Tannehill Starting Strong in Dolphins Camp

Love him or hate him, Ryan Tannehill is directly connected to our current coaching staff and to the future success of the Miami Dolphins.  So the following information about him turning heads early in camp is a GOOD THING!

Per Ben Volin of the Palm Beach Post, it’s been “hard not to notice” how effective Tannehill has been throwing the football through a few days of training camp. Volin says Tannehill has shown “good velocity, accuracy, and anticipation.” Coach Joe Philbin relayed that Tannehill had 53 “competitive snaps” in Sunday’s practice — just a day after he signed his contract — and the rookie passer completed “over 40″ of his throws.

“For a rookie quarterback,” Philbin confirmed, “I think he’s doing very well.”

Throwing with the “accuracy and anticipation” observed by Volin is a key for Tannehill after his reportedly interception-filled OTA and minicamp season.

Whether the Dolphins give Tannehill a realistic look as the Week One starter remains to be seen. But his beginning to camp has been promising after missing time, and he offers Miami its best chance to elevate the performance of the players around the quarterback, with an ability to make strong-armed throws into tight windows and extend plays with athleticism.

Tannehill may not start on September 9 when the starters roll out for the first game, but there is a good chance he will be on the field this year.


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70 Responses to “Tannehill Starting Strong in Dolphins Camp”

  1. Phins78 Says:

    thavafin, I hear you about the push in the middle. When you have a good push it forces the QB right into the Lbs and DEs arms. VERY important that the QBs don’t have a lot of room to step up in the pocket. I’m really excited about our interior with Solai and Starks. I’m also ecstatic that we are going back to a 4-3! I missed it a lot, never liked the 3-4. It exposes too many weaknesses when you don’t have at least three very good LBs and that is hard to come by.

  2. Phins78 Says:

    Okay, Dolphin Talk is always my first stop when getting online. Now I’m off to gather information. Back in a bit.

  3. Phins78 Says:

    Also JS thank you for the warning, I’m going to stay away from any and all Chad Johnson stories.

  4. thavafin Says:

    I was excited about the switch to the 3-4 when we did it. But more and more teams started to and are running it. So like you said those essential 3-4 LBs are harder and harder to come by. I am now excited about the switch back to the 4-3. But really in todays NFL you are running more and more nickle packages. And I personally think a nickle package is a little harder to run with a base 3-4 defense. But suppose it all depends on the packages in the playbook and of course the players on the field

  5. Phins78 Says:

    A few quicky observations.

    1.”One of the major issues I have with Ryan Tannehill is he doesn’t use the TEs much. It’s hindering Michael Egnew’s growth,”

    Ummmm Omar, the kid has been in camp for three or four days and your accusing him of hurting another rookies growth? I can’t stand that Omar is such a hater when it comes to QBs. All of his bravado about line play, tough guy. Works out all of the time and still has triceps like my niece! Not so tough. And he’s so busy arguing that people respect him on his twitter account that he’s neglecting the blog. No news on camp today yet? WTF? Stop with the twitter BS Omar, you’re losing ground and Armando is now scooping you! Wake up!!!

  6. Phins78 Says:

    Next, hearing a lot about Tannehills inability to use the middle of the field. Also it was mentioned that this was a problem for him in college. Not great news. He isn’t winning any job this season unless he gets it straightened out and quick. No time to wait here.

    Matt Moore, 2 interceptions and a fumble. AAAUUUUGGGHHHHH!!! And then Mando writes, “but he’s a gamer, so we will see”. POW (sound of gun shot going off in my office because if I hear this one more time I will do myself in!!) Yes, he’s a gamer, he is going to suck at every practice and then Philbin should start him any way because he supposedly does better in regular games. Ummmmmmm can someone please show me proof of this?

  7. Phins78 Says:

    Lastly, and this is why I am starting to really like Philbin (hope he’s a gamer too,,,sheesh). Anyway, when asked what he thought of Chad Johnsons nails being painted black (seriously, they asked the coach this question, unbelievable) ,”Certain things are important to me, that’s not one of them”. LOVE IT.

    Now if that was Sparano he would have left it there. Snide, condescending, aggravated, doucheb*g.

    But not Joe, knowing he may have come off a bit harsh he follows by saying, “he should have painted them blue or something” and got a laugh from the reporters.

    Way to go Joe!!!!

  8. Phins78 Says:

    It’s funny thavafin, I too was excited for the 3-4. It was new and I thought it would help. But our qb pressure went down every year and we couldn’t cover TEs for shite because the newer TEs are more athletic and we were using Bell (a glorified LB) and the rest of the lb core to cover them exclusively. We need to tighten up on the LB s or we’re dead meat. Every team knows that is our weakness, need to make it a strength.

    Also I am realllllyyyyyyy hoping Wilson sticks at SS. The kid hits like a LB and is mean as hell, no remorse. We need someone like that in the defensive backfield. Put the fear in the WRs and TEs. you catch the ball or even come close and Jimmy Wilson is going to take your head off.

    OOOOOpppps. I mean he will tackle you soundly, avoiding your head even at the expense of his own health. Grumble, grumble,,,new f&*^ing rules, grumble, grumble.

    I love how the Lbs and Dbs aren’t allowed to use their helmets as a battering ram but it’s perfectly fine for the RBs and WRs to do it every time they are about to be tackled. Meaning the db or lb now has their head up and are vulnerable and the rb or wr just pile drive their helmets through the guys chest. I really hate Goodell and hope he gets ousted before he ruins Americas greatest sport.

  9. thavafin Says:

    Chad Johnson interiew is AWESOME.
    I understand plenty of people don’t like him and they way he is
    I think the dude is hilarious and it’s great.
    Go CHAD!

