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Dolphins vs. Colts (Tannehill vs. Luck)

November 4, 2012



The Dolphins and Colts are among the league’s two most surprising teams in the league at 4-3. The No. 6 spot for the AFC is wide open and the winner of this game will have a leg up. People don’t understand how rare a match-up like this truly is.

This is the first time in NFL history two top 10 rookie quarterbacks have met up with winning records. It’s only the sixth match-up of top 10 rookie quarterbacks, period.

Perhaps this game isn’t getting the attention it deserves because people haven’t watched these two rookie quarterbacks much yet. They haven’t been on national TV.


Encouraging things about Tannehill:

1. He’s great at the little things. He changes plays at the line of scrimmage. He tries to quick snap the opposing defense at the right time. He can run the two-minute drill very effectively.

There were some jokes about Tannehill in HBO’s “Hard Knocks” after he didn’t know the NFL divisions, but he plays like a very sharp quarterback. The game doesn’t seem too fast for him.

2. He stands so tall in the pocket. There was criticism before the draft that Tannehill would take a while to get comfortable at the NFL level. Instead, he handles pressure beautifully. He ignores it.

3. He avoids mistakes. Tannehill didn’t throw an interception in October. This is a remarkable feat because Tannehill is very willing to make tough throws with his big arm. He goes to secondary receivers.

In any other season, Tannehill would be a huge story for his superlative play. Luck and RG3 have out-shined him, but they haven’t outplayed him by much, if at all.


Miami’s defense and offensive line are playing at a very high level. They are a better team overall than the Colts, so Luck will have to be at his very best to get a win at home Sunday.

My wife is due to have her baby literally any day now, so this might be the last time I check in for a while.   I will be back though.




Rams vs Dolphins – GAMEDAY Post

October 14, 2012



Today our Miami Dolphins have a chance to go 500 for the first time in a long time.  3-3 would be sweet and surprise a lot of people.  More importantly our QB looks to continue to progress and look like a solid pickup, hopefully for many years.  Rams Defensive backfield is tough though, and I think our D will need to help keep us in the game for the ultimate victory.  This could be a grind it out, grit your teeth, low scoring type of game.   If Miami’s offense can get as many yards against this Rams Defense as they have in previous games, that will say a lot and would make it an easy win.  Should be interesting.    I say 17-7 Dolphins win.

Use this post for comments before, during, and after the game.

Come on Miami!!

Vote for Reggie Bush & Ryan Tannehill

September 18, 2012

The NFL announced today that running back Reggie Bush is a finalist for the FedEx Ground NFL Player of the Week and quarterback Ryan Tannehill  is a finalist for Pepsi Max NFL Rookie Of The Week.

Bush rushed for 172 yards on 26 carries and scored two rushing touchdowns in the Dolphins win over the Oakland Raiders 35-13.

Vote for Bush on from 9 a.m. EST on Tuesday through 3 p.m. EST on Friday to help him win the FedEx  Ground NFL Players of the Week. The winners will be announced Friday on NFL Total Access on NFL Network and on

Tannehill completed 18 of 30 passes for 200 yards and one touchdown as the Dolphins beat the Oakland Raiders 35-13.

Vote for Tannehill on beginning Tuesday at 9 A.M. ET and ending on Friday at 3 P.M. ET to help him win the Pepsi Max NFL Rookie Of The Week. The Pepsi Max NFL Rookie Of The Week will be announced Friday on NFL Total Access on NFL Network and on

Moore or Tannehill? Your choice up till now?

August 12, 2012

With David Garrard temporarily out of the mix following knee surgery, it’s Matt Moore and Ryan Tannehill competing to take this team into the regular season. Both quarterbacks will split reps with the first team this week, with coach Joe Philbin saying he’ll “let things play out” before naming a starter for Friday’s preseason matchup against the Carolina Panthers.

I think both Moore and Tannehill looked pretty sharp in the first preseason game against the Bucs.   It will be interesting to see how this plays out.  To be honest I like both of them.  I think they both are gamers that will put it all on the line for their team.  But I must admit I was impressed with Tannehill’s presence in the pocket in his first NFL action in the game.  He did better than I thought he would in the fast paced real time NFL action he had never seen before.

