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Add your suggestions for Dolphins blog topics here and if possible I will try to get them on to the main page for discussion.

Disclaimer: Due to the possibility of a large amount of suggestions flying in I might not be able to get them all onto the main page.  Please understand that doesn’t mean I didn’t like what you wrote.  I’m just one guy trying to keep a good blog flowing.  If it doesn’t make it as a topic, bring it up in the discussions anyway!

This is going to be used as a tool to keep this “community” of bloggers flowing and to get your voice heard if you feel strongly about a certain topic.


16 Responses to “Suggestion Box”

  1. Samdolphin Says:

    Jon: Suggest we make a blog mock draft showing all the rounds and each poster show a suggested player at each round. Put the name/names of the blogger/s beside each suggested name. As each name for each round is drafted on draft day then Jon can remove all suggested names except the winner/s for each name. The guy with the most wins can be voted as GM for the Dolphins for the remainder of this year.

  2. Samdolphin Says:

    Jon: Each suggested name for the Mock Draft should publish the data on the player (all he can find pro/con) and for multiple bloggers suggesting the same name in the same round should elect a poster to consolidate the data for that one name.

  3. thavafin Says:

    Hey Jon
    I like how you have spotlighted a couple potential draft choices at #8 and some info about these guys. Personally until the draft gets here and I see what we really are going to do I am pretty muh done debating what we should do and who we could take. The possibilities are too many and unknowns to great. ANYWAY. How about a “spotlight” on some current Fins players and/or positions? How they have faired so far and maybe what we can expect or hope to expect from them in the future? Are they for sure starters, does the position need upgrading and/or who is behind them and could they possible be pushing them for a spot on opening day. Jsut a fww thoughts andthanks for taking the time.

  4. kris Says:


    Your doing an awesome job…….keep up the good work……

  5. Blog Fodder Says:

    Jon, the media (and blogosphere) has gotten a lot of mileage out of the perception of how poorly run the dolphin organization is run and what a pair of flailing idiots Ross & Ireland are, however, I happen to believe that since the Tuna has left the building and Ireland has been left to his own volition, the man has actually done a pretty solid job in the personnel department.

    I’ve recently heard Gil Brandt publicly defend & support Jeff Ireland on Siruis XM NFL Blitz (or something like that), and also just read an interesting post on the Palm Beach Post. I’m going to include the link because I think it provides some very interesting insight on Ireland and really dispels the belief that Ireland is just a Parcells guy and doesn’t know how to build a team for today’s NFL. Here is the link:

    Personally, I think Ireland is doing what he can to be fiscally responsible given the new cap and preexisting contracts. I have been satisfied with the way the fins have approached the free agent QB market and believe that judgement of the Dolphin off-season, at this point, would be premature.

    Anyway, what I’m leading up to here is, I believe there are several teams in the NFL that are much more poorly run than ours and I think an interesting topic would be an evaluation of other team’s personnel issues.

    For example, the Raiders are in cap purgitory, the ‘skins & ‘boys have been penalized cap space and are engaged in an appeal process, bounty gate now affects at least 2 organizations (Saints, Rams, …?), Philly’s dream team…wasn’t, the cards overspent for Kolb, the jets QB situation is comical (to me), Manning is a $96M unknown, etc…..

    Oh, and, I’d like wish a Happy Easter to those of you that observe the holiday.

  6. Yesterday's Gone Says:

    Will Clyde Stumble Out Of The Starting “Gates” In 2012?

  7. Yesterday's Gone Says:

    Has Mediocrity Become Trendy In Miami?

  8. Yesterday's Gone Says:

    Will Brandon Marshall Be Wallace-d In 2012?

  9. Yesterday's Gone Says:

    Brian Hartline, Ace Of Hearts or Joker?

  10. Yesterday's Gone Says:

    Colom-bust Discovers Waiver Wire. Is This What You Want Dolfans?

  11. Samdolphin Says:

    Good article. I still think the Dolphins will take Tanny at #8 if he is still there. If he is not they should take the best player available. I am a firm believer they should really fix the O-line first. Get C Peter Konz Wisc at #8 and get his ROG Kevin Zeitler in the second even if we have to use one of our 3R picks to move up. Dolphins could use Pouncy at left G and use Murtha or Jerry at RT. Incognito can play either G or C if anyone goes down due to injury or just for a rest. T Nate Garner, G Ryan Cook, G Artis Hicks and G Ray Feinga can also be used as backups. That O-line would be tremendous for all the QBs, RBs, TEs for both rushing and passing.

  12. darryldunphy Says:

    Ohio…I don’t hold grudges. I could really care less what some 5th grader has to say about me on a blog..It has no affect on my day. I have a good life, never had my milk money taken nor was I the last one picked to fill out a intermural roster..I don’t pick my nose and eat my boogers, Live in my parents basement or cry to my blow up doll when someone disagrees..I’m an adult. I would suggest because this is your blog, the least someone can do is treat you with some respect..We don’t have to agree. But be civil .One person not worth mentioning is a cancer and will ruin this blog going forward..It’s your call…I wouldn’t have him back..What good does it do? It turns this site into a cesspool the second he spews his nonesense…JMO..Thanks Darryl

  13. kris Says:


  14. kris Says:

    aMy comments show up here..but NOT on the regular site…..

    I guess I have been banned….

  15. Samdolphin Says:

    Ohio the UDFAs have started to flow in.Texas A&M wide receiver Jeff Fuller
    Notre Dame running back Jonas Gray
    Penn State wide receiver Derek Moye
    Missouri defensive lineman Jacquies Smith
    Chas Alecxih
    Arkansas State safety Kelcie McCray
    Purdue safety Albert Evans
    BYU offensive lineman Terence Brown
    Massachusetts offensive lineman Josh Samuda
    Boise State defensive end Jarrell Root
    Temple offensive lineman Derek Dennis
    Portland State offensive lineman Dustin Waldron

  16. Samdolphin Says:

    Jon: John Denney has been a good long snapper for many years and has very few if any mistakes. He is now 33 yro and could save a position spot if the Dolphins would pick two of their centers to be Long Snappers. Our back-up LS was Jason Taylor and he has now retired? I have herd that if you have got a good LS then just be thankful? Do you have any thoughts on this?

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