Chad Ochocinco Works out for Dolphins

Chad was stating earlier today that the team has shown “genuine interest” in adding him to their team, but the Dolphins had not confirmed. Well we now have that confirmation. Dolphins head coach Joe Philbin told reporters today that the team did have a workout for Ochocinco.

Does Ocho have anything left to offer at this point in his career? Dolphins need depth at the WR position, but how would you feel if they added Ochocinco to the mix?

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88 Responses to “Chad Ochocinco Works out for Dolphins”

  1. BigPete Says:


    was going to paste the omar article here but it’s just speculation, filler, and windbagerry:

    Hartline is sidelined
    They worked out 85
    Who knows?

  2. Jeff Schanz (@JS_in_LA) Says:

    Thanks pete,
    I managed to read it despite the SS blockade. Yeah, it was a sham headline, just reporting that he did indeed workout.
    Philbin was asked again after the workout, and he just said their still thinking about it.

    Appreciate you telling me though.

  3. BigPete Says:


    I was copying paragraphs and discarding the ones that were padding when I got to the end of the (quite long) article with nothing much worth pasting…… or paying for!

  4. odinseye Says:

    Sham Headline for sure-lol. They have NO shame apparently.

    Anyway, I’m still holding out. Hoping against HOPE!

    Either Barry or Omar reported that so far, with Hartline out, Naanee and Wallace have looked the best.

    BOTH big fast guys!

  5. Jeff Schanz (@JS_in_LA) Says:

    I think Naanee has already peaked. So I’ll go so far to say that he stays #3 material. Not exciting.
    But Wallace? Marshall size and speed, and young? That’s good news. Someone needs to step up, for sure.

    It was reported that Naanee was currently the #3, and there was a big dropoff after. Not good news. Hopefully your news is more recent, and accurate.

  6. phins78 Says:

    Odinseye, I’ve noticed a few fans ask the question, “if they are thinking about Ocho why get rid of Marshall.”Fair enough and good question, any fan should be curious.

    But then people go on to say how stupid the move is considering and that’s when I don’t get it. The reason being none of us are in that locker room and we have no clue what the reasons are.

    If people are going to speculate about the move being stupid fine but why not be objective? As in “this could be a totally boneheaded move but then again maybe the players in the locker room didn’t like him, maybe he told Joe Philbin to go f$#k himself, maybe he told Ireland it would be in the teams best interest to trade him after finding out he would never get more than 60 catches a season in this offense”.

    So many reasons why they could have traded him, but we will never know the truth because it would only serve to either hurt the team, or hurt the player. So the reasons will never be known. Not trying to say you can’t think it’s a stupid move, God knows they’ve made plenty, just offering some different explanations.

  7. Jon Says:

    JS…love the blind date analogy! 🙂

    Phins…..I’ve changed my mind so many times on the Marshall trade I don’t even know what my own opinion is anymore

    Pete…….thanks for sparing us the worthless article. 😉

    Odin…….hope Wallace is for real!

  8. phins78 Says:

    Why even listen to a word Ross says about football? He doesn’t know jack squat about the game and he’s not in charge of the team on the field so screw him. Why do these reporters even ask him on field questions? I laugh and pass on by when I see those interviews. If he does one where he lets us know how to make millions in the real estate business coming from humble beginnings I’m all ears.

  9. phins78 Says:

    Jon, lol, I hear ya.

  10. Jon Says:

    Did someone sat Hartline is injured? What is the severity?

  11. Jeff Schanz (@JS_in_LA) Says:

    No sweat, I’m not that concerned with Ross in particular, but the stuff that comes out of his mouth has been told to him by coaches, or Ireland. He’d asked somebody somewhere their opinions so he’ll have something to tell the media.

    So somebody somewhere told him we have dependable receivers, etc., and told him what the Green Bay Way was, and so forth.

    Just details that I hear that give me pause, but nothing shocking.

    I do love how Ross has gone from thinkng he’ll be retiring Tannehill’s #, to now simply “hoping” he’s a franchise quartback. It’s a tiny step backward, but it’s a step.
    Next time it will be, “We’ve got confidence that he’ll be a good QB for us”

    Just details. Maybe insignificant.

  12. phins78 Says:

    Odinseye I read through some comments at the Herald and noticed one thing. You’re a freakin celebrity over there man! Like Howard Stern, they love to hate you. They comment on how much they hate you and your posts but they read every word you write! HA! Not only that but someone uses your name (shortened) in their sign in name! Too funny, you’ve arrived my friend, the infamous odinseye! Hehehe

  13. Jeff Schanz (@JS_in_LA) Says:

    Hartline has been injured for a while now. Totally forgot when I was commenting about his invisibility.

    Tweaked knee or ankle or something. Nothing surgical.

  14. phins78 Says:

    JS, you may be right and I’m sure those guys are feeding him lots of garbage trying to impress the new boss.

