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Today our Miami Dolphins have a chance to go 500 for the first time in a long time.  3-3 would be sweet and surprise a lot of people.  More importantly our QB looks to continue to progress and look like a solid pickup, hopefully for many years.  Rams Defensive backfield is tough though, and I think our D will need to help keep us in the game for the ultimate victory.  This could be a grind it out, grit your teeth, low scoring type of game.   If Miami’s offense can get as many yards against this Rams Defense as they have in previous games, that will say a lot and would make it an easy win.  Should be interesting.    I say 17-7 Dolphins win.

Use this post for comments before, during, and after the game.

Come on Miami!!


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169 Responses to “Rams vs Dolphins – GAMEDAY Post”

  1. professor lou Says:

    3 in a row. Beating the Jets 30-9 makes it so much sweeter. The only thing that still concerns me is the lack of offense. Special teams was awesome today and the defense played a really good game. Hats off to Nolan Carroll for his play today. Olivier Vernon is coming on nicely and can’t say enough about Jimmy Wilson. Philbin is getting a lot of contribution from a number of different players. If he can do what he is doing with this team I can’t imagine how good they can become when they start to add some more talent in some key areas. Give them a pass rusher opposite Wake, a cornerback an offensive lineman and a wide receiver and the sky could be the limit. We could be looking at the next elite franchise in this league.

  2. professor lou Says:

    I’m still waiting to see if Jeff Fuller and Michael Egnew ever turn into something. Philbin is a player developer and I’m wondering if what he’s going to be able to do with these two. If like Fuller. He’s a big receiver like Marshall and he played for a bigger school and had a better college career than Marshall. Hopefully Philbin is getting ready to unleash him on the league.

  3. 72finfan Says:

    We still need some three-down LBs, too. Dansby and Burnett are good on the ground, but they’re getting smoked by every TE they face.

  4. 72finfan Says:


    The lack of offensive production concerns me too. I have to remind myself that we had our backup QB in there yesterday, and obviously some parts of the game plan change when that happens. Matt Moore was solid, but far from spectacular. The important thing is, he protected the ball.

    But when we are winning games while losing the time of possession, first downs, and yardage statistics, it’s only a matter of time before that is going to come back and bite us.

    But I think you touched on a good point. If Philbin is getting this kind of production from a (pretty much) playmaker-less group, it’s going to be exciting to see what he can do as the talent gets upgraded. Or if we can just get some stickier gloves for Gaffney…. 🙂

  5. Jeff Schanz (@JS_in_LA) Says:

    A bit of chatter, albeit scattered, that we should trade for Dwayne Bowe. Bowe wants out, and he’s a Miami boy. Bowe would likely cost the same draft pick/s that we would use to draft a receiver. Where does everyone weigh in on this?

    My take is that I’d rather draft my own Bowe. I don’t consider him elite anyway, and I do see a few similar prospects available in the first few rounds – if Ireland would take the shot.

    I don’t see anybody on the trading block that makes my heart skip right now. Stand pat for this year and build through the draft.

    Other opinions?

  6. 72finfan Says:

    Somewhere over Dwayne Bowe, there will be a WR that is just as talented, but with a determined work ethic (something Bowe hasn’t had in year’s past). I’d rather see us build from within.

    Also, Philbin seems to prefer low-key guys, guys that he can mix/match in the game plans and make it hard for the defense to know who to key on. I’d rather take a shot at finding a hard-working kid (or two), and develop them than look somewhere over Dwayne Bowe for a guy that we hope fits our scheme. Then we can spend our money elsewhere.

    Now if Larry Fitzgerald becamse available…. whole different story!

