Raiders @ Dolphins – LIVE BLOG


I’m still trying to get the last few minutes of the second quarter out of mind from last game.  But ready to move forward, and I’ve decided to wait to doom the team to a horrible loss in this one until the game is played.  Can Tannehill fix the tipped passes?  Mike Sherman says that is all on him, not the O-line.  Sherman thinks T-Hill needs to find the passing lanes better, and I tend to agree.  I think we need a BIG dose of Reggie Bush today!  Not only because he is starting for my Fantasy Football Team, “The Best Show on Paper”,  but also because I think it would be a good strategy for Miami to win.  He is the best play maker on offense, and the receivers don’t seem to be stepping up.  Bess looked pretty good, so I expect him to get some looks too.

Defense?  ATTACK Palmer and focus on stopping the run.  Raiders will be looking to get better production from McFadden and the running game since they struggled in that area in their loss last week.

Should be interesting to see who avoids going 0-2 to start the season.  Even though every talking head in America will have the Raiders easily handling the rebuilding Dolphins,  I pick the Phins to dig deep and win this one 17-10.

Hit it up in the comments section for some live blogging during the game.

Come on Miami!


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  1. odinseye Says:


    I can’t post a link or say with any certainty how much we’ll actually be under the cap.

    I have read multiple articles though and they all are saying right around 50 to 60 million.

    What it’s based on is our current contracts of course. Then they added in the amount that the cap increases across the board. And then they tallied up the big contracts of the players who were cut or waived this year.

    These last contracts count against our cap this year, but not next year. At least that is the way I understood it.

    What do you expect Man, I’m no Dawn Aponte now!

  2. Jeff Schanz (@JS_in_LA) Says:

    Not to be argumentative but… how is it there is ONE rush-end position?
    Firstly, I thought the side Taylor used to be on (the Blind Side) was the money side. Wake is one the other usually.

    Secondly, I consider Wake to be average at that position. Good not great. Better than many, not as good as the elite teams.

    And I desperately want someone other teams fear. So if Wake is on one side, and the new beast is on the other … NOW we’re talking serious contender!

    Remember the New York Sack Exchange? We’ll have Miami Vice (get it, like a vice that squeezes things together and crushes them?)
    I don’t share your enthusiasm of our DE rooks as potential stars, but I hope (truly) that you’re right.

  3. odinseye Says:


    I think guys like Marshall, Johnson Bell and Smith all have money counting against our cap this year, where next year they wont.

    The Bears take on Marshall’s contract when they traded for him. But his Up Front Money(signing bonus)was prorated over the years of his contract. So a PORTION of his bonus is counting against our cap this year.

    To some degree, the same holds true for all the guys that we had under contract at the begining of this fiscal year. Marshall and Bells money alone(I think) adds up to almost 10 million against this years cap.

    PS: I think it was Barry Jackson that had one of the best write ups on it.

  4. odinseye Says:


    The RDE or ROLB(depending on 4-3 vs 3-4)is the Rush side. Thats why most teams best pass blockers are Left Tackles(from the O’s perspective). The Blind Side.

    Wake does Rush from the RDE spot. But in trying to create a mismatch, they line him up at LDE on alot of passing situations as well. That way he lines up against their right tackle.

    These Coaches are light years ahead of anything we’ve had in years. Especially in terms of getting guys who earn plating time out on the field.

    So having said that, watch and you will see Shelby getting more and more playing time. In his limited amount of snaps he’s been getting a decent amount of pressures and hurries. He even batted a pass down against Oakland.

    If you remember, Palmer looked like Houdini barely escaping the sacks quite a few times Sunday. Shelby was right there, getting closer and closer.

  5. Jeff Schanz (@JS_in_LA) Says:

    Ok, Odin.
    I haven’t looked at the video, and don’t plan to. I did watch the game all the way through, and I don’t recall virtually ANY right side pressure. Everything was either interior or left side. Once the QB started shifting from that pressure, some of the left was catching up, but Odrick, Vernon and Shelby were invisible to my real-time eye on the 3-5 second pressure window that you need to trouble QBs. And I didn’t see Wake’s jersey at all unless he was on the left side.

    Maybe on replay I’d see more.

    I saw a LOT of positives. Right side pressure wasn’t one of them that I could see.

    Soliai, and Starks were the primary pressure, and Wake got an occasional penetration, but was usually in position to make the QB stuck between him and the interior push. So he did his job. But Carson had PLENTY of time when he scrambled to his left, and usually found deep receivers. He couldn’t scramble to his right often (Wake blocked that).

    My takes. Still not impressed with our rush. Carson (not very nimble) escaped and had plenty of time WAY too much, especially to his left.

    Again, maybe on video I’d see it diffeently.

  6. Jeff Schanz (@JS_in_LA) Says:

    heading home, guys. Catch you tomorrow morning.

  7. odinseye Says:


    I have a good explanation for that-lol.

    On Shelby’s limited number of snaps, he was coming off of the Left side.