What do you think of each of the QB’s performance in the the first pre-season game?

What will you be looking for in the 2nd game of the pre-season?  Do you like Moore or Tannehill better?

Honestly I liked how fast and proficient the offense looked throughout the game.  They need to perfect it, but it looked as if a transformed version of the phins offense of the past.

I like what I am seeing so far.

Friday Poll / Favorite Season

June 8, 2012
I just took this poll over at the main Miami Dolphins website, and thought it’d be fun to hear from the rest of you.  We’ll call it a Friday fun day activity here at Dolphin Talk.   To expand on your answer, what was your favorite season to be a part of and watch?
During which timespan did you first become a Dolphins Fan?

Jon answered 1986-90

10 Reasons Miami will not be last in the AFC East

June 6, 2012

I’ve read a few other articles and blogs around saying they ‘easily’ predict the Dolphins to finish last in AFC East.     The following are my 10 reasons (in no particular order) why I think their prediction is premature and well, full of crap.    🙂

  1. With Long, Pouncey, and the addition of Martin I think our O-line will turn into one of the best in the league
  2. Bills added a few good but unproven players in the draft and made one high-profile move in free agency.  They should be improved, but I think people are jumping the gun on them a little bit.
  3. Mark Sanchez – enough said
  4. Rex Ryan – enough said
  5. Ryan Fitzpatrick – enough said  (I know he had a good first half of the season, but what happened after that????)
  6. New offensive scheme that has proven to be more effective in today’s NFL – and should ATTACK the red zone!  Not slow down for field goals!   (more points per game)
  7. A restructured and beefed up defense that should continue to improve and might possibly be dominant
  8. A QB scenario that will give Miami a chance to be competitive any given Sunday right away, no matter which of the 3 win the competition
  9. Miami has a relatively ‘easy’ schedule in terms of last years winning percentages of opposing teams
  10. It’s TOO EARLY to ‘easily’ predict that this team will finish last in the AFC EAST, especially with all the positive changes that are being made, and some of the questionable moves the other teams are making.


So there you have it.  Much of the outcome of this season will be determined by how quick this Dolphin team can pick up Philbin’s new system and apply it to game day situations.   I admit it could be a year of growing pains, but even so,  there is a good chance the Jets or Bills implode and end with a worse record.



Fins 2012 Starting QB – We Have No Idea

May 25, 2012

It has been fun contemplating, discussing, and sometimes arguing about who will win the starting job for our Miami Dolphins this year.  But let’s be honest, we really have no clue who Philbin will choose.  Garrard gives a ton of experience, but is a huge question mark because of  coming off of injuries and a year off.  Moore had a great run the end of last year and knows the locker room well, but may not be the best fit for this type of offense and some already believe he’s only backup material.  Tannehill knows his NFL playbook more than any rookie in NFL history, but has no experience whatsoever against NFL defenses.

The fact is, any of these 3 guys could overcome their weaknesses and demand the starting job, and any of them could also succumb to their weaknesses paving the way for others to step up.  While it’s fun to argue and counter-point each other, any of us could make a strong argument for any of these 3 players to start against Houston in September.  It’s just way too early to count one of them out of the race.

The best news I’ve heard this off-season is that Philbin would like to have the QB position decided by Game 2 or 3 of the pre-season.   I’ve said it before and I’ll repeat, regardless of who is chosen, a QB controversy with consistent negative spins by the media could be devastating for this rookie Head Coach.

Clear communication to the players needs to happen to keep the locker room together.  That is more important than some people might realize.


UPDATE:    Dolphins sign fifth-round pick Josh Kaddu (linebacker).  They have now signed 4 of their 9 draft picks

Ross Realizing Football is Different

May 22, 2012

In an interview with CBS4 in Miami on Monday, Stephen Ross admitted that even though he must believe in what he does, the criticism has taken its toll on him as an owner.  Ross commented, “You’ve got to believe in yourself . . . anything in life.  However, the criticism does sting .”

Ross went on to talk about how finding success in the NFL has proven to be way different from his previous businesses where he has made millions of dollars.  “I’m a developer,” Ross said. “So I’m looking at property and I have to have a vision.  In football, it’s a lot harder to do.”

