanchez’s contract.

  19. phins78 Says:

    I know I’ll get killed for this from Tebow fans (and have no idea why because I speak the truth! 🙂 but Tebow sucks. Sucks, sucks, sucks. He played JUST well enough to come back at the end of some games. It is not him but the defense and their kicker that kept them in games. If not for those two parts of the Broncos their wouldn’t have even been a chance for those comebacks. The guy looks like the worst QB who ever played the game for 3 quarters and then makes 6 throws for a winning drive and gets all of the credit for the win. What about the defense who had to keep the game close for 3/4 of the game with no help from their offense? What about the kicker who was kicking outrageously long field goals to keep it close?

    Don’t mean to trash the poor kid but whatever, I’m in a Dolphins blog reading my fellow fans posts that are all cheering for a Jets QB! What has the world come too?! AAAUUUGGGHHHHHH! 🙂

    See you guys, hope the weather is nice wherever you are and have a great day.

  20. phins78 Says:

    Big Pete holy sh*t! I’m laughing so hard right now, that was priceless! ROFL, Thank you, that was awesome at 10:29.

  21. odinseye Says:

    Armando’s radio show is being cancelled.

    Low ratings!

    Armando is the Chad Henne of sports talk radio.

    ArmandoSalguero My understanding is radio station will replace my show with Sid Rosenberg. 17 hours ago · reply · retweet · favorite

    ArmandoSalguero MT @colinwood_ca: Mando. You know I’m a regular listener to the show, and reader of your reporting. Going to miss the show. All the best. 18 hours ago · reply · retweet · favorite

    ArmandoSalguero RT @ArmandoandPerk: Basically, ratings were simply not good enough. Soooo … no more show. ( @armandosalguero

    Is this old news? I’m surprised no one is talking about it.


  22. odinseye Says:


  23. bigpete07 Says:

    I’ve pointed out Hartline’s numbers in his first three seasons are superior to those of Jordy Nelson, hinting that Hartline could have a similar breakout season to the one Nelson produced in Green Bay’s offense. But few Dolphins fan believe me.

  24. thavafin Says:

    Armando who?

  25. B33RCA53 Says:

    Hartline is very underrated

  26. Jeff Schanz (@JS_in_LA) Says:

    I’m a Gator alum, a Tebow fan, and do disagree with your assessment. But it’s still a free world, and your welcome to whatever feelings you have about Tebow. Unfortunately, yes, he is a d@mned Jet now, so it will be a hard season to figure out what to think for me. Sparano was an advocate of his ever since his senior bowl, so might be a guess that Sparano had some say in bringing in Tim… so I doubt he sees him as a 2nd stringer first and foremost.

    Personally I’m simply confused by many hypocrits who denounce him as a terrible QB, and yet will argue in favor of Henne. Tebow has a grand total of 15 starts, including a playoff win, missed the offseason with a brand new coach (who insulted and disfavored him at first), and his win totals are currently 9-7. But we’ve seen enough and we are sure he’s worthless?

    Henne has 31 starts, lost his job mid-season once, had a coach who backed him up and believed in him, and his wins totals are 13-18.
    But he needs more chances, and was mistreated?

    Don’t bother replying, everyone has their opinons on Tebow, and this isn’t a Tebow forum. I just don’t personally get all the animosity, and iron-clad assumptions. But we’re making calls on other QB’s so I guess everyone is fair game.

    So each their own.
    OK, I promise no more Tebowing here. Back to complaining about our receivers and our draft 😉

  27. odinseye Says:

    May 22nd, 2012 mattpatrick

    Will The Dolphins Pursue Kellen Winslow?

    During an interview with NFL Radio on Monday morning, tight end Kellen Winslow claimed his current team, the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, stated they were looking to trade him. He explained that the Bucs told him his services were no longer needed. Winslow continued to describe the main reason for this decision was because he did not participate in offseason workouts with the team. Apparently new head coach Greg Schiano is running a tight ship down in Tampa….But as the saying goes, one man’s garbage is another man’s treasure. If Winslow is telling the truth, will the Dolphins try to pursue him?

    Winslow is an eight year veteran who spent the first four years with the Cleveland Browns, before playing his last three with the Bucs. At 6’4 and 240 pounds, he is very athletic with great hands and is a quarterback’s favorite target. During his time with Tampa, he caught 218 balls for 2,377 yards and 12 touchdowns.

