Dolphins/Texans LIVE BLOG


Hey Fellow Fans,

The big day is finally here!  Regular season begins!

I’ll be rushing to get home in time to see the start of the game, so I wanted to get this post up and available for those who want to live blog during the game.


My advice for today?  (I’m telling myself this too by the way).  Don’t overreact.  The Texans are really good and the Dolphins are rebuilding.    Don’t overreact to our Rookie QB, he doesn’t have a whole lot of help around him right now.  I think we all expect our fellow fans to be realistic, and being critical is part of that.  I know if Miami struggles out of the gates it won’t be all rainbows and sunshine in here, including myself.    But if we struggle we do need to remember how our roster looks on paper, we aren’t even supposed to be that good right now.


But who knows, any given Sunday right!?!?!?!  Maybe our beloved fish give us some pleasant surprises and make it a fun game!

Direct TV is giving one free weekend of Sunday  Ticket this weekend, so I will be seeing all the plays live, just an FYI.

Today is what we’ve been waiting for.   Get your drinks ready and let’s do this thing.


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138 Responses to “Dolphins/Texans LIVE BLOG”

  1. odinseye Says:

    Definitely 78!

    It’s like I said, it’s not his “Main Criteria”, but deep down the guy is racist and prejudiced against the White Race.

    I personally don’t care which Race you’re prejudiced of, that in and of itself indicates extreme ignorance.

    I can tolerate White, Red, Purple and Black. I can’t tolerate ignorant and I can’t tolerate Omar Kelly!

    The Ugly Truth-lol!!!!

  2. Jeff Schanz (@JS_in_LA) Says:

    Omar’s a tough nut to figure out. Should he take the time to notice, he doesn’t make consistant sense. It’s almost like he’d rather start and win an argument, without knowing what the argument is about. Just gotta win.
    He does offer some good info, and occasional insight, but you have to blot out the other 80% of his daily arguments and rants.
    I don’t think he’s racist, just he gets stuck on some notion, even if he doesn’t really believe in it, he HAS to win. He has his favorites, but for the life of me, I can’t figure them out.
    Hyde? Oh no, don’t go down that dark path. Pain and suffering it leads to, mmmm, yes. He may be “positive” but his wattage isn’t very high in his light bulb. Like him as a a cheerleader, but I’d trust a drunken soccer hooligan with more accurate information on the Dolphins.

  3. ozkar_ Says:

    I find it hard to believe that a fellow Miami Dolphins fan. Whom considers pronouns such We,Us and Ours silly.
    Actually thinks that the MIami Dolphins will win so many games.
    Even after Sunday’s shellacking.
    Either the MIami Dolphins are being mocked.Or the MIami Dolphins will miraculously transform into a Wild Card team.
    As a Miami Dolphins fans I find that FATUOUS!

    I don’t expect much from the MIami Dolphins this weekend either.
    Sure,it will be close game.But the Raid-uhs had more talent than the MIami Dolphins currently have.
    I just hope that the Miami Dolphins don’t have a disasterous 2nd qt
    And don’t shoot themselves in the foot again.
    Alright Miami!

  4. odinseye Says:

    I think this Miami Dolphins team will match last years total of 6 wins easily.

    With a few lucky breaks and some certain youngster(s) developing up to an exceeding expectations: 9 or maybe even 10 wins.

    Anythings possible on “Any Given Sunday”.


  5. professor lou Says:

    I’m sorry man. I just can’t do it. Why does it make me any less of a fan?

  6. ozkar_ Says:

    prof lou,
    The Miami Dolphins will not win 10 gms. Not even seven.
    That’s the bone I wanted to pick with you.

    Needless to say, however you referred to the Miami Dolphins doesn’t make you less of a fan of them.

    With me,It’s just a little bit more personal.
    I actually feel shitty when Miami loses.

  7. Phins78 Says:

    What and where is this stout front 7 I’m hearing about in Oakland? Is this based off the stats on the first game? I keep hearing how this front 7 is supposed to give us fits. Did they add someone special in the offseason I’m not aware of because last year they were 27th against the run and just as bad against the pass. What am I missing here?

