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Tannehill Starting Strong in Dolphins Camp

July 31, 2012

Love him or hate him, Ryan Tannehill is directly connected to our current coaching staff and to the future success of the Miami Dolphins.  So the following information about him turning heads early in camp is a GOOD THING!

Per Ben Volin of the Palm Beach Post, it’s been “hard not to notice” how effective Tannehill has been throwing the football through a few days of training camp. Volin says Tannehill has shown “good velocity, accuracy, and anticipation.” Coach Joe Philbin relayed that Tannehill had 53 “competitive snaps” in Sunday’s practice — just a day after he signed his contract — and the rookie passer completed “over 40″ of his throws.

“For a rookie quarterback,” Philbin confirmed, “I think he’s doing very well.”

Throwing with the “accuracy and anticipation” observed by Volin is a key for Tannehill after his reportedly interception-filled OTA and minicamp season.

Whether the Dolphins give Tannehill a realistic look as the Week One starter remains to be seen. But his beginning to camp has been promising after missing time, and he offers Miami its best chance to elevate the performance of the players around the quarterback, with an ability to make strong-armed throws into tight windows and extend plays with athleticism.

Tannehill may not start on September 9 when the starters roll out for the first game, but there is a good chance he will be on the field this year.


Dolphins Sign 4th Rounder Lamar Miller

June 1, 2012

There has been a TON of talk about the expectations (and hopes)  that Lamar Miller will be an explosive weapon for Miami as a running back, on special teams, and possibly in the slot as a receiver with his blazing speed.

The Dolphins took their first step of him reaching those goals by signing him to a 4 year deal.  Being the 97th overall pick in the draft, Miller could end up being a steal for Miami.  He has really been opening some eyes during OTA’s.  Hopefully he continues to develop and becomes a threat along with Bush in the backfield.

The Dolphins have now signed 6 of their 9 draft picks.

Expect Tannehill to Start This Season

May 4, 2012

Crazy.  The coaches shouldn’t start him.  He’ll be a mental wreck.  He’ll get hurt.  Scarred for life.

Ok, time to move past these thoughts, and perhaps it’s against the accepted grain, but read on and it just may make sense.

Starting with his relationship with the coaches.  Well, first off he’s Sherman’s man.  Nothing gets you on the field faster than being the guy the coach is most comfortable, trusted and most dependant upon for future success.  Don’t think this is accurate?  Henne was Sparano’s guy.  You couldn’t get him off the field regardless of how Henne played in games or practice.

Same idea more detailed:  When there’s a route to describe, or a pattern to exemplify, who  do you think will get called over to be the example boy?   Tannehill has the ability to showcase both the receiver route and the QB pass.  Need an example of a “Dino”?… Ryan please show BJ how it’s done…So he’ll be called upon a lot to be the example of Sherman’s plays.  He’ll end up being the defacto coach’s assistant.  And in the end, who would you, the coach, trust to be on that field running your plays than the guy who’s had already several years to absorb it?

But here’s the biggest reasons of all.  Protecting a QB’s ego is tantamount to trying to save a nymphomaniac’s virtue.   No football player anywhere wants to be handled with kid gloves.  And if given a choice to play or sit, no healthy football player will EVER choose to sit.  Tannehill WANTS to start.  He’ll willingly accept every interception, goof, sack, and incompletion to be on that NFL field.  It is inherent in their DNA to believe they will eventually succeed given the chance.  Is it in his best interest to wait?  Perhaps, but not in their own ego.  Tannehill will compete to start, ask to be on the field, do his best to convince the coaches he’s ready, and they will want nothing more than to see him on the field.  It all adds up to playing time, sooner rather than later.

So what’s the hurdle?  Moore and Garrard.  If Tannehill can show enough skill in practice (which is like a workout routine – he’ll master), look better than Moore and Garrard, and can put up some decent showings in pre-season, then look for him to take the reigns somewhere mid-season.  Maybe Philbin even gets a few Tebow style packages in games once in a while, Tanny shows some flashes, fans get excited, he stays in for a series, then two… viola!  Bob’s your uncle.  Bye Week sounds about right if I’m a coach looking for my best window.

