Monday Morning Blues

I hate the Jets with a passion.


That is all.


31 Responses to “Monday Morning Blues”

  1. ozkar_ Says:

    What is going on with this blog?
    It’s almost like it’s on liffe support.
    Two sentences.come on.
    I came here to read about yesterday’s game cause I didn’t get a chance to watch it.Seen only a few hightlights on sports networks.
    Could someone please pass along info to me about where I can hear Miami Dolphins radio online,please.

  2. Texas_Dolfan Says:

    It was a heartbreaking loss Ozkar. It came down to a last minute 48 yard field goal attempt to win in OT and we couldn’t put it away. The FG was missed obviously.

    I agree with Jon, “I hate the Jets.”

  3. Jon Says:

    Sorry Ozkar………I’ll give you a discount to your subscription to this site next month.

    Forgive me for being in mourning today. It was tough one to swallow.

  4. ozkar_ Says:

    I saw the highlights on the NFL Network this morning.
    Was unaware Carpenter miss a game winning field goal.I even have him on my fantasy football team.So double whammy for me.
    Devastated when I saw the clip of coach Philbin icing the jest kicker.
    Lost alot of respect for sparano when they showed him hitting his chest in jubilance. They only won was cause the MIami Dolphins shot themselves in the foot.
    Notice how I didn’t use pronouns such as We or Ourselves.Just being mindful of childishness.
    Once again I like to ask for help in finding a Miami Dolphins radio show online. Please don’t bother suggesting Armando’s show. I want some decent commentating.

  5. Jeff Schanz (@JS_in_LA) Says:

    I didn’t see the game. Family issues, and just time with the kids. Keep track on my Android game-tracker. Looked like a tough game. Jets always makes for the dirtiest ugliest games.

    Tannehill got some praise from Cowherd this morning.
    If it makes anyone feel better, we usually split with the Jets for the season, so statistically speaking we should win the next matchup.

  6. 72finfan Says:

    Disappointing game. We had too many chances to take control and, plain and simple, didn’t.

    (And to Ozkar, I use ‘we’ and ‘our’ because we as diehard fans are a collective extension of the team we love. In fact ‘we’ just might have MORE hatred for the NYJ than some of the current Dolphins players.)

    Areas of concern:
    1) The secondary is a sieve. Rashad Marshall was a liability. This will be a season-long achilles (but we saw this coming with the Bell/Davis moves).

    2) Questionable endgame coaching calls/game managment. Many areas here, but one was the lack of attacking the spots vacated with the Revis/Cromartie injuries. A team loses its top two dbs, and we couldn’t stick a pass for the life of us?

    3) Offensive play-calling. I was seriously having flashbacks of Dan Henning during the second half. We didn’t play within ourselves and take what they gave us. Over-used cliche’s, I know, but watch the game and you’ll see. I felt we tried to force plays when the opening wasn’t there, especially those last two drives. We could have been 20-yards closer for that last Carpenter FG, and maybe be celebrating today instead of wondering what could have been.

    3) Reggie’s knee. (but its looking like its just a bruise!)

  7. 72finfan Says:

    Off topic, but on the replacement refs, I think Cris Collinsworth said it best last night (words to the effect), “There is no question that these guys are doing the best they can. The problem is, they aren’t qualified to do it.”

  8. Jeff Schanz (@JS_in_LA) Says:

    Unfortunately, 72finfan,
    The NFL has absolutely control and power over the ref situation.
    The fans are still watching, and paying their ticket money. TV ratings still huge. Until the NFL loses money or power, the real refs are SOL, and .. so r we.

    So replacement refs are here to stay. Cross your fingers and pray.

  9. ozkar_ Says:

    Your usage of pronouns such as We and Our needs to be evaluated by a professor.
    Whom might just consider your usage of them childish.
    And god forbid, you own any recent Miami Dolphins merchadise.
    Cause not only have you overpaid BUT contributed to overpriced NFL games.
    Muthafuckas hell-bent on being the only diehards.
    Please refer to such so-called prof as Lou!

  10. ozkar_ Says:

    What up Jeff Schanz(@JS_in_LA)!
    I must admit.
    I hate typing your handle.Too many characters,nevertheless here I go…
    i’ve been hearing alot of noise from Dan Patrick and Jim Rome in regards to the refs.
    What the fuck? Are they not learning on the job? Are they not doing the best that then can?
    PLEASE fucking tell me when anyone commenced a profession an excelled.Maybe Tiger Woods.Perhaps Andruw Luck.
    Most folks learn on the job.It isn’t their FAULT the so-called professional refs have quarrelled with the NFL.
    What are you advocating? And NFL season stoppage due to union complacency?
    Give the rookies a shot. Most humans beings don’t start out running and jumping.The majority roll over then crawl.

