Dolphins @ Bengals




Hit it up here if you’re interested in chatting about the game.  Let’s hope T-Hill and Hartline continue to hook up for big yards, and D continues to get after the opposing QB!

Go Fins!


49 Responses to “Dolphins @ Bengals”

  1. professor lou Says:

    defense is looking really good so far however the offense doesn’t look sharp at all. if they were playing like they did against arizona they would probably be up at least 14-6 at the half. 7-6 at the half probably isn’t going to be good enough to win this game because i can see cincinnati scoring at least one td in the 2nd half.

  2. professor lou Says:

    1st cincy possession of the first half. they need to hold here. personally, i don’t see it happening. they haven’t made good adjustments on the first possession of the 2nd half and i’m thinking cincy takes it 80 yds for a score. hope it doesn’t happen but 16 yds on first down and carroll injured doesn’t look good.

  3. professor lou Says:

    allright miami! randy starks w/ a fantastic int followed by a beautiful play avoiding pressure on 2nd and 15 finds Davone Bess at the 20 throwing it on the run. beautiful, perfect pass follwed by a 13 yd run by bush for the td. 14-6. exactly what they needed to spark the team. now they need to hold on for the remainder of the game. keep playing tough defense and moving the ball on offense. defense created two turnovers today.

  4. professor lou Says:

    amaya back doing great work on st’s.

  5. professor lou Says:

    defense holds again and gets ball back on punt return to about cincy 45. good field position.

  6. professor lou Says:

    first 10 pts of the 2nd half goes to miami. up 17-6. carpenter hits for 3. still over 8 min left in the 3rd so they need to keep up the pressure on cincy and dalton. some questionable calls in this game that have gone against the fins.

  7. professor lou Says:

    reshad jones is playing a monster game against the run. held again on defense. sean smith has done a great game against aj green so far today. again, another incomplete pass from dalton to green. bengals punt. miami w/ball on own 30.

  8. professor lou Says:

    carpenter missing another one. could have put the game away w/that one. leaving the door open for cincy.

  9. professor lou Says:

    well, w’e’re going to see what kind of character this team has. carpenter missing another fg and cincy taking it the distance to close it to 17-13.

  10. professor lou Says:

    i don’t know if i want to see the end of this game. if they lose this one there is no excuse. offense fails to move the ball at all and then long punt return. it’s going bad.

  11. professor lou Says:

    whew! defense holds. now the offense has to get something on the board.

  12. professor lou Says:

    yes, finally. 4th and 5 for cincy and they miss the fg. with 3:05 left in the game. turned over on downs to fins. just need a couple of first downs.

  13. professor lou Says:

    defense gets the game ball today. int by reshad jones to ice it. jones played a great game. hats off the nolan carroll. played well. defense was stellar today.

  14. professor lou Says:

    ugly win but i’ll take it. defense shut down the cincinnati offense but the fins offense did not look good. if they can put together a defensive performance like they did this week with a running game and passing game they could put a run together. however, the positive is that tannehill did not turn the ball over today. no int’s on his part. two fumbles but no pts off turnovers.

  15. Jeff Schanz (@JS_in_LA) Says:

    I nearly chewed off my fingers at the end of that one. We did nearly everything we could to lose that game in the last 3 minutes, but Cinci managed to not grasp it anyway. Holy cow.
    Gotta cite the coaches for not drilling into every players head to STAY IN BOUNDS under 3 minutes!
    Cinci should’ve had about a min and a half to go on offense, and they got nearly 3 minutes. Geeeeeez.
    3rd and 9 and we throw a 20 yard deep route? WTF? Toss a flat pass, stay in bounds. Punt with under 2 min to play. Not two clock stoppers in row.
    Lane should’ve been told specifically ” get the 1st down if you can, but if you have to choose … STAY IN BOUNDS!
    I’m starting to wonder what’s up with Clay. He’s become the token 1-2 pass per game guy, who drops 1-2 passes.
    Defense played well. But If Dalton tosses that last pass better, they’re on our side of the field with a minute and a half still. Jones got lucky, he was playing deep (as he should) and the pass sailed. The CB got beat.
    Thomas looked professional today. Ran downhill, and that’s all you can ask.
    Bush … played like Barry Sanders. It’s either a big huge gain, or a lot of running behind the line for a loss. If he can stop dancing around looking for the golden path to the endzone, we’d have been in way better shape.
    Tannehill looks like he knows what he’s doing. Plain and simple. Hartline looks like he knows what he’s doing. I’m flabbergasted. Had he played like this the last couple of years no one would be complaining. He’d doing what he should be doing. But he’s still a possession receiver. We still need a serious WR threat. But Hartline is playing like a keeper. Applause.