Absorbing as much film on defenses as possible, and implementing his newfound (hopefully) knowledge on how to recognize and react to defenses is the key.  That learning curve is the biggest for everyone.  Henne couldn’t get it right in 4 years.  It took Manning 2, Aikman 2, Elway 2 etc. to figure out NFL defenses enough to be successful enough to win.  But all those guys started year one, took their lumps, lost many games, tossed plenty of picks, and lived through it just fine.  So will Luck.  And Griffin 3.  So will Tannehill.

If he can’t handle the hits to his ego, then he’s in the wrong business.  And at least we’ll find out sooner than 5 years.

He’ll play.  This season.  Just watch.

Written by:  JS_in_LA   (Jeff S.)

Ireland has done his Job

May 2, 2012


After looking over our post-draft roster, I’m realizing that the Dolphins are full of up and coming young talent.  Love him or hate him, the depth chart below tells me Ireland has done his job, now it is the new coaching staff’s turn to use these guys correctly in battle.  I give Ireland credit for avoiding huge mistakes in paying too much in free agency for washed up guys hoping they will translate to success.

I like what he has done here!  A group of young receivers that Philbin and Sherman can build up from scratch.  New young Tight Ends that have the ability to turn into something special.  The Tight ends will be who probably move the chains in this offensive scheme (My personal prediction).  And solidifying that offensive line to give us the ability to run our offensive and give our QB time to make quality decisions.

There has been a lot of negativity going around Dolphin nation in recent years, understandable so.  But I don’t think I’m the only one that looks at this roster and not only sees potential, but I see the probability of major improvements over previous years!




WR: Brian Hartline; Clyde Gates; Marlon Moore, B.J. Cunningham

WR: Davone Bess; Julius Pruitt
LT: Jake Long; Will Barker
LG: Richie Incognito; Nate Garner; Ray Feinga
C: Mike Pouncey; Ryan Cook
RG: John Jerry; Artis Hicks
RT: Jonathan Martin; Lydon Murtha
TE: Anthony Fasano; Charles Clay; Michael Egnew; Jeron Mastrud; Will Yeatman; Les Brown
QB: Matt Moore; David Garrard; Ryan Tannehill; Pat Devlin
RB: Reggie Bush; Daniel Thomas; Steve Slaton; Lamar Miller; Richard Medlin; Marcus Thigpen
FB: Jerome Messam
WR: Roberto Wallace; Legedu Naanee; Chris Hogan; Rishard Matthews



DE: Cameron Wake; Jamaal Westerman; Jason Trusnik
DT: Randy Starks; Tony McDaniel; Kheeston Randall
DT: Paul Soliai; Ryan Baker; Isaako Aaitui
DE: Jared Odrick; Olivier Vernon; Jonathan Freeny
SLB: Kevin Burnett
MLB: Karlos Dansby; Austin Spitler
WLB: Koa Misi; Gary Guyton; Josh Kaddu*
CB: Vontae Davis; Nolan Carroll; Jonathan Wade
CB: Richard Marshall; Vincent Agnew
FS: Chris Clemons; Jimmy Wilson; Tyrone Culver
SS: Reshad Jones; Tyrell Johnson; Anderson Russell
CB: Sean Smith; Marcus Brown; Quinten Lawrence

Grading Ryan Tannehill

April 30, 2012

NFL Network has given the 1st round QB draft choice of the Miami Dolphins, Ryan Tannehill a grade of 87.


Here is their description of what this grade means:

“An impact player with the ability/intangibles to become a Pro Bowl player. Expect to start immediately except in a unique situation (i.e. behind a veteran starter).”


I thought you may be interested in how they feel about our pick if you hadn’t seen that already.  How do you feel about this description of our new rookie QB?  Love it? Hate it?  Agree?  Disagree?  Anything to add to it?  What description would you write at this point in time?

The Draft: Rounds 2 & 3

April 27, 2012

I will be MIA tonight, but feel free to chat about Round 2 and 3 of the draft here tonight!  Will we get the much-needed Receivers we need?  Will they go O-line?  We will find out in a matter of hours!   I will be back later tonight to check out the conversation

Round 1, Pick 8    (8)  –  QB Ryan Tannehill

Round 2, Pick 10  (42) – OT Jonathan Martin

Round 3, Pick 9 (72)

Round 3, Pick 10 (73)  (From Panthers through Bears)

Round 4, Pick 8  (103)

Round 5, Pick 10 (145)

Round 6, Pick 26  (196) (From Saints)

Round 7, Pick 8  (215)

The Draft – Live Blog

April 26, 2012

Well Folks, this is it.  All the hours of discussions and debates will be put to rest.  The 2012 NFL draft has begun.  Who will the Dolphins get this year?

