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QB Situation – Could be Worse

June 18, 2012

I know many fans have been less than impressed with the QB situation going on with the Miami Dolphins right now.  Some of the negative perception stems from an off-season of going after big names and then the media labeling it as “failing” when we either didn’t get the guy we were going after (Manning), or decided he wasn’t the guy for our team.  (Flynn)

That being said, I feel the QB competition we have going on in Miami right now is much better of a situation than most home fans want to admit.  I’ve read several sources saying that all other teams in the league that need a better QB should be watching what happens in Miami.  They feel that whatever veteran is the odd man out would be a great option for some other team to attempt to trade for or pick up if released.  Many feel Matt Moore and David Garrard would be an asset to teams with terrible QB’s.  That should make us happy right there, because plenty of times we’ve been in the “terrible” QB camp.   Colt McCoy for the Browns is one example of many sources saying teams shouldn’t jump on trading for him until they find out what direction Miami is going.

Of course most believe neither Moore or Garrard are the long-term answers for the Dolphins.  The hope is that the young Tannehill explodes into the future.  But that isn’t the point of this article.  The point is that Miami didn’t just sit on their thumbs and hope Henne would get better.  They went out and did something different to try to get better.  They drafted a guy in the 1st round and picked up a vet that is looking good in camp so far.  It seems the culture of sucking at QB is not going to be accepted anymore.  At LEAST we have a competition going on with good solid players at the QB position playing some good football.

It could be worse……….


Friday Spotlight: Jared Odrick

June 15, 2012

2011 stats: 22 tackles, six sacks, one interception


Due to Jason Taylor retiring to become an ESPN analyst, and losing Kendall Langford to free agency, Odrick will be thrown into the starting lineup.  Will he be able to be successful as a starter?  I think he has the raw talent and versatility, and I’m very optimistic about his production on the field rising even more this year with the chance he will be given.   Odrick can play both defensive end and defensive tackle, so with the Dolphins changing to a 4-3 scheme which emphasizes more on the defensive line,  one can presume the stars are lining up for Odrick to make great strides this year.   His 6 sacks last year were a career high, and he looked pretty impressive when he was out there.   The biggest concern is if can he stay healthy enough to stay on the field. Time will tell.

Now about his special dance……………….


A Quick Note:  I will be leaving for the weekend to celebrate my 5 year anniversary, so I most likely won’t be able to check back in until sometime Sunday.   I’ve enjoyed the convo’s!

Dolphins sign Ochocinco to 1 year Deal

June 11, 2012

Well fans it’s official, the Miami Dolphins have officially signed Chad Ochocinco (Johnson) to a one year deal.  This decision will be getting a major amount of speculation and criticism from the media and the rest of league, deservedly so.  He struggled last year in New England,and hasn’t been the same since his multiple 1000 yard reception years from 2002 to 2007.  While I’m MAJORLY skeptical about this signing,  I ask that fellow Dolphin fans wait and see what the final product looks like.  It’s not like Ross broke his bank on this deal.

I think if you’re going to sign Chad, then You should have considered keeping Marshall. But as long as Chad has a Dolphins jersey on I will be cheering for him to succeed.  I just beg Chad not to do something stupid to embarrass our team attempting to succeed.

Chad Ochocinco Works out for Dolphins

June 11, 2012

Chad was stating earlier today that the team has shown “genuine interest” in adding him to their team, but the Dolphins had not confirmed. Well we now have that confirmation. Dolphins head coach Joe Philbin told reporters today that the team did have a workout for Ochocinco.

Does Ocho have anything left to offer at this point in his career? Dolphins need depth at the WR position, but how would you feel if they added Ochocinco to the mix?

Friday Poll / Favorite Season

June 8, 2012
I just took this poll over at the main Miami Dolphins website, and thought it’d be fun to hear from the rest of you.  We’ll call it a Friday fun day activity here at Dolphin Talk.   To expand on your answer, what was your favorite season to be a part of and watch?
During which timespan did you first become a Dolphins Fan?

Jon answered 1986-90

10 Reasons Miami will not be last in the AFC East

June 6, 2012

I’ve read a few other articles and blogs around saying they ‘easily’ predict the Dolphins to finish last in AFC East.     The following are my 10 reasons (in no particular order) why I think their prediction is premature and well, full of crap.    🙂

  1. With Long, Pouncey, and the addition of Martin I think our O-line will turn into one of the best in the league
  2. Bills added a few good but unproven players in the draft and made one high-profile move in free agency.  They should be improved, but I think people are jumping the gun on them a little bit.
  3. Mark Sanchez – enough said
  4. Rex Ryan – enough said
  5. Ryan Fitzpatrick – enough said  (I know he had a good first half of the season, but what happened after that????)
  6. New offensive scheme that has proven to be more effective in today’s NFL – and should ATTACK the red zone!  Not slow down for field goals!   (more points per game)
  7. A restructured and beefed up defense that should continue to improve and might possibly be dominant
  8. A QB scenario that will give Miami a chance to be competitive any given Sunday right away, no matter which of the 3 win the competition
  9. Miami has a relatively ‘easy’ schedule in terms of last years winning percentages of opposing teams
  10. It’s TOO EARLY to ‘easily’ predict that this team will finish last in the AFC EAST, especially with all the positive changes that are being made, and some of the questionable moves the other teams are making.


So there you have it.  Much of the outcome of this season will be determined by how quick this Dolphin team can pick up Philbin’s new system and apply it to game day situations.   I admit it could be a year of growing pains, but even so,  there is a good chance the Jets or Bills implode and end with a worse record.



Dolphins Sign 4th Rounder Lamar Miller

June 1, 2012

There has been a TON of talk about the expectations (and hopes)  that Lamar Miller will be an explosive weapon for Miami as a running back, on special teams, and possibly in the slot as a receiver with his blazing speed.

The Dolphins took their first step of him reaching those goals by signing him to a 4 year deal.  Being the 97th overall pick in the draft, Miller could end up being a steal for Miami.  He has really been opening some eyes during OTA’s.  Hopefully he continues to develop and becomes a threat along with Bush in the backfield.

The Dolphins have now signed 6 of their 9 draft picks.

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