QB Huddle: Caption the Photo

CAPTION THIS! What do you think the QB’s are saying to each other in the huddle?


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140 Responses to “QB Huddle: Caption the Photo”

  1. B33RCA53 Says:

    Henne will be playing after the Jags go 0-6. Gabbert is a bust.

  2. Jeff Schanz (@JS_in_LA) Says:

    Probably B33RCA53,
    but after Henne starts, they’ll go 1-9. Two busts don’t make a right.
    They’ll be #1 next year to draft Barkley, and would be stupid not to do so.
    Seahawks, maybe Rams still their competition I’d say for Barkley.

  3. professor lou Says:

    Tanne: “My ballsack is stuck to the inside of my leg”
    Devlin: “Did you hear the one about the guy with one leg?”
    Moore: “Does Garrard ever shut up?”
    Garrard: “Vontae’s in the locker room talkin shit about Li’l Wayne being better than Wu Tang. What’s up wit dat shit?”

  4. Jeff Schanz (@JS_in_LA) Says:

    Nice to see you back Lou.

  5. professor lou Says:

    Oh, yeah, Forgot the guy in the visor:
    “Dave, I’m white. I haven’t got a clue what you’re talking about?”

  6. thavafin Says:

    The race banner is never that far away, is it?


  7. odinseye Says:

    Have you watched any Comedy acts in the past 20 years?

    Racism is the but of many jokes and deservedly so.

    The only people it really seems to offend are the Racists themselves(not implying anything Flava).

    I said it before and I’ll say it again. Racism went out with Al Capone and Brylcreem. It’s 2012, GET IN THE GAME!

  8. odinseye Says:

    The Bucs TE’s are just going to Tee Off on Misi.

    In a cover 2 our Free Safety can’t be Locked in on the TE all the time.

    That means Misi will be in coverage more often than last year. Whether it’s underneath zone or man, I got a feeling it’s going to get Ugly.

    They have Guyton listed as a Weakside Backer behind Burnett which is understandable.

    But check out our Strong Side Depthchart: Misi, Trusnik and Kaddu?

    Come on Man!

  9. thavafin Says:

    Did you just call me Flava?? If that’s how it is then I’d prefer to referred to as “Baskin Robins”
    Doesn’t offend me in the slightest though. So long as it is clever and somewhat humorous. Throwing racial jokes around that aren’t funny or trying to instill race in something just to make that funny is only tragic.
    Otherwise… GAME ON

  10. odinseye Says:


    Did I do that?

    Must have been a Fruedian Slip(tongue planted firmly in cheek).


  11. thavafin Says:

    I got my eye on you!!!

  12. Phins78 Says:

    JS, They would have to do the opposite right? Sheesh that guy was in a bit over his head.

    Thanks for the TE thing. I hadn’t remembered the last te we carried on the PS so I wasn’t sure if it’s a normal thing. The guy can’t block but he is fast as hell, can out jump a lot of people, and can catch. The speed really pops out at you considering he runs like a WR but is a lot bigger. He would be a match up nightmare for opposing defenses. I really hope they find a place for the kid. Seems like a hard worker and if he can get better at blocking we could have a real find. I want him stashed if they think he will be able to get better with the blocking.

  13. Phins78 Says:

    thavafin, “they said they’re running out of you”.

    “Who cares, you’re their all time best seller”!

    ” Yeah, well I slept with your wife, ha HA”.

    “Ummm, George, his wife is dead”.

    One of my favorite episodes. “The Comeback”. I read your post and immediately started laughing. Jerk store does it every time. 🙂

  14. Phins78 Says:

    Odinseye, I thought Misi’s strength was in coverage, no? I thought the whole reason he was drafted was because we needed a LB who could run and cover and he fit the bill. I was under the impression that his rushing skills were lacking because of his size?

    I know I could be way off and am embarrassed if I’m remembering wrong. If anyone wants to chime in on this one please do. I’m curious now.

    Because if we truly did draft him as a coverage LB and he sucks at it then that is a HUGE problem.

  15. Phins78 Says:

    6’3″ 251. That’s what Misi is listed at and he played some defensive end in college. I was way off. I can’t believe he is that big, he always looks and plays so small.

  16. Phins78 Says:

    And now this from draft countdown.com

    Outstanding motor and gives excellent effort — Very athletic — Quick and agile with great balance — Super explosive with a burst — Terrific strength — Uses his hands well — Comfortable in space — Appears to have fluid hips — A hard worker — Versatile — Still has a lot of upside.

    Just average size — Questionable instincts — Has trouble getting off blocks — Not a great run defender — Inconsistent — Minor durability concerns — Mediocre sack production — May not have a true position.

    I’m so confused. 6’3″ 257 lbs is undersized for a LB? Since when? And it sounds like his weaknesses would make him a bad rusher but his strengths would make him a good cover guy. I don’t know!