  11. 72finfan Says:

    I agree with your comments that the NFL absolutely controls the ref situation, Jeff. And for the reasons you state, I know we’re stuck with them.

    But I’ll still complain about it, because that’s what ‘childish’ people like me do…. 🙂

  12. ozkar_ Says:

    Hey 72finfan,
    You’re only a child if prof lou deems your pronoun usage as so!
    Don’t start playing the victim card!
    You fucking perpetrator.

  13. Jeff Schanz (@JS_in_LA) Says:

    i’m not advocating we do, and CAN do anything about the refs. They are unfortunately inadequate, but they are also what you have. So Nothing to be done, except for wait til the NFL and the real refs get it straightened out. If you want to boycott the NFL, that’s about all you can do. Until the NFL loses money, they have all the power. But I doubt folks will do that.
    As for rookies … eh, sort of. They are minor leaguers, veterans, but just a lower echalon of talent. So the faster, less obvious-to-call NFL is a major challenge. Too many details to remember. and thus they’re struggling. Not rookies, but little fish in a big-boy pond.

    But you may be right, and they may eventually get their big-boy pants on straight. Sooner rather than later would be nice. They’re certainly getting the reps right now.

    Btw, ozkar, calling me JS in fine. I include my whole name so no one can accuse me of hiding behind anonymity. Linked to my twitter and all that.
    Complain all you want. I am too. Wish it mattered. It’ll matter way more to me when a call causes us a game. Right now missed field goals and pick-6’s are doing that.
    Maybe when the owners start to get serious and start complaining about the refs, idea. We’ll see.

  14. professor lou Says:

    we seem to be victims of the “half glass empty syndrome.” hey, this team is being run by a rookie quarterback who isn’t quite there yet and is just missing a couple pieces to the puzzle. at least they’re getting into the endzone. we are all quick to point out the negatives about the team but i also look at this game from the point of view that they are getting there with this coaching staff. they just need to put a complete game together. they are getting there; you can see it. there is some light at the end of the tunnel. depite the tipped balls and pick 6’s you have to be impressed with the drives on offense and the play of the defensive line against the run.
    when they start getting pressure on the quarterback the back end of the defense will get better. they are getting great play out of their offensive line in the run game. OK didn’t like the play of Miller in the 2nd half. He’s a rookie man! If he wants to get on someone’s case start asking why charles clay hasn’t been doing better.
    anyway, the improvements can be seen. the running backs are set. lane is a defintie find. the offensive line is no longer the biggest problem. the defensive line is doing great against the run. reshad jones has more than filled the shoes of YB. they had 2 picks in this game; one to stop a jets drive. heck, they scored two touchdowns! between this game and the game against the raiders they have been putting the ball in the endzone!
    let’s see what happens this week against some better competition. if they can stay with arizona we know they are getting somewhere. our boy kolb may start again and we’ll see what this defense can do with him. fitzgerald should be a nightmare for the defense but maybe they will surprise us. however, the expectations have been this team isn’t going to do much this year. remember? so why the long face? it’s because you can see they are better than a 4 win team, can’t you.
    hi ozkar.

  15. 72finfan Says:

    Last night’s game completes my case against the replacement refs. In over their head, tentative, and intimidated. The integrity of the game is suffering, and now compromised with the outcome of a contest directly affected by a horrendous call on the last play of a game. I’m thinking Goodell is not going to have a good week.

    As for the Dolphins, I think we’re all stung this week from the stupid NYJ loss. I’m hoping the players will use that as motivation to bounce back this week. I know we can stuff the run, but I’m worried about Larry Fitzgerald having a career day – our secondary is handing out yards to star WRs like fizz pops on halloween. We’re going to give up the pass yardage, no question. But what really concerns me is the Cardinal defense – they are looking relentless so far this year, and may be one of the more aggressive D’s we face all season. This will be a good test for our offensive line, and we need the RBs and TEs to pick up those corner blitzes. Can we win? Certainly. Will we? Ummm, ummmm…. well, we can! There, is that definitive enough?