  15. Jon Says:

    Phins… anyone hated more than myself over there? 🙂

  16. phins78 Says:

    Lol, yeah Jon, from what I saw they just hate you, no love at all. The hypocrisy in it is priceless.

  17. Jeff Schanz (@JS_in_LA) Says:

    OMG, y’all

  18. Jeff Schanz (@JS_in_LA) Says:

    I don’t know what stands out more.

    The fact that we’re replacing Marshall with Ocho…
    That our receivers apparently can’t catch a football…
    Or that we needed to do this bad enough that we didn’t even wait to see what else happens by pre-season.

    Well…. Welcome Mr. OchoQuatro, I guess.

  19. John Persh Says:

    I see the Tea Social is out in full force with Auntie78 hogging the spotlight as usual. LOL.

    JS, to explain Philbin’s comment, Hartline has been out with a minor injury.

  20. Jeff Schanz (@JS_in_LA) Says:

    JP, thanks. I know. I owned my goof on that one.

  21. phins78 Says:

    Okay John, that was funny. I’m an attention hound, whata ya gonna do! 🙂

  22. oscar canosa Says:

    Seems like Philbin wastes no time. I like it.

  23. phins78 Says:

    Thanks for the link JS. I don’t mind, if he shows up, or at the very least adds some experience,but here’s what scares me. He wasn’t good enough to be the 5th wr on the Patriots but could very well be our best option. Yikes. Here’s to hoping this new offense hides a weak receiving corp! That’s all we have to go on at this point. Step the f$#k up Wallace, Moore, and Gates! If we don’t find a receiver who can stand out Ireland should be fired the minute the season ends. We had no one when he got here and still,,, no one. If one or two of the 100 receivers we have don’t take it to the next level it is safe to say Ireland and his scouts can’t evaluate the position properly and need to be replaced.

  24. Sammo Says:

    Makes sense. See if he can get the system down and produce in practice. If so then one less thing we have to worry bout come cutdown time. Maybe turn our attention elsewhere.I

  25. oscar canosa Says:

    It appears that the one holding onto the ball is Marlon Moore and from Tannehill no less.

  26. oscar canosa Says:

    All these OTA’s mean nothing until they put the pads on. That’s why is weird that they decided to sign 85. Was it Ireland who saw something + in him?

  27. oscar canosa Says:

    In any case, fukk 85, I want training Camp to come fast.

  28. Jeff Schanz (@JS_in_LA) Says:

    Apparently Philbin/Ireland’s “Green Bay Way” is getting an hand-written addendum. Ireland is furiously scrubbing White-Out on the part that didn’t allow for diva alpha receivers in their offense, especially free-agent ones..

    Added is the phrase, “…except on the second Mondays of June, when diva-head-case-alpha receivers are fine, especially for one year.”

    So many comments in my head right now, I think i need to sort them out before I make any more.
    This is not only low-hanging fruit, it fell in the wheebarrow.

  29. John Persh Says:

    Sammo Says:
    June 11, 2012 at 9:32 pm
    Makes sense. See if he can get the system down

    His own teammates in Cincy and NE have said he was never able to learn the playbook. I wouldn’t expect him to learn it now. I’m hoping he doesn’t make the final roster because if he is our top receiver, it is going to be a painful season.

  30. oscar canosa Says:

    For those having trouble with the SS go to, you can read selected articles there.

  31. oscar canosa Says:

    Some interesting comments from Reggie, he thinks Tannehill will start although “not his decision”.

  32. Sammo Says:

    Persh chad put up numbers for years in cinci. Had to learn something of the playbook. New england he sucked but most wr ‘s that go there have trouble with that playbook. Except welker. Even moss didn’t run the full book.

  33. Jeff Schanz (@JS_in_LA) Says:

    It’s good to have the best player on your offense endorsing you for QB.
    Well, mark one in the column for Tannehill from Mr. Bush. Good news if it’s not media fluff.

    BTW, he also endorsed and lobbied for Ochocinco to sign here. Not sure how to take that, but nevertheless.

  34. John Persh Says:

    Sammo, I read either today or yesterday on PFT or ESPN, in Cincy the players would have to tell him where to line up, he was basically a freelance run and get open receiver. Carson Palmer wasn’t getting the ball to him either in their last season together there. Bottom line, he is short on brains and I don’t think its a good sign that we needed to bring him in. 34 is ok if your name is Rice or Gonzalez, not so much for a person that renamed himself to a number.

  35. Sammo Says:

    Reggie watched brees and his wideouts succeed for years so his opinion deserves to carry some weight.

  36. Sammo Says:

    Agree on the name change thing. Weird. Im not saying dude is gonna be all world for us just that miami saw a chance to upgrade their wr core. For now. He might not make it out of training camp and get cut. No harm no foul.

  37. oscar canosa Says:

    It’s not so difficult, son, you just run 5 steps, stop on a dime, juke left then go right 3 steps,again stop, go straight 6 steps then hook. The ball should be there. That’s the way Warfield ran them, you know, son.

  38. Jon Says:

    New post up! Move on over there!

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