Friday Spotlight: Jared Odrick

2011 stats: 22 tackles, six sacks, one interception


Due to Jason Taylor retiring to become an ESPN analyst, and losing Kendall Langford to free agency, Odrick will be thrown into the starting lineup.  Will he be able to be successful as a starter?  I think he has the raw talent and versatility, and I’m very optimistic about his production on the field rising even more this year with the chance he will be given.   Odrick can play both defensive end and defensive tackle, so with the Dolphins changing to a 4-3 scheme which emphasizes more on the defensive line,  one can presume the stars are lining up for Odrick to make great strides this year.   His 6 sacks last year were a career high, and he looked pretty impressive when he was out there.   The biggest concern is if can he stay healthy enough to stay on the field. Time will tell.

Now about his special dance……………….


A Quick Note:  I will be leaving for the weekend to celebrate my 5 year anniversary, so I most likely won’t be able to check back in until sometime Sunday.   I’ve enjoyed the convo’s!

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86 Responses to “Friday Spotlight: Jared Odrick”

  1. oscar canosa Says:

    Btw, is there a delay in the live feed?

  2. ALOCO Says:



  3. oscar canosa Says:

    These guys have set us up. Hurry, hurry…

  4. oscar canosa Says:

    Well, as I have no hottie, I was planning to play with myself, in the 2nd Half.

  5. oscar canosa Says:

    Fouls for us are good..

  6. oscar canosa Says:

    These guys are very good but very inexperienced. You can take them all the way. Just take good shots.

  7. oscar canosa Says:

    Yes! That’s what I’m talkin about.

  8. oscar canosa Says:

    I mean, you’re an attacking Team.

  9. oscar canosa Says:

    Well, that’s the greatness.

  10. oscar canosa Says:


  11. oscar canosa Says:

    This Team is flat tonight and so are It’s Fans, You don’t wake up, you gonna lose.

  12. John Persh Says:

    If I change my name to Barack Obama, will you believe I am not really the president?

    Some of you are seriously delusional and paranoid.

    phins 78 (Auntie78) believes I’m ozcar.
    odinseye thinks I have been stalking him for years.
    kris thinks I am yet another blogger.

    What to make of it? I’d say some of your lives are far too trivial. Wake up. Live. This blog has consumed your mind and your world far too much. Maybe Bill is Bill, John is John, Tim is Tim? Unfathomable?

    Those that trust so little cannot be trusted themselves.

  13. John Persh Says:

    If they win the series, I will vote Bosh the best supporting actor.

  14. John Persh Says:

    Win or lose, Spo should be fired. He is in over his head.

  15. John Persh Says:

    Spo doesn’t even believe in himself. It’s obvious.

  16. oscar canosa Says:

    I can’t conceive LV has been so wrong in this Series.

  17. oscar canosa Says:

    John Persh writes very well.

  18. oscar canosa Says:

    Yeah, well, the Thunder Coach is no great shakes either.

  19. odinseye Says:

    What the hell….?

    Jon take everybody with him on his weekend get away?

  20. Jeff Schanz (@JS_in_LA) Says:

    depends on what you wish to talk about, Odin.
    Me personally, i don’t care about the Heat.
    I don’t want to chat about how good Odrick may or may not be. Honestly he’s a mystery until I see him on the field.
    And I don’t want to complain about other folks who post here.
    And this isn’t any interesting news coming out of our celebrated journalists.
    So that leaves most of this forum out atm.

    Sucks, but… There ya go.
    Toss out a cool subject Odin. i’ll bite. Personally, got nothing.

  21. Jeff Schanz (@JS_in_LA) Says:

    I do continually watch the news wires, and twitter, but zippo new/interesting stuff is coming out of them right now.

    J.Martin not strong enough.
    Garrad stll leading all the QBs, Tannehill in 3rd.
    Egnew not expected to be a factor this season.

    Only things I saw that seemed interesting.
    That, and we have a LOT of 1 year contracts.

  22. Kris Says:

    Ordick is a great conversation piece to me…he was a 1st rd pick….and if you ever read my thoughts on Tenne….I expect a 1st rounder to play @ a high level

  23. Jeff Schanz (@JS_in_LA) Says:

    I do too. But I just haven’t seen enough of this dude to say bust or gold. In my mind he has this year to prove it. No excuses. If he’s injured again, then that’s his legacy.
    The Fins have their epitaph at the moment to be the “Let’s see if he does better next year”, and I’m sick of all of them. Why the heck can’t we draft folks that look awesome in camp, and rock right out the gates? Why are ALL our dudes development projects?

