Dolphins Sign 4th Rounder Lamar Miller

There has been a TON of talk about the expectations (and hopes)  that Lamar Miller will be an explosive weapon for Miami as a running back, on special teams, and possibly in the slot as a receiver with his blazing speed.

The Dolphins took their first step of him reaching those goals by signing him to a 4 year deal.  Being the 97th overall pick in the draft, Miller could end up being a steal for Miami.  He has really been opening some eyes during OTA’s.  Hopefully he continues to develop and becomes a threat along with Bush in the backfield.

The Dolphins have now signed 6 of their 9 draft picks.

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465 Responses to “Dolphins Sign 4th Rounder Lamar Miller”

  1. Kris Says:


    Armando’s blog is closed again… surprise there..I just wonder what will become of HOME since he won’t be able to blog to himself for days on end…..

    Congrats to you for having a blog were football is STILL the main topic…followed closely by disputes of alcoholisim, and lebron james…..

  2. Jon Says:

    thanks Kris. 🙂

    And I think the older post is still open for comments over there. So certain trolls still have somewhere to go to talk to themselves about what a jerk I am

    (PS: My fanclub troll over there will copy and paste this now since he reads ever word I type in here then re-posts it over there to try and attack me.)

  3. Kris Says:

    Gotta disagree with what I am sure will be the majority…..I like a woman with a bit more curves….a little more junk in the trunk….and a tad bit more hips…..I don’t like sloppy..fat…and disgusting…..I just like a bit more curves….

    Having said all that….NO WAY am i kicking her out of bed……and yes…I do believe she is very beautiful….but she is not my dream girl….

  4. Jon Says:

    She’s not my perfect 10 either Kris……….but very nice

    Maybe a motivational poster for Ryan to play well on Sunday’s! lol

  5. Kris Says:

    She id defineltly a motivating factor….women like her are the main reason why I work out…..

  6. Jeff Schanz (@JS_in_LA) Says:

    There’s an old saying:
    “Women marry men hoping they will change, and they don’t. Men marry women hoping they won’t change and they do.”

    I think several people here (and coaches too on occasion) are looking at guys like Thomas, and some other draftees, like a married woman would. A canvas to impose their will; positive changes waiting to happen on cue. “well, he’ll really get better this year”…”that was last year, this year he’ll be different”…”He’s learned this now, so he’ll be…”

    I always expect players who act or play a certain way to continue acting/playing that way, perhaps improving their overall mistakes or confidence, or being more efficient with experience. I never see them as a blank canvas that runs a certain speed and weighs X-amount.

    Thomas came out of college with average moves, wasn’t especially powerful, and was most comfortable in wide open lanes against DBs. Good speed, and was tall. The guy taken right after him (DeMarco Murray) has nice shake moves, ran with power, and had to fight throw holes in the OU line. Thomas is drafted ahead of Murray, and the coaches assumed because of his size that he should be a power back to burst up through the gut. Thomas didn’t know how. SO he’s learning.
    Murray on the other hand is busting through the line at Dallas all the time, plus doing all the swing stuff, catching passes etc. HE already was good at what they needed him to do.

    Murray is on the verge of being a star.
    Thomas is on the verge on being replaced.

    Not to say Thomas doesn’t have value, it’s just he was drafted for the wrong purposes, on a team where he doesn’t fit.
    Clay didn’t fit on last year’s team, but luckily does this year. happy accident.
    Only a couple of examples, and folks wonder why I’m critical of Ireland.

    Ironically, Thomas has a much better shot at fitting in this year, however, with Ireland double-dipping with Miller, and a couple other pick-ups, he’s fighting uphill for playing time. More Ireland inefficiency.

    Bush, Thomas, Miller, Messam (if healthy), heck maybe even Lane could start or contribute on most teams. And it’s a blood match for playing time.
    WRs? Like a girl slap fight, that battle.

    Players don’t change, they just improve at what their already good at.
    My opinion. Not etched in stone.

  7. Jeff Schanz (@JS_in_LA) Says:

    to chime in on the LoTan debate…
    She’s got that super-cute, super-sweet look. Not Victoria Secret style, or Kim Kardashian/Megan Fox smolder, just nice blonde bunny cute.
    is she a model? Nah. not liek we’re thinking. Model for a clothing outlet, or Sears or something, but she looked about as comfortable trying to look sexy as I would wearing a Jets shirt (assuming i was paid for posing).

    Athletic pants and a rolled up t-shirt? Tentative.
    Good luck to her, but I’m guessing she’ll stay on the non-conroversial side to the photo shoots. Speigel catalog not Maxxim.

    The good thing about that, is she looks way more approachable than a sexy-swimsuit model would be. Girl next door, sorta.

  8. Jon Says:

    LoTan…….I LOVE that! lol Good stuff

    New post up…

  9. odinseye Says:

    Jon Says:
    June 6, 2012 at 9:04 am

    She’s so much hotter than Brady’s wife……….just saying, um Go Dolphins!

    Besides being correct, I’d say you are one of “THOSE” competitive types 😉

    Geez Man! I’ve heard of comparing rosters, match ups, coaching staffs…………………Jon’s even comparing the QB’s better halves.

    You GO Jon!

  10. DC Dolfan Says:

    I’m deeply offended by today’s discussion. Women aren’t objects people….LOL!!! Just kidding. If a married woman is going to pose semi-naked, then she deserves to be objectified in my book. She reminds me of a college QBs girl (probably head of her sorority and stuff). I never saw (or don’t remember) Henne’s wife, but she did complain he was being held too responsible for the team’s woes.

    As long as this one just sits there looking good, and doesn’t try to defend her man in the media, I’ll be fine with her. Or, as long as her man can play 4 consecutive good quarters of football, then I’ll give her a pass too.

  11. DC Dolfan Says:

    By the way Kris, on this we agree. I like my women like my water slides: lots of curves and slippery when wet!

  12. DC Dolfan Says:

    And I thought this was a religious blog Ohio? You’re gonna lose your fanbase at the Herald with this sin talk.

  13. Jon Says:


    Believing in God doesn’t mean I don’t notice women. 🙂

    But you’re right…….I’m sure my little buddy over there will have a hay day with this one.

    As soon as he’s done reading my blog of course. 🙂

  14. DC Dolfan Says:

    I wish God believed in the Miami Dolphins (at least for the last decade or 2). That might be asking too much, even of the Almighty!

  15. Jon Says:

    Maybe this year 🙂

    new post up

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