  17. Phins78 Says:

    Lou’s back! What’s up professor, long time no see 🙂

    Craig M. where are you? Check this out regarding Matt Moore and Pat Devlin. Very interesting! I might have been right for once 🙂 But there is still plenty of time.
    Foxsports.com senior NFL writer Alex Marvez joined me on the show on Wednesday, and we had an interesting exchange regarding the member of the team’s quarterback unit who has gotten barely any mention:

    AM: “By the way, another thing I got that was very interesting, was how much the Dolphins are in love with the No. 4 quarterback, Pat Devlin.”

    JR: “He looks good. Every time I’m out there, he looks good. I know he’s never played, but he throws a pretty good-looking NFL pass.”

    AM: “You know, the other thing, too? Apparently the guy is extremely smart. So, he has already gotten this offense down. And, what that means to …”

    JR: “Go ahead, I know what’s coming… go ahead.”

    AM: Bill Polian was taking a real close look at David Garrard. He likes where David’s release point is, he says he’s got his legs back, he’s running around, he’s moving really well, thinks he fits in really well with this offense. I think Matt Moore is going to be the guy out. … I do think that Matt Moore is going to have some value in a low-level trade to a team that needs a backup quarterback, provided no injuries and Matt Moore isn’t absolutely perfect in these preseason games, but I think you see the handwriting on the wall with this first depth chart.”

  18. Phins78 Says:

    “I know the future is taken care of because I’ve seen Ryan Tannehill, and I think he’s the real deal,” Bob Griese said Wednesday. “I like Ryan Tannehill because of his athletic ability and his skill and his future. It’s just a matter of when for Ryan. He’s going to make it. I’ve watched him.”

    Bob Griese

    I would love these quotes BUT, I think he said the same thing about Henne. I’m going to check.

  19. Phins78 Says:

    Couldn’t find one thing Griese ever said about Henne. Hmmmmmm.

  20. Jeff Schanz (@JS_in_LA) Says:

    Just clarifying. I mentioned that i thought it was possible, and maybe a good idea to trade Moore since he would be odd man out. But I don’t think it’s likely going to happen.

    I got hammered for mentioning it.

    Someone else says it, it gets reposted, and no prob?

    I still don’t think it will happen though.
    Feel bad for Moore. He can start for several teams, and be better off than holding clipboards here.

  21. Jeff Schanz (@JS_in_LA) Says:

    I think the knock on Misi’s size was for a 3-4 pass rushing LB (like Wake was). I don’t expect him to play OLB well, but we’ll see.


  22. Kris Says:

    Phins 78….

    It took some digging…but I found this quote in the from Griese in the Daily FIN…..this below quote was over heard after a joint interview that Griese and Henne did together…..@ the time of the interview the FINS were 0-4 and Griese was doing his PR bit to show the fans that the vets stil supported the team…..the remark was made after the interview was over..and Griese didn’t know his milke was still on…..

    Bob Griese: “Henne……you suck”

  23. Kris Says:


    I don’t think the FINS make decisions based on whats best for each player…..they make them (i hope) on whats best for the team going forward….

    Moore is great insurance policy to have should he NOT win the starting job…..IMO…should he LOSE the QB competition…his trade value will plummet….you want me to give you what? for a guy who could’t win your starting job…and has been spotty @ best….

    The WIN-WIN is this….Moore wins the QB competition…gets us to 4-1….and then gets hurt (nothing serious)….and sits out for a few weeks….@ this point in time his trade value will be thru the roof…..and we un load him on the next team looking to be this year AZ Cardinals…..

    Otherwise…..Moore sits tight….and he walks after this year….

  24. Phins78 Says:

    Well JS I certainly didn’t hammer you. It was I who was also saying Moore might be gone and might not be worth keeping. Craig M. and I were debating it for a day or two so that’s why I posted it for him. He might have a heart attack if he sees it. 🙂

  25. Phins78 Says:

    Lol! Kris I was taking that post so seriously and thought you were going to have a real quote at the end. Damn you!

  26. Phins78 Says:

    “Moore wins the QB competition…gets us to 4-1…”

    Hahahaha and then we all wake up and realize their record is actually 1-4 and we just turned it around in our dreams because it’s the only place where the Dolphins actually win!

    If Garrard wins the job there is no sense in keeping Moore imho. The way Tannehill has shown up so far (still have pre season to judge) I would think Garrard going down would mean getting Tannehill some valuable reps in the regular season. JS and I debated this endlessly but that was back when I thought Tannehill would struggle in training camp. Not to mention how good Devlin has looked. And the coaches are really starting to like the kid. Picked up the offense quicker than Moore from what I read. We will see in time.

    But letting Moore walk for no compensation would be irresponsible. People are saying a 4th ,5th or 6th round pick doesn’t mean anything. Tell that to Belichick who constantly packages late round picks to move up and grab his guys.