I have mixed feelings on Ross’s statements.  I’m happy that he cares, but I feel like he has been way too involved.  I don’t want an owner that sticks his nose in too much of the football operations.  In some ways, I like to see them just write the checks and let the football minds take over.  The trick is getting good football minds in place to make good football decisions.  I believe this has started to happen this year.  The jury is still out on Ireland, I know this, but many of his decisions have seemed to be sound decisions in developing a football team. Philbin also seems to be a good football mind, but we’ll have to judge that when September rolls around.

My point is that I’m not a big fan of the spectacle Ross has tried to make the Dolphins by involving celebrities and such, but I do like these recent comments of his for one reason, it does show that he cares enough to actually WANT his team to win!  Living near the city of Cleveland, believe the fact that I KNOW there are owners out there that could care less.

Random Update:     Stephen Ross said Monday at an NFL meeting in Atlanta that he expects Moore, the team MVP in 2011, to start the season at quarterback.

“I don’t think they’re going to rush (Tannehill) into anything,” Ross told “He’s going to have to win the starting job. I think Matt Moore will probably be the starter, and I wish him the best.”

Expect Tannehill to Start This Season

May 4, 2012

Crazy.  The coaches shouldn’t start him.  He’ll be a mental wreck.  He’ll get hurt.  Scarred for life.

Ok, time to move past these thoughts, and perhaps it’s against the accepted grain, but read on and it just may make sense.

Starting with his relationship with the coaches.  Well, first off he’s Sherman’s man.  Nothing gets you on the field faster than being the guy the coach is most comfortable, trusted and most dependant upon for future success.  Don’t think this is accurate?  Henne was Sparano’s guy.  You couldn’t get him off the field regardless of how Henne played in games or practice.

Same idea more detailed:  When there’s a route to describe, or a pattern to exemplify, who  do you think will get called over to be the example boy?   Tannehill has the ability to showcase both the receiver route and the QB pass.  Need an example of a “Dino”?… Ryan please show BJ how it’s done…So he’ll be called upon a lot to be the example of Sherman’s plays.  He’ll end up being the defacto coach’s assistant.  And in the end, who would you, the coach, trust to be on that field running your plays than the guy who’s had already several years to absorb it?

But here’s the biggest reasons of all.  Protecting a QB’s ego is tantamount to trying to save a nymphomaniac’s virtue.   No football player anywhere wants to be handled with kid gloves.  And if given a choice to play or sit, no healthy football player will EVER choose to sit.  Tannehill WANTS to start.  He’ll willingly accept every interception, goof, sack, and incompletion to be on that NFL field.  It is inherent in their DNA to believe they will eventually succeed given the chance.  Is it in his best interest to wait?  Perhaps, but not in their own ego.  Tannehill will compete to start, ask to be on the field, do his best to convince the coaches he’s ready, and they will want nothing more than to see him on the field.  It all adds up to playing time, sooner rather than later.

So what’s the hurdle?  Moore and Garrard.  If Tannehill can show enough skill in practice (which is like a workout routine – he’ll master), look better than Moore and Garrard, and can put up some decent showings in pre-season, then look for him to take the reigns somewhere mid-season.  Maybe Philbin even gets a few Tebow style packages in games once in a while, Tanny shows some flashes, fans get excited, he stays in for a series, then two… viola!  Bob’s your uncle.  Bye Week sounds about right if I’m a coach looking for my best window.

Absorbing as much film on defenses as possible, and implementing his newfound (hopefully) knowledge on how to recognize and react to defenses is the key.  That learning curve is the biggest for everyone.  Henne couldn’t get it right in 4 years.  It took Manning 2, Aikman 2, Elway 2 etc. to figure out NFL defenses enough to be successful enough to win.  But all those guys started year one, took their lumps, lost many games, tossed plenty of picks, and lived through it just fine.  So will Luck.  And Griffin 3.  So will Tannehill.

If he can’t handle the hits to his ego, then he’s in the wrong business.  And at least we’ll find out sooner than 5 years.

He’ll play.  This season.  Just watch.

Written by:  JS_in_LA   (Jeff S.)

Ramblings of a Die-Hard Fan

May 1, 2012

Written By:  JS_in_LA  (Jeff S.)