  8. Phins78 Says:

    Odinseye, did you notice that as soon as you started talking to me at the Herald your stalker started attacking me? I was cracking up! It was like he was jealous he couldn’t have you all to himself. A little of that AND he gets mad when anyone talks to you because for some reason he wants everyone to hate you. It’s really creepy. What a mental patient that person is. I just can’t believe he doesn’t recognize how bad he looks when doing that stuff. Never mind how bad it looks, how about the amount of time and resources he puts into hating people he never met? I don’t even feel sorry for him anymore, it’s just weird now.

  9. Phins78 Says:

    Okay someone just told me they got Kelly back so that helps against the run. Shawntee Spencer and Tyvon Branch are the additions at corner back. Sorry but they are nobody’s, not really worried there.

  10. Jeff Schanz (@JS_in_LA) Says:

    54 Omar tweets in 2 hours this morning (and still going). That’s a tweet every 2.2 minutes.
    Dude, makes it so darned hard to find ANYONE else’s tweets. Scrolling, scrolling…..

  11. Jeff Schanz (@JS_in_LA) Says:

    Chargers seemed to do just fine against their fearsome 7.
    Raiders have talent, definitely. But they played as sloppy and disorganized as we did last game. If they play solid and together, they beat LOADS of teams. But they don’t and haven’t for a while. Talent-wise they beat us. But team-work-wise, think we have a real shot. Plus we’re home.
    I think close game, but I’ll cautiously give us the win nod.
    Heck we have to beat SOMEBODY … this is as good a chance as any.

  12. Jeff Schanz (@JS_in_LA) Says:

    Armstrong prob out v. Oak. SO, we’ll need someone to step up and actually get open. Bess did great as usual, but Hartline had someone in his hip pocket every play. He still caught a couple balls, but those were great throws by Tannehill (yes, nice catches by Hartline – just medicore routes). Can’t beat teams by having to make those throws EVERY time.
    Hartline, shadowed all game. Naanee never really open either. Can we try Moore, or Mathews on a few plays?

  13. Craig M Says:


    I’d love to see them give Matthews a chance. I liked this kid in preseason. Don’t know if he’s earned the right to play or not but has Naannee? I’m still amazed that this guy is on the team. Just don’t get what it is he brings to the table.

  14. professor lou Says:

    If anything, I was hoping that Naanee sat but with Armstrong probably missing the game he’s most likely going to be in there unless they decide to go with Hartline and Bess.
    In any case, Armstrong was probably the only receiver they had that could give them any type of a deep threat and now it’s all going to have to be short and intermediate routes. I like Hartline on the quick slant and if Tannehill could hit him just right he could probably get some nice yac. However, Bush running the football is probably going to be the key for them to move the ball on offense and give them a chance to score points.
    If they can run the ball effectively with Reggie it should give them a better chance of getting the ball to some open receivers and move it thru the air. But, like I said, Bush is going to be the key.
    I don’t know what to expect from Clay at this point. I thought this would be a better year for him judging by the way he performed last year but he doesn’t seem to have his head in the game.
    I don’t think Egnew is quite ready yet and I’m not sure if or when he will be. They seem to have a problem with him and it could be a long time before we see him in a game which is ashame because it would have been nice to see him do for this team what he did for Missou.
    I don’t know what to think about Miller being active this week. He looked a lot like Daniel Thomas in the preseason; seemed to run to where the defender was instead of running thru a hole. So, I’m not too excited about that at this point. I guess we’ll have to wait and see if he does anything this week if he gets his shot.
    The big question mark going into this game just like last one is how well the db’s are going to perform. I said they would win 10 this year but the db’s have got to do a much better job or they may end up closer to the 5 to 6 wins a lot of people predicted for them.
    In any case, I don’t think Sean Smith or Richard Marshall can afford to continue to play like they did in the first game because this coaching staff isn’t going to tolerate it. They will be going just like Vontae if they don’t step it up. Guaranteed Jeff tries to upgrade the talent if either one fails.