  27. Jeff Schanz (@JS_in_LA) Says:

    My scenario a while back was to trade Moore before camp. His value could not go higher than his swan song last year. And since the decision that Tannehill would be the starter in waiting on draft day, Moore and Garrard are immediately deemed as regents. Both have the exact same function, in which case Garrard serves it to a tee, and Moore is awkward at best. So, get what you can immedaitely, before any competition showed Moroe to be vulnerable.

    Too late.
    Every day it goes on, his value drops.
    So, yeah it’s almost pointless now. Still a little value, but not near what it was back in April.
    Phins78, apologies, I don’t remember who hammered me on trade scenarios, but it was a drumming. I’ll scratch you off my revenge list then… 😉
    All good.

  28. Craig M Says:


    Just checking in now. Sorry it’s been a busy few days. I’ve been following from afar.

    I got into it with YG a few days ago over this Moore stuff. (I think that was what it was over, anyways), IMO, I wouldn’t trade Matt Moore. It has nothing to do with being in love with the guy because I’m not. It has everything to do with me feeling we have a chance at a playoff spot this year. I think we’re going to need him. I’;m a Tannehill fan. I’ve been a fan for quite a while now. He’s the guy I wanted them to pick at 8. He’s a good possibility for long term. But I’m also realistic and realize and some point this year he’s going to struggle. Happens to everyone. Happened to Dalton last year too. Totally understandable. For that reason and for the reason that Moore is good insurance, I’d keep Moore. Keeping him takes the pressure off of Tannehill and I feel that’s important right now. On top of all that and maybe most importantly, I feel Moore on our team has more value than what we could get back in a trade.

    Having said all that, it might not surprise me if the Dolphins do in fact trade Moore for something. I don’t feel that there’s much trade value for a guy who’s a FA at the end of this year but they could get something. I wouldn’t do it but it’s not my team.

  29. B33RCA53 Says:

    I’m excited to see how well Clemons and Jones play.

  30. Phins78 Says:

    “I feel Moore on our team has more value than what we could get back in a trade.”

    Craig, at this point in the game you’re probably right. JS was right , if they were going to trade him they should have done it when his value was high. Too late now so unless they can wrangle a 4th, even under conditions, they might as well keep him in case Tannehill isn’t ready to read NFL defenses.

  31. Phins78 Says:

    B33 that makes two of us. I really wish Wilson would steal that spot away from Clemons though. The kid is a tough s.o.b. and is the hardest hitter out of all the dbs. We need someone like that because it’s been too long since we had a safety who receivers feared. Hard to catch a ball when you know someone is waiting to crush you. Easier when you know it’s Clemons and he most likely will take you down at the waist or from behind. Clemons is smart but he just doesn’t scare anyone. Wilson could change that, just has to work on technique.

  32. B33RCA53 Says:

    I don’t know but Clemons seems bigger to me. Jones too. I think it’s their year to breakout. If so Ireland did a nice job finding Clemons and Jones in the 5th rd. Wilson in the 7th. Color me impressed. Wilson will get on the field in some 3 safety defensive sets. I read that’s what they are doing up there in New York. 3 starting safetys…

  33. Phins78 Says:

    Definitely bigger physically but Wilson plays bigger imo. I hope Clemons puts it together and breaks out. He only has 1 sack, 1 interception, and three passes defensed in his NFL career. Along with 87 tackles. I know Y. Bell was playing ahead of him but even when the kid did start he just never made a big play. He doesn’t seem to have a knack for the big play and that’s what we need out of one of our safeties. If the trend doesn’t change this year there will be some changes either through free agency or the draft next season.

  34. Phins78 Says:

    What a horrible day for the Dolphins! Zach Thomas (and possibly Jason Taylor) will have their names hoisted above the stadium, an announcement expected at 5:30 tonight.

    Now how could a LB “who never won anything” (possibly the dumbest statement I have ever read) be inducted into the honor roll? Sheesh, fans must be furious over this one. That Zach Thomas, what a mediocre scrub he was! Pfffffffttttttttttttttt.

  35. Jeff Schanz (@JS_in_LA) Says:

    posts are being kaboshed. What gives? Test.

  36. Jeff Schanz (@JS_in_LA) Says:

    Wow, OK. Well, I was trying to post the link to FirstRow for tonight’s game, but .. no go. ??

    try firstrow, and add .eu on the end. Should get you to a workable page.

  37. Jeff Schanz (@JS_in_LA) Says:

    Adam Schefter‏@AdamSchefter

    David Garrard was expected to start tonight but suffered a mysterious knee injury that some Dolphins players still do not know about.

  38. Kris Says:

    Can somebody please come on here and MAKE the case for TRADING Moore again…..

  39. Kris Says:

    Last I checked…this game is still called FOOTBALL…and NOT tiddlywinks….

    You NEED as many quality players as you can pay for….

  40. Jon Says:

    New post up

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