  16. professor lou Says:

    I have to disagree with you about Jones getting lucky on the int to seal the deal. They had underneath and over the top coverage on the receiver; perfect coverage on the play and Dalton took the chance and forced it and paid the price. Jones played an awesome game today and I have to question whether or not YB would have even been in position to make that play.
    However, I do agree about Clay. The coaches must have gotten to Thomas because his play has been getting better but Clay is still in the dark as far as I’m concerned. I bet he either starts to play better or he’s riding the bench the remainder of the season. They’ll put someone else in their in his spot.
    Still waiting to see Armstrong. Maybe next week at home against Rams. They really only featured two receivers today; Hartline and Bess. If Gaffney and Armstrong can contribute the remainder of the season it should be all the better.

  17. Jeff Schanz (@JS_in_LA) Says:

    Jones made a nice play. Didn’t mean to dis him. He was playing the right coverage, and was in the right spot, and made a nice catch and play. However, the receiver was open enough (CB’s fault), and had the QB made a precise pass (happens in the NFL), Cinci is driving on our side of the field. Jones would’ve made the tackle immed, but after a big gain. Cinci had over a minute and a half left to follow that play up, and that was my point. We almost gave that away with really stupid coaching, calls, and play. We’re not good enough to afford to toss away sound judgement in those last few minutes.
    I’m sure they’ll watch the tape and realize their gaffes, and I’m just happy it wasn’t taken advantage of.
    No such thing as an ugly win. Like there’s not really pretty losses. Take it and run.
    Cinci’s defense seemed to have trouble with edges especially when Tannehill ran (LOVED it!), and looked completely surprised by it.
    I doubt our next oppenent will make that mistake after watching the film, but it also gives them more to practice for. More to worry about. Finally… folks will start having to game-plan us a bit.
    NFL Respect-o-meter climbing.

  18. Texas_Dolfan Says:

    It all comes down to execution. If the play works then it is not considered a “gaffe”. The difference between a good play and bad is execution.

    The biggest thing I take away from the Cincy game is that we’re learning to win those close, tough games. Some will go our way and some will not. BUT we’re learning and getting better every day.

    We are a lot better team this year than last and we have a lot of the same player core.

  19. professor lou Says:

    and the difference between executing the play properly and not is Tonay Sparano. Too many people were comparing Joe Philbin to Cam Cameron and they couldn’t be further off the mark. Philbin is all about execution and that’s why some guys are no longer with the team.
    You can see the influence Philbin is having on this team and the way it executes and the way it finished the game yesterday. He’s not about giving excuses and he’s not about letting his guys off the hook. Probably one of the greatest differences between he and Sparano is his ability to communicate; especially without using the words dis and dat.

  20. thavafin Says:

    What in the world are you talking about JS? Wilson was all in dudes hip pocket. If Dalton throws it directly to the receiver Wilson has the chance to pick it. He had to throw it high to even try to make the completion and threw it too high. The only thing I could possibly see is that maybe if Dalton throws the absolute most perfect pass the WR has a chance to get his hands on it but that’s it. Wilson is still there, the only chance that play had was to go somewhere else. Dude was covered over AND under, dalton threw it over, end of game.
    St. Louis Rams, come on down!

  21. JS in LA Says:

    I give up.
    All Im saying is that that game was a lot closer to turning into another heartbreak – all avoidable, from poor play calling and horrendous clock management. We got away with it this time.

    The gods are fickle.

    Next game should be interesting. Should we feel like its a grudge?

  22. ozkar_ Says:

    I’ve become the proverbial broken record.
    I unfortunately didn’t get a chance to watch the game.Economical reasons. Only will if NFL Rewind on the NFL Network shows it.
    So I depend on highlights,commentaries and opinions.
    Though the Miami Dolphins are winning I wonder how beneficial the wins are.
    The Dolphins aren’t vying for the PLAYOFFS!
    Nice wins but somewhat hollow.
    Yes, I am jealous that those that watch every live game at the stadiums,homes or bars are watching maturity develop.
    Perhaps a respectable team being rebuild.
    Shit even maybe a championship one.
    Yet somehow it feels holow.Where’s the Hard knocks episodes?