  15. Jeff Schanz (@JS_in_LA) Says:

    if you mean Naanee, Craig, I’m with ya.
    Dude apparently tears it up in practice.
    He has never ever torn it up in a game though in his career. He plays small, and soft, and doesn’t attack the ball – in games. I was never impressed, and took our media’s word for it that he was worthy of being a solid #2. Haven’t seen it yet. Don’t expect to.

    Hartline has great hands, he just can’t shake a DB on his routes.

  16. Jeff Schanz (@JS_in_LA) Says:

    I actually expect us to try several semi-deep, to deep shots down field this game. Expect Bush to be smothered, and only occasionally breaking a couple, but this plan leaves a door open…
    The middle of the field will be open, and we’ll get more 1-on-1s than usual, I think. The safety, and some LBs will be trying to charge up on Bush, both in run, but especially on short passes. OCs drool over this stuff normally, but our wepaons for taking advantage are shakey. But some seam, post, and a few go routes will be there to try.

    I’d even expect a shot to Bess on a long post.
    Expect TE’s to be busy up the middle.

    if we hit them, we win. If we miss them, Raiders have accomplished their plan.

  17. Texas_Dolfan Says:

    Greg Jennings anyone? I have read a rumor that there are talks of us trying to make a deal for him. I don’t know but I hope it is true.

  18. Jeff Schanz (@JS_in_LA) Says:

    if you’re correct, Texas, Jennings makes the 3rd or fourth receiver we’ve supposedly been trying to trade for with GB.
    Who knows maybe.
    What would we give up? Certainly no personnel that GB wants. Draft picks? What’s Jennings worth?

  19. Jeff Schanz (@JS_in_LA) Says:

    Hyde’s article today…ugh. “Lies! Dirty secrets! Hurting the fans by deceiving everyone!”

    Lessee, so Ross and Philbin say we’re a playoff team. And those evil-doers don’t dare tell us that we’re rebuilding. Deception! Conspiracy!

    Uhhhhh.. exactly what would you expect a coach and owner to say?

    Philbin: “Well, team. I just want to tell you we’re rebuilding this year. We’re going to suck. Don’t worry about wins, just try not to get hurt. You free agents, make sure your stats look good so you can go elsewhere next year for a nice contract.”

    Ross: “Well Dol-Fans, sorry to say, I expect us to suck balls this year. Try to find something interesting to watch in a season long prelude to next year. Our cheerleaders look pretty, our uniforms look snazzy. So hopefully you don’t mind paying the same high prices for tickets as all the other good teams. Oh, and by the way, don’t tell the networks, they don’t know we’re gonna suck, so we can still get a good price for their air time – cause if they found out, ya know, commercial prices drop. Then I’d have to sell one of my Bentleys. Thanks for understanding!”

    Hyde is right about one thing… the fans aren’t stupid. We already KNOW we’re rebuilding. When you spend your first round pick on a QB, it’s a given. Honestly.
    He tells us we’re not stupid, and proceeds to write an article … that ONLY the stupid fans would find enlightening.

    Rant of the day.

  20. odinseye Says:

    **Multi-Posting** 😉

    Phins 78,

    I don’t think Oaklands Front 7 is all that or anything. I do think they have been steadily improving though. If nothing else, they’ve been adding more talent. I think Kelly and Seymor are solid and the linebackers aren’t bad either. Mclain and Burriss(?)specifically.

    They can be beaten as the Chargers showed. But take away the LS’s implosion and their right in that game. I’m not saying their all that, but if we try and take them lightly, we’ll pay.

    The Troll………….

    The guy over there has passed the Creepy Point. I seriously think the guy is poised for a “Real Life” Break Down.

    Anywhoo, I feel I accomplished my mission in exposing the fraud to EVERYONE he used to F with. So now I’m working on taking yours(and others)advice and just ignoring him. I don’t know why it’s so tough for me(stupid I guess)but I’m working on it.