  7. professor lou Says:

    I find it interesting that they released Armstrong for the 2nd time. Were they that impressed with Gaffney that they felt they had the luxury of doing so or was it Moore that impressed? Or, was Armstrong that bad?
    Glad to see another Dolphin get honors as Vernon did with the ST’s player of the week in the AFC.
    As I said in a previous post on my blog I expected to see Philbin have this team ready to play the next 4 games coming out of the bye week. They did a good job against the Jets on defense and special teams. The offense converted the opportunities they had into points but they still worry me. Tannehill will be back but who knows if he’ll be wearing a knee brace and, if he does, will it limit his mobility.
    I think we were probably about to see more plays where Sherman utilized Tannehill’s mobility to get him away from the rush and take advantage of teams with stronger pass rushes and try to slow them down. If Tannehill starts to loosen up the defense with his arm the running game should start to come back.
    There was a good write up on NFL.com by Albert Breer about the Dolphins and Philbin and how impressive both have been to this point in the season. It goes on to say the idea of Miami possibly being 8-3 going into the Patriots game with 1st place in the division on the line is interesting and how the “experts” got it wrong when they picked the Jets to be the Pats strongest competition.
    It’s nice to see all of the people who are walking around proudly displaying their Dolphin garb these days. It is amazing that, in my part of PA, there are a ton of Dolphin fans.
    I wonder how accurate Fantasy Football moves are in relation to teams winning and losing because there have been a lot of Colts who were dropped this week in FF. Is that a good sign for Miami?
    You have to admit that it was a comfortable feeling that the Dolphins had Matt Moore to go into the game for Tannehill. No matter how you slice it there is no reason to give him up to another team. Greatest depth at quarterback in the league and Philbin said he’s been very impressed with Pat Devlin and wouldn’t have a problem with him backing up Moore if Tannehill had been out a few games. Now that’s an endorsement.
    The one thing I like about the Breer story on the fins is the part where he talks about how the players have bought into Philbin’s way of doing things and how Philbin is a “what you see is what you get” type of coach. He doesn’t put up with nonsense and he’s always straight with hiis players.
    This week’s game has the defense going against Luck. He’s only completing 55% of his passes and they are all in love with him. Why? Luck has 8 td’s and 8 int’s. Since my piece on October 10th when I compared the rookie qb’s Luck has thrown 1 td and 3 int’s. WIN!
    The Pats beat the Rams 45-7. What does that say about this team considering the final score against the Rams three weeks ago. I don’t know about anyone else but I think the Pats are going to have a tough time defeating Miami at home. This ain’t your Chad Henne/Sparano fiasco it once was. Are the Pats looking at the Dolphins coming up on them in their rear view mirror?

  8. Jeff Schanz (@JS_in_LA) Says:

    The only explanation for Armstrong I read (can’t remember where) was that the coaches were very disappointed in his ability to get open deep. Guess they hired him as a one trick pony. And Gaffney is a near-retirement band-aid, I have no idea why he’s being considered more than that. Anyway, I’ll give the coaches some slack on this one. If we get a WR or two with real talent (not fantasy acorn hope) in the next draft, then I couldn’t give a rip if Armstrong or Gaffney stay. I like Gaffney because he’s a Gator and a pro, but he’s a 1-2 yr guy, and that’s a temp worker in my book. So I’m looking forward to young blood coming in.

  9. Jeff Schanz (@JS_in_LA) Says:

    BTW, on the rookie QB competition… I hear ya Lou, but I’m not prepared to annoint anyone better/worse or great/not in the rookie QB battle. They all have different circumstances. RIght now I’d confirm that they all have game, and are legit to at least some degree. Haven’t seen any whiffs on the rookie starter QB group yet. Luck, Griffin, Tannehill, Weeden, Wilson all keeping their heads above water, and battling their teams inadequacies AND first-year-itis. Foles, and Cousins have seen only limited action as back-ups, but seem to be legit too. The couple other guys (Lindley, Osweiler) are stuck in invisibility until the staters go down, so no telling with them. Might be the first year I’ve ever seen with no major QB busts. Could be significant.

  10. professor lou Says:

    JS, I would definitely agree that all of the rooks look pretty good for being thrown into the fire in their first season. Even Foles has impressed (as I knew he would, ha, ha) and, to me, it’s a matter of time before he takes over for Vick. If Reid wants to live and die with Vick I say he’s signed his own pink slip.
    I didn’t read that about Armstrong but all I have to say is these guys seem to have their standards and they aren’t going to waiver on them and change them for anyone which is great. That’s also why I think Gaffney’s probably going to be gone before long.
    As far as wide receivers in the draft I’m having some difficulty finding too many that I’m interested in. I’ve been looking for a bigger receiver with some speed; someone who could get off the line and also go up and get the ball. I’m still bent out of shape they didn’t go after Criner in the draft. Any receivers you see that peak your interest?