Well folks, we all have our fantasies about the draft, our disappointments, and triumphs.  Inevitably we find names we’ve never heard of and are told these are hidden gems that will become stars someday.  Maybe next year.  Maybe in 5 years on someone else’s roster.  Maybe eventual shoe-salesmen with a great NFL stories.  Anyway, there’s a whole lot of dreaming that happens both before and after.   But the reality is also interesting.

Take a step back with me, away from our Dolphin adorned socks, and Fins #1 foam fingers.  Definitely put down that Cleo Lemon jersey.  Lets see what we’re facing in this next season.  See, improvements don’t happen in a void.  Everybody else improved too.  Obviously it’s advisable to improve more than the other guys.  And it’s always the tongue biting biotch when the guy you wish you could grab later goes to someone you have to play.  Miss drafting ’em?  Now ya gotta guard ’em.  So we’ll scan our schedule that we all had our opinions on BEFORE the draft.  See if you like our chances more or less after reading, and I’ll do my best to clear the mud for a fair glance at our new competition.

1 Sun, Sep 9 @Houston 1:00 PM
KEY DRAFT PICKS=  Mercilus (DE), D.Posey (WR), B.Brooks (OG), B.Jones (C), K. Martin(WR)
*Assuming Shaub is healthy, Posey and Martin are two dangerous weapons.  Jones is solid and Brooks is a freakish project.  Mercilus I wasn’t impressed with, but if he lives up to rating, he replaces M. Williams.

2 Sun, Sep 16 vsOakland 1:00 PM
KEY DRAFT PICKS= T.Bergstrom (OT), M. Burris (OLB), J.Crawford (DE), J. Criner (WR)
*Bergstrom is supposed to be nasty, Crawford and Burris sound like competition not stars, but I love Criner.  He’ll terrorize us underneath while the the fast guys (they have several) occupy the corners and safeties.  Criner is also a tough red zone threat.

3 Sun, Sep 23 vsNew York 1:00 PM
KEY DRAFT PICKS= Coples (DE), S. Hill (WR), D.Davis (OLB), J.Bush (S), R. Griffin (OG) *Coples and Hill alone have me in awe.  Bigtime upgrades.  Hill is potential superstar (or bust).  Davis sounds project-y, Bush is probably nickel/dime, Ganaway back-up, And Griffin is a monster in size.  If he has any skill, he’ll be solid.  If not, he’ll be back-up.
And, oh yeah… they have Tebow now.

4 Sun, Sep 30 @Arizona 4:05 PM
KEY DRAFT PICKS= M. Floyd (WR), J.Fleming (CB), B.Massie (OT), S.Kelemete (OT) *Yet another awesome receiver for Kolb to play with , and two solid tackles.  Massie was rated top-round, but picked round 4 (*tell me again why we HAD to draft our tackle round 2?).  Fleming sounds like a project that goes special teams unless he wins out in camp.  If Kolb can throw it far enough, he’ll have time and receivers open.

5 Sun, Oct 7 @Cincinnati 1:00 PM
KEY DRAFT PICKS= D.Kirkpatrick (CB), K.Zeitler (OG), D. Still (DT), M.Sanu (WR), B.Thompson (DT), O. Charles (TE), M.Jones (WR) *Except for Kirkpatrick and Sanu, they loaded up on beef.  Very good beef.  Three top playmakers and a lot of tonnage sounds like a decent draft for playoff caliber additions.  Kirkpatrick will be solid, if not scary.  Sanu is a home-run threat with the ball, but I wasn’t impressed with his hands or body positioning.  But them other fellas have him rated very high.  Charles was supposed to be solid, but I haven’t seen any film. M.Jones I like, and is a shifty, hard to tackle receiver.

6 Sun, Oct 14 vsSt. Louis 1:00 PM
KEY DRAFT PICKS= M.Brockers (DT), B.Quick (WR), J.Jenkins (CB), I.Pead (RB), T.Johnson (CB), C.Givens (WR), R.Watkins (OT) *Rams pretty much drafted an all-star roster, and whenever these guys peak… bad news for everyone else.  If Bradford lives up to billing, Rams have the makings for conference champion in a few years.  Scary good picks.  I love every one of these picks.  Quick and Givens are stars, Jenkins is a nightmare for QBs, Brockers is inside pressure, Pead is a threat from the flat, Johnson sounds solid, Watkins keeps Bradford standing.