Feel free to camp out here for the weekend and chat about the Results!

Dolphins Picks

Round 1, Pick 8    (8)  –  QB Ryan Tannehill

Round 2, Pick 10  (42)

Round 3, Pick 9 (72)

Round 3, Pick 10 (73)  (From Panthers through Bears)

Round 4, Pick 8  (103)

Round 5, Pick 10 (145)

Round 6, Pick 26  (196) (From Saints)

Round 7, Pick 8  (215)

WR position in the Draft

April 18, 2012

It has been the opinion of some that since the Dolphins signed Legedu Naanee, and have Bess, Hartline, Gates, and others on the roster, that we now do not need to draft 2 wide receivers in the draft.  Personally I highly disagree with this assessment.  A few, if not ALL of the guys on our roster might not work out, we have no idea.  The West Coast Offense relies heavily on a whole cast of reliable receivers.  Why not fill up with young talent and see who rises to the top?  By now you all know I’d love to see Floyd at #8.  Others of you would rather see us take a couple of later round WR’s because this draft is so deep with them.

Admittedly so there are a lot of WR’s in the later rounds I simply do not know much about.  Here’s where you guys can chime in.


What is your top 5 list of receivers in the draft?   If you can’t give me 5, how about 3?  If you can do more, please do so!  I want to know where the obvious AND hidden talent is at WR position in the 2012 NFL draft.


Milestone Moment:  Today this site has gone over 11,000 all-time individual page views.  To be exact, we have hit 11,125 views in the 26 days of existence.   Not too bad for a nobody from Ohio in the off-season huh?  Keep up the great Dolphins talk fella’s, the most fun part is coming up…..

Bold Move, or Desperate Move?

April 11, 2012

As many of you already know, NFL Network has quoted former Colts GM Bill Polian saying that the Dolphins should make the Bold move to trade up in the draft with the Minnesota Vikings for their 3rd pick.  This would effectively move Miami ahead of Cleveland at #4 and guarantee them to land the assumed 3rd best QB in the draft, Ryan Tannehill.

But this begs the question:  Would that be a bold move or a desperate move? Most of the experts are not sold on Tannehill, and I know most of you aren’t either.  So why trade away valuable picks or players on such a risk at the #3 spot?  If he lands at #8, great, but don’t get desperate and trade up!  Too many needs on this team, and Matt Moore could prove to be able to play ball this year.  If we were trading up for Luck or RGIII I would feel differently, but trade up to 3 for a project QB?

Maybe Tannehill works out, I don’t know, but let the chips fall and consider the best players available at #8 without giving up other valuable picks.

You can argue with and probably even convince me that trading down could be good for us, but I just don’t see the positive in trading up with the Vikings this year.

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Trading Back

April 10, 2012

Can the Dolphins really afford to trade back?  I understand the thought process.  Trade back to pick up more draft picks to fill more holes.  I just don’t feel it is the best option for Miami for this year’s draft.  In order for the Front Office to trade back they would have to feel as if there isn’t anybody available that is worthy of the 8th pick, or that there isn’t anybody available for a position they would like to fill.  I just don’t see that happening.

Let’s say they decide Tannehill isn’t good enough for the 8th overall pick, wouldn’t Floyd be the best option to fill the gaping hole at the receiver position?  Or if Floyd gets drafted high, wouldn’t it be a huge help for Miami to get Quinton Coples to help Cameron Wake with rushing the QB and making our defense more of a force to recon with?  Some of you have even been pushing for offensive lineman to be drafted in the first round.  While I don’t agree with this for the first round, it is indeed a need especially on the right side of the line.

The point is that the team needs quality players, not a just a quantity of players, and I don’t think this is the year to get cute with trading back to get more picks.  If you don’t like the QB options, pick the best player available.  Get some difference makers on this team!

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