Dolphins working out receivers today – including Stallworth

This shouldn’t be surprising.  As a big time (and obvious) need of the Dolphins, news is that they are working out several receivers today, including Donte Stallworth.

They should have been doing this all off-season honestly, but let’s be real, anybody they are picking up off waivers right now isn’t going to make a huge splash this season as a play maker.  They are just trying to get warm bodies out there right now.  Not to sound pessimistic, but that’s where we’re at right now.

Hopefully they find someone who is serviceable for a year.


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265 Responses to “Dolphins working out receivers today – including Stallworth”

  1. thavafin Says:

    Tackling 101 you have to keep your eyes/head up without a doubt. I saw 2 kids get paralyzed in my high school playing days. Both trying to make a tackle on a rb headed their way, both bad form tackles. Bad news. I don’t think the NFL is too worried about injuries due to bad form tackling/hitting. More the devestating hits that immediately stop the head as the brain smashes against the skull. They are trying to take SOME action due to lawsuits no doubt. But they will never stop concussions, ever. So its cover our asses moves by the league. And to keep (star) players on the field. Best players on the sidelines is bad for biz. But most concussions I see are heads bouncing off the ground, or someones knee (ala TGreen). It don’t matter what kind of hit or tackle it is, if it abruptly STOPS a players head there is going to be a good chance of concussion. And a defensless player has less opportunity to make an adjustment to the hit. I’m okay with some measures taken to prevent this stuff. Its the rules that are put into place that clearly there to promote high scoring, big time offense that irritate me.

  2. thavafin Says:

    Suspension on bounty program players lifted. Godell can’t be happy about that. I could see this opening a bag of worms for him with some future disciplines.

  3. Jeff Schanz (@JS_in_LA) Says:

    Correct on all counts thavafin.
    The “disciplines” were CYA moves anyway. Protection against big future lawsuits. If someone sues the NFL for allowing bounties, and they claim to be injured as the focus of one… obvious lawsuit problem. So punish the heck out of all suspected and ass-suficiently-covered. They can officially claim they did not allow bounties.

    The whole thing was stupid in the first place. Nobody even got hurt from these supposed “bounties”.

    Dick Butkus made a living off of twisting tendons, gauging eyes, and otherwise hurting players in the pile. Plenty of other players too. Nobody suing him. He’s not rich enough.

  4. thavafin Says:

    And Butkus was probably making about 30K a year. Most of us make more than those guys were making then. Obviously 30K then is a difference than 30K now, I’d guess it would be around 200K now but that’s a best guess but the league was generating average millions versus big time BILLIONS. Not to mention all of the byproducts and additional markets created by the foosball now, versus then. Tons more on the line. Mentalities are different now also. Everything is driven by potential lawsuits because we are a lawsuit happy society. IMO lawsuits now are the lottery, peeps looking for that big payoff.
    If folks were cutting their hands off in competetive chainsaw tournements it would be way back page news but people would still compete because they enjoy doing it. If it became a mega billion dollar industry, they would make them wear chainmail and use safety logs. Then we could gripe about how weak sauce the sport became and refer to the glory days when “Two Stumps McGee” use to make those logs his beotch without looking like such a wuss.

  5. thavafin Says:

    GD lawyers. I can’t even go take a leak at work without clearing it through legal first.
    We’re sorry sir, the incorrect urinal cake was installed earlier today and the restroom has been shutdown to assess our potential liability.

  6. Jeff Schanz (@JS_in_LA) Says:

    Hey pal, urinal cakes cause more fatlities than cancer, smoking, aids, car accidents, and angry squirrel incidents combined!
    My buddy has been in a wheelchair since he was 9 years old because a urinal cake exploded and ate through his face.
    Damnit, no one in my family can piss within 10 yards of a urinal cake for the trauma of that memory. Sad.

    Mock if you like, but you can never convince me that the “US Army C4 Compound” company takes it’s urinal cake production quality seriously. The “Danger! High Explosives” warning was completely worn off by previous piss. How can you let warnings like that be so soluable in piss?

    Negligent, plain and simple. Bastards.

  7. thavafin Says:

    We are sorry to hear of the misfortunate face eating spinal injury. The fact of the matter though, is that if your friend had not been consuming “LandShark Lager” said piss would not be potent enough to dissolve said warning. Therefore we recommend you take your greivances up with “Jimmy Buffet” and/or the previous stadium naming rights recipient “Miami Dolphins”.
    We are sympathetic to your situation and as always strongly recommend you never eat, smoke, have intimate relations with or use as a turn signal, as well as a ball marker on your next golf outing;
    Our always reliable and pleasant, urinal cakes.

  8. Phins78 Says:

    JS the only way to make a hard shoulder tackle is to have your face looking at the ground. There is no debate here. You can not put your shoulders down and lift your head so your face is looking at the incoming tackler. You will get your neck broken. You also will not be able to go low and wrap up their feet. You guys are not understanding what I’m talking about. I wish we could all meet up so you guys could show me how you lift your head at the moment of impact. I would love to prove you wrong in live action. Screw this internet debate, i wish we could get on the field because I would be able to show you exactly what I mean. Its too hard to explain I guess.

    Yes when lining your tackle up you need to be watching the players chest and hips the whole way, that’s when your head is up. But at the moment of impact, that last split second you HAVE to drop your head and shoulders. If you don’t you get run over because the offensive player will have momentum and you will be flat footed. I will argue this to the death. By dropping your head you then put your hips and upper legs in the right position to push and drive through the tackle. I never said anything about tackling with your head. The side of your head and helmet end up on the offensive players hip or upper thigh as you wrap up his waste and make the tackle.

    The proof is in the pudding. Giants linebacker got crushed because he had his head up at the moment of impact. As soon as he made that adjustment he lost momentum and made himself vulnerable. Happened last year tons of times. New Englands corner was knocked out in week 14 on the same exact play.

    The reason they are doing this and tackling has got worse all over the NFL is because if they dare drop their head and the offensive guy does something different you aren’t expecting you can get penalized for roughing and receive a fine.

    Why do you think defenders all over the league have been complaining? They have been complaining about this exact thing. The Steelers defenders most of all. Their LBs talked about quitting because of this. Its out there, Im not making this up and I know exactly what Im talking about.

  9. thavafin Says:

    WTF Phins #?s*£% defense! f*@#?)÷ tackling!! @#c$&% blog!!! -#÷¤+@ opinion!!! @#*? Fact!!! GDBSMFer!!


  10. thavafin Says:

    Tackling Fuel.

  11. Jon Says:

    Looking to do a live blog during the game tomorrow. Care to join?

  12. thavafin Says:

    Mark me down for that Jon.

  13. professor lou Says:

    Unfortunately, my son has a 3 plus hour soccer tournament starting at noon tomorrow. I’m recording it so I can watch it later. I wouldn’t miss my son’s soccer games for anything.

  14. odinseye Says:

    Live blogging at the Herald is an excercise in futility.

    Since I haven’t been posting here as often, I feel the need to ask permission.

    Jon, may I please join you guys in your Live Blog?

    I would be thrilled!

    (Can’t sleep. The night before opening day, I never do)

    PS: I HATE Texas, I HATE Texans and I HATE the God Damned ALAMO!!!!

    (Hey, there wasn’t a guy from Texas posting here, was there? Oops)

    -Odin- 😉

  15. odinseye Says:

    Sorry Texas DolFan. Nothing personal, this is Business.

    Plus, I’m really REALLY drunk and suffering from Dolphin Induced Insomnia.

    Is anyone seriously sleeping tonifght?

    I’m going to try and sleep again!


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