  23. 72finfan Says:

    I have to wonder if when you ask why wasn’t Hartline playing like this the the last two years, could it be that Tannehill is just that much better than what we’ve had in the past? A good QB makes everyone look better. I like what we’re doing so far with what we have. We have a chance to be 3-3 heading into the bye – holy crap!

    My wife and I will be at the game this weekend, front row, section 240, white number 54 jersey, wife in her teal ’22’ jersey, and flat broke from dropping a wad in the gift shop before the game! 🙂

    Awwwwwright Miami!!

  24. professor lou Says:

    I posted a link in one of my first posts on this game for the site that shows the games every week and you can watch them on your computer for free. Hell, I won’t pay the money for Sunday ticket. I have Comcast so I get NFL Redzone with my package which is nice and you see a lot of the Dolphins plays on that channel.
    Anyway, use the link I provided and you won’t miss any of their games.

  25. thavafin Says:

    My bad for challenging your view. Don’t give up bro, you are the Dolphins Talk Comment Master” around here. I will comment elsewhere since it’s apparently upsetting to voice an opposing view of what is clearly right in front of my face on the TV screen.
    Have as gooit on folks

  26. Texas_Dolfan Says:

    I agree, Lou, the difference is Philbin and the Coaching staff. All you have to do is watch the Jets to see the Sparano influence. You can see he gets the most out of the guys and gets them in the right situations to win games.

    JS – I disagree with your statements that we had poor play calling at the end of the game and poor clock management. It was poor execution, plain and simple. IMO the play calling was a very good mix and had the D guessing. We just did not execute.

  27. professor lou Says:

    Texas is correct. The execution of the plays was the biggest factor in this game being as close as it was. I think Sherman did a great job of calling the plays and the offense didn’t get the job done when it needed to. Had the offense executed better the game probably wouldn’t have been as close as it was. The short yardage situations come to mind first. The o-line didn’t come of the ball fast enough and together and the blocking failed. Being able to keep those drives alive would have made all of the difference in the world.

  28. professor lou Says:

    It will be interesting to see how the game goes against the Rams since they are now missing their top receiver. Jackson hasn’t done much on the ground and the Rams running game, in general, hasn’t done much. As a matter of fact, their entire offense hasn’t done much but they have a two game winning streak. Hopefully, that’s about to come to an end.
    What gets me is the fact the Rams won two in a row and their offense sucks. Their defense is supposedly playing well but they are 18th against the rush and 12th against the pass and 9th in scoring. Their offense is bad: 22nd in rushing and 30th in passing.
    That’s not to say we should take this team lightly but you’ve got to figure that, if Miami plays at least like they did in the last game, they should come out of this one with a W. Sitting at 3-3 after 6 weeks would be a big surprise to everyone. They’ve got to win this one at home. No excuse if they don’t.
    Tannehill has been showing improvement in every game. Thomas may be out so Miller will need to step up and help out on offense and the line is going to need to a better job run blocking than they did in the last two games. Hopefully Gaffney and Armstrong will be able to contribute and Clay better step it up too.

  29. ozkar_ Says:

    Howdy prof lou,

    The address you provided is that live games?
    Cause I searched it and it got me nowhere.
    I hadn’t even seen the game highlights.
    Just know that Miami won.Some of the stats and maybe the score.
    Been watching a lot of Browns games. l live in the region.
    Does anybody know when will be on national tv or MNF?
    I am aware that the Dolphins will be on TNF on the NFL Network on Nov. against the bills.”CAN’T WAIT!”

  30. Texas_Dolfan Says:


    I am not sure the ratings of the Rams D is fair of how they played in that last game. They are playing some good football as is the Dolphins D. IMO it will be another close game – nail biter but not a heart breaker.

    I hope Carpenter is practicing those long field goals.

  31. 72finfan Says:

    The Dolphins will be able to hold the Rams running game in check, I think that’s a given. Bradford is capable of doing some damage, but without Amendola, the Rams WRs corps is just plain crappy. They have a good TE, and that’s a known defensive weakness for the Dolphins, but I think the Rams will be hard-pressed to reach the red zone against Miami.

    That leaves their MVP kicker (Zuerlien) to win the game for them. I don’t see how they score more than 13 points unless we hand it to them (turnovers), or Zuerlien hits seven 50-plus yard field goals (fist pump!).

    My worry is how our offense does against their defense. The Rams D played lights-out last week, but you just have to admit – the Cards were most likely wore out from the beating we’d given them the week before (okay, I’m kidding on that point).