    For a quick comparison, Dolphin’s current starting TE Anthony Fasano recorded 102 catches for 1,318 yards and 11 touchdowns in the last three years. And yes, I am aware that Fasano missed four games during that period when Winslow didn’t miss any. Regardless, it is hard to argue that Fasano is the better weapon on offense compared to Winslow. Furthermore, if Winslow is acquired by Miami, it would surely put an end to Fasano’s tenure as a Dolphin because they clearly can’t afford both, considering Fasano is due $4.45 million this upcoming season.

    Sure, stats are great and we all know the potential and athleticism of Winslow. But, the Dolphins have a game plan and they appear to be sticking to it. In this year’s draft, Miami invested their third round pick on TE Michael Egnew from Missouri. At almost 6’6” and 252 pounds, the Dolphins are in love with Egnew’s size, speed, athleticism, and ability to catch the football. Joe Philbin and Mike Sherman have high hopes for him in this new West Coast Offense and they will be utilizing his skills in redzone situations. Besides, Egnew’s rookie salary will be about one-fourth the price of Winslow’s.

    In addition to Fasano and Egnew, the Dolphins also think very highly of last year’s rookie Charles Clay, who is considered a hybrid type tight end. Clay played sparingly in 14 games, but did manage to catch three touchdowns. During this offseason, the coaching staff has mentioned on a few occasions that they plan to get him more involved in the offense in 2012.

    Finally, let’s all not forget about our modern day Vince Papale in Les Brown. Remember, he was the basketball player who has spent the last two years working in an accounting department. Although Brown never played college football, he turned heads and dropped jaws impressing NFL scouts during BYU’s Pro Day. At 6’4” and 238 pounds, he ran a 4.44 forty and recorded a 39 inch vertical jump. The Dolphins were impressed and signed him with the intentions of transforming him into a tight end.

    In my opinion, I don’t think the Dolphins will try to pursue Kellen Winslow. His services will be costly to the already tight salary cap and it could require trading draft picks as well. With the high hopes and potential from youngsters Egnew and Clay, Miami appears to already have the ingredients to the pie. Now, they just need to give it some time to bake.

    Regardless of my opinion or any other media-based point of view, the decision to pursue Winslow will rest solely in the hands of GM Jeff Ireland. Over the last four years, he has not been shy about making surprising personnel moves and has frequently turned over the roster. He loves to turn over rocks, looking for players that will improve this team. In a recent interview during “FinsWeekend,” Ireland said “I’m always looking. You never know what might fall off a tree.” Well, it looks like a huge acorn just landed in front of him. Will Ireland pick it up?

  28. kris Says:

    Odin….Good article….

    I think the FINS will and should pursue Redskins TE Chris Cooley….the word out of DC is that Cooley will become a CAP causality….

    I know Winslow jr.’s athleticism is legendary, but so is his attitude, contempt for authority, and his divisive disposition….

    Cooley on the other hand is easily the most popular Redskin outside of RGIII….and unlike RGIII he has earned the respect of coaches and teammates….the QB situation in DC is EVERY bit as bad as the one in Miami…..

    All i’m saying is….if giving the choice….I take Cooley over Winslow EVERY TIME…..After all…Cooley will train Egnew….Winslow will most likely alienate him……Cooley has 2-3 good years left…and he is the type of player who will provide leadership AND blend with the team….Winslow jr. will most likely be out for self…and care more about HIS stats then the TEAMs best interest…..

    Moore has already stated that he likes playing QB when there is no pressure to get the ball to anybody….i’m sure the other QBs would most likely agree with Moore’s statement…..So why get rid of Marshall…to bring in and even SLOWER version of Marshall…..

    I don’t think this FO bites…..the T.O. and Chad Ochio-cinco’s are being phased out of the league….Winslow will follow shortly….

  29. phins78 Says:

    Well I only have to reply that I never said Henne deserves another chance. If you’re talking a couple years back after he had come in midseason to replace Penny you would be right. I did believe then he deserved a full season to prove himself. But my opinion is and always has been that Henne might have had some form of success as a starter in the NFL had he not been groomed by dumb and dumber in Sparano and Henning.

    So I completely agree that anyone who thinks Henne just deserves more chances NOW is fooling himself. That is definitely not my stance.

    My official stance on Tebow is he isn’t a very good qb. He’s a hell of an athlete and seems like a great guy but when it comes to playing the QB position he has been horribly inconsistent. Maybe he will get better, maybe he’s Chad Henne with heart and leadership abilities the next couple of years will determine that as long as he doesn’t stay a backup.