    I notice some people automatically discredit my posts and associate me with him because I was always engaging him. I don’t want to be lumped in with the troll so BELIEVE ME, I’m getting better at ignoring him.


    I think you’re onto something with your “Game Planning” above.

    With Armstrong and the reast of receivers being who they are, we have to try and do something to ease up the Rookies workload.

    Close to what you suggest, I see a scheme and probable mismatch.

    I think they will be keying on Bush on run downs as well as pass downs. So here’s what I suggest. Using diiferent formations, we run our outside guys on medium/long to deep routes. This draws at least two corners and a safety(hopefully both safeties). Then we flare Bush out on swings to the flats.

    At this point Bush and/or Clay/Fasano draws a linebacker. This will create the mismatch(hopefully-lol). With both outside guys going deep and Bush on a flat, the seam or middle of the field should wide open for drag routes and/or a short to medium seam route.

    It is what it is and we know what personel we have to work with. So in my opinion, at this point(and the rest of the season for that matter)it’s going to be ALL about schemes and creating mismatches.

    If Sherman can manage that, then Tannehill’s load will be lightened and his development prioratized. If not, Tannehill and the rest(including US)will be in for a long season.

    Craig M,

    I’m through with Naanee. I thought……..scratch that……..I was hoping all he needed was a frsh start and change of scenery. I also thought he could be a really decent compliment to Johnson.

    Apparently I was wrong on all counts and what everyone and the so-called experts/pundits were saying was right.

    Naanee in my opinion is proving to be the Classic Underacheiver. He has all the tools. The prototypical skillset, speed and everything.

    The only thing that I’ve seen from him is that in addition to all the complaints, the guy has ALLIGATOR ARMS as well. Naanee has been one of MY OWN personal biggest disappointments.

    I thought the change of scenery and the years of experience would finally come together for him. NOT! He has done absolutely nothing to date!

    One Last Note: I DO honestly believe Omar Kelly is an egotistical, narcisistic, Jackwad of a predjudiced Whanker!

    Anytime and everytime it comes down to making a judgement call on two players, with one being white and the other black, he shows his true colors.

    When it gets to this point and all things seem pretty even or pretty close, he sides with the Brother without fail. It’s like he throws all objectiveness and logic and reasoning skills out the window and picks the Brother.

    Sorry about the touchy subject, but it is true. Go back and look or simply watch.

    He is a news source and blah, blah, blah. But I personally cannot stand the guy. As a HUMAN BEING, he leaves alot to be desired!

    -Odin- 😉

  21. Jeff Schanz (@JS_in_LA) Says:

    I think you’ve got it. When the safety comes up to smother the runner/backfield-pass-catcher, then the middle is open for whoever runs the seam/post route to draw the 1-on-1 LB coverage. Typically, the go-route WR would draw the other safety, so that’s why the TEs make those awesome plays over the middle. Safeties or LBs drag them down from behind, or the side, but it’s a usual gain for 15-20, or if there’s a coverage lag, maybe a TD. Again, if you’re OC you WANT this. Bush gets 0 yards? Who cares, I’ll throw over you all day with this plan.
    Remember the dramatic Tebow TD pass to win v. Steelers last year’s playoffs? This exact defensive plan was the culprit. They decided to key on the runner (this case was Tebow) …Run the post, beat the DB to the ball = house.

    Not saying we’ll get it to work, but it’s going to be there if we can.

  22. Jeff Schanz (@JS_in_LA) Says:

    I can’t shut up… apparently.
    Here’s what i see when I look at Naanee.

    Very tall, very fast, not light. If he uses all those to his advantage he’d be great.
    But he doesn’t.
    First he plays small. What I mean, is he doesn’t use his arm length to attack the passes, he catches with his body, which any defender can defend regardless of height/reach.
    He doesn’t separate with his body, he tries to out manuever the DB. Keyshawn Johnson, Michael Irvin could separate despite being slow; like a post up basketball player, they used their bodies to gain ground on defenders. Naanee tries to avoid contact on routes. Strangely, Hartline is much better at this than Naanee.