8 Sun, Oct 28 @New York 1:00 PM
**see above**

9 Sun, Nov 4 @Indianapolis 1:00 PM
KEY DRAFT PICKS= Luck (QB), C.Fleener (TE), D.Allen (TE), TY Hilton (WR), J.Chapman (DT)
*Luck, plus two quality TEs, plus a nasty fast/shifty receiver in Hilton equals eventual success.  Add some defense with Chapman, and a solid beginning.
Not enough yet, but a very good start.  Hilton was a fave of mine.

10 Sun, Nov 11 vsTennessee 1:00 PM
KEY DRAFT PICKS= K.Wright (WR), Z.Brown (OLB),M.Martin (DT), C.Sensabaugh (CB), T.Thompson (TE), M.Martin (FS)*OK overall draft.  Wright may be a star or solid, Brown is boom or bust.  The others are starter competition.  D and running game was already good, so
Locker/Hasselbeck gets a couple of weapons upgrades.

11 Thu, Nov 15 @Buffalo 8:20 PM
KEY DRAFT PICKS= S.Gilmore (CB), C.Glenn (OT), TJ Graham(WR), N. Bradham (OLB), R. Brooks (CB), Z. Sanders (OT) *Solid corner, solid RT, project WR, project OT (Sanders plays both sides?) and starter competition the rest.  OK.  Definite upgrades, but nothing for

12 Sun, Nov 25 vsSeattle 1:00 PM
KEY DRAFT PICKS= B.Irvin (DE), B.Wagner (ILB), R.Wilson (QB), R.Turbin (RB), J.Howard (DT), K.Toomer (ILB)  *Big and fast – all of them.  I sense a pattern. Except for Wilson.  That one is weird, but just in case Flynn is fool’s gold ..ok.  But I’d assume retread would’ve been more sensible than project rookie.  Good core draft, but nothing scary.  If Flynn works out, then they’ve improved well.  If Flynn sucks, they’ll be a top picker next year.

13 Sun, Dec 2 vsNew England 1:00 PM
KEY DRAFT PICKS= C.Jones (DE), D.Hightower (ILB), T. Wilson (FS), J. Bequette (DE), N.Ebner (DB), A, Dennard (CB) *Hmmm, wonder what area needed improvement?  D?  Well, it just got it.  Jones, and Hightower fit well, Wilson is a tweener but that fits, and a bunch of
possible “hidden gems”… we call them acorns.  I like Hightower.  D leader, winner, and solid all-around play.  So solid MLB and a pass rush to add to superbowl runner-up?  Yep.  Bad news.

14 Sun, Dec 9 @San Francisco 4:05 PM
KEY DRAFT PICKS= AJ Jenkins (WR), L.James (RB), J.Looney (OG), D.Fleming (OLB)
*Well, a little more O felt right to ask for, and Jenkins and James are fair bets.  I’m not a Jenkins fan, and I think James will be proven a more effective college runner, but others say different.  If I’m right, SF didn’t improve enough.  If I’m wrong, they did.  Alex Smith is still their barometer.  Their D is still great though.

15 Sun, Dec 16 vsJacksonville 1:00 PM
KEY DRAFT PICKS= J.Blackmon (WR), A. Branch (DE), B.Anger (P), B.Marshall (OLB)
*Blackmon and Branch were great starts,  both possible stars.  Then the punter.  Ah well, everyone needs what they need.  Considering Gabbert is still a puss, Anger management will be necessary… see where I went there? Marshall is competition.  Once they find their QB, they’ve got some definite talent.  Maybe Blackmon is enough to keep the diapers off Gabbert.  IMO, still a cellar team, but only because of leadership.

16 Sun, Dec 23 vsBuffalo 1:00 PM
**see above**

17 Sun, Dec 30 @New England 1:00 PM
**see above**

All information, only slightly skewed, and barely paraphrased.  Discuss as you like.  I’ll try to keep up.

Special Thanks to JS for being my first guest writer –    Jon  (Ohio)

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