  11. 72finfan Says:

    Read a stat that makes me pretty confident we’ll beat the Colts. The Colts O-line that’s gotten Luck sacked 18 times. Our D has got to be chomping at the bit!

  12. Jeff Schanz (@JS_in_LA) Says:

    They just did a great promotional piece on Wake and the Dolphins. Great D. Tannehill doing well, etc.
    …= Bad omen. In the past we’ve never played well after being complemented.
    Hope the spell is broken.

  13. Jeff Schanz (@JS_in_LA) Says:

    I can;t remember everything I wrote down, but here’s a few names I remember, and where I have them going if I were picking.

    1st rd.
    Justin Hunter – Tenn

    2nd rd.
    DeAndre Hopkins – Clem
    Da’Rick Rogers – Tenn Tech
    Quinton Patton – LT
    Cordarelle Patterson – Tenn

    3rd rd.
    Tavon Austin – WV (plays like Bess, speed/moves like Bush)
    Keenan Allen – Cal
    Robert Woods – USC

    4th rd.
    Terrance Williams – Bay

    5th-7th rd.
    Jordan Matthews – Vandy
    Tevin Reese – Bay

    Ryan Swope – Tex AM

    *Tavon Austin is tiny, but maaaaaaan can he make pays. Imagine Bess with Barry Sanders like moves, and Clyde Gates speed.

    **The reason I rate Woods so low is that I don’t like the way he takes contact. Plays light and doesn’t beat contact.

    **Hopkins plays like a running back with great hands and better speed. Good solid NFL starter, and playmaker.

    ***Rogers has all the tools to be a star, but his judgement is questionable.

    ****Williams, and Allen are supposed to be stars, but I haven’t seen anything that impresses me. Big, average speed, good play after catch. So probable NFL talent, but I don’t see stars.

    *****Jordan Matthews is a clone (maybe better) of Hartline. Consistent, team guy, great hands, finds a way to get open.

  14. professor lou Says:

    I still didn’t do a lot of homework on receivers to this point but Terrance Williams will go 1st or 2nd round. He’s as good as or better than Kendall Wright. Tavon Austin moves like Jagger – ha.
    I’ve been looking more at the pass rush again this year. I’m not impressed with much of what I’ve seen so far with the receivers coming out for the draft. There were tons from this year’s draft that could end up being solid in the NFL and I still think Fuller can make it into the lineup.

  15. JS in LA Says:

    Agree with pass rush being priority. Williams may go 1st, but he’s overrated in my book.
    Jjones, montgomery, and mingo are the top guys listed, but I’d look for georgia’s ogletree as an option. Dude is a beast, and gets second billing to jones.

  16. JS in LA Says:

    The ”top” guys I list are DEs or LBs, forgot to say.
    Williams is a WR

  17. professor lou Says:

    Ok JS,
    After taking a look at it I’m not sure there is any receiver who may be available in the draft that would be worth a first round pick. The wide receiver class is very limited this year in my opinion. Terrance Williams probably has the greatest upside. After that, DeAndre Hopkins. After that there’s a big drop off. Justin Hunter? He’s got size and can make SOME moves in the open field but that’s assuming he catches the ball. I like Cobi Hamilton more than Hunter. Not to say I’d take Hamilton in the first either but he’s a good prospect. After looking at what’s available I’m not convinced Miami would take a receiver in the first round; need or not. Can’t see Hunter. I’m not seeing the YAC with him. He’s a catch it and he’s down type of guy. That’s what I see. I’m seeing passes that either Williams or Hamilton would catch and get YAC. I don’t see it with Hunter. If they don’t have a clear cut choice at receiver in the first how do you see it playing out? I say pass rusher or try and trade dwon out of the first.

  18. professor lou Says:

    Baylor is playing Kansas right now. I am really impressed by Terrance Williams and his ability to extend the play after the catch.

  19. Jon Says:

    New post up for the phins/colts game guys!

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