  30. phins78 Says:

    Cooley understands the wco too so bringing him aboard would not only help Agnew but would help Tannehill read defenses pre snap should he nab the starting position. Extra teacher on the field. Sounds like a great move but unfortunately Jeff probably won’t pull the trigger. He seems to be gun shy this year with FA vets.

  31. bigpete07 Says:


    Sparano wants Tebow to be a bigger passing threat than Ronnie Brown was in the wildcat formation.

  32. bigpete07 Says:


    Conversations with players have convinced Ross the coaching has improved: “Everything I hear from the players is, ‘This is different. We’re happy with what’s going on.’” And this is the first time I’ve been able to have my imprint on the team. I inherited an awful lot of what Wayne [Huizenga] did.”……………… (Barry Jackson, Miami Herald)

  33. odinseye Says:

    Loving the Miami Dolphins reminds me of “Speed Balling” Cocaine and Heroin.

    OK, it reminds me of what I READ about “Speed Balling” Cocaine and Heroin……….(ahem)…………

    I think about the new Coaches, the new Offense, the new Attitude and I get PUMPED(The Cocaine). I mean LITERALLY, I think about it and I can feel my heart start to beat a little quicker.


    I think about the Receivers, the Secondary and all the talk of Tannehill’s “Bust Potential”(The Heroin).

    It brings me back down and “evens me out”.

    True to form, before the Roller Coaster ride even ends, I know I’m getting right back in line to “Go Again”!!!!

  34. Jeff Schanz (@JS_in_LA) Says:

    If what I read and see is right, then I doubt we are going after Winslow. Egnew and Clay are the very type/style of player they seem to be looking for. Tweener, less traditional blocking TEs and more athletic, fast, possibly standing at times TEs. Hernandez is the perfect model, too bad he’s a Patriot.

    I hold no real hope for the basketball player, but we/he may get lucky. Egnew and Clay seem like they have found a home.

    Clay at least has been the primary target, so he’s getting serious reps. Egnew seems lost in the initial shuffle, but I’m sure he’ll come around.
    If I have a guess about our TE situation, to quote Mr. Ireland (on a different subject) “I think we’re done”.

    I certainly hope we are. We have MANY other areas to address.

  35. odinseye Says:


    I agree, just thought it was an interesting read.

    The way I see it, it’s not just the salary cap issue with Fasano/Winslow.

    Winslow’s aging fast and, like you quoted Ireland on another matter, he would be a progress stopper. Winslow would play a role we already have earmarked for Clay, Egnew and maybe Brown.

    Blocking isn’t his strong point and we certainly couldn’t expect him to start doing it at this point in his career. That’s where I think Fasano’s strengths really come into play this year. He’s probably our most traditionally complete TE and definitely our best run blocker(except for a couple of the guys that I think will be cut/waived this year).

    Fasano will be “The Guy” in our single TE formations and nobody on our present roster can fill the role any better.

    That makes Winslow a fiscal and schematic liability in my book.

    Fasano looked pretty solid back when we had him and David Martin in the two TE formations. Now, in this offense, with a few more years of experience under his belt, I fully expect a resurgence of sorts for Fasano.

    If the opponent has a safety or their best coverage Linebackers on Clay/Egnew, who will cover Fasano?

    I believe he’ll be one of the big benefactors of all these mismatches Philbin so desires-lol.

  36. thavafin Says:

    Agreed odin

  37. ALOCO Says:

    fasano the bust…..after 10 years of playing,he can’t have a season WITH MORE THAN ONE LOUSY TD…….

    CELLAR .

  38. ALOCO Says:


    CELLAR …….

  39. phins78 Says:

    Squawk, squawk!

  40. Gary Stevens Says:

    ALoco apparently has joined the gang of defeat. Brian Hartline could be a solid #2 WR, just as Fasano would be a teriffic #2 TE. Both have the talent to have long careers in the NFL.

    The problem is that neither is an apha-dog and neither is a star. It is too much to ask them to carry a #1 load.

  41. bigpete07 Says:

    odinseye….. are you ready for some football? Just say no!

    hearts also starting to beat a little bit quicker in the Motor City

    • In January, Johnny Culbreath got arrested for possession of marijuana after he was caught on a hotel security camera placing two blunts in a hallway dresser. He paid a fine and is awaiting possible punishment from the NFL.