    Yeah, yeah. I’ll see stats, and figures to tell me I’m wrong. I probably am. But it doesn’t feel like it.

  24. phins78 Says:

    JS was talking about this a week or so ago and I want to prove his point even further if I may.

    “Why Omar Kelly is a douche bag” ;

    “when are practices open to the public?”

    This was an innocent honest question one of Omar’s followers asked him on his twitter account.

    And here was Omar’s answer;

    “Training camp, just like every year.”

    The guy could be new to following the team. He could be new to following the NFL. There are so many reasons as to why he could have been unaware of the schedule but instead of being nice and just answering the guys question, he acts like a complete tool. During training camp would have been perfectly acceptable and would have saved him time typing. He purposely added “just like every year” to make the guy feel like garbage.

    This has been, “Why Omar Kelly is a douche bag” by Phins78

  25. phins78 Says:

    Okay so does everyone believe Moore is finally getting a fair chance to be a starting QB in the league?

    If not, why?

  26. Jeff Schanz (@JS_in_LA) Says:

    One of many reasons, sure enough. Not a fan.
    to be fair though, he also does a heckuva lotta hands on work and reviewing, and puts out a LOT of info/opinions. Bad/good, you decide, but stuff to talk about.

  27. phins78 Says:

    John frankly I don’t care who you are. That was a conversation that was going on in a moment of time that has passed. I haven’t put one second of thought into it since then. I have moved past it and have even tried to engage you in conversation a couple of times but apparently I was being too nice or something.

    So I moved forward the moment that conversation ended yet you keep bringing my name up in posts to other people. And you say our lives are trivial? Dude, how about just talking to the person you were talking to which was Kris. No need to bring me into it.

  28. Jeff Schanz (@JS_in_LA) Says:

    IMO, Moore got a fair shot last year. The franchise saw some good, good enough to keep around, but not enough firepower to call him the future.
    So, they drafted the suppsoed future.
    Make No mistakes, regardless of who wins the competition this year, unless it’s Tannehill, that person will be fighting for their job next year, and every year until Tannehill strikes out, or takes over.

    And if Tanny falls flat, they will draft/trade/sign someone else.
    Moore is simply not in the grand scheme of future starting plans. Period.

    It would take some Tebow miracles for him to win the job outright for his career.
    And incidently, Tebow’s miracles got him shipped out of town. So, saying very unlikely.

  29. phins78 Says:

    Yes JS, Omar is the best reporter out there at bringing us coverage. I have always credited him with his in depth analysis of the position battles and such.

    But when it comes to talking to his “fans” he turns into an egotistical a-hole. Some people deserve his wrath and you can always see who they are but a lot of times he doesn’t differentiate.

  30. phins78 Says:

    I believe he got a fair shot last year and he is getting one again this year. He has the chance to win the job just like the other two. And I made a point that once he learns the playbook he will have an advantage over Garrard and Tannehill because he’s already familiar with the players he’s throwing too. That makes a huge difference.

    So it is my stance that he is getting that “fair shot” so many have said he has never received in his career.

  31. Jeff Schanz (@JS_in_LA) Says:

    Yup, agree. Sometimes he has some great insight. Then he’ll proudly tear someone down, or whatever.
    He does have some occasional good stuff in the massive volume he puts out. But he stuff he answers, and proclaims is so one sided in opinion. And if it’s questioned at all, the brick wall goes up.

  32. phins78 Says:

    All right JS get back to work, no one else is here so thank you for placating me! 😉

  33. Jon Says:

    new post up

  34. Jeff Schanz (@JS_in_LA) Says:

    One of the differences now is that Garrard is more accurate. System or not, familiar receivers or not, Garrard is more accurate. if the guy is learning the same system you are, and is still more accurate and making better decisions, then he’s better.

    I never bought nor cared about the argument whether anyone is being fair to Moore. If he looks best, he’ll play.

    Sparano was tunnel-vision on Henne, but new coaches have only one dog in the fight: Tannehill. So unless Tanny is close to winning, they’ll just pick the best regent, and that guy will play.
    No conspiracy, or fair/unfair. Win the job, play.

    And honestly, if a semi-retired, out of the game for a year, at-his best he was good not great player is beating you out for QB, then you’re not all that awesome.
    Which makes me worry a little about Tannehill, but it is still very early. I’m holding my judgement as best I can.

  35. Jeff Schanz (@JS_in_LA) Says:

    Ouch, Phins. Already trying to dump me?
    {big eyed, hurt feelings look}
    Fine. back to work I go.
    I’ll read Jon’s new post first.

  36. Texas_Dolfan Says:


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