    I know we can score on these guys. Execution is key, and if we eliminate the turnovers, I agree with Lou – we should come out of this one with a W.

    And I’ll be there rooting my fool head off!

  32. professor lou Says:

    I wouldn’t discount the “beating” thing you’re talking about. Arizona had to play two games within 5 days and the Miami game probably wasn’t the pushover game they expected it to be. Top that off with the fact that the Rams are in their division and you are looking at the perfect storm. I’m not saying Miami should take them lightly but even the bad teams get up for the division rivals and make them tough to beat.

  33. professor lou Says:

    I use that link on Sunday’s when the game is being played. I don’t use it at any other time. Usually there will be a soccer game on when I tune in but the football game comes on from the beginning.

  34. professor lou Says:

    I’ve heard that the Rams defense has been playing well but I haven’t seen them play yet. However, the offense is another story. Their offense can’t score and they can’t run the ball. Heck, they haven’t been able to pass it that well, either. I just think they put it all out on the field in that game because it was their division rival and that type of play usually doesn’t follow over to non-divisional, non-conference games. In addition, I don’t discount the Philbin factor. If Sparano were still the coach this game would scare me but Philbin is a MUCH better coach and Tannehill is getting better each week.
    The Dolphins have the edge against the run, by far. Pass defense is equal. Quarterback is equal and they also have the edge in the passing game and running game. Victory is in the air.

  35. professor lou Says:

    I get the feeling they are going to continue to create turnovers this week and shut down the Rams running game. I also think they are looking at a 300+ yd passing game from Tannehill and a 100+ rushing game from the backs. I think Hartline is going to have another good game and the defense probably will get about 4 to 5 sacks.

  36. professor lou Says:

    Bradfore completed 33% of his passes against Arizona and the Rams still won. That’s an amazing stat when you think about it. It spells WIN MIAMI.

  37. Jeff Schanz (@JS_in_LA) Says:

    Thavafin, relax man.
    Disagree with me all you like, that’s what this forum is for.

    Here’s my point yet again, to be disagreed with again:
    3rd and 9, trying to run the clock down, and we throw a 20 yard pass to a covered guy? If incomplete, clock stops = bad. If picked off = REALLY bad. We got lucky and a interference call happened (not obvious one either), and got bailed out. THAT one is on Sherman. So Yeah, I disagree with that play call.
    And.. the call before that which was another incomplete pass I believe. Hello? Clock management?
    So on 3rd and 9 with 3 some-odd minutes to play, what DO you do? Flat pass to RB/FB, rarely miss that catch, let him turn it up, maybe he gets it. If not, clock running, precious time goes away for Cincy, to beat our extra-tough defense that day. As it was, we got bailed out, then ran only a few more seconds off the clock before we punted, and gave Cinci almost 3 full minutes to take their shots. They should’ve had 1:30 tops. We just plain got away with that one. Which is fine, because we’ll get games where we should win, be some twist of fate gives it to the other team.

    Just calling a spade a spade.

    In other news, R. Jones played amazing. Sean Smith = lock down. Tanny no ints. There was plenty of good news to spread.
    But the clock thing got me charged up. I was sure we were heading for another heartbreak. That’s why I’m barking. Don’t want to see that anymore. Play smart.

  38. Jeff Schanz (@JS_in_LA) Says:

    BTW, I heard someone say we were rated #1 defense in the NFL against the run.
    I haven’t seen/heard the pass rankings, but I don’t think I want to. However … Sean Smith and Reshad Jones had their best games to date, and juuuust maybe that carries over and improves as the season progresses.

  39. Jeff Schanz (@JS_in_LA) Says:

    The note addressed to Thavafin restated my play-calling point if you care to re-disagree 😉

  40. professor lou Says:

    I hear what you’re saying about the pass plays called by Sherman but I like the aggressiveness. There is no vanilla offense from this guy and it’s not predictable like it was under Henning.
    I personally don’t have a problem with being aggressive because, if you run the ball and you don’t get a first down then you have to punt the ball away. Plus I don’t agree with playing not to lose. We’ve all hated that in the past when this team did that and now when they play not to lose people forget what has happened in the past.
    Play to win, stay aggressive and put the game away. Drive the ball to try and get at least another 3 pts to make it more difficult for the other team to win with a field goal or td. Yeah, it can be picked off and you can throw an incomplete pass and stop the clock but it’s time for this team to start thinking about putting the nail in the coffin instead of being afraid to lose the game. That’s the thinking of the past that lost them games and, in my opinion, is why they lost so many games by 3 or less.