    He got most of his snaps later in the game. At one point, Wake was on the sideline. Vernon on the right side and Shelby on the left.

    Thats another thing I love about this Coaching staff. As we got further ahead, Shelby and Vernon got more and more playing time.

    Smart Stuff! Getting everyone involved and getting them real game time experience.

  8. Phins78 Says:

    Js he was locked in on a receiver and the guard was being pushed toward him. His rookie mistake was locking in and not simply escaping to extend the play. The oline didnt let anyone through so he could have very easily moved right and reset. But there was pressure.

    On the completion he was standing all alone, no one pressuring him. When he got the ball he never set his feet north and south. His front foot was barely ahead of his back, and he threw off the back foot for some reason.

    Then in the first week he threw a handful like that. Some were completed and a couple were incomplete. 3 pressures, 2 never set his feet properly.

    I’m just saying it’s something to keep an eye on. And I’m sure if it was a concern Shannahan will be working with him on it.

  9. Phins78 Says:

    Wish I could talk about the damned game with you guys. I was bamboozled! My Father asked me months ago if I wanted to go to the Yankees game and told me it was on a Thursday so I said yes. Then my Brother told me today that my Dad did that on purpose because he knew if he said Sunday, I would say no. Tricky old b$%tard!

  10. Phins78 Says:

    I made the point about the refs and now they’re screwing me. Typical.

    Denver isn’t nearly as good as everyone thought. Manning still rehabing and the offense isn’t clicking because they aren’t all on the same page according to Manning. But that doesn’t stop the media from practically giving them super bowl rings all of last week.

    I don’t understand why it seems so many people have trouble being objective. Dolphins lose 1 game=worst team in the league. Dolphins win one game= this team is a playoff contender.

    It’s seriously exhausting.

  11. professor lou Says:

    I have to agree with Odin in respect to Shelby and especially his development. You can see that he has the talent and it is nice to see the coaching staff is giving him playing time and developing that talent.
    By midseason he could become a force in the pass rush and help the defense in a way that we all thought wouldn’t happen this year.
    Randall is another guy who has done well for US as well. He’s done more than hold his own when he is in there but Shelby providing pressure from his side with Wake on the other could be something that surprises a lot of teams this year. Add Starks at tackle and this defense could have a pretty good line on passing downs. As everyone knows, getting pressure with their front four is a huge plus.
    I’m all in on Shelby. If he continues to progress as the season goes on I can see him getting 8 sacks this year.
    As you can see, I’m putting it all out there this year. 10 win season and 8 sacks for Shelby. I’ll keep it up with my predictions each week. I already made some on my site that nobody but Jeff reads. Thanks Jeff.

  12. Jon Says:

    Refs were bad in the broncos game………but the real embarrassment in my opinion is the coaches and players rushing the field and bullying the new refs trying to take advantage of them. These are supposed to be grown men, professional athletes at the top of their game, and they can’t control their own hissy fits. The entire team rushed the field after the fumble to scream at the ref and start fights. Shameful.

  13. Phins78 Says:

    I agree 100% Jon. I was appalled at the lack of maturity in that instance. I felt bad for them and wanted to be out there helping because I would have been throwing people out of the game left and right. One warning to get to the sideline or huddle while we figure this thing out and if they didn’t listen I would’ve started tossing people.

    They acted like children and should have been treated as such. You let a child get away with bad behavior for too long and they will take advantage. I’m sure other players around the league took notice if even on a subconscious level and this could happen again because they did nothing to stop it.

    It was embarrassing for the NFL. Seeing the refs take their stance to call the penalty and then watching players walking right up to them almost bumping them, helmets off and jerseys untucked, I’m surprised Goodell hasn’t said anything. I thought he was the disciplinarian type. I guess it’s not in his best interest, just like also protecting defensive players from hits where a helmet is used as a weapon.

  14. Jon Says:

    Yea and if they started throwing people out of the game the media would have criticized that too. I agree the refs are painful right now, but the media, players and coaches are making the situation 80% worse

  15. Phins78 Says:

    Jon check it out. I just read this in a Sentinel story! Too funny. I thought you and I were the only ones talking about this.

    ” By Week 2, the players figured the replacement refs aren’t calling a lot of plays. Cameron Wake got mauled on some plays. No flag. That’s going on in most games, evidently. The referees have decided it’s better not to throw a flag than to throw one and put the spotlight on the call. The debacle of Monday night’s Denver-Atlanta game with the referees will only grow worse as players realize these refs aren’t up to the job.”

    And JS I didn’t get to see the game so I don’t know. But I read a post of yours saying Wake didn’t do much (or something along those lines). Maybe this is why.

  16. Jon Says:


    and the more the media (such as PFT) blasts every single little decision they make, the worse the circus will get.

    Just read a recent story on PFT blasting a replacement ref for telling LeSean McCoy he needs to get him on his fantasy team. What the heck is wrong with joking with the players? It was a freakin compliment! Some of the media need to settle down

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