    • In February, Mikel Leshoure was ticketed for possession of marijuana after Benton Township Police pulled over his BMW around 6 a.m. for driving 92 m.p.h. in a 70-m.p.h. zone. He pleaded to a lesser charge of use of marijuana two weeks later.

    • In March, Leshoure got his second ticket for possession when the rental car he was riding in was pulled over for failing to use its turn signal in Berrien County. Hungry, he tried to eat the evidence that eventually led to his guilty plea on another lesser charge.

    • In April, a day after news of Leshoure’s charges broke when he failed to show up for his arraignment, Nick Fairley was arrested for possession of marijuana near his home in Mobile, Ala., after neighbors complained he was speeding up and down the street.

    • And on Sunday, while still awaiting a July arraignment in his pot case, Fairley was arrested for driving under the influence and attempting to elude police, and given a handful of other traffic tickets when he passed a patrol car doing 100 m.p.h. in his Cadillac Escalade.

  42. Charles Says:

    I am just a dumb redneck but I can’t help but be really excited about this upcoming season in Miami this dolphins team is stacked with talent wide receiver will be ok if not great hart line will excel in the west coast scheme along with bess just slam dunking the underneath stuff then wallace and gates or Moore stretching the field fot the over the top using their speed or physical ability to bring the ball down. The prices are there running back is going to be smashing, literally, with bush juking and just plain outrunning people he’ll hit ya for three quarters and then break those ankles in the forth then Thomas and miller with true change of pace possibilities is just amazing I mean 4.38 speed and a bruiser? The possibilities are endless and they can catch I mean catch and turn then run. These guys will just get it done week in and out. Now tight end and fullback yeah these guys are together for one reason alone they will line up all over just like our running backs I’m talking twin fullbacks with four receivers then audibling them to the tightend set without having anyone come in I can’t remember a team that had so many intangibles hey clay your a fullback this play a h back the next and a twin tightend set on third I mean name a team that can do that. Then this rookie who can run and catch the seam with bess cuttin underneath and clay out of the backfield and Bush at wide receiver with Thomas or Miller at running back can you say confusing to a defense how about quarterback Matt Moore is going to light it up. He reminds me of a gunslinger not like a Dan Marino but he is a guy that need right now he has decent decision making but he gives such effort and isn’t scared to throw it in there and I’m not scared to give him the ball at the end I think he can and will get it done. He is smart and inspiring to the fans and his teammates I think they will try harder for him rather anyone else we all know tannyhill is the future but Moore is the now and Moore is the now.
    Defense is strong at the line with soliai at the line and odrick at the end with Starks or whoever at the other end odrick will dominate this year coming off the end then we have wake the beast he will get at least 12 sacks odrick will get 8 and I believe we have the two best inside linebackers in the league watch them crush running backs and tightens this year they had a learning curve of just working with each other but once they learned to coexist they were just dominant now on to the backs Davis will be a mainstay for years but smith he needs to step up and do that big I’m sure fireland has pulled in smith and said ok you do your thing and we will extend you but you have to prove we can’t be without you trust me when I say that our new defensive coordinator will have these defensive backs spot on by the second game. I’m talking Davis will elevate his game to neon deon status and smith will be a knock down drag out BA barackus kinda corner the only concern is safety but I’m thinking jimmy Wilson will surprise a lot and be a safety that plays much bigger than he is Wilson is older and although the top tier experience isn’t there he knows how his life could have been and is living his dream so I know he will show up big every game every time. Special teams has a true chance to be special with Clyde the Clyde Stale or bush doing the dirty work. No more field goals I’m excited

  43. odinseye Says:


    Thank for starting my day off with a BIG laugh!

    That’s the funniest shyt I’ve read in awhile.

    The Motor City has that effect on ya, it’s a Mad House-LOL

  44. oscar canosa Says:

    No way Philbin is going to play M. Moore if he don’t show more in Practice.

  45. Samdolphin Says:

    ALOCO: Get your facts straight before spreading your ugly talk. Fasano had 5 TD in 2011. Brian only had 1 TD last year because they threw most of the red zone passes to BM. When they did throw to Brian it was a fade away in the corner. BM dropped more passes than Brian had attempts in the end zone. We’ve got taller TEs and WRs this year and that is who should receive the end zone passes. If Brian gets TDs, it will be probably be caught just outside the EZ or on a quick slant,or a run after the catch. He will be used properly in 2012. Brian led the team (15.7y/c, 1TD), BM had (15.0 y/c, 6TD) and Fasano had (14.1 y/c, 5TD).

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