    He’s lanky. It takes him a couple steps to gain momentum. “Quick” guys like Bess can gain momentum on the first foot plant/cut. probably a good reason why he can’t separate against DBs, is Because he’s too deliberate on his cuts. I haven’t watched his every cut, so this is a guess, but he doesn’t seem open very often.

    To me, he’s the guy you bring in as a #3. But I’d prefer a guy with more aggressive hands as my #3.

  23. Jeff Schanz (@JS_in_LA) Says:

    …I meant that Hartline uses his body better than Naanee to “post up” defenders. Didn’t write that well.

  24. Phins78 Says:

    JS love the rant of the day. I was laughing when reading Hydes article. Not only is it normal for an owner and coach to deny rebuilding but if any fan feels “lied to” they’re idiots. It’s pretty damned obvious the team is rebuilding it’s offense and has been since they announced the change to the wco. And in order to play a 4-3 the defense will need a couple of tweaks. I love that people bury their heads in the sand and then want to blame someone else because they couldn’t see what was coming.

    When Ross and Ireland said they weren’t rebuilding I payed no attention. No it’s not a complete rebuild but the writing is on the wall.

    And Philbin has been saying from day one that he wants the right players that will fit his offense. He never said he HAS the right players.

  25. Phins78 Says:

    Are they hoisting Zach Thomas’ jersey to the ring of honor Sunday? What a scrub that guy was. NOT!

  26. Phins78 Says:

    Odinseye dont worry about it man. You don’t have to ignore him, it’s actually pretty funny. I just wanted you to know that no matter how much he tries to make you look bad it never works. Anyone with a brain can tell who the good posters are and it’s obvious that you aren’t the problem over there. He can scream that until he’s blue in the face but no one truly believes it. You have your own style and I respect that.

    If you want to keep calling him out by all means don’t stop because I get a kick out of it! But know that it isn’t necessary, you don’t have to defend yourself to scum like that.

  27. professor lou Says:

    Some games to watch today: Arkansas vs Alabami: Tyler Wilson is the guy to watch in the game. Everyone who watches him play says, “Mallet? What’s a Mallet?
    Florida vs Tennessee- just because this SEC rivalry is usually one of the most exciting in college football to watch and the winner is usally determined on the last drive.
    Both games are usually pretty good games just because they are SEC matchups – the most exciting college football there is. Is there any other conference?
    But, like I said, watch Wilson. He and Barkley are most likely going to be the two top rated guys coming out next year and we may see a similar situaton as the one we saw with Luck and RGIII in this year’s draft with Barkley and Wilson going 1 and 2.
    Anyway, there’s nothing like great college matchups. NFL has nothing on this.

  28. professor lou Says:

    I don’t envy Joe Philbin. Think about it. The guy was in a no win situation with his quarterbac position with Moore and Tannehill. Does he start the guy who led his team to 6 wins in the last 9 games last year but didn’t look very good in preseason or does he start the rookie who has only 19 starts and is known for his inconsistency on the field. Either way, if his choice falters, he’s going to be 2nd guessed and he’s going to be grilled about his decision.
    If he started Moore in the first game and there was the same outcome everyone would be saying he should have started Tannehill because “he knows the offense better” or “he outplayed Moore in the preseason” or any number of other arguments that they would’ve had. Fans have argued that Tannehill needs to get experiene and, if he loses some it’s ok because he needs to learn.
    So, he starts Tannehill and he has the game he has. He’s rookie quarterback who only started 19 games in college and has a history of tipped passes and inconsistently placed balls. Now, this is something that I’ve said about the kid from day one when I was banging the table against taking him. However, as you all know, I’ve changed my position on him and think he deserves and chance and I’ve been impressed with his play despite his performance in his first NFL start.
    But, therin lies the problem. What does everyone want? I don’t think there were too many people who wanted Moore to start. As far as Garrard is concerned I personally didn’t like the choice because his career wasn’t the greatest (he had one good year) and there were injury concerns. Tannheill was the fan favorite. He is supposed to be the guy to lead this team to a Super Bowl and Miami fans were all excited about him playing. Most wanted him to start immediately and most got what they wanted and now that he has one bad game, the first of his NFL career, fans are ripping about the fact that he threw 3 int’s and had several balls tipped. What the hell did they expect? I’m not saying I’m going to change my position on this kid again. I’m not doing it. I’m sticking with Tannehill because I finally came to the conclusion that, of all the quarterbacks on the roster, he gives this team the best chance to win.
    However, I pointed out these things time and again and I had people left and right tell me I was incorrect and I wasn’t seeing what they were seeing. Well, apparently, it was the other way around. They weren’t seeing what I saw. I’m not going to be the person who says, “I told you so” if this kid continues to have these issues. I won’t do it. I promise. But, to be angered or surprised about what happened in the first game is just idiotic because that was his history in college.
    But, my take on the whole thing is I’m going to ride the season out with him. I still think we’re looking at a 10 win season. (For Odin). I think he’ll be able to put these mistakes behind and they will work on getting him on the right track.
    That’s my story and I’m stickin to it.