  16. Jeff Schanz (@JS_in_LA) Says:

    I think most any sane fan would agree we’re heading in the right direction. Rookies, and young guys make mistakes, and they’re going to make a lot more, and we’re going to lose some of those. But that’s what building something the right way starts with. Anyone advocating that we’re pathetic and are losers are being fatalists.
    Now, that said, there is argument for concern for the future is we can’t populate our roster with solid pros, and the occasional star. THERE is have a beef. THERE is a good part of the reason we are where we are now. We have only really started to realize how barren our talent is, and have taken some measures, but I question Ireland’s capability to get us to a Super Bowl competitive team.

    But, concern or not, we are heading in the right direction.
    Personally, I would like a smarter GM to help us head there a little faster/better.

  17. professor lou Says:

    Well Jeff, I just have to wonder how much Dawn Aponte has had an effect on the lack of salary cap room.

  18. Jeff Schanz (@JS_in_LA) Says:

    Lou, there’s no salary cap restrictions on draftees.
    And for a team that had a glaring need for receivers, in a draft that was loaded with excellent receivers, Ireland ignored it all to go after bargain acorns. And that’s just this year.
    Don’t get me started on his history.

    I was trying to agree with you that we’re on the right track.
    Head coach set (I think). Oline is possibly set. Interior D-line is very good. Running backs are probably set. CBs are a maybe. QB is a maybe. MLB is a maybe. One safety is good.

    But we need more pieces, which will come. But I do question Ireland’s ability to draft the right ones, and coax the right FA’s (who may find him incredibly crass).

  19. Jon Says:

    NFL fans now: Thank God the old refs are coming back
    NFL fans in a week: God the refs suck. The NFL is rigged.

  20. Jeff Schanz (@JS_in_LA) Says:

    Yeah, everyone forgot the butchered calls they made before, and how every game the officials were on the opposing teams payroll.

    Rose colored memories. But YAY! anyway.

  21. Jeff Schanz (@JS_in_LA) Says:

    Off-topic *****
    Losing my job today. So I’ll probably not be around any forums for a while until I land another. Will be pimping myself hard, not much time to obsess about football.

    In other news, the President says the economy is doing just fine.
    My f-ing a$$!
    My industry has left this country because it is not cost effective to do business here. All my jobs are now in Vancouver and Singapore and India. Tax incentives to be there. Here we hate businesses. If you make money you’re evil and should give it all to folks sitting on their butts.
    Yeah, THAT’S rebuilding our economy.
    Sorry, last rant for while. Not one to toss around politics, but I have a bit of a reason today.
    Take care and Go Dolphins!

    Talk at you guys later.

  22. professor lou Says:

    Jeff, sorry to here you lost your job. I’m in retail myself and I can say things are getting a bit edgey these days. Do not see the foot traffic we once did in here.
    I lost my commissions and spiffs earlier this year which amounted to about 3 months worth of salary. I’ve been stockpiling as much silver as I could for months now and I truly believe things are going to get a lot worse. If you look at the history of fiat currencies things don’t bode well for the dollar. Our government has screwed things up beyond the point of no return at this time.
    Anyway, sorry about the debbie downer stuff. Good luck in your job search and I hope things are well enough that you aren’t struggling too much.

  23. Jon Says:


    So sorry to hear about your job. If you ever need a place to vent, feel free to do so here. From my experience talking to you I think you will ind another one soon. Come talk to us if you ever need a moment to chat!

  24. Texas_Dolfan Says:

    JS – Sorry to hear that. I hope you find another real quick.

  25. 72finfan Says:

    Sorry to hear about your job, Jeff – hope things work out for the best! I for one will miss your posts here. You’re one of the best writers here, most of your analysis is spot on, and better yet, you spell quite well! 🙂

    Good luck and hope to see you back here soon!

  26. ozkar_ Says:

    Jeff Schanz(@JS_in_LA) sorry to read such post by you.
    Best of luck to you.
    As you well know,I’m like your echo around here.
    You know you’re stuff!

  27. ALOCO Says:

    TO BE
    OR NOT
    TO BE………..

  28. Jeff Schanz (@JS_in_LA) Says:

    I appreciate the sentiments guys. I’ll find work eventually, just HATE this part of the biz, and my pool of possibilities have shrunk considerably in the last 4 years.

    I won’t be invisible, but much rarer commentor until my job status is set.
    Watched the Stanford v. Wash game last night. Stepfan Taylor will make some NFL a premium workhorse back, bet on it.
    Noticed great play by:
    Trufant (CB Wash) – Revis like.
    K. Williams (WR Wash)

    Keep my eyes on them

  29. ALOCO Says:




  30. professor lou Says:

    terrance williams putting up the numbers for baylor today. nick florence looking good also.

  31. professor lou Says:

    nick florence 513yds and 5 td’s today vs west virginia.

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