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Grading Ryan Tannehill

April 30, 2012

NFL Network has given the 1st round QB draft choice of the Miami Dolphins, Ryan Tannehill a grade of 87.


Here is their description of what this grade means:

“An impact player with the ability/intangibles to become a Pro Bowl player. Expect to start immediately except in a unique situation (i.e. behind a veteran starter).”


I thought you may be interested in how they feel about our pick if you hadn’t seen that already.  How do you feel about this description of our new rookie QB?  Love it? Hate it?  Agree?  Disagree?  Anything to add to it?  What description would you write at this point in time?


The Draft: Rounds 2 & 3

April 27, 2012

I will be MIA tonight, but feel free to chat about Round 2 and 3 of the draft here tonight!  Will we get the much-needed Receivers we need?  Will they go O-line?  We will find out in a matter of hours!   I will be back later tonight to check out the conversation

Round 1, Pick 8    (8)  –  QB Ryan Tannehill

Round 2, Pick 10  (42) – OT Jonathan Martin

Round 3, Pick 9 (72)

Round 3, Pick 10 (73)  (From Panthers through Bears)

Round 4, Pick 8  (103)

Round 5, Pick 10 (145)

Round 6, Pick 26  (196) (From Saints)

Round 7, Pick 8  (215)

The Draft – Live Blog

April 26, 2012

Well Folks, this is it.  All the hours of discussions and debates will be put to rest.  The 2012 NFL draft has begun.  Who will the Dolphins get this year?

Feel free to camp out here for the weekend and chat about the Results!

Dolphins Picks

Round 1, Pick 8    (8)  –  QB Ryan Tannehill

Round 2, Pick 10  (42)

Round 3, Pick 9 (72)

Round 3, Pick 10 (73)  (From Panthers through Bears)

Round 4, Pick 8  (103)

Round 5, Pick 10 (145)

Round 6, Pick 26  (196) (From Saints)

Round 7, Pick 8  (215)

Draft Thoughts: Live Blog Update

April 25, 2012

So with the draft less than 24 hours away (FINALLY),  I’m interested in what stories you will be watching closely to see how they play out.  

What story-lines interest you?  Do you think we are in for any major surprises in the draft this year?


UPDATE:  Live Blog will be going on during Thursday night’s draft.   Look for the Live Chat Post to go up around 7PM or so to get us started for the 1st round.  

I will be busy making a big special announcement to my family Friday night during rounds 2 & 3, so I won’t be able to be live the second night,  But I will still put a new post up Friday evening for  you guys to continue to chat here Friday night.  I will get back on as soon as I can to check out the reactions to who we picked in those rounds.  

Let’s get some play-makers this year!!!!!

Ross pushing for Tannehill?

April 22, 2012

On Sunday night PFT published an article stating that Dolphins owner Stephen Ross is pushing for Ryan Tannehill to be picked with the #8 overall pick of the 2012 draft.  The thought behind their article is that Tannehill should be picked by the Dolphins regardless of whether he will develop into a franchise QB.  PFT thinks Miami fans will be satisfied with the fact that Miami will have picked a QB in the 1st round for the 1st time since Dan Marino was drafted in 1983.  Their opinion is that since Miami “whiffed” on Manning and Flynn (which is CRAP, Miami did NOT whiff on Flynn!!!!!)   we will all be pacified and fill the seats at the stadium simply by the thought of a 1st round QB being drafted.  How do you feel about this?


Also, in 4 days if Tannehill is still on the board when Miami is on the clock with pick #8, how will you personally be feeling at that time while the 10 minutes are counting down???




WR position in the Draft

April 18, 2012

It has been the opinion of some that since the Dolphins signed Legedu Naanee, and have Bess, Hartline, Gates, and others on the roster, that we now do not need to draft 2 wide receivers in the draft.  Personally I highly disagree with this assessment.  A few, if not ALL of the guys on our roster might not work out, we have no idea.  The West Coast Offense relies heavily on a whole cast of reliable receivers.  Why not fill up with young talent and see who rises to the top?  By now you all know I’d love to see Floyd at #8.  Others of you would rather see us take a couple of later round WR’s because this draft is so deep with them.

Admittedly so there are a lot of WR’s in the later rounds I simply do not know much about.  Here’s where you guys can chime in.