  29. professor lou Says:

    Jay Cutler: 11/27, 126 yds, 1 td, 4 int.
    Brandon Marshall: 2 rec,. 24 yds.
    Impressive. Cutler’s been in the league how long? Is anyone ripping him an ass like they are Tannehill.
    Marshall’s numbers were just as impressive. Looks like Mr. Underachiever had himself another mediocre game. Did the Packer’s defense improve that much since last year?

  30. professor lou Says:

    It’s funny how nobody mentioned the above.

  31. professor lou Says:

    It’s amazing how people could be happy thinking this team will win Sunday and the reason they offer is because the other team sucks even worse. I wouldn’t want them winning games because they are playing shit teams and beating them. When they play the good teams they need to win them. The games against the shit teams they should win. They need to grow a pair and beat up on the big boys.

  32. professor lou Says:

    I thought Jay Cutler and Brandon Marshall were supposed to tear it up this year since Cutler now has a true alpha receiver.

  33. professor lou Says:

    I’m on a roll. What else can I rant about?

  34. professor lou Says:

    Something tells me that, if the Dolphins lose to the Raiders, there will be a lot of cats that get kicked. Expectations for a win are high this week because “the Raiders are so bad even the Dolphins can beat them.”

  35. Phins78 Says:

    Lou we’ll see how Cutler does next time. But here’s the thing, he’s a horrible leader and bad teammate. He has always been a whiner, when things don’t go his way he whines. Never does he just let it go and move on to the next game. After that last embarrassment he took absolutely NO blame for the 4 interceptions. He blamed his receivers, the o-line, hell I bet he even blamed the weather. When the team starts struggling he lowers his shoulders and pouts. I don’t care how he does I would NEVER want a QB like that on my team.

    And now add in Marshall, another guy who only cares about himself and never excepts responsibility for his short comings, always someone elses fault. And just like Cutler, when he has to deal with the slightest bit of adversity he shrinks.

    If I were a Bears fan I would NOT be expecting many come from behind wins if the differential is 14 points or more. Their two “star” offensive players just quit when it’s not going their way. Soooo happy Brandon Marshall is no longer a Dolphin. Would I like another alpha receiver to replace him? Hell yeah. But if I were the GM and there were no receivers to replace him I still would have traded his azz, in a heart beat.

  36. professor lou Says:

    I agree. I don’t know how Bears fans could have been excited about Cutler throwing the ball to Marshall knowing how much of an underacheiver Marshall is and also knowing Cutler is a terrible leader and a big baby.
    Maybe the Dolphins don’t have a full compliment of talent at the wide receiver position but they are still better off than they were with Marshall on the team. If he were here it would not have guaranteed the outcome against Houston could have been any different.

  37. Texas_Dolfan Says:

    JS “What would we give up? Certainly no personnel that GB wants. Draft picks? What’s Jennings worth?”

    It was an article on the Phinsider site and they said we would give up the 2nd we got for Davis.

  38. Jon Says:

    Look for the live blog to go up before game time today

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