  10. Phins78 Says:

    tighten up on te’s that is. But I realy don’t know how the 4-3 can help much. Taking a lb away and adding a dt. We just need a really good SS i GUESS.

  11. Jeff Schanz (@JS_in_LA) Says:

    Averaging out the tweets from media who watched Phin practice. Some commonalities:

    1. Garrard still looks top dog.
    2. Tannehill “came down to earth” today after two days of great.
    3. Safeties are designed to get ints in this D, and are doing so.
    4. D line looked awesome against run.
    5. Bess still top receiver
    6. Wallace had his best day, used his body like Marshall.
    7. Clay dropped 3 passes in a row during scrimmage, 2 of them potential scores. Different QBs, too.
    8. Bush had off day (some fumbles and negative yardage)
    9. Chad Johnson’s mouth still works.
    10. Gates working with ST. No Hartline yet.

  12. Jon Says:


    Ive never really had a problem with Chad, and I’m excited to see if he can contribute to the Phins this year. I’m also glad he changed his name back to Johnson.

  13. phins78 Says:

    Lol @ “Chad Johnsons mouth still works”.

  14. phins78 Says:

    Daniel Thomas started last season with a 107 yard rushing performance and 96 yards or something close in the other game. People were talking about him as one of the better nfl rookies. He got injured ans says he struggled with getting better and in turn lost some confidence. He seems focused and hopefully he can become that bruising runner he was drafted to be.

    Lamar Miller is a Reggie Bush type runner with better ability between the tackles some say. He is turning heads at camp.

    I say this to point out Reggie is in his final year and all of the sudden is fumbling the ball ,3 times at practice in two days. Are we looking at Reggies last year in Miami if Miller is the real deal? All signs point to yes.

    Not so much the fumbling, it happens and he will stop because the guy is a hard worker. But age, salary, no need for two smaller backs as #1 and #2, all of these things are working against him.

  15. darryldunphy Says:

    …It remains to see how Lamar Miller will work out. Same for Daniel Thomas as well. Lets just say they do. What that gives this team would be a lot of depth, and talent at a skill position. Something that can’t be said for any of the other units on the offense. The goal is to do exactly this. Create a stockpile of good players at all positions. Especially the ones that we depend on to make big plays. So, even though I thought the pick of Miller was a bit odd. I do understand why we went this route. And although it would be nice to have this sort of talent on the outside(should these players perform to their projected abilities) At least it is a position where the team team can claim some strength.

    Again, this is totaly dependant on Miller finding his way, and for Thomas..Probably staying healthy. He looked pretty good when he was 100 percent last year.

  16. DC Dolfan Says:

    Morning Folks. Couple of things. First to Ohio, on your blog topic. Tannehill, “love him or hate him.” I have a problem with those that “hate” him. FOR WHAT? The kid JUST got on the team (by the way, this isn’t really directed to you Ohio, just to the entire audience). Ok, maybe some don’t think he was worthy of a #1 pick. Maybe they don’t think he’ll help the team. But to HATE the guy for that. That’s a bit too far IMO. We’re in a culture today where if you don’t approve of someone, you have to HATE them, they have to be contemptible (think politics, or actors, musicians, etc.). Usually, the people who have those views are the most detestable themselves, so we need to have some sort of balance to our thinking. Tannehill might not be your cup of tea, but he’s done nothing yet to be HATED by Dolphins fans.

    Second, thavafin, I agree about Chad Johnson. I have NO IDEA why people think he’s a bad guy. Yes, he’s cocky, yes, he has a big mouth…AND! Let me tell you the Greatest Athlete of All Time who fits that bill, Mohammed Ali. Yet he’s loved for his antics. Chad is NOT a bad guy. Like he said, he doesn’t ever get in trouble, he’s not a cancer in the locker room, he’s a jokester, an entertainer. I have no problem with that. I want him to back it up with the play on the field, but if he’s joking around, keeping things loose, that’s fine with me. We’ve seen a team with a stick up their arse (last year’s) and they went 0-6, so being totally in business-mode doesn’t seem to work for us (like the Patriots). People need to lay off Chad Johnson, I think he’s hilarious and totally harmless to what the team wants to do during the Season.

  17. Craig M Says:

    Guys, I fully expect Bush to be used in a different way than he was last year. I fully expect him to be used as a reciver more, maybe in the slot a bit more, maybe some more swing passes. I think we all agree WR is probably the weakest position talent wise on the team but I believe one of the advantages of the WC offence is the ability to create mismatches and to catch the other team sleeping. Seems to me that the Pats do a nice job doing this and their WR’s are never that great (yes I know they have Brady). But what we’re talking about in this offence is a QB who can get the ball out on time to where it shold be and WRs who run the routes they should be running. Guys will argue with me on this point but is it the WRs in GB that have Pro Bowl talent or is it the system they play in that makes them great. Probably a bit of both but those guys were not high draft picks. Maybe, just mabye, something like that is the blueprint here in Miami. It would be outstanding to see a guy like Roberto Wallace finally step up and become the guy a lot of us think he could be.

  18. thavafin Says:

    From Article
    “Rich Campbell of the Washington Times notes that Griffin has “taken more than a few sacks” in training camp because he takes too long holding onto the ball. This is a common occurrence for rookies who still are learning to read NFL defenses, much less rookies in their first week of training camp.”

    Just a little reminder for those that like to “pile on” RT
    Not that anyone in here would do that…

  19. thavafin Says:

    Tannehill got some first team snaps today 😉

  20. Jon Says:

    New post up……..it’s a lighter fun one today. Enjoy 🙂

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