  41. professor lou Says:

    FYI, if you care to read it I did a comparison of the 5 starting quarterbacks on my blog earlier today:

  42. Texas_Dolfan Says:

    The statements by professor lou Says:
    October 10, 2012 at 11:26 pm

    I AGREE 100%

  43. 72finfan Says:

    Lou, you hit the nail on the head. I like the aggressiveness we are showing this year. I’d LOVE to see us develope more of a killer instinct, when we have the chance, pound that nail into the coffin, put an exclamation point on that end of that win, kick their freakin’ ass, dominate!

    But at the same time, I agree with Jeff here – I too was having a stressful conversation with my TV on Sunday over the game management at the end.

    Some of it is on the coaches, some is on the players. If we execute some of those plays at the end, we put it away. I was pissy at the end of the game (until Jones picked off that pass) because of what I thought were some bad play calls. But reading some things here on this blog has me thinking maybe they do know what they are doing, just didn’t get the execution they hoped for (although when the clock is in play and it’s 3rd and say 6 yards, throw it 7, for hellssakes, not 15).

  44. professor lou Says:

    a true professional:

  45. Jeff Schanz (@JS_in_LA) Says:

    Lou, I’m absolutely fine with aggressiveness. Yay! But not in that 3rd and 9 situation.
    Hartline was preoccupied, and didn’t turn around fast enough, the defender was right there on top of him. Not far fetched at all to say … should that ball have been picked, …THEN what would your opinion be of the call?
    Understand I totally dig Philbin. I like his style, I like what he’s doing, and I like where we’re headed. But those few plays, coaches and players, had me riled up that day. So I had to say it.
    And I’m specifically calling out Sherman on that one.
    And Clay for the out-of-bounds run too.

    Ok, I’m done. I’ll shut up about it. On to the next game.

  46. professor lou Says:

    The way I look at it is they are letting Tannehill play. That’s what I thought everyone wanted was for Tannehill to play and develop. He’s getting better at the position every week. Interception or not I can’t fault them for doing what they are doing. Yeah, I was biting my nails and screaming at the television set along with everyone else but the plays that pissed me off the most were the third and one’s they didn’t get because they ran the ball instead of going play action. I would rather see them keep the defense on their heels and keep them guessing. If they run it everytime on third and one the percentages are going to go down because the defense knows what’s going to happen. They know they have a capable quarterback that can execute the play and they should let him do it. Sure, he’s still learning but the he’s been doing well enough that they can turn him loose a little every so often rather than play conservative. I just look at it from the point of view that the running game was going nowhere and they had run the ball with Bush who was stopped behind the line and for short gains and I just think they decided the best way to go was with a pass. Whether the call was correct or not can be debated but Hartline hasn’t been making mistakes so it, in my opinion, was a good call. Go to your best receiver and try to put the nail in the coffin. It’s not like they threw a bomb into the endzone.

  47. professor lou Says:

    What I like about the new trio of coaches is they also seem to learn more as they go. Sherman called a really good game as did Coyle and I think they are getting closer to where they need to be each week. They have some decent personnel to work with but they are still missing some pieces at key positions. The offensive line has been a surprise with their run and pass blocking and the run game has been pretty good. The receivers have surprised as well. However, Clay isn’t getting the job done and, if he was, that’s another weapon they would be able to utilize on offense to keep the defenses off balance.
    On the defensive side of the ball we all know how good this team is against the run. Jones is going to be a really good one and Jimmy Wilson seems to be “getting it” more and more each week. The db’s did a good job in that game.
    So, all together when you take into account the personnel they have to work with you have to admit that these coaches are getting some good performances from a team many thought wouldn’t win more than four games this year. 2-3 at this point and tied for 2nd is not bad. Look at how some other teams got to 2-3 and how Miami got there and you can say that they are the best 2-3 team in the league right now because other teams got beat pretty bad in some of their losses while Miami was in every game they played, even the Houston game.

  48. Texas_Dolfan Says:

    AND if they hit that play to Hartline for a TD you are calling it what?

  49. Jeff Schanz (@JS_in_LA) Says:

    I’d call it amazing, as monkeys flew out of my …

    We didn’t need a TD, just a first down with the clock running. What we got was a lucky break from the interference call, and the clock stopped.
    Look, I’m glad you guys liked the call. I hated it.
    And I’ll shut up about it as I have long since said my peace.
    It got me riled up that day, and I’m not pissed anymore, I’m just looking forward to this weekend.

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