What is your top 5 list of receivers in the draft?   If you can’t give me 5, how about 3?  If you can do more, please do so!  I want to know where the obvious AND hidden talent is at WR position in the 2012 NFL draft.


Milestone Moment:  Today this site has gone over 11,000 all-time individual page views.  To be exact, we have hit 11,125 views in the 26 days of existence.   Not too bad for a nobody from Ohio in the off-season huh?  Keep up the great Dolphins talk fella’s, the most fun part is coming up…..

2012 Miami Dolphins Schedule

April 17, 2012

Predictions people.  Who do we have a chance to beat?  What will our final record be?  How do you like when we play the Jets?  The Patriots?  Interesting we play Matt Flynn’s new team?  Does the “weak” schedule provide us a chance to compete, or is this simply a rebuilding year?

9/9 at Houston


9/23 N.Y. JETS

9/30 at Arizona

10/7 at Cincinnati

10/14 ST. LOUIS

10/21 BYE

10/28 at N.Y. Jets

11/4 at Indianapolis


11/15 at Buffalo



12/9 at San Francisco



12/30 at New England

Sunday Spotlight: Charles Clay

April 15, 2012

In recent years the Tight End position has become a major weapon for some teams in the NFL.  With guys like Rob Gronkowski (Patriots) and Jimmy Graham (Saints) lighting up defenses for big numbers in the passing game.  These guys are a great momentum changer for the offense and can catch defenses off guard.  If utilized correctly they can be almost impossible for defenses to fully stop.

Does Miami have guys already on the roster that could be used as a dynamic TE in Philbin’s new offense?  Anthony Fasano has proved to be mediocre at best, but I still think there is some potential there.  I have a bigger interest in what Charles Clay can do in his second year as a pro though.  He showed some signs of being able to catch passes last year and in my opinion I think he could really break out into a dynamic receiving TE for this team.

With Brandon Marshall being traded, Miami does not have an “Alpha Receiver” on their current roster.  Most external conversation has labeled this as a bad thing for Miami.  I think it could be a good thing.  With nobody demanding the QB give him the ball on every down, the QB can feel free to get the ball to anybody that is open, and collectively they can attack defenses.

I hate punting with a passion.  Simply moving the chains can build momentum and tire the defense over the course of a game.  TE’s are great chain movers, and I hope Clay and maybe even Fasano can develop into great receivers that the other teams have to plan for.  If my hope is fulfilled, Miami would be adding weapons without having to use the draft or free agency this year, just simply utilizing the current roster.

Struck Out?

April 13, 2012

Can anybody in the media get it right?  I am so sick of reading that the Dolphins “Struck Out” when going after Matt Flynn just because they didn’t sign him!  If Philbin wanted Matt the Dolphins clearly could have gotten him.  Flynn admitted early on he was interested in playing for Philbin.  The media just thinks it’s cute to mix in Flynn along with Dolphin’s “failures” at going after QB’s.  You can make that argument with Manning, but not with Flynn.  Whether you like this Front Office or not, I’m glad they didn’t grab him just to make people think they got their guy.

If the new coach (who also coached him in Green Bay) doesn’t want him, then I have no problem sticking with Moore until the QB Philbin wants comes along.

Bold Move, or Desperate Move?

April 11, 2012

As many of you already know, NFL Network has quoted former Colts GM Bill Polian saying that the Dolphins should make the Bold move to trade up in the draft with the Minnesota Vikings for their 3rd pick.  This would effectively move Miami ahead of Cleveland at #4 and guarantee them to land the assumed 3rd best QB in the draft, Ryan Tannehill.

But this begs the question:  Would that be a bold move or a desperate move? Most of the experts are not sold on Tannehill, and I know most of you aren’t either.  So why trade away valuable picks or players on such a risk at the #3 spot?  If he lands at #8, great, but don’t get desperate and trade up!  Too many needs on this team, and Matt Moore could prove to be able to play ball this year.  If we were trading up for Luck or RGIII I would feel differently, but trade up to 3 for a project QB?

Maybe Tannehill works out, I don’t know, but let the chips fall and consider the best players available at #8 without giving up other valuable picks.

You can argue with and probably even convince me that trading down could be good for us, but I just don’t see the positive in trading up